The Booster Shot Scam

Posted On: Monday - December 6th 2021 2:11PM MST
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Peak Stupidity does not recommend the Kung Flu vaccines to anybody. We are Libertarian enough to not propose any steps to be taken by anybody to prevent those who want to take it, want to not take it, or even want to MAKE it. (Sounds like the end of a Jackson Brown song.)

As for one close family member, I've seen the needle and the damage done. I don't see why anyone without any serious risk of hospitalization from the Kung Flu should take a chance with it. That includes almost all young people - call it under 40. I think it would be most especially asinine for young ladies to get vaccinated with something experimental that may have long term effects on fertility.

This post today, though, is about people that, wisely or not, are taking this vaccine due to "don't want to get in trouble or anything, and everybody else is." Big Biz's push for everyone to get jabbed is enabling a few pretty good scams here and there by these people. The guy I talked to directly about it is something like 27 years old in good general health. There are plenty of others too, that are pulling the same particular scam, I've found out.

This company, and I doubt it's the only one, has told those who get the latest anti-Covid booster shot that they most stay away from work for a spell of about one business week afterwards. Yes, they get paid for that time off... for being good compliant citizens.

Now, why would that policy be in place? After all, I've never heard of that policy for flu shots or any other vaccinations. Could this be due to it being known that recently vaccinated people are particularly contagious soon afterward? Who, or what the heck kind of vaccination DOES that? Is it due to those recently vaccinated being at a greater risk of serious and sometimes acute health problems soon afterwards, not a good thing in this occupation? Either way, what are these people implying with this policy?

That aside, that paid time off is a big incentive. Yes, employees are arranging for their booster shots very carefully. It just turns out, coincidentally, of course, that these booster shots are giving them the maximum number of workdays off. I'd call that a scam.

They can have their scams though. It's nothing compared to the damage that I've seen this vaccine cause. Maybe, as with this song, Neil Young was inadvertently very prescient .

Neil Young sang this live version from his 1972 Harvest a half century ago - 1971. It was about heroin. The way the world is today, I wouldn't blame 'em.

PS: Yeah, I took the idea about the Neil Young title from the big man himself, Instapundit. Once he gets a good line, he runs with it!

PPS: Here's another thing, I suppose not a scam, but just more PanicFest pro-vax BS. Per the guy involved in this post here, so smug about "doing the right thing" and getting rewarded for it, in New York City, the restaurant he went to did not require a Covid vax passport, but it gave free pizza slices to those who had them. Did I mention this was NY style, thin-crust pizza? Bastards!

Tuesday - December 7th 2021 3:14PM MST
PS: Hurricane is pretty much the only NY song I'm a fan of - great rock n roll.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - December 7th 2021 2:24PM MST

In reading through Maximum Truth’s post, it’s not difficult to spot a number of holes in his reasoning. He also doesn’t do as deep a dive as one might think, and he seems to be oblivious to the concept of confounders. Note, though, this is the only piece I have read from that author.

I have no problem reading original research precisely because interpreters with logic flaws in their “coding” tend to mangle data to the point of it being misleading. In his case, the errors go both directions.
Tuesday - December 7th 2021 6:00AM MST
PS: Neil Young's politics have been far out there, as is par for the course for rock musicians in general, UsNThem. I would assume that too but I don't care what he would have to say - I just like much of his 30-50 y/o music (oh, maybe even older than that!). Thanks for the comment.

Mr. Smith, I stand corrected. I didn't know this about the standard vaccines. Of course, most are given to children too young to go to school - though parents and pre-school teachers or day-care ladies would get the brunt of this.

I have not seen any reason to take the flu vaccine, though I and my boy took it in fall of '20 due to my wife still being in panic-mode and my figuring it wouldn't hurt us. Never again. In fact, my wife felt terrible for days after the flu shot she had to take for work. A particular condition was exacerbated

Thank you for the link, Dieter. That is good easy reading, though I don't agree with the guy completely. I have not trusted the medical establishment since well before the Kung Flu PanicFest, as I've seen the stupidity present in other such "establishments".
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - December 7th 2021 5:31AM MST

Short & Sharp: The pros & cons of Covid-vaccinations (With a perfect explanation of the Kirsch-Berenson-Rogan-Misreading of GB-vaccination stats and a glimpse at New Zealand and Australia too).
Adam Smith
Monday - December 6th 2021 7:24PM MST
PS: Good evening gentlemen...

Happy St. Nicholas’ day to you too, Mr. Alarmist.

“Now, why would that policy be in place? After all, I've never heard of that policy for flu shots or any other vaccinations. Could this be due to it being known that recently vaccinated people are particularly contagious soon afterward? Who, or what the heck kind of vaccination DOES that?”

Akshully, viral shedding is pretty common after needling...

Whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they're infectious...

In 2011, a team of scientists looked specifically at how the shingles vaccine spreads Varicella Zoster.
The study authors warn that “the detection of VZV DNA in saliva of Zostavax recipients for up to 28 days suggests that contact with saliva of recently immunized individuals represents a potential source of transmission.”

WHO and UNICEF said the polio outbreak in the Philippines is concerning because it is caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus.
Nearly all the cases of polio in the modern world are caused by polio vaccines.

This one is a little different as it involves people who are symptomatic with the flu...
People who receive flu shots emit 6.3 times more flu virus particles into the air, compared to non-vaccinated individuals.

Vaccines also harm your immune system and increase your chances of getting sick.
2012 Hong Kong Study: Flu shots increased the risk of non-flu respiratory infections 4.4 times and tripled flu infections.

Vaccines spread disease and recently vaxxed people should quarantine for about a month.

I don't know why Mr. Unz is so obstinate regarding vaccines or why he has so much respect for official sources. I would think someone who has written his American Pravda articles would be less trusting of (and more skeptical of) those in positions of power as well as the lyin' regime media.

I was quite surprised to learn that he had never heard about the likelihood that the HIV/AIDS/AZT situation was yet another “government” scam. I learned about this possibility 20+ years ago by watching interviews of Peter Duesberg. Mr. Unz's naivety makes it seem as though he really isn't paying attention to the world around him. If he is this uninformed he shouldn't be so judgmental towards nonvaxxers. That said, it is refreshing to see him coming around, even if it's ~18 months late.

Thanks for the post Mr. Moderator.
I hope you guys have a great evening.

Monday - December 6th 2021 7:17PM MST
PS I'll betcha old Neil is totally down with the vax, though. Southern man don't need him around anyhow!
Monday - December 6th 2021 5:48PM MST
PS: As for your point in your comment I've never experienced that yet, but I have really felt the effect of being around people with colds. I don't know how to describe it, but I'll get an odd feeling in my sinuses or somewhere, and it makes me think "stay away for a while or you'll get sick from this guy."
Monday - December 6th 2021 5:46PM MST
PS: Thanks, Alarmist. Fixed. There's an already 200-odd comment Ron Unz "American Pravda" article/thread up. It should be great reading. I didn't want to say "I told you so" in so many words, as Mr. Unz would take that pretty hard. He won't say "I was wrong" anyway, but he came close in a way.

I think I'll have to put up a post on this one. "The Unz Review" is likely not known by 99% of Americans, but it's still encouraging to see a guy like Ron Unz come around to some extent. His problem is that he won't listen to people giving common-sense and logical thoughts, observation, and plenty of numbers to back up their point, if they are not famous or accredited or something. Yet, then he goes down the rabbit hole on other stuff saying everything historians have told us is wrong. He's one odd duck, as they say...
The Alarmist
Monday - December 6th 2021 4:41PM MST

[Para 3, line 1: I think you mean “taking this vaxx” rather than “taking this virus”?]

I wonder if these “generous” employers are getting some sort of PTO compensation from the states and/or feds.

I spent several weeks working home-office after all my younger colleagues got vaxxed after spending the first two days after jab 1 in the office and coming home both days with a splitting headache after being around them. I figured it might have been spike shedding, and the headaches went away quickly. Probably psychosomatic, but why take chances.
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