Proud to be a Wokie here in Skokie.

Posted On: Tuesday - November 23rd 2021 6:35PM MST
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I guess it's catch-up day on a couple of Unz Review comments that I'd wanted to feature here. This one is a most excellent take-off on an old Merle Haggard song. Peak Stupidity featured this classic country pro-traditional-America song long ago here. We'll just put the embedded song here for you to play just in case you don't know this one. The very humorous take-off by commenter Roonaldo would mean nothing if you don't.

Here is the comment on unz.

We don’t read the Unz Review in Skokie.
We get our news from MSNBC.
We proudly show our vaccine card on Main Street.
We don’t want right-wingers runnin’ free.

We have wild parties full of lovin’.
We like man on man and sniffin’ poo.
We like our partners gettin’ real skanky,
like California politicians do.

I’m proud to be a Wokie here in Skokie,
a place where even trannies have a ball.
We still wave rainbow flags down at the Courthouse.
White guilt is still the biggest thrill of all.

Leather boots are fine for our Antifa riots.
Nine millimeter pistols are real mean.
We’re pissed Rittenhouse fought back and shot us,
with his semiauto A and R Fifteen.

And I’m proud to be a Wokie here in Skokie,
a place where JB Pritzger can have a ball.
We still wave BLM flags down at the Courthouse,
and Pfizer shots are still the biggest thrill of all.

Here in Skokie, Illinois, USA.


Great stuff! Thank you very much, Roonaldo. The closest I've come to doing that good a job on this sort of thing was from way, way back with a take-off of Paul Simon's Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard in the Peak Stupidity post Last dig at Øb☭ma - to a great tune by Paul Simon. I wrote that version about the '12 election for a comment on some old blog, years before this blog ever started and dug it up because well, I spent a lot of time on it! Too much time ... hard way to make a livin'...

Finally, speaking of some creative song lyrics, Mr. E.H. Hail, of the Hail to You blog, featured the new folk ballad The Ballad of Kyle Rittenhouse on his site. It's the one he mentioned in the comments here.

PS: I did change punctuation in Mr. Roonaldo's song lyrics. I feel the need to do that for almost every set of lyrics I get off of the multiple websites that have them.

Friday - November 26th 2021 11:05AM MST
PS: As a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan from way back - keep in mind that Peak Stupidity has a "Southern Rock" topic key even - of course I like "Sweet Home Alabama". I was too young went it was a hit to understand what Ronnie meant one way or another about the politics*. About this sentence in your comment:

"Lyrics of good songs are poetry, so a lot of people who love/loved "Sweet Home Alabama" didn't get it, or could choose to overlook those parts."

Good lyrics are a plus, but to me, if you have a good melody and a good sound, it doesn't matter if the lyrics completely suck. I wrote a post long ago about this: "What makes a good song?"

Additionally, there is my visual fisking of Mr. Young's "Cortez the Killer":

So, yeah, I can see people not understanding the lyrics and ignoring them even if they do get them, but many (like me, often) don't even care to figure them out. Let me give you an example - Bruce Hornsby and a couple of his excellent songs (melody-wise) from one album in the 1980. I KNEW he is a left-winger from the get-go, but the songs are really good. Maybe it's a combination of ignoring ("yeah, I know this some left-wing crap trap, but it's not like I pay attention to that") and almost a lack of even hearing them, much less trying to interpret them. That guy could play the piano though! (He even did with the old Grateful Dead for a spell.)

Thanks for the interesting info on Merle Haggard, redneck CA, and all that.

* I didn't get the "a Southern man don't need him around" line either, as I knew nothing from Neil Young at that time.
Adam Smith
Friday - November 26th 2021 10:15AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

“Is it all about “anytime anyone black is involved on the other side, you simply must lose the case!”?”

Nothing in the universe is as precious as a Black life.
Black Lives Matter Most!

The Devil went down to Georgia but he didn't stick around...

Thursday - November 25th 2021 3:24AM MST

Some more on Merle Haggard:

Merle Haggard's "Proud to be White" song also followed not long after the several Lynyrd Skynyrd songs which had clear pro-White and/or pro-South racial-political themes. "Sweet Home Alabama" itself, I think fair to say the group's most famous song and still known today---even very well-known internationally in my experience---was a big breakthrough in mid-1974, topping the charts the very weeks leading up to Nixon's political goetterdaemmerung and after it.

The song was obviously pro-White, pro-South, pro-Nixon, and even more pro-George Wallace. Lyrics of good songs are poetry, so a lot of people who love/loved "Sweet Home Alabama" didn't get it, or could choose to overlook those parts.

Merle Haggard went beyond subtlety with the "White" song. Except its references to Black urban culture. but unlike Lynyrd Skynyrd it had no real regional themes (unless you interpret "I'm not black and I'm not yellow" to refer to East Asians, then starting a long-ascent in MH's native state of California after around a century's hiatus with the immigration bans of the late 1800s).

MH himself was never a Southerner in any identity sense, more a Western Redneck. He claimed Oklahoma ancestry and lived his life (afaik without looking it up) in Redneck California, which was once an important sub-feature of the California scene but hasn't been, as far as I can tell, since the 1990s at latest. What Bakersfield once was, when it had a huge White majority.

(When net White out-migration from The Land of Fruits and Nuts began in 1991, continuing almost all the past thirty years, these people were prime candidates to leave.)

Wasn't MH one of those the old-timers resented for the "Bakersfield Sound"? Wasn't there some protest incident at an awards show in which someone refused to give MH an award for betraying Country music?

More importantly for our time is this. I cannot recall now and don't want to spent even more time than I've already spent writing this tracking down the reference here on Thanksgiving early AM --- but, iirc, MH was an open Trump-backer in 2015.

It seems poetic that MH died in 2016, the Trump breakthrough year. I've felt 2016 was the brightest political year of my lifetime, regardless of how things turned out and the Kushner palace coup thing and all that, and DJT's many failings and failures.

MH was exactly of the kind of demographic who backed Trump, even if I am wrong to remember that he did.

That year, 2016, in the retrospect now of five years seems tragic, in political-fortune terms. It is also the year more Whites died than were born, which has continued each year since, the first such period in four centuries on the N.American continent, and the pace sped up in the Corona-Panic period with its falloff in births.
Wednesday - November 24th 2021 2:30PM MST
PS I think of Skokie as a lot of prosperous middle-class Jews. They’re certainly Left in their politics—standard-issue American Jews—but not much engaged in perversion. But, since “Skokie” rhymes with “Wokie”, I suppose that it was inevitable that it got drafted. As far as Rittenhouse goes, whilst he was pretty damned good with that rifle, there was no reason to expect that he was a mental giant. That he was wandering round a race riot with that scary-looking firearm suggests the opposite.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 24th 2021 12:28PM MST

The Devil came down to Georgia, but I traded my fiddle for a shotgun that I was too afraid to actually use for its intended purpose.
Wednesday - November 24th 2021 12:14PM MST
PS: Well, crap! As I wrote that last comment, the stupid bubble news that comes on only occasionally on this tablet said Case # 3 (those Georgia boys) was a loss too. Is it all about "anytime anyone black is involved on the other side, you simply must lose the case!"?
Wednesday - November 24th 2021 12:12PM MST
PS: I did not watch the Tucker Carlson interview clips yet. I was disappointed to read about just the smallest pro-BLM bit out of Mr. Rittenhouse. He is very young. I have no idea what BS would have come out of my mouth at that age in an interview to be seen by millions.

Yes, it's too bad the GOP Conservative, Inc types got ahold of Kyle. Thank you for all that information, Mr. Hail.

Re: that "White Boy" Merle Haggard song. I've never heard that one, but I don't think that was anything near a bridge too far in the 1970s. America was so much closer to a free country back then. Even in the LATE 1980s, there was Hank, Jr.'s "If the South Woulda' Won" (We'd have had it made!), and then Peak Stupidity featured his "Dixie on my Mind", which was from the early 1980s (though it could be plausibly denied that one had any racial element - it sure did have an anti-NY-ethnic tone to it!)
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 24th 2021 10:13AM MST

Big Cuck will run that kid for Congress before he’s had the chance to develop and refine his own thinking. They’re going to fill his head with pre-masticated garbage that has made Big Cuck what it is today.

As a rather disappointing President Trump might tweet, “Sad!”
Wednesday - November 24th 2021 6:01AM MST

from parody song by Roonaldo:

"We’re pissed Rittenhouse fought back and shot us"

I don't know how others feel on this, but I rather wish Rittenhouse hadn't allowed himself to be hijacked by Big Conservatism and paraded around on Tucker Carlson, with presumably more to come.

At eighteen, he's putty in their hands and, IMO, said things which were (clearly, IMO) coached by his new Big Con handlers, though the general US culture in which he grew up in the late 2000s and 2010s primed him to say such things.

Big Cons lately took to doing PR for him, and he has to repay them in kind. Someone clearly coached him to say he supports the Black Lives Matter movement, condemn racism, and condemns his one-time lawyer Lin Wood, the firebrand and in 2020 election-fraud activist whom Fox News hates but who reached out to and represented "murderer of BLM protesters" Rittenhouse when absolutely no one else would, when Big Cons were stone silent about the case.

There would have been a dignity to Kyle Rittenhouse fading into the night and not letting himself get used by Big Con Inc.

I was surprised to learn I myself had one of the first uses of "#FreeKyleRittenhouse" using it about 2 hours after his name was released in association with his arrest and the court charging him his murder. No one knew the name for sure before that. Among the early backers and independent users of this #FreeKyleRittenhouse hashtag, we find zero Big Cons.
Wednesday - November 24th 2021 5:58AM MST

Thank you for the link to "The Ballad of Kyle Rittenhouse"
Wednesday - November 24th 2021 5:35AM MST

released in 1977 as a track on a studio album, by Capitol Records:

Merle Haggard, "I'm a White Boy"

(lyrics, first stanza)

Some folks call me a ramblin' man
I do a lotta thumbin' and a kickin' cans
And it wouldn't do an ounce of good, to call my name...
'cause daddy's name wasn't Willy Woodrow
And I wasn't born and raised in no ghetto,
Just a White boy lookin' for a place to do my thing...

(later lyrics include)

Well, some might call me a goodtime fella
I ain't black and I ain't yella
Just a White boy
lookin' for a place to do my thing...

I don't want no handout livin'
And don't want any part
of anything they're givin'...
I'm proud, I'm White,
and I've got a song to sing!


comment: "I'm a White Boy" straddles a line between being racial-nationalism and parody, like a slightly goofier but also harder-edged version of the famous "Okie from Muskogee" itself. Both songs have self-deprecating aspects to them (something I have never seen in any music by any Black, that I can remember).

But it seems a little amazing that Capitol Records released this song and did not block it, even in the 1970s and even for a country music figure like this. In our era, a big music-industry player like that would be FAR more likely produce and release a pro-Black identitarian song, much like the many put out by the Waukesha Wisconsin terror-attacker, than anything resembling this. But in 1977, Capitol Records released the song.

Where was 1977 on the Stupidity Curve?

I note that Merle Haggard was born in 1937. A similar figure, who released some openly and boldly pro-White songs, was David Allan Coe (b.1939, still living). I have a hard time believing even those born just ten years after (born late 1940s) would have ever gotten away with these songs.
Wednesday - November 24th 2021 4:34AM MST
PS: Yes, Alarmist, and the ACLU of the time supported their right to do so. It was a different time .. you understand ...

Yes, that's one of my favorite movies. I just linked Sailer readers to the blog post here with the clip from Bob's Country Bunker. "We got BOTH kinds of music here, Country AND Western."

"What's the deal with Peak Stupidity - Libertarian or Conservative?"

The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 24th 2021 3:58AM MST

Wasn’t Skokie where the Illinois Nazis did their famous march?

I hate Illinois Nazis.
Tuesday - November 23rd 2021 6:44PM MST
PS: Wow, two comments from Adam Smithanegger already!

"I am from the past."

Thanks for the Rush, Adam!
Adam Smith
Friday - October 9th 2020 12:13AM MST
PS: Or maybe this one...

But you get the idea...

Adam Smith
Friday - October 9th 2020 12:11AM MST
PS: ☮

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