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Posted On: Saturday - November 13th 2021 6:53PM MST
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["Position paper"?! Keep this up, and we can get away with soliciting for funding - PS Accounting Department, kinda tired of working for nuthin']

Feral Panicker-in-Chief Dr. A. Fauci gets a shot of something:

(I wish it were an anti-hysteria booster.)

Since we realized that this Kung Flu PanicFest was no flash-in-the-pan in early April of '20, Peak Stupidity has covered this form of stupidity consistently, with (hey!) exactly 200 posts with the Kung Flu Stupidity topic key, counting this one.*

There have been various flavors of this Kung Flu stupidity, and Peak Stupidity has concentrated our efforts on the face masking business more than any other one item. One could say that this part of the PanicFest is not nearly as important as others. No doubt the LOCKDOWNSs were the most Totalitarian imposition of a Built Back Better Police State, till recently, that is. The LOCKDOWNs were excoriated here, but mostly likely due to my being in a reasonable State/area, that was a short period, seeming like long ago, that I've able to leave behind. That doesn't at all negate the fact that precedents have been set. Then, there is the financial and societal fall-out too.

Then, there is the Social Distancing crapola. I should say "was". I see hardly anyone who takes that stupidity seriously anymore, much less complies. We just had our follow-up on S.D. Elevator etiquette, and maybe a quick rundown post on what I've seen is in order. As for me personally, I think back, and I don't recall ANY time, from the very beginning that I ever took it seriously, or that I ever complied with ANY of it. Even back with the floor-sitcker-guided shopping buggy lines in Target, I had to get in that line, but I didn't worry about where I stood or rolled. I used to note others getting wary about it, but it's not even a thought for me, excepting when I see some idiotic poster still up on a wall or window.

The mandating of the COVID-19 experimental vaccines have taken the lead now in Kung Flu Totalitarianism. This one didn't start out as anything to be worried about. I figured if people wanted to get this vaccine, more power to them This is a Libertarian site (along with Conservative - see this post) - so I have no problem with anyone else doing harm to his own body. Additionally, I liked that this vaccine, whatever its medical effects might be, had the emotional effect on its experimentees of getting them to calm the hell down about the dreaded Covid-one-niner. It was fairly successful in this, I'd say, for individuals.

But, then why do we keep hearing about the Covid-one-niner, almost as much as in April of '20? Of course, the Lyin' Press want to keep this PanicFest (Season 3 now!) gravy train rolling along. Why do people still listen though? Most are no longer in panic mode about the virus, per my observation, as discussed above. Well, most of what we hear or read is about the vaccine now. It turns out that no, you can still contract the Kung Flu. Oh, and you can still spread the same virus around, maybe even quicker than those poor un-vaccinated bastards. Maybe you won't get nearly as sick if you go get it. If that's the case, good on you.

I see no common sense reason that individuals should have any more big concern about this virus. After all, if you've been vaccinated, well, pat yourself on the back if you want, or just be glad you made that decision (possibly the right thing still for some). You shouldn't be concerned about us unvaccinated. We're not doing you any harm. We unvaxxed are obviously not that concerned. Some of us never have been.

Why, then, was the vaccine first pushed on us increasingly more vociferously by media, government, and Big Biz, and then recently been demanded of us via direct threats to our jobs, careers, freedom of travel, and, in some places, ability to live life normally? That'll be the subject of a subsequent post. The statement here will be the personal position on it for me and my family.

With a face mask on only in positions where I'd be fired otherwise or dragged out of the store, that total lack of participation in the Social Distancing, and working around people from all over the place, I am pretty sure I've been exposed to this bug. I've also hung out with people daily who tested positive, stayed home for their 10 days (back when they took this seriously) and got nothing but a spell of weakness, upset stomach for a few hours, etc. I got nuthin'

I’ve been told to stay home from work 3 separate times due to having worked closely with people with the Kung Flu. (They can’t tell you who it was due to HIPAA laws.) All 3 times I had no symptoms, and I told them I’d be glad to come in to work. Nope.

I've written a few times about my wife's participation in the PanicFest from April '20 through about early summer of that year. Yeah, like the guy in Monty Python's Holy Grail who got turned into a newt, well, she got better...** At this point, she's not quite as tired of this PanicFest as me, but she is even more anti-vax than I am, at the risk of her job.

I have already told the story of another family member whose immediate boss helped him get a religious waiver through, so that he wouldn't take the retirement package - see Just another Maskless Monday. There is one who has taken the vaccine. She is at the age where it might do some good against the virus. However, she had ill effects from one of the booster shots, getting a type of condition that she's never had before. As for the rest of us, we're not getting it, and, not only that, not a one of us has ever tested positive for Covid-19, as, like the Amish, we have seen no reason to get tested cause we don't watch TV.

Until reading more and more about the ill effects of these vaccines, I'd based my decision to avoid this thing based on:

1) No benefit I could foresee by taking it, vs. no harm in not taking it.
2) The whole idea that any government in this country should have the power to force Americans to make this important medical decision in favor of getting an experimental vaccine with KNOWN ill effects. (As commenters here have mentioned, a Swine Flu vaccine in the 1970's was completely discontinued over a 2-digit number of deaths due to it, yet these ones have caused 1000 times and maybe 10,000 times as many.)

Now, my decision to not take the Kung Flu vaccine is based on medical worries as well.

We will not comply!

That's the situation here at Peak Stupidity headquarters. I will write OK speculate next week on what the reason could be that governments around the world are trying to make everyone take the jab.

* We started writing about it in January of '20, but the first 2 were China- oriented, then from late February until it was no longer a joke by April Fools Day (how Bizzaro-Worldly appropriate).

** That movie and The Life of Brian have so many scenes that crack me up to no end!

Tuesday - November 16th 2021 10:31AM MST
PS Ganderson: I take your point. Those Who Rule Us, and a lot of the Ruled, are trying to make this virus the Black Death. TWRU see much power to be acquired if they can panic us. The only argument that we have against this is to present the lethality data, as for example the Italian health authority data recently released that showed that fewer than 4,000 of the 130,000 fatalities “with covid” had no preexisting medical condition, and, if memory serves, the majority had more than one. If the facts don’t convince them, nothing will. I fear that for many people, perhaps especially women, nothing will. It’s pretty clear that the American people are only biologically related to the people who created a great nation out of a wilderness. And many now aren’t even that. And, yes, I have lived through a lot of virus events. The first that I recall, as mentioned earlier, was polio. But that was something quite different to covid. Respiratory viruses came and went, and you either got them or you didn’t. It will be the same with covid. Some people will contact the virus. Some of those will become ill. Some of those will become very ill. Some of those will die. Sooner or later , the majority will develop that attitude. How long that will take, I do not know. Perhaps, eventually, an effective vaccine will be developed, and it will all go away. That doesn’t seem to have happened.
Monday - November 15th 2021 6:23PM MST

Mr. Blanc, you and I see eye to eye on a great many subjects, and while I understand the point you’re making about the Coof, there are so many people in my neck of the woods not only disagree with the “It’s just the Flu” meme, they believe Covid is the black plague. And furthermore the only metric of success is that no one gets sick ever again from this virus, which was never remotely possible. How do you argue against that? And, you and I (I’d guess you’re a tad older than me, but not much) have lived through a bunch of viral events of equivalent seriousness, without locking down and destroying the fabric of society, with seemingly no end in sight.

I’m not exactly sure the point I’m trying to make here, but I’m extremely frustrated by the continuation of what, in the main, is a phony crisis, that is, the virus is real, and can be dangerous, but the crisis is phony.
Sunday - November 14th 2021 2:38PM MST
PS Adam Smith: Absolutely. Those responsible, wherever they are, should be dragged kicking and screaming from their cushy offices, forced onto their knees in the gutter, given 60 or 90 seconds to make peace with whatever it is that they have to make peace with, and…. I’ll leave it to you and the other readers to finish the sentence. That, I say, is what should happen. But, it won’t happen, at least any time soon, if at all. In any case, the engineering is in the past. I was addressing the present and the future. The masks, the “social distancing” (which no one seems to be paying much attention to), the vaccinations, and the social control relating to vaccination status. The social control threatens to become downright draconian. It certainly will become so if the Left have their way. If we can effectively counter those things, we can perhaps turn our attention to retribution for the whole dreadful episode.
Adam Smith
Sunday - November 14th 2021 2:00PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Blanc,
I hope this message finds you well.

I agree with you too. While it is “just the flu” for many (most?) people, some people who catch this bug are not so lucky. The spike protein is known to cause all sorts of nasty cardiovascular problems (myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots, strokes) even in otherwise healthy people.

More importantly...

If there is a virus that has been engineered in a Chinese laboratory (with US government funding), designed to be especially infectious, if not especially lethal, except amongst the very old and those with pre-existing medical conditions, and then the same people who created it “roll out” a so called “vaccine” that does not prevent anyone from catching or spreading the disease, (a “vaccine” that actually seems to spread the disease as the most vaccinated populations have the highest numbers of cases and deaths) while simultaneously denying life saving treatment options (ivermectin, zinc, IV vitamin C) that have proven to be very effective...

Then, is this not evidence of biological terrorism being waged against all the people of the world?

And if this is the case, shouldn't we be discussing how to (somehow) hold the people who created and released this pestilence accountable for their crimes against humanity?

Adam Smith
Sunday - November 14th 2021 1:13PM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

I agree with Mr. Alarmist...

The people masquerading as “government” want total submission.

If they can demand that you register your automobile and get a “government” permission slip to use it, if they can tax your labor and land, if they can draft you and send you off to war, if they can demand that you register your firearms and that you get a “government” permission slip to carry them, if they can assign you a number at birth, if they can criminalize the possession of a plant because of their interpretation of the so called commerce clause, etc., then you are in a master/slave relationship. Forced injections are just another logical part of that relationship. The overlords are just reasserting their ownership.

Interestingly, the height of the tulip craze lasted about 3 and a half years.

Sunday - November 14th 2021 12:37PM MST
PS I believe that the important thing here is the legal issue. Public health is simply not a function of the Congress, and, hence, of the Federal government. What state governments can or cannot do regarding public health would depend on their constitutions. If you want to check your state’s constitution and determine whether your state government’s actions regarding the coronavirus epidemic are constitutionally permitted, that might give you some grounds for opposing said actions. We might also be questioning the apparent inefficacy of the vaccines. The legality of government bodies enforcing vaccine administration and imposing social liabilities on those who refuse vaccination is also a reasonable and important question*. I believe that what we should not be doing is talking about the virus as if “It’s just the flu”. It is not “just the flu”. It is (apparently) a virus that has been engineered in a Chinese laboratory (with US government funding) to be especially infectious, if not especially lethal, except amongst the very old and those with pre-existing medical conditions. I’ve now spoken with enough people whom I know well and in whose judgment I have confidence who have had the disease to know that this virus can be a very nasty piece of work in some people, even those in prime of life who are fit and in good health.

* In the mid-1950s, when I was in elementary school, I believe that it was the case that school attendance was made contingent on receiving the Salk vaccine. In fact, the vaccines were administered in the classroom. What the legality of such action was is unknown to me, but there was no public resistance. Everyone knew what a bad actor the polio virus was, and everyone was thankful that a defense against it had been discovered.
The Alarmist
Sunday - November 14th 2021 5:47AM MST

Comply is the wrong word. What our Satanic masters want is our Submission.

If you can’t engage in commerce, etc. without the vaxx, it sounds like a Revelation 13:16-17 mark of the beast to me. We can only hope the beast’s rule is no more than 42 months (13:5).
Dieter Kief
Sunday - November 14th 2021 5:01AM MST
PS 2 minutes, you're right, Mr. Mod - it felt like five though. - Because Kennedy's speech is good, not least.
Sunday - November 14th 2021 3:12AM MST
PS: I only saw a 2 minute one from your link, Dieter. I guess that's the one you mean. I need to start reading more from this guy - my wife has mentioned him a few times.

Yes, he's hard to listen to, which is too bad, as he's got important things to say. Even frog-throated Alex Jones is easier to listen to.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - November 14th 2021 1:50AM MST

Here's an intense five minute speech against internet-censorship not least by the "tech-titans" in the Covid-context by rough voiced Mr. Kennedy
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