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Posted On: Tuesday - February 28th 2017 9:42AM MST
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In response to this John Derbyshire post on regarding the U. of California San Diego Chinese students forcing the cancellation of a speech by the Dalai Lama (religious leader of Tibet), commenter "Cloudbuster" opines:
I guess all those “Free Tibet” stickers on the bumpers of Progressive’s Priuses and Volvos are going to have to come off.

His comment is about the conflict in the politics between the commie lefties and the Chinese people, a large influx of which has come to universities here. There is some overlap between these groups only because the incoming Chinese become MORE politically correct after being at an American university for a while (or the not-so-bright ones, anyway).

Anyway in response to the suggestion of pulling off our "Free Tibet" stickers:

Yeah, or they could get all entrepreneurial and s__t, and, instead of peeling them off and possibly ruining the bumper-cover paint, they could add another sticker to the right that says:

en Coffee – www.commie-coffee.commie
Twitter #Zedong

hahaha … get it, Pound Zedong (instead of Mao Zedong) … hey I’ll be here all week folks … try the free Tibetan coffee, along with your favorite whores-dee-voors.

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