Time magazine urges Hillary voters to not pay taxes

Posted On: Tuesday - December 6th 2016 11:52AM MST
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  Elections '16 - '20

Zerohedge.com refers to "Time" magazine (dang, there's a blast from the past - are they really still in business? What for?)

The question is: Are we gonna miss the $7,421 and eighty-seven cents that we get from these 65 million deadbeats?

No, really as a NET amount it turns out the sum is closer to $1,507,481,497,885.22, but that's just a quick calculation on my Lotus 123 spreadsheet. Wait, damn these Windows 2.1 non-compatible programs - it forgot the negative sign. I meant -$1,507,481,497,885.22 That's a chunk of change there, so the Feral Government comes out way, way ahead in this scenario.

Therefore, to keep our nice balanced budget, I expect a tax cut in the near future. In fact, I may buy an F350 today, on credit, in anticipation of said tax cut.

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