Florida Panicker-in-Chief Daniel Uhlfelder, his Dad, and family traditions

Posted On: Friday - November 12th 2021 10:08PM MST
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The regular Peak Stupidity reader may remember the name of the Grim Reaper above from our post They hate him for his freedoms!. "They" would be the shyster lawyer decked out above, whose human (as much as a lawyer can be) name is Daniel Uhlfelder. "Him" would be Florida anti-Panic Governor Ron DeSantis*. If you want to see extreme stupidity, an outlier that is above and beyond the smoothed out peak we expect, go watch the video made by Mr. Uhlfelder in that post. It was made to disparage Governor DeSantis, but for most of us, does quite the opposite.

Dan Uhlfelder in normal, lawyer-style reaper clothing from his website:

Mr. E. H. Hail, on his Hail to You blog had a very detailed post on the background of this character last month, On Daniel Uhlfelder, major Corona-activist and Panic-pusher; an exploration on why some embraced the Corona-Panic to balance out his previous post with very detailed information on the background of the Governor. Fair and balanced, that's the deal.

Well, in the comments, Mr. Adam Smith embedded a video he had dug up of Dan Uhlfelder's Dad Steve that was very informative for the point of the discussion of the politics of this man as a function of his genetics and family background. Steve Uhlfelder has been a lefty activist lawyer since the 1960s, and the son has tried to fill his father's shoes.

This video is of a recent Tallahassee City Council meeting in which Steve Uhlfelder spends spends time to berate that city's Police Chief for attending a Christian Evangelical meeting on his own time. I don't want to repeat the Hail to You post and the discussion in the comments below it. I just found a few things in this video below to remark on:

(You could get away with watching only the first 03:45 to see what Mr. Uhlfelder has to stay, or watch the rest, of which I'll comment about too.)

What is it that motivates people like Steve Uhlfelder? What he does here is not for money. It's not likely to get him and attention as a promotion (such as the stunts his son pulled with the Kung Flu). Steve Uhlfelder is Jewish, from both his father and mother (Mr. Hail has lots and lots of family background). I get that the Billy Graham conference is not to HIS liking, but why does he care that much, even it had been improper for the Larry Revell, the Police Chief, to have gone to that conference. Does he fight every single instance of improper conduct in the city of Tallahassee like this?

The thing is, America has always had a Christian majority. Ya gotta know that going in (and in it was, as Steve Uhlfelder's father and his mother's parents were all immigrants). Yet, per Mr. Hail again, Steve Uhlfeld's Dad was a highly political lefty and he had an uncle who was a Canadian Communist. This stuff runs deep in the family. There seemed to be no gratitude whatsoever shown by these immigrants to Christian America for their being left alone to worship the way THEY wanted to and do business in America.

Why does one feel he has to continually work at destroying the Christian roots, maybe all the roots, of his host society like this?

OK, that stuff was discussed in Mr. Hail's post and comments, to I'll add my thoughts on the City Commission meeting in the video. Though the subject, for a change, was not the Kung Flu, I saw all others but Mr. Uhlfelder and Chief Revell wear face diapers throughout. That was disgusting to see, and it DOES impede communication. This is in Florida, for crying out loud. I wonder if there is any law in Tallahassee requiring masking up at these meetings.

More importantly, there is the cuckiness of everyone involved. That is, besides Steve Uhlfelder, who, being the lefty, can get all his opinions in in full. Everyone else who talked at the meeting had to cow-tow to the BLT-G** principles that Mr. Uhlfelder had brought up to show that Chief Revell was a very bad man, by association with the late Billy Graham, who read the Bible a lot. Chief Revell had to couch everything he said with support for all of the woke stuff that his detractor pushed and has pushed his whole life, in general. That's really not the best way to defend one's self against people like Steve Uhlfelder.

Steve Uhlelder is the type that will push and push, with no permanent compromise. Just his wasting the taxpayers money to have these nearly a dozen Tallahassee civil "servants" be in this meeting listening to his silly gripe shows that Mr. Uhlfelder will keep on pushing. I would think his son Daniel, Florida Panicker-in-Chief, is the same way.

This whole video was pathetic! Larry Revell is Chief of Police of a medium-sized city, but yet still a snowflake in nature (or that was his act). I would have really like to have seen just one of these officials, preferably the Police Chief or Mayor, show some guts. "Your gripe is stupid. We have better things to do with out time. Put on your face diaper and get the fuck out." People have gotta STAND UP for themselves. What you see in the video is how we lose.

* ... on whom the Peak Stupidity blog has the closest thing to a blogger-crush that this blogger can muster - see Federalism Rumble: DeSantis v Bai Dien

** Bacon Lettuce and Tomato, with Guacamole on the side, is how I remember it.

Wednesday - November 17th 2021 6:05AM MST

Mr Kief wrote:

"The're fighters, these Uhlfelders. And they know that they - by fighting for status! - can achieve places 'on top of the societal dominance hierarchy'..."

I predict an eventual non-taboo consensus on the central role in the history of Western civilization of the Jewish ascent. It can be traced have begun in the 19th century, and the initial moves sparked the classic national-, racial-, or political-antisemitism of the time, over several generations. It really breaks through in the 20th century, most especially within the USA itself, and especially in the middle decades of the 20th century, perhaps most especially in Steve Uhlfelder's generation.

They are a talented group of people, but their real success goes beyond what their natural talents would suggest, which is a puzzle.

In my dealings and conversations and observations, I've come to notice that non-Westerners outside the USA variously admire the Jews' status or resent it (the latter most especially Muslims), but all recognize it, and recognize it as something unusual at that, something that demands explanation. There is an entire genre of books in East Asia about Secrets to Jewish Success, a genre that doesn't exist in the USA in general-interest bookstores and would be demonized and soon banned if such books English-language general-interest books did somehow emerge.

A key to the puzzle must be this: Integration into a given Western culture while retaining a non-Western drive to not cooperate but to pick out and undermine opponents with the goal to achieve "societal dominance," doing so in ways that would seem alien, unethical, and even immoral to the typical NW-European Christian, but in general would be unthinkable. I think this is expressed in the "Lake Wobegon"-type American, a type popularized by a radio host, but a type kind of recognizable across all the Western world. There are also the Jante Laws, a European expression of something similar.

There are no Jews in the fictional Lake Wobegon, or at least the classic Lake Wobegon sketches that made the fictional name so famous, nor any kind of immigrants. There cannot be. That kind of society exists, and must exist, in a middle-class Christian environment without the notion of constant, vicious status-striving and attempts to undermine one's neighbors or agitate against them. The source of many of the Lake Wobegon jokes is the people there are AGAINST that kind of striving.

To reference back again to the city council video that piqued the Moderator's interest and inspired this post, these city council people are all reacting too meekly against a threat, but it's their instinct, it's the NW-European-Christian "way."

In fairness to the Jews, they are not the only ones in the world who do things like this, and it's probably the norm among many groups. People have been making comparisons between the Jewish diaspora and the Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia since the 19th century, and I think we are seeing some of that now. What happens when the "center doesn't hold"? When the center of the USA and other places becomes not the NW-European-Christian builder but the outsider "status-striver"?

Elements of immigrant-origin status-strivers and the older layer of Jewish status-strivers form a major element of the driving political consensus in the USA, but their success is predicated on both a healthy golden goose and a strong and vigorous opposition from Middle America White-Christians.
Wednesday - November 17th 2021 5:33AM MST

Mr Smith: Thank you for the link to HUMAN SMOKE by Nicholson Baker (2008). I had never heard of the book but it appears in the soft-revisionist tradition, which I mean in a neutral sense, similar to Pat Buchanan's book a few years later THE UNNECESSARY WAR.

If there is an Uhlfelder connection here, as there apparently is given how much the Uhlfelders talk about their Holocaust ancestry, it's that much of our culture and politics has the Holocaust and WWII-mythology as a baseline, even now as we approach the one-century mark to many of the early events of the early narrative so well-known to any well-trained Westerner.

In one of Daniel Uhlfelders podcast interviews after he shot to fame following the leading position he took in the Corona-Panic in 2020, he made loose claims such as that he had ancestors "murdered in concentration camps." What is apparently true is that he had two great-grandparents who died in the concentration cap specifically set up for elderly and socially prominent Jews and at which no killings are even alleged to have occurred but combinations of old age, preexisting conditions, and deprivation especially late in the war did produce some deaths. But not even the most enthusiastic and overzealous Holocaust historian alleges mass killings at that camp.

Does Daniel Uhlfelder not know the difference? It is a real stretch to say "murdered" when "died" would be more accurate. But he went by instinct to "murdered."

There is a strong parallel with how he treats Corona, alleging in his Pro-Panic rhetoric and Corona-activism that deaths arguably associated with an approximately once-a-decade severe flu wave were "murdered" by inhuman maniac Ron "Adolf" DeathSantis. In other words, there is exaggeration and lying going on, and it comes from a tradition of rhetorical exaggeration.
Wednesday - November 17th 2021 5:19AM MST

A Steve Uhlfelder anecdote characteristic of how he operates is the one from the late 1990s when orchestrated a major campaign to get a political opponent fired by promoting and inflaming controversy over said opponent referring to a Black friend as an "Oreo" (black on the outside, white on the inside). The "Oreo" comment had been made jokingly and not mean-spiritedly, but Steve Uhlfelder implicitly pushed the idea that any comment about any Black person by any White person can be a moral offense worthy of termination.

Some like to proclaim there is something profoundly different in our era (late 2010s, early 2020s) of people getting "Cancelled," and seem to blame the b.1980s, b.1990s, and even b.2000s cohorts now in their teens and early twenties, but the tradition starts back considerably earlier.

The man whom Steve Uhlfelder targeted was then Univ of Florida college president. Sure enough, the next year he was gone. And surely Steve Uhlfelder wasn't enraged by the word "Oreo," but the artificial controversy got the job done. Steve Uhlfelder was an effective political hatchet-man in his time.

What emerged as the stable Pro-Panic position or mentality within the USA in 2020 was in part a continuation of Get-Trump-ism, ongoing since June 2015 and from the start using any convenient bludgeon found lying around. The Corona-Panic is a mega-scale example of the same instinct, but also a similar instinct to the one which would maneuver to axe a man over using the word "Oreo."

Of course a man who pushed moral outrage over the word "Oreo" would also get sucked into obsessive Get-Trump-ism, and then the Corona-Panic followed.
Wednesday - November 17th 2021 5:09AM MST

Thank you for this useful additional commentary on the Daniel Uhlfelder Question.

After I began finding enough material on the Uhlfelders I figured this was worth the time to record in full, as a case study. These are not unknown or irrelevant people. Unknown they may be, but the son Daniel Uhlfelder is a central actor in the Corona-Panic drama of our time, but has no public profile at all...
Adam Smith
Monday - November 15th 2021 9:52PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

“The Human Smoke book looks interesting. Have you read it?”
I have not. Never heard of it before Mr. Kief mentioned it.
I have not read the Peterson Book either. (I guess it's time to load some new files onto my tablet.)

Those “album covers” (.jpg) of “Crime of the Century” are the album (.zip) in .mp3 format. (No commercials.)
I guess I could post it as a .zip file...


(We'll see if mediafire memoryholes it for copyright infringement like they did that SNL Star Trek Convention Skit.)
(My guess is they won't. I never saw them delete something before that snl video.)

You can download youtube videos here...


You can download videos from youtube as .mp3 (I do this for music)
You can download age restricted videos and watch them instead of logging in to google.
(I have not tried any of these sorts of sites from a windoze machine, so I don't know if this site is cluttered with advertisements or such. It works well for me. I have a hosts file blocking any potential ads.)

Monday - November 15th 2021 9:03PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, thank you for sharing pictures and book recommendations. I'll put your handle on the last 2 comments of yours, with that info from Tallahassee government records on the Senior Uhlfleder tomorrow.

The Human Smoke book looks interesting. Have you read it?
Adam Smith
Sunday - November 14th 2021 9:42PM MST

Adam Smith
Sunday - November 14th 2021 9:39PM MST

Adam Smith
Sunday - November 14th 2021 9:19PM MST
PS: Good evening...

I'd like to thank everyone, especially Mr. Hail, for the interesting comments and discussion about his Uhlfelder guy.


I also have books and music to share...

Crime of the Century:

12 Rules For Life:

Human Smoke:

As usual, these are hybrid .jpg/.zip files.
Just change the file extension to access the archive.

Here are .pdf's of the books for anyone who finds these more convenient...


Saturday - November 13th 2021 4:09PM MST
PS We must separate from such people*. I’d favor, um, eliminating such people, but as that’s beyond possibility, separation is the only way forward for us.

* By “such people”, I mean people with such ideas, not any specific ethnicity. If folks of a certain ethnicity are over-represented among people who hold such ideas, so be it.
The Alarmist
Saturday - November 13th 2021 2:37PM MST

Note that he doesn’t hesitate to doxx himself before speaking. These guys know they have nothing to fear, because Cabal has their backs.
Saturday - November 13th 2021 2:37AM MST
PS: I have not read Jordan Peterson's 12 rules book, Dieter, but I did see him thrash the feminist idiot journalist (oops, that was triply (doubly?) redundant).

You 2nd paragraph brings up the crux of the matter. If the Jews want to stick together rather than assimilate, they will of course be seen as a group, and the lefty - Communist, often - trouble-makers will end up bringing trouble for all. Even those, not a small amount, who are/were Conservative and assimilated were/may again be being caught up in the backlash.

I have not bought an album (that can mean any format, of course) in years, but "Crime of the Century" would be one I'd get soon enough... however, I just pull up songs on youtube. With the commercials and multiple clicks, that's getting to be less fun though.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - November 13th 2021 1:28AM MST
PS - The're fighters, these Uhlfelders. And they know that they - by figthing for status! - can achieve places "on top of the societal dominance hierarchy" (s.Jordan B. Peterson's 12 Rules book on this subject - or see his - epic 20 minutes or so on-air word-fight with British feminist media personlity Kathy Newman, which - in nuce - encapsulates a lot of that status-fighting thing, just in the context of the gender-topic.

May I add, that the Uhlfelders et. al. of their kind were shocked to their bones to detect, that being identifiable as a group of high accomplishers***** on top of societal dominance hierarchies is a place that brings with it a high risk - in modern times too. - They learned via the terrible Hitler story (see: Nicholson Baker - white smoke, not least...)
That this risk had not been eradicated by progress and enlightenment etc. pp.- it was still there - after centuries. A most terrorising risk, mind you.
(Heinrich Heine, the genius Jewish German writer who had converted (as Marx' father had) to Christianity, had this big risk luring on in modern times for the exposed Jews pretty much clear in 1830 ff., btw. - and he even was clear-sighted, that communism too would not be an easy one for the cultivated leftist (!) bourgois, he too (!) was, seen from the rdical communist perspective (crcles within circles).

(PS - Martin Luther is much demised for his antisemitism. What is not that well thought through (let alone: Being acknowleged) is, that Luther too saw the risk of the again: self-seperated and exposed Jewish accomplishers. I like to assume that this is - at least in part - why Martin Luther was very much in favor of the Jews becoming Christians. - It makes quite some sense to see his antisemitism in this very context).

***** - See Sam Harris' Talk of the Century*** with Charles Murray on his podcast. - Ithink the subtext of the thrillingly interesting talk of Harris with Murray is not least th Jewish aspect of the IQ debate. IQ now means more than ev er: Higher accomplishment. And - ashkenasi Jews don't exactly lack IQ.

**** Ok- I think of Supertramp's LP Crime of the Century here. It's interesting, how in some contexts, everything, every little detail seems to - just .s.n.a.p. in.
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