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Posted On: Thursday - November 11th 2021 10:51PM MST
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Just as our book review yesterday was apropos of nothing, it's the same with this song featured tonight. I saw it on youtube and realized I hadn't heard the great 1970s hit in years.

The band was called The Babys (yeah, spelled that way), and it was not one that I would have ever kept up with or known the names of the members and what they played. However, the name John Waite stuck out as one I remember. Not to be confused with the musician Tom Wait, John Waite had a 1984 song Missing You that was also a hit.

The Babys were a 1970s (basically) British band. Isn't it Time came out in 1977, and their other hit, Every Time I Think of You came out a year later.

Oh yeah, before you watch, please be aware that many male musicians dressed and looked like this in the 1970s. In this video John Waite looks just like like David Bowie did for a while. It's not like today, where they go to the doctor, and they want to be referred to with certain pronouns. Those musicians in the 1970s did not STAY THAT WAY!

The Babys:

John Waite - lead vocals, bass guitar
Michael Corby - keyboards, rhythm guitar
Wally Stocker - lead guitar
Tony Brock - drums

The backing vocalists, Lisa Freeman-Roberts, Myrna Matthews and Pat Henderson, are a big part of this song.

The Alarmist
Saturday - November 13th 2021 2:35PM MST

Yes, the other biggie of that style was “Every Time I Think of You.”
Friday - November 12th 2021 10:17PM MST
PS: Thanks for the Cato paper, Mr. Kief. I'll read the .pdf in the morning.
Dieter Kief
Friday - November 12th 2021 4:20PM MST
Not necessarily face masks for all kinds of babies

A mega meta-studies study concludes what I wrote above - see here:

Dieter Kief
Friday - November 12th 2021 3:38PM MST

Hit-Formula music. Well done. Yep, the background singers. The lead singer too - how he builds up tension an then increases the tempo and the intension.
The drummer is a good one too. Outstanding. Tony Brock?
Friday - November 12th 2021 8:05AM MST
PS: Corey Hart had two major hit songs that I can recall too, just like this guy, but he was an '80s guy.

I hadn't heard of Gary Glitter, but his wiki is pretty interesting. I did notice that the UK Gov't made an effort to keep him from coming back to the UK from Vietnam (where he did prison time for sex with young girls). This was in 2007 - weren't those Pakistani grooming gangs doing a whole lot of that right there and then in Britain? Anarcho-tyranny.
The Alarmist
Friday - November 12th 2021 2:18AM MST

For some reason I used to mix Waite up with Corey Hart.

Hey, at least he didn’t go the way of Gary Glitter.
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