Social Distancing, Chinese Style

Posted On: Tuesday - November 9th 2021 8:31PM MST
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(Maybe this was before the Flu Manchu, maybe not.)

As I wrote to Mr. Hail in the comments, as he and others too* might already know, you can't believe everything you read about China. That especially goes for their response to the Flu Manchu. Supposedly "they did it right", with their police having locked people up in the apartment buildings for weeks, and then the contact tracing, just another brick in the Orwellian wall. "Oh, oh, how can you have any mooncakes if you don't bind your feet!"**

I'd seen Japanese people, mostly the women, wearing face masks coming off of the widebody airplanes into the airport terminal back during the '09 Swine Flu or whatever that one was, maybe with some Chinese people mixed in. (Only 12 years ago, but the Chinese people still didn't have the amounts of money for travel then that they have now.) That was weird enough, back in that era of relative sanity, as I figured "at least we aren't so cowardly and silly."

I'd also seen lots of people with face masks on outside, years before this Flu Manchu thing, but they were being worn to filter out smog particles, not viral particles. I don't know how big the masking thing is there now, as I haven't been there since well before the PanicFest started, then the Chinese have their own, possibly more normal-style, vaccine, but what about the Social Distancing stupidity over there? I simply don't see that it can be implemented at all in that country.

A really significant thing that I noticed about China over the many times I was there is that, not only do the Chinese live very close together, but they LIKE living close together. Many times they don't have a choice. However, even in the rural areas, instead of houses on an acre or two, spread apart, they have their pieces of land, but live close together in villages of a few hundred. The city areas are just teeming with people, respectful as they are, too.*** (When I say respectful, I don't include the spitting on the sidewalks. See Show me a nation that can enforce a social distance of 6 ft. ...****.) Mainland China is bad enough, but Hong Kong is ridiculous. You truly have to move along like ants in a line, headed to that goldfish cracker that the kid dropped yesterday right alongside the ants going the other way with one piece at a time, and it didn't cost me a dime ..."

I was in Macau, what the Chinese call Àomén, on the way to the mainland of China by city bus. It was not so easy to maneuver on it due to my having a piece of roll-aboard luggage with me. Well, I found a decent spot, but people kept on squeezing into me. I couldn't move much, even to turn around. The problem was just that I needed to see a little bit to make sure I got off at the right place. "OK, that's got to be all the Chinamen that can fit on this bus" I kept thinking, but, nope, the driver kept making the stops. 5 here, 2 there, getting on, with nobody headed out the front door. (At least nobody was getting pushed in through the windows as in the picture up top.) "How can this go on?!" I was wondering, after a few more stops in which people kept getting on. When I got off the bus is when I finally noticed that people were getting out via the back door. I wasn't able to turn around to see that during the ride.

Yeah, it's crowded over there. The best bet for China with this virus is for it to get around a bit and for the people to build up immunity. Maybe their vaccine is more conventional and not so deadly. We wouldn't know if it isn't. They have not just plain 'beat it", with all the locked-up apartment buildings and now health-scoring phone apps. One thing China is surely no good at is social distancing. Can the Chinese possibly implement the 6 feet apart rule with floor stickers and that? Nah. Fugetaboutit!

* In fact, if Mr. Ganderson would like to chime in sometime about the reports from China from his son there, I'd appreciate it.

** Our interpretation of that line in the Floyd song is discussed here.

*** I'd say that they are. I mean, were the diverse people of NY City this close together, it would be complete mayhem. Even in a White NY City, such as of the 1950s or earlier, well, I guess this has never been tested, as it never has been as crowded as cities in China except in certain parts - the Chinatowns!

**** "... and I'll show you a man who can hawk a loogie 7 feet."

Adam Smith
Thursday - November 11th 2021 10:17AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator,

Tuxedo cats rock! Unfortunately, Whiteface is no longer with us.

Whiteface succumbed to his diabetes last year. (He just couldn't get over his love of carbohydrates and he never developed a taste for broccoli.) He died here on the mountain. His sister Babygirl took such good care of him as he got sick. She stayed close to him, keeping him safe and comfortable, just like he used to do for her before he became ill. We would often see her just loving on him, licking his ears and cleaning his little face as he became frail. He was a really great cat. I miss him.

Babygirl is doing very well and (as you pointed out when we were talking about cat food for diabetic cats) eating better than ever. She is really sweet, like her brother. She's very cuddly and luv luv loves hanging out with us. She has taken to being an only cat quite well. She knew her brother was sick and had plenty of time with him before he passed.

“What a difference between the 1st and 2nd bunch of pictures! It's like being two different kinds of human beings.” “Those apartments make you think of a flat-bed chicken-hauler.”

Yeah, it's like the country mouse and the city mouse are two different species.
I would be most uncomfortable if I had to live in an apartment or in a city.
Looks like they are packing them in very tight in those chicken-hauleresque apartment blocks.
I have no idea how anyone can live like that!

I snapped a photo of the fire last night...

Well, off to work. I'm changing a fuel pump and filter in an 02 Escalade today.

I hope you have a great day...

Thursday - November 11th 2021 10:15AM MST
PS: Thanks for the Jakarta story, Alarmist. Yeah, there's no way that VAERS is anything but an extreme lower bound. There is no incentive for medical personnel to log in and go through the trouble, while there's an incentive for them not to do it. Michelle Malkin has written about this before.
The Alarmist
Thursday - November 11th 2021 7:53AM MST

Once the Sataists get as many of us as possible in the West to self-terminate, they’ll finish the rest of us off with a new plague that will conveniently empty the rest of the world of its useless eaters.

If we accepted VAERS data that vaxxes caused 2,700 or so miscarriages (so much for safe & effective for pregnant child-bearing persons), then sure, the vaxx itself is only moderately effective at depopulation via direct operation on fertility. We haven’t begun to see the long-term effects however. If VAERS really is only 1% to 10% of all events, who knows how many spontaneous abortions have resulted from the Satanic Stabs.

That doesn’t even touch on the births prevented for a host of other reasons, as suggested my Mr. Hail.

Then there is the uptick in non-COVID all-cause mortality in places like Germany, which just reprted another significant uptick on prior years ...

UK is starting to show the same ...

Mortality in the UK is back to where it was in 2008-2010, but since we are still in the earlydays of “long-term,” who knows how this will play out?

And now they are coming for the children...

The Alarmist
Thursday - November 11th 2021 7:25AM MST

Long story short, we were stuck in traffic on a road in Jakarta that appeared to be paralleled by an empty lane ... I don’t know if it was a VIP lane, but the driver decided I was a VIP (I was a mid-level cheese in the bank, but not a government muckity-muck), so he pulled over to a gap guarded by a machine-gun toting cop, told him something to the effect that I was somebody, and started to ease through the gap. The cop jumped in front of the car, but to his credit kept his finger off the trigger. The driver kept yelling at him and edging foward, and the cop finally relented. I actually found it more amusing than anything... I was ready to slip the cop a few thousand Rupiah so I wouldn’t miss my flight, but the ambitious driver got them instead.
Thursday - November 11th 2021 5:40AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, as I read all of the Corona Panic posts on your site, I do remember your calculations on quality life-years lost via death FROM the Kung Flu (if we can even get the real numbers on that) vs. lost years of the many more LOCKDOWNed and unemployed people. I remember you were very much on the conservative side, coming out with more easy-to-determine numbers that likely favored the pro-panic side, if anything, and you still came out with really large ration "quality life years lost because of the panic" : quality of life years lost from the Kung Flu.

You also did have some information on the decrease in birth rates, as I recall. It would be great to see a post on this on your site, starting out from what you wrote here. The worst thing about it all is that it's the quality of the people whose lives will never happen vs. the huge numbers still being born in the non-panicked countries - I'm thinking Africa - that is going to cause even more grief. This kind of goes along with the discussion between Alarmist and me about a purposeful depopulation via the vaccine. If it's the case that this is being done via damage to fertility, then the ratio of the babies born with the smart genes to those without will get even larger. It really makes you wonder, even if they are evil, how stupid these Globalists are.
Wednesday - November 10th 2021 7:25PM MST

You may be interested in this (continuing from theme of previous comment):

Case study in "lost births" from the Corona-Panic

Somebody published a brief study this week based on recently released live-birth data from Chile. (Chile is a reasonably wealthy, once-mainly-European country, now fair to call a Mestizo country with a legacy but fading White element, the change coming on heavy immigration but also on a fertility gap).

The long story short is this: Chile lost 50,000 expected births to the Corona-Panic, which is to say to the lockdown-induced recession's economic and social disruptions (the effects of some of that "social distancing," in part).

Even as of September 2021 (full-term babies conceived in Dec 2020), they're still significantly below late-2010s levels, so that big 50,000 number ("lost births") continues to rise. It's improving, but still underwater.

I believe Chile came down strongly on the Pro-Panic side, maybe the most Pro-Panic national regime of South America. (Why? It could be the ruling class, the legacy European element, got panicked by its own long-term demographic decline).

The total number of Corona-positive deaths in Chile to date is said to be 38,000, many of those dying about the same time they'd have died anyway, but they were positive for a flu virus when it happened. (As a loyal Pro-Panic regime, they pumped up their death totals to offer the totals up on the altar to the Corona-god.)

"Expected quality-life-years lost":

50,000 lost births x 80 years = 4,000,000

38,000 Corona-positive deaths x 3 years = 115,000

Lost Births > Corona deaths by a factor of 35x

(that 35x is if corona-deaths are assumed to have a mean expected-quality-life-years-lost total of 3 years, e.g. the typical Corona death January 2021, would be statistically expected to have had good health and mind until January 2024).

This heavily lopsided result is likely true in all those countries of the world which embraced the Panic, and even some that didn't because of spillover effects. And the depressed family-formation and depressed fertility rate continues. When all is said and done, it may be possible to measure the "Lost Births > Covid Deaths" at well over 100x in life-year terms in some places.

Chile's TFR had been stable in the 1.8--2.0 range for twenty years, had declined to 1.6 by the late 2010s, but the Corona-Panic shock may land Chile as low as 1.25 on current projections in the period late 2020 to late 2021 (babies conceived in the Corona-Panic era).

This is only one possible measure of the Panic's measurable, demonstrable, easily understandable harms.

The Corona-Panic as an exercise is sacrificing infants to appease their angry and vengeful corona-god.
Wednesday - November 10th 2021 7:15PM MST

Moderator wrote: "they seem more collectivist in attitude in the Far East. I wonder if there's a genetic component"

Any given set of political, social, cultural, and other conditions (e.g., something even like type of grain a climate dictates by the staple crop) will always exert some theoretical selection pressures, which means there IS a genetic component to everything (or at least it's tempting to see one) based on those selection pressures.

It makes me wonder what kind of selection pressures are being applied in the Corona-Panic era. Few people seemed to have cared much, amid all the other Pro- and Anti-Panic talk, but there was a drop-off in babies born most places, a significant one in those countries which fell to major Pro-Panic coups d'etat, less so in others.

The wealthy areas of East Asia to which you refer are mainly looking at sub-1.0 TFRs in the Corona-Panic era, dropping by several tenths of a point. What kind of babies were "born anyway"? What kind were "never born" ​because of the first- or second-order effects of the Panic? In other words, what kind of person was likelier to end up not having a child when he/she might have absent the triumph of the Corona-pushers? This is population selection pressure.

I and others predicted early on that the Corona-Panic *would definitely* cause a crash in birth rates, effectively causing a loss of babies perhaps many times in excess of the number of true Corona-deaths who lost meaningful life-time. That was true but is also only part of the story, because the babies who would be born might also be subject to some Corona-Panic selection pressure.
Wednesday - November 10th 2021 6:03PM MST
PS: OK, Mr. Alarmist, now, like the guy at the beginning of "Dirty Harry", "I got's ta know!" What ABOUT the driver you had in Jakarta who thought you were important enough to argue with the machine-gun carrying cop?

About the buses, I never got the chance to ride in those Japanese subways purported to be packed so tightly that one can't avoid the rear ends of some of the ladies in business skirts, or not in business skirts.. I did ride the subway a number of times in China, but they weren't really packed more than a subway in NYC, at least when I was on them.
Wednesday - November 10th 2021 5:58PM MST
PS: Thanks for the pics, Adam.

Regarding the 1st set, I've seen 20-30 story structures almost like this in mainland China, but, boy, those ones make you think of a flat-bed chicken-hauler. I have no idea how one can live like that either!

Regarding your 2nd set, yep, that's the land we saw recently. We also have a "Tuxedo" cat, but ours is not as stocky. Is this guy or gal still doing well?

What a difference between the 1st and 2nd bunch of pictures! It's like being two different kinds of human beings.
Wednesday - November 10th 2021 5:55PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, thanks for the report. It sounds like Massachusetts is just one of the worst places around, 2nd only to certain provinces in Australia (maybe 3rd, with California on the list).

Here, though the masking comes in waves somehow, nearly 100,000 people come to the football games, and they ain't wearing no masks, except maybe while they're going through the turnstiles, to make it official and all. At school they still have the plexiglass kid-enclosures and mask wearing, though social distancing has magically gone down from 6 ft. to 3 ft, per my son. I mean, not magic , but SCIENCE!

They go play tag and even wrestle at recess anyway. Everywhere else, the kids seem to be living normally.

The vaccine is the big point of contention now - mostly a workplace issue, as enforcement comes down from above, and the corporate sack-hangers do the bidding of Zhou Bai Dien and the rest of the high-level Panic Leaders.
Wednesday - November 10th 2021 5:49PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, thanks for your thoughts on the matter. The different agricultural ways could indeed determine the differences in way of living, something that they would all be used to by now.

I believe there has got to be some genetic component to the way cultures turn out, especially if it's a culture that has lasted as long as the Chinese one. As I wrote as a footnote on a comment on your blog, Ron Unz had an article that argued against my and others' speculation that there is a genetic component to the Chinese people's ability to memorize based on their fucked up written language consisting of thousand of characters. I may read that one again sometime, as Mr. Unz made some very good points, with plenty of numbers to back it up.

Yes, they seem more collectivist in attitude in the Far East. I wonder if there's a genetic component to that too...
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 10th 2021 12:46PM MST

Wow, I can’t fathom taking a bus in either Macau or Hong Kong.

Ask me sometime about the driver I had in Jakarta who decided I was important enough to argue with the machine-gun carrying cop.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 10th 2021 9:23AM MST
PS: You can't have any mooncakes if you don't bind your feet!

I found these photos in my dystopia folder...

According to the internet, “With an average of 130,000 people packed inside each square kilometer, Hong Kong's Mong Kok district is the most densely populated place on Earth.”

That's ~336,000 people per square mile.

I can't imagine living that way.
I would hate hate hate living that way.
Too many people, living too close together, drinking each others recycled poop water. Yuck.

Here's some photos from my phone...

I took the first one this morning from my porch.
The others are from about 5 years ago as I wandered around the back yard with Whiteface.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday - November 10th 2021 6:35AM MST

My reports are sporadic and sketchy- we talk about every 2-3 weeks or so- it seems that things are mostly back to normal, my son says you see a lot of mask wearing, although he and his wife don’t face-diaper up except on public transit.

One wrinkle- he was supposed to go to Peking for a lacrosse tournament last weekend, but because of a flu manchu outbreak the venue was moved to Shanghai- not sure if that was cancelled as well.. My sense is that there’s more corona panic here in MA than in Chengdu, where he lives.
Wednesday - November 10th 2021 5:05AM MST

"not only do the Chinese live very close together, but they LIKE living close together"

Some say a fundamental difference between East and West, the way civilizations and cultures developed, traces to rice vs wheat. Rice gives far more calories-per-acre-farmed than wheat, which means higher density populations.

And higher rice yields also can end up creating a spiral effect.

I think core rice-growing areas of Chinese civilization have under intense cultivation for a very long time, whereas European agriculture was often more relaxed and less super-intense. German Europe for example has been well settled a long time but historically still had lots and lots of uncultivated forests, and probably lots of less-efficiently-used land because of the large number of small states, city-states, and petty statelets that constantly traded territory. In other words, nominal calories-per-acre favoring rice by several times over, in practice became even more tilted towards Oriental rice-growing.

Higher population densities will tend to evolve different cultural traits than lower population densities, all else equal.

Applied to the Corona-Panic:

In the West---or, I should more precisely say, to the Westerner, basically the descendant of European-Christians---the baseline Corona Anti-Panic position as we've known it in the early 2020s (...we soon face our third calendar year of this...) is: There's something dystopian about the Corona restrictions; the collectivism behind it, often symbolic, is both laughable, aggravating, useless, evil, and/or counter-productive. That living life under a brutal Pro-Panic regime like Australia's can hardly be called life at all.

The Eastern mind is much more ready to accept it ("we're all in this together"), accepting lockdowns, embracing faceless, masked life, obsequious obedience to health-tyrants' arbitrary commands, accepting permanent-emergency-ism, and sliding into a groupthink-based mode of life.

I could present, as an Exhibit A here, the odious Dr Leanna Wen, of Chinese origin and herself born and partly raised in PRC-China, I think. But anyone can confirm it by observing, in a multi-racial setting, who is more likely to be masked. The highest rate is always East Asians. They were the only ones masking at first, and they'll be the last ones to take off the masks, assuming eventually the Panic is dismantled and an Anti-Panic reaction finally wins.

It's tempting to believe there must be a "historical population density in which your ancestors lived" factor to the Corona-Panic, still the biggest development by far of this decade so far.
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