Ann Coulter keeping it real - Part 2

Posted On: Saturday - November 6th 2021 4:50PM MST
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I hadn't named the month-ago post that noted the same thing "Part 1", but the latest column by Ann Coulter has another does of race realism from our favorite literary pundit*. (Matter of fact, I'd temporarily forgotten that post already, so I'm glad I just came upon it.)

This latest column is Dems’ Post-Election Plan: Send More Immigrants To Virginia!. She does not disappoint those of us who would like the truth on race to be told. The column was about that recent election in general, so this is the last 1/3 or so of the column:
Let’s get back to the GOP victory in Virginia. Fox News sure called that one! Fox commentators assured us that black parents were powering Youngkin’s campaign because of their love for … school choice!

Oh, give it up, conservatives.

CNN exit poll:

Black voters: 87% for McAuliffe to 13% for Youngkin
Hispanic voters: 68% for McAuliffe to 31% for Youngkin
Asian voters: 66% for McAuliffe to 34% for Youngkin
Good grief! How did Youngkin win? There must be some mistake!

Oh, I see. Youngkin won the same way Republicans always win, by driving up the white vote. White voters went 61% to 38% for Youngkin. According to NBC News’ exit poll, white women voted 57% for Youngkin.

Which reminds me: What is the one demographic Trump lost in 2020, compared to 2016? Correct: white men. Trump 2020: the Platinum Plan! the American Dream Plan! [Jared in the background: Forget white voters, Dad. They have no place else to go.]

Relax, GOP donors, you may now go back to obsessing over the minority vote and pissing away the only swing voters in the country. At this very moment, money men in the Republican Party are looking at Virginia and saying, “You see? We’ve got to pass amnesty to win over Latinos! School choice to win black voters! Then, of course, we’ll need a big tax cut.”
Again, Miss Coulter does not mince words. I am really glad she brought up that "Platinum Plan" BS that came out of Trump within a few months of the election. If he had not turned off many white voters with that crap, he may have won the election even WITH the cheating.

Yet, for some stupid reason, Miss Coulter has never reversed her position in support of Affirmative Action**. Nobody in the pundit world bats 1000, I suppose.

* Probably I should qualify this by "of renown".

** In that column discussed in that "Part 1" post, from inference one can't help but conclude she's still in favor of AA.

Dieter Kief
Monday - November 8th 2021 9:56AM MST
Here too. She's amazing! - Her way with words! - She has developed a prose style which gives the reader the impression, as if she'd be talking to - all kinds of people kinda simultaneously. Her texts are thus multiplexes of surprising dialogues in a row kíke a bracelet of pearls, dropped in a niche with nonchalance. She owes more to Janis Joplin than to most everybody else except maybe John Stuart Mill.

She's open minded and witty.I don't know when this phrase came up:To fight with the visor down. - Maybe after some brave knights had figured out how to do that and survive. See Hans Talhofer and his famous instruction manual of sword - fighting

De Fechtbuch Talhoffer 143 - Fechtbuch (Talhoffer)/Kapitel 6 – Wikisource

I'm not that often stunned by the shere presence of a human being. Well I was this week in the Konstanz Stadttheater - playing since 1607 straight through till today: Kitty in Leo Tolstoi's Anna Karenina was played by Pauline Wener - a Kitty I - have to say, I dreamed of. - Enchanting, bewitching - mesmerizing.
Here is a trailer - kitty is the one in the white dress

Theater Konstanz Trailer: Anna Karenina - YouTube

(Don't know what's ging on - my links disappear as soon as I copy them in here - am I doing something wrong?
Sunday - November 7th 2021 12:40PM MST
PS: In fairness*, Mr. Blanc, and going by memory right now, I think she supported him for the nomination because that was before he cucked out on immigration. Granted, why you would believe these people is another story. I guess I could go through her columns some where to find all this, but I do recall that she admitted a number of times that she was wrong in supporting Mittens.

I suppose she supported him in the election against Obama too, but she's not that cool to where she'd vote 3rd party or tell us that voting was pointless. I would like to know if she wrote anything about Ron Paul before he was marginalized by the Lyin' Press around March or April of '12 in the primary.

* OK, because I LOVE her! There, I finally said it out loud.
Sunday - November 7th 2021 10:26AM MST
PS Okay, perhaps Ms Coulter has finally twigged that the only thing that really matters in American politics is race. However, this is the gal who went into paroxysms of joy over Mitt Romney in 2012. Mitt. Romney. It takes a whole lot of enlightenments to come back from that.
Sunday - November 7th 2021 6:22AM MST
PS: Haha, the old nail gun in the hot tub accident again. Ban nail guns! Band hot tubs! For the children!

Seriously, if Tucker runs for President, I hope he can get some loyal men for his SS detail. It's time to take a cue from the 3rd World, seeing as we are almost there, and hire only your own people for the job. Hell yeah, even the White House travel agency (there's that anti-Clintons thing again - what a vindictive broad she is!)
Sunday - November 7th 2021 6:19AM MST
PS: I should append to that: Bill Clinton, at least back during his days as President, was not really anti-White, as this scumbag McAuliffe is. He was, however, a big lyin' POS.
Sunday - November 7th 2021 6:18AM MST
PS: Thanks for the comments, Mr. Hail. I did not follow any of the election returns, other than that of my local mayor and school board at-large dude.

I am not sure you caught that Miss Coulter was riffing on that Fox news apparently had been telling viewers how much the black voters were going to help out Mr. Youngkin. Nope, "free stuff" was just too important to them, or screwing Whitey, or both.

I appreciate your stats.

BTW, from reading just a little bit around election time, I learned what a tremendous lyin' POS this McAuliffe is. Would you have gotten a guy like this without all the immigrant voters? Well, Bill Clinton comes to mind.
The Alarmist
Sunday - November 7th 2021 4:41AM MST

Speaking of Faux News, Imagine you are one of the very few major media figures who has spoken out against government policies to combat COVID, and you find yourself going to one of the places (hospitals) known to be superspreaders.

Tucker should have just built a hot tub into his car and then proceeded to drive it at high speeds while under its cover playing with a nail gun, because at some point the Cabal is going to stick a fork in him.
Saturday - November 6th 2021 8:37PM MST

"Dems’ Post-Election Plan: Send More Immigrants To Virginia!"

I made this exit poll comparison graphic to show exactly where the vote-shift in Virginia came from, vote-change plus turnout-change:

Since the final win margin was +2 to Youngkin (R), if Nonwhites had simply voted as much as they did in 2020 (=turnout), Youngkin may have lost. They were 33% of voters in 2020 vs. 26% of voters in 2021; their going 78-22 in 2021 was blunted by lower turnout.

(I don't understand how more people DON'T see that US politics is just a form of imperfect, expensive and distracting ethnocultural census-taking.)

The more interesting shift was White No-College-Degree Women. They went to 75-25 for R, making for most of the D->R shift in the election despite being only 19% of voters. If they had shifted to 70-30 or less, instead of to 75-25, the D machine-political guy, Terry "Disempower White Virginians" McAuliffe, may have won.

I interpret this to mean White No-College-Degree Women embraced the Anti-"Critical Race Theory" line more than any other group. If these results are anything to go by, White College-Degree Women were not affected at all by Anti-CRT, instead circling the wagons to defend the interests and ideology behind it. What's going on here is basically that they recognize it as the Regime Ideology and they TEND TO see themselves as regime loyalists, beneficiaries, and/or allies.
Saturday - November 6th 2021 8:35PM MST

Fox News' call was at 12:40am Eastern Time, NOT 11:40pm!

The big networks were all sluggishly "calling" it in the early 12am hour (CNN: 12:30am), with Fox only getting around to it in the later part of the hour. Fox was a laggard even among the big networks.

ABC News "called" in the early part of the 12am hour. I think they've largely outsourced "calls" to the 538 Nate Silver group for years now, and those guys might have "called" even earlier if they didn't have to filter up through the suits.
Saturday - November 6th 2021 8:20PM MST

"Fox News sure called that one!"

They were among the last to do so, only announcing they'd "called" it at 11:40pm.

That was after influential (and pro-D) political guru Dave Wasserman called it as early as the first half of the 8 PM hour (8:25pm tweet), only a bit over an hour after the 7:00pm close of voting. Since this is Wasserman's business, a "wrong call" on election night would be a humiliation, indicating his degree of confidence even in the 8pm hour.

Others followed over the next hours. The first TV network to "call" for Youngkin being Newsmax just before 9:00pm and announcing it on the air at the opening of the 9pm hour.

By the opening of the 12 Midnight hour, all the stragglers had "called" for Youngkin.
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