Three trials for the purpose of crushing American resistance

Posted On: Friday - November 5th 2021 9:51PM MST
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(The title here does not say "the resistance", as any such actual movements are/would be wise to not even be known by this point.)

I'd been meaning to write this post all week, and Steve Sailer's post of one of his readers' takes on 2 of the 3 important trials going on prompted me again. Besides the important criminal trials on charges against the 3 Georgia men who shot a jogger dead while defending their Glynne County neighborhood in early '20 and those against Kyle Rittenhouse for shooting three Communist thugs (2 dead) who were chasing him down to assault and maybe kill him in Kenosha, Wisconsin late summer of '20, I am adding for this point the civil case going on in Charlottesville, Virginia against Jason Kessler and others 4 years later for "conspiracy".

We've got a Legal Stupidity topic key here at Peak Stupidity, but this site is plain just not about the intricate legal aspects of any of this - there's not enough time in the day. We are in no way interested in Court TV, especially hard to follow without a TV to begin with, and, even with one, I remember not giving much of a damn about the OJ Simpson trial other than to see how far the slide toward 3rd-Worldliness we'd gotten even 3 decades back.

Therefore, I'll give a couple of links, but this post is purely a polemic to advance the theory (if it even should need advancing) that there is a common thread among these 3 trials*. That thread goes along with the Peak Stupidity theme of the week, not really planned out by anyone, that "they really hate us, and they want us dead."

Communist Resentidos, such as the modern ctrl-left with its antifa wing, have felt the same way many different times and in many different places throughout history. They've been running up against bigger snags in dealing with Americans over the last century though. First, there was that whole prosperous and conservative society thing. It took at least half a century for the Long March through the Institutions to be 95% complete.

That Bill of Rights crap is still being bandied about here and there, say on fringe sites like Peak Stupidity with their silly Morning Constitutional shlock, your Lew Rockwells, Vin Suprynowicz's, etc. We (the ctrl-left) made great use of it during the 1960s, when that Free Speech stuff helped us raise more hell, then the court technicalities and all. Great ... but that's old news, and we can't have that crap around if we're going to get on with the bidness at hand. We've been chipping away at the whole Bill of Rights nicely, with most younger Americans not having a clue about it all. Thank you, ADL! Thank you, ACLU! Thank you, new Civil Rights!

Now, the gun confiscation business started off well back in '68, with great gains through the '70s, but someCommie somewhere dropped the ball, and things have even reverted. That measly little 1/10th of the Bill of Rights is really being a thorn in the side right now. Americans are still under the impression that they can fight back against oppression. I don't mean that just in the courts, as they try to to use that ole Bill of Rights against us back (haha!), but they still think they can PHYSICALLY fight back against oppression. The sheer gall of these Americans.

It's time to put the kibosh on this resistance bullshit via the courts.

The summer of '17 Charlottesville protest was in defense of this Robert E. Lee statue:

First on the docket: The right to Free Speech and Assembly. Yeah, that's the 1st Amendment** being used against us (ctrl-left Commies). We're moving right along in the erasure of history portion of this Revolución!, and we sure as hell don't need that Amendment I crap to slow things down. These Unite the Right guys in Charlottesville thought they can just up and stand in front of that Robert E. Lee statue*** and give speeches. Even if they are going to do that, our antifa thugs ought to be able to be left to beat hell out of them. I mean, the City of Charlottesville was down with that.

These anti-revolutionary heritage defenders brought their own weapons, for self defense. How can the antifa beat their asses, then, I ask you? Well, we took care of this in the courts. Not a one of the antifa spent a night in jail after conducting street fighting, even involving homemade flame throwers. Yet, we got that James Fields put away for 400 years for backing over that fat broad. Now, the deal is to harass these people in the courts **** over a long period to dissuade anyone else from doing something so rash as to defend his heritage with an assembly with speeches. Let's bring up a KKK law from 1872. I know, it sounds stupid, but this stuff works. The courts work for us. If they say WE were the violent ones there, well, we were only defending ourselves from violent speech. See? That was easy! (Hey, where's that red Staples button when we need it?)

Three Georgians trying to defend their own community:

What's next for today? (Keep this stuff moving, Bailiff, the prosecutor, public defender, and I are jonesing for some of that vinegar-based barbecue for lunch). Next is the trial of 3 Glynne County, Georgia men for defending their neighborhood against black joggers.

OK, this is different. These black thugs menacing the nice White neighborhoods of Brunswick don't work for us, man. We may have encouraged them a tad over the last few years, oh, and gotten the courts to be more lax, and forced them to integrate and all, but hey, in the words of Bart Simpson, "we didn't do it!"

The problem for the ctrl-left is, these 3 White Georgia men took matters into their own hands. If they had just called 911 like they've all been told, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery could have been handled through the court system. He'd be out, errr, jogging again, the same afternoon. Maybe we on the left don't have our Soros D/A's everywhere, and there are conservative remnants in small town America, but still, we've got the press, we've got the Feds, and we've got that big old race card. We can't have people protecting their property on their own, or who knows what might happen?

It's time to make an example out of these 3. The local cops wouldn't arrest them the first time around. Self defense or something. No good. We just pull out that race card, get our errr, THE, THE media, that is, to spend 10 minutes on the story every hour, showing the video we want to show. Later on, sure, other video may get out, but we should have the general public's mind made up by then and, we put the pressure onto get the Brunswick 3 indicted. Mr. Arbery will become a martyr. (Well, OK, we didn't know George Floyd would come along and give us another, bigger story ...)

Kyle Rittenhouse, defending himself from Communist thugs out to kill him:

Whewww! After that big lunch, I could use a few zzzz's, but let's hear about this Krazy Killer Kid Kyle. Imagine gunning down 3 of our very own useful idiots on the streets. They were in the middle of just another peaceful riot protest, for crying out loud. A few more incidents like this Rittenhouse deal, and some of our guys may consider staying home! We need them out there on the streets burning, bashing, and looting whenever we want them out there.

Well, this post became way, way longer than I'd intended, and also that ctrl-left perspective here was not the style of what I'd originally intended. To get back to my own actual thinking, I'll say this: I contend that not one of these three big cases would have ever been brought to trial in the old conservative US of A.

Thinking of Charlottesville in '17 here, I believe I remember the ACLU defending the right of Nazis to march in Skokie, Illinois. Southern statues stood and Rebel flags could fly freely, and the "n-word", "nigger" for short, had not been a nice word for a long time, but it was not the verboten term that it is now. These Unite the Right guys would have been left alone 20 years back, but the ctrl-left has gotten very bold as of late. Seeing as they didn't want to unilaterally get their asses kicked, the Unite the Right guys were ready to defend themselves. That wasn't a crime in the old America.

The 3 Georgia men defending their neighborhood against a suspected serial burglar were not charged by the local police, when the guy freaked out and attacked them. It's often the case that no charges get filed for actions of self-defense. It took a big media push and the fact that the guy shot was black to put enough pressure on the locals to get the men charged. That seems to work every time now. It used to stay local, and the local law would handle it the way they were going to originally.

Lastly, if the cops in Kenosha had been allowed to do their jobs, Kyle Rittenhouse would not have been in the situation he was in. After a whole summer of being permitted to do their destruction at will the black thugs and antifa Commies had become complacent. They figured they could run after and beat up (or worse) this brazen young man who dared to help defend property and lives. They didn't expect the kid to have such good control. That was some nice shooting!

Here's the stake that the ctrl-left has in these 3 trials. They are used to Americans turning to the system for justice and defense of traditional America. However, that system has been coopted by the left. The left wins when Americans try to rely on the Establishment system. However, the left cannot get its way in the manner it's used to if Americans start taking on their own defense. That is, defense of their culture, defense of their property, and defense of their very lives.

The Unite the Right crowd in Charlottesville was there to defend their culture. Those 3 men in Brunswick, Georgia had decided to handle a problem that had been threatening their people's property by themselves. (Yes, they were going to call the law next, but they'd at least caught the jogger.) Kyle Rittenhouse ended up in a position in which he had to defend his life, with no help from the law.

The ctrl-left needs to put an end to Americans' ability to defend their culture, property, and lives themselves, if it is to move along with the destruction of society. They've generally had the courts on their side for a long time, so they are trying to do this via the courts in these 3 prominent trials.

Commenter Alec Leamas (hard at work)***** said what I want to say very well in this comment under that quick iSteve post:

But Rittenhouse represents something that weighs on their minds in their constant insurgency against Americans. Rittenhouse is proof of concept – there are literally tens of millions of rifles and hundreds of millions of cartridges in the hands of their adversaries, many of whom are combat veterans of the elites’ meat-grinder foreign wars of adventure. One literal cherub-faced boy with a rifle turned back a pack of their street paramilitaries who were in the process of lynching him. Imagine what ten trained and experienced men with rifles could have done. They want to lynch Rittenhouse now by corrupting the law because they’re pissed that he blew up their intimidation display in under a minute. They have to get him pour encourager les autres.

(My only correction to Alec's excellent paragraph there is that there have got to be 10's of Billions of rounds (cartridges) in private hands.******)

* One could very well substitute the kangaroo-court trial on the charges that put James Fields in jail for 400-odd years(!) after the Charlottesville street fight, but that one is already done with. These 3 are going on simultaneously right now.

** BTW, our Morning Constitutional series concentrated on the Amendments made after the Bill of Rights. On the whole, Peak Stupidity concluded that they were a slow-moving train wreck.

*** Jeeze, Louise! We finally got rid of it only 4 months ago. There's a 5 year plan almost shot all to hell!

**** Another (of many) VDare article CHARLOTTESVILLE UNTOLD: Why Terry McAuliffe, Not Jason Kessler, Should Be On Trial, this by the frequent contributor on the topic, Charlottesville Survivor, with a defense of Jason Kessler.

***** He's got another handle for commenting from home.

****** For 100-200 million gun owners, it's maybe only a few boxes, 20 to 50 rounds or shells. For a dozen million though, the ones that understand Amendment II the most, they likely have between 500 to 5,000 rounds apiece.

Adam Smith
Monday - November 8th 2021 10:22AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Alarmist,

While it seems possible that Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum and Gaige Grosskreutz may indeed be jewish, I'm not really sure that this is the case. I would think that if they were chosenites the news media would be decrying Rittenhouse as a dirty anti-semite who killed these people, not in self defense, but because he is a white nationalist who hate hate hates the poor helpless jews. Surely the ADL and $PLC would be all over it.

The Alarmist
Monday - November 8th 2021 8:27AM MST

I guess they could play the J-card ... Rittenhouse killed the equivalent of 1% of Kenosha’s jewish population.
Adam Smith
Sunday - November 7th 2021 9:41PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator,

I'd imagine you and i are not the only people who wish we would have bought more ammo when it was cheap and available.

Sunday - November 7th 2021 7:43PM MST
PS: Adam, I was thinking about that too. The race card can't be played in Kyle's case, and that means a lot. I haven't done inventory in a while, but I wish I'd have gotten more back at $8 a box of 50 9mm or whatever it was.
Adam Smith
Sunday - November 7th 2021 3:13PM MST
PS: Good afternoon,

Seems like Rittenhouse's trial is going better than I expected. I hope it goes well for him. He was obviously acting in self defense. It's good (for him) that he didn't kill any blacks. Kenosha will not burn if he is acquitted.

Unfortunately, the three white men from Georgia are going to end up like James Fields.

Your last footnote got me wondering, so I checked my inventory. I'm happy to report that I have more ammo than I thought I did.

Saturday - November 6th 2021 6:47PM MST
PS: I wish I had something useful to contribute, but I don't, do I will say:

Tomorrow I should (Deo volente/inshallah) be having lunch with a man named Lee and his wife who's initial is 'E'.
The Alarmist
Saturday - November 6th 2021 5:03PM MST

The Constitution is only as good as the mass of men (incl. women and those who identify otherwise) honour and respect the bounds it places on those who would govern it. If those who would govern don’t themselves respect and honour it, and the citizenry themselves do nothing to enforce it, then the Constitution is little more than an interesting piece of parchment in the National Archives.

I kind of laugh when I hear people talk about Magna Carta, not because I don’t think it is a historic early step that led to the US Constitution, but because nearly every restriction laid down in Magna Carta have subsequently been repealed by the Crown in Parliament over the centuries since they were originally enshrined. That is the way of a government of men (et al), not laws.

Magna Carta is dead ... long live the US Constitution.

The US Constitution is dying ... who or what will take its place?

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