Brazen Biden Border Bullshit - They want us dead.

Posted On: Wednesday - November 3rd 2021 5:41PM MST
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(Continued from Part 1, An Odious Proposal and Part 2, Replacement AND Bankruptcy!)

You've heard that before - "They hate us, and they want us dead." It's becoming easier and easier to believe that. Even if you don't, would you believe "they hate this country, and they want it dead"? Well, we make up this country, so it's not much different. I'm sorry if the reader doesn't agree that this example of this Brazen Biden Border Bullshit is the most egregious example ever. That is of course arguable.

Just think of it in more personal terms via an analogy. The ctrl-left is your bitchy harlot of a wife, who is using your kids as ransom to get you to stay in the marriage. (The "kids" would be your career and your 401k or something.) She is spending your hard-earned money on clothing, a car, and all kinds of crap on amazon not only for fun, but for spite. Like the legal and illegal immigrants and use of outsourced cheap labor, this wife can use another husband, the US Feral Gov't, for support. She wants to replace you, but first she will have a lot of fun looting your life of labor in savings because she hates you.

What does one do? For the analogy, haven't we mentioned precious metals, trustworthy friends, and unfortunate boating accidents here already? Here's a little bit of that from way back under a post about rich financiers and fine art - see The case of the purloined Picasso.

At some point, if there is no other easier way out, you may have to ditch that career, at least for the time being, and drop out, underground, off-the books, off-grid, whatever. That may be easier for us to do than we think at the national level, compared to having to give up on our kids in the analogy. In the former case we may still keep our communities and they'll probably be much stronger.

Here are a bunch of more comments from that same iSteve thread. They are not in the numerical/chronological order as on the unz site, but by what these commenters and I would say about a response to this huge slap in the face.

First, the slap in the face itself:
The Germ Theory of Disease says:
It is of course a victory dance… but it’s not Biden’s, it is for Biden’s (((controllers and handlers))), who have achieved full-spectrum dominance, and intend to use it to the hilt. This is just an amuse-bouche.

Biden himself can barely dance the hokey-pokey.
Harry Baldwin says:
This is Biden’s version of an end-zone-dance … isn’t it?

It’s more like one of those burglars who takes a dump on your kitchen table after stealing everything of value from your home.
The Wild Geese Howard says:
This just might be the most infuriating story I have ever read. More and more it feels like our government is an occupying army.

Looking around the Western world, it is almost as if governments have declared and are waging war on their native peoples.
Currahee says:
@The Wild Geese Howard
The disparity has become so profound that neither compromise nor understanding is possible. This is part of the process of separation and ultimately civil war.
What to do?
John Gruskos* says:
I agree this is infuriating, but what do you actually plan to do to fight back?

I suggest doing at least the bare minimum – never voluntarily give you money to open enemies who passionately hate you.

For instance, don’t give your money to Hollywood.

Don’t buy a ticket to see Dune, and then write a glowing review encouraging everyone else to also buy a ticket. Doing so will finance those who hate you.
Goddard says:
At this point, I think white people should just stop paying taxes en masse, and stop feeding the Beast.

How ’bout we start with turning our backs on Sportsball, throwing a brick through the TV, slimming down, trimming personal debt, and acquiring spiritual and financial independence?
You gotta know by now that Peak Stupidity is on-board with that stuff.
Sick 'n Tired says:
This story is why every productive worker, employer, and business owner needs to stop paying taxes. Stop funding this insanity. It’s the only way the government will wake up and listen. They can’t throw us all in prison, and if they do, we’ll be among like minded people, and there will be nobody to pay for it.
This one really got me thinking about getting right on the phone the next morning and then emailing HR a new withholding form (W-4), lowering my withholding, and just not paying anything this April. (I've got friends who have gone years like this.)

It's not really my style though, but additional comments that reminded me that they don't need the tax money, as they can just keep printing, made me realize that, yeah, this won't starve the beast. It'd be better to become more of a prepper and just keep with the family's policy of being minimalists (for the most part.)

This kind of action or even just proposal has got to be making a lot of Americans really angry.
TWS says:
You know, I used to laugh at the guys who said, ‘rope, light pole, some assembly required’. Now I am thinking, ‘do you want Madame Guillotine? Because this is how you get Madame Guillotine’.
Yeah, this is just a few people on the internet, but this story has been reported on by Tucker. People do know about it. I would think that many would have the same reaction as I did. Does this current Feral Government want to provoke a REAL insurrection before long? It may be too early for any of these plans, as they have not gotten the guns and ammo yet. Do they thing a real insurrection will involve a hundred guys or so, just out there having a good time? Is it part of a smarter plan than I've imagined?
Just another serf says:
I’m thinking that this illegal alien millionaire lottery, along with events like the appointment of Rachel Levine to Admiral, are deliberate humiliations designed to provoke violence. After which, various forms of totalitarianism will be deemed justified and imposed on the population.
I don't know. There are evil ones behind the scenes, but many of these people are just too stupid to execute really evil plans, as much as they want them to be.

It's not like the Red Squad of The Party is going to come to our rescue on any of this. Last comment here:
Bragadocious says:
Someone on Twitter said, paraphrasing:

I can’t wait to see the GOP counter-proposal of giving them only $250,000.

And that’s the rub. There’s no opposition to these maniacs, no pushback, just degrees of psychopathy.

Interestingly, when this story broke a lot of leftists called it fake news and a right-wing fantasy, showing that even they initially regarded it as insane. Then when it turned out to be true, they instantly pivoted to, you’re damn right these kids deserve that money.
Nope, we're on our own here.

* You may have heard from this guy on Peak Stupidity before here and (CRS alert**) here.

** CRS is Can't Remember Shit syndrome. It's the same comment from Mr. Gruskos, but with different commentary from Peak Stupidity.

Friday - November 5th 2021 9:58PM MST
PS: Robert, a friend linked me to that essay near the time of the beginning of this blog. Thanks for the compliment!
Friday - November 5th 2021 4:28PM MST

In 1976, a professor of economic history at the University of California, Berkeley published an essay outlining the fundamental laws of a force he perceived as humanity’s greatest existential threat: Stupidity.

Mr. Moderator, your essays are better, but they probably don't pay as well as this perfesseers salary. Get with the program.

Adam Smith
Thursday - November 4th 2021 9:26PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...

Mr. Alarmist, “Say what you will about Abe Lincoln, but he had a solid plan for what to do with the freed slaves, and was cut down by progressives before he could put it into action.”

I Agree! Removal is the only sane solution.

Mr. Corrupt, “If it happens two years in a row, a penalty can be applied.”
What if “it” happens for 25 consecutive years?
More importantly, what if you have not entered into a contract with the IRS?

Mr. Moderator, “if you put down 10 exemptions(?)”
I once knew a girl who was working in a nursing home in Florida...
When she filled out their W4(?) she claimed 8 dependents... (She had no children)...
She received abnormally large tax refunds... For Years! 🙂

“why wouldn't he just let the IRS accumulate a bunch of charge on him...”

While I highly recommend taking precautions before incurring a “debt” with the IRS - It's not a “crime” to “owe” the IRS...

Perhaps one of their easy payment plans is right for you...

“Sure, here's your 228 thousand bucks. That's from my shift last night. Don't spend it all in one place!”
Inflation is a gift to borrowers, paid for by savers...

Thursday - November 4th 2021 7:55PM MST
PS: Yeah, Alarmist, I've read that he never could have pulled that off anyway, but one could say President Lincoln was pretty based in that respect.

Thanks for the tax advice, Corrupt. I supposed, if you put down 10 exemptions(?) on the W-4 now, you don't need to go higher. However, the IRS does penalize you if you owe a significant chunk of your tax due. I thought that was 25%. I've been there but never paid any penalty anyway.

All the minutiae aside, if one really thinks this country or government isn't long for this world, why wouldn't he just let the IRS accumulate a bunch of charge on him. Hyperinflation would take care of that nicely! "Sure, here's your 228 thousand bucks. That's from my shift last night. Don't spend it all in one place!"
Thursday - November 4th 2021 3:15PM MST

FYI, Not withholding enough can cause a couple things to happen. If it happens two years in a row, a penalty can be applied. In addition, the IRS can order your employer to not accept any W4 from you that will reduce your withholding. I believe the amount considered too low is 10% less than your actual tax is.
The Alarmist
Thursday - November 4th 2021 9:47AM MST

Say what you will about Abe Lincoln, but he had a solid plan for what to do with the freed slaves, and was cut down by progressives before he could put it into action.
Thursday - November 4th 2021 5:46AM MST
PS: Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Mr. Hail. Let me go over the your points of speculation (as to why this payout should be seen any differently from the sum of lots of ghetto lottery payouts) one by one - or two at a time for some.

(1) - (2) I think it's a matter of precedent too. When a civil court finds for some deadbeat ghetto-lottery plaintiff, we all may figure it's a ridiculously large payout, but maybe there was something to the suit. It's a jury and well, justice was served... (Yeah, I know, a black jury will just dole out the money, and the verdict, for that matter, just based on tribalism, and, no, it's not likely to end up being much of THEIR money!)

This distribution of our tax (or borrowed) money by the Department of Justice from an Executive Edict is more than that. On no level are any regular Americans involved nor are any elected officials besides the one - it wasn't an election for King though.

Lastly, in response to (1), I don't think most Americans are very numerate. They probably don't know how big the bogus lawsuit racket is. However, those individual cases are paid off based on various different styles of grift. The precedent of the DOJ spending $450,000 per illegal minor can be seen to grow to hundreds of Billions very quickly, for those of us who can do some arithmetic.

(3) There is definitely something to this one. Yes, these black worthless "yes, we were all on the bus when it happened" grifters are still Americans. I wish they weren't, but ... No, I don't think the "legacy of slavery" crap should be a factor in our not being as pissed about the ghetto lottery, but for some ... it leads to your important point (4).

(4) Firstly, that pisses me off about Ann Coulter too. I will say that her latest column (you can read on VDare of a thousand places) seems to have shown she is not longer in that mindset. I meant to comment on this - maybe later today or tomorrow.

The fact that there could be 20,000 Haitians coming in a month, who could also horn in on this $450,000 action would piss off Americans as much or even more than for the Hispanics. I don't think it's a black vs. hispanic thing, in other words.

(5) Yes, that's a factor. It's not just the money, but that it's being wasted for the express purpose of increasing population replacement of White people. BTW, I don't really believe the numbers on black fertility so much. I think it's higher than they say. (Perhaps that's just due to how it looks where I live.)

Thursday - November 4th 2021 5:23AM MST
PS: Dieter, yes, they are willing to give up everything in order to "be safe". That doesn't work in the long run. I don't really think anything needs to come to a hot war even right now, if White Americans and other Westerners would stand up for themselves right now. It's almost too late, but a lot could be done if people magically quit being afraid of being called names*.

Some of the elites may be just evil and out for destruction (not sure where Obama and Merkel fit), but for plenty of others, they are not smart enough to see where all this actually leads. They really think some multicultural West will just run like the West of the 20th Century. Their stupidity is just as much a problem as their evil.

* Yes, sure, fired too, or careers ended, even marriages ended. However, once you have large numbers, none of those is the case anymore.
Thursday - November 4th 2021 4:55AM MST

"Just another serf says:

I’m thinking that this illegal alien millionaire lottery...(is a) deliberate humiliation designed to provoke violence."

I won't repeat my comment from the previous post about Ghetto Lottery (see Peak Stupidity No. 2085), but Just Another Serf's use of the same word reminded me of it.

I have never heard anyone say anything to the effect of "the Ghetto Lottery makes it feel like our government is an occupying army" (Wild Geese Howard, quoted in this post). Yet the total sums per year might be quite similar as with this illegal-immigrant lottery stunt.

(1) Total amount of money given away? If the total sum transferred is the source of anger, there should be perpetual anger at the Ghetto Lottery and its hundreds of millions a year transferred. Instead it generally gets groans, and little attention.

(2) Source of money? There is the distinction between city/state money vs. federal money but that seems too technical to motivate this kind of emotional response for most.

(3) There is the "foreigner" vs "native" distinction, which must have a stronger influence. Some Ghetto Lottery winners are also of recent foreign origin (though admittedly none are generally just-arrived illegals), but the general idea or image--which is of course all important--is that the Ghetto Lottery is a mechanism by which huge payouts go to a select few US slave-descended Blacks per year often directly rewarding bad behavior and much of the rest of the time for nothing. The point being here that money to "foreigners" is more an outrage than to a particular racial group who are "natives."

(4) I am tempted to guess that it's more about "Blacks" vs. "Hispanics" (or "non-Blacks"), though, rather than "natives" vs. "foreigners."

Something about US culture in our time attributes a special status to Blacks. The whole thing is enforced by self-censorship and self-narrative policing. You'll even hear it from people like Ann Coulter. She supports endless racial preferences given to US-slave-descended Blacks---but no one else. I've never heard her say anything about racial preference in jobs/education to North American Amerindians, who if anything were a much worse case than Black slaves. Coulter wants to enlist Blacks' support against immigrants. It's not worked so far at all, but it's a powerful pull.

Something in US culture in our time also creates a vortex wherein Blacks end up celebrated and given pride-of-place. This is clearly the case with Fox News, a large disproportionate share of whose on-air commentariat is given to center-right and right-wing Blacks, a vanishingly tiny subdemographic of the total US population...

(5) Finally, there is the Great Replacement narrative, some form of which is clearly true and ongoing. The idea is, it's driven by border-jumpers from Latin America and NOT driven much at all by 'Ghetto Lottery' Blacks, therefore this Illegal Immigrant Lottery is more visceral.

Number (5) is clearly a powerful motivator for many of the White-Christian Trump base. And it's true native Blacks' total-fertility rate is not much above Whites for about 25 years now. BUT---I hesitate to say the Great Replacement narrative i the main reason people have reacted as they have, for the simple reason that the special status afforded to Blacks in US culture seems to really begin to emerge back at a time when US Blacks did have considerably higher fertility than US Whites.

(These kinds of thought-lines are taboos but not cosmic-mysteries, and are why Steve Sailer has been so worried about the implications of his "World's Most Important Graph"; with Blacks having this status and baseline thoughts in US culture being this way, what exactly would stop a Subsaharan Camp of the Saints if it ever kicked into motion?)

Would be curious what others thinks of this.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - November 4th 2021 12:32AM MST

So - the idea in the Old West is, that overpopulation and underdevelopment are dangerous.

Hot wars are to be avoided, because they would be even more dangerous.

I think these are the key thoughts in the back of the heads of the leaders of the Old West (Europe and the Anglosphere worldwide).
These thoughts imply: Rebuild the military into a kind of peace corps (see Just another serf's astonishment about "the appointment of Rachel Levine to Admiral" - see head of staff General Mark Milley studying - and recommending the study of Robin DiAngelo's CRT-works.

Gen. Mark Milley: ‘I want to understand white rage, and I’m white’ (

This I think is the elite-consensus in the Old West: We should not defend our territories any longer in the traditionaal way with hot wars - we - should rather peacefully and good natured - cooperate with the dispossessed and humiliated and buikld the new multicultural - multicoloured... world. This will cost a lot of money, but the alternative - hot wars, would cost infinitely more. - This is what brought the Compact on Migration on it's way, what fuels the Climate Change actions, and what is at the heart of the coalition of the fringes, too.

This is what Barrack Obama and Angela Merkel as the iconic figures of the Old West of the last decade) wholeheartedly agree upon. 
Wednesday - November 3rd 2021 7:06PM MST
PS: Gotta love that Babylon Bee. End of the story:

'Unfortunately for the migrants, experts predict $450,000 will not be enough to fill a tank with gas in a few weeks due to inflation. '
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 3rd 2021 6:51PM MST
PS: Cheers 🍺...

Don't worry Achmed, the ACLU is on the case...

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