Still chaining down the pens

Posted On: Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 7:42PM MST
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I guess I could have noticed or thought about this anytime over the last 10 years or so (since smart phones came out). They are still chaining down the pens at the bank. Well, this place has them attached to the base with a plastic coated piece of 1/16" aircraft cable - this ain't the fancy Bank of America, you know.

I find it odd, because who even writes much down anymore, with a pencil or pen? Do people still feel the need to steal these pens? I still will use a pen to write down information given to me by people, but anyone under a certain age goes for his phone first.

"What's your number, I'll type it in and text/call you." That makes sense. "The place is at 123 Elm Street." "OK, text me that." "Uhhh, I just told you - 123 Elm Street." It doesn't make quite as much sense, but then, who uses his memory up for this sort of thing anymore? We need the space to keep track of all the Kardashians. "Where do you live?" "Let me pull it up." "Oh, I can do that. What's your address?" "Let me pull that up..."

Then there's "see, on my mailbox it says 1451 - this is south Taylor Street." "OK, let me go over to the mailbox and take a picture of it."

OK, that over with, let me relate a quick funny (to me, anyway) anecdote from that visit to the bank. The black teller was a pleasant and fairly intelligent guy. He was articulate enough so that I could make out almost everything even with his thick black mask on*. That was until the one moment at which I asked him for some of the cash in hundreds. "Yeah, 3 hundreds, if you can get them easily." He said something that took me a while to catch. Finally, "Oh, you said 'C-notes". I haven't heard that in a while." (It's kind of cool sounding.) Then I said "Got it. You mean what you all call 'the Benjamins'. Yeah, give me 3 of the Benjamins."

Haha, I thought it was funny, but did the guy get offended a tad? Did he like that "you all" part? Well, I don't rightly know, because he had a mask covering over half his face. It's hard to make out people's expressions.

He was too nice to have said anything, I guess, and if he had, I still wouldn't have been able to get him back by stealing a pen.

* I wore no mask and got no grief about it for a change for the bank. What is the deal with this stuff? This masking business seems to come in waves. I'll have to take note if it's on a 28 day cycle.

Thursday - November 4th 2021 5:17PM MST
PS Engineered Mass Psychosis is most effective when waves of fear are separated by "periods" of relative calm. I don't think it has to be 28 days...maybe more like 10 week "variant" cycles. Of note, they are still building the occasional fancy new bank if a corner lot becomes available. Plenty of parking...just no cars. I guess a license to print is still available if you are in the club.
Wednesday - November 3rd 2021 11:10AM MST
PS A bank ID, which works the ATM and serves as a debit card. It has all your account info other than the amounts, I imagine, on the stripe.
Wednesday - November 3rd 2021 9:52AM MST
PS: Do you mean your driver's license or some bank ID of some sort, Mr. Blanc? We still fill out some forms, but I have no problem with that, when the pens reach, that is.

For a while there, maybe 4 - 6 months, we were using the drive-through, since the place got all Panicked-up. That was odd for me, as my family was never into the drive-though windows for anything. My boy and I both liked to watch the pneumatic tube system though.
Wednesday - November 3rd 2021 7:55AM MST
PS At my bank, you insert your ID card into the card reader at the teller’s window. It reads your information, although you do have to tell her—t’s almost always a female—which account you want to access. Haven’t used a pen in the bank for a couple of years.
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