Brazen Biden Border Bullshit - An Odious Proposal

Posted On: Monday - November 1st 2021 6:32PM MST
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The Wall Street Journal had the story, as screenshotted above, Tucker Carlson has already been outraged about it, and VDare (hence, The Unz Review, with comments) has both a short Paul Kersey post - We Call This Treason: Biden Administration Plans to Pay Illegal Aliens Half a Million Dollars for Being Denied the Right to Infiltrate Our Nation During the Trump Administration*, and a one liner with an excerpt of the gist of it by Steve Sailer called Incentives, Anyone?. Of course, this giving away of $450,000 per person to illegal aliens "harmed'" by a US Border Patrol policy that separated them from their families is based on a simple ludicrous premise to begin with.

That ludicrous premise is this, by contrary example: I don't think the Law would worry about the separation of my family from me if I were to get sent away to the drunk tank for a night, or, the way things are going, locked up for a year in a Gulag in North Dakota for blogging without a license. It's not at all part of any law I've heard about where the separation of the perpetrator from his family is considered in the arrest and punishment process. We are not talking about a guy getting sent to the drunk tank but mothers and fathers smuggling themselves and their children into our country, as part of a long-term massive invasion.

I'm sure the pure stupidity and evil of this idea of the Biden Administration is something you all can read the criticisms elsewhere. This is blood-boiling material here. Yes, as Mr. Sailer's headline says, this proposal is indeed a big incentive for illegal entry into our country, taking away another big downside and adding a big possible payoff**. There's also the monetary aspect, just blowing it willy-nilly while Americans struggle. After reading through both the Kersey and Sailer comment threads, I don't feel any less pissed off, that's for sure.

I missed Mr. Sailer's thread first time around, and it is now 3 days old, but I sure would like to feature 10 or 20 comments. It's not so much the comments about the stupidity inherent in this proposal that are in line with my thinking but the question of just why the US Feral Government is going all out right now rubbing Americans noses in the freaking dirt. That's what this is. Here are a few comments to that effect.

WJ says:
I think this is a troll by the Biden administration. I really don’t think they are this insane. On the other hand, they could be so confident in the next election that they don’t feel like they have to hide it anymore. I wonder how black people feel about these reparations?
Wilkey says:
This just might be the most infuriating story I have ever read. More and more it feels like our government is an occupying army.

The median net worth* in the United States is only ~$121,000. Our government is about to hand over almost four times that to people because they were breaking the law.

(I left off the last paragraph.)
Arclight says:
Only too perfect that our rulers put a dollar figure on how much more they value their imported illegal immigrant underclass over actual citizens.
Kylie says:
If you don’t think this was devised, at least in part, as a big FU to non-leftists, think again.

This is the left telling Trump supporters and all others not on board with the leftist agenda to bend over and don’t bother looking around for any lubricant, there isn’t any.
Mr. Blank says:
The optics on this are so colossally bad I have difficulty believing it will ever happen. I’m wondering if a concerned lefty actually leaked this to stop the Biden administration from making such a stupid mistake.
These comments (and plenty more) were about the general "clown world" or Peak Stupidity, if you will, aspect of a proposal this odious to regular Americans. I realized a while back that this story should be discussed in 3 posts. The 2nd will be about the economic ruin that is being accelerated by this and other big-payoff programs*** vs. the demographic replacement acceleration. The last part will excerpt some ideas for Americans to fight this odious system financially and include speculation on why the ctrl-left is pushing us this far this soon.

* He's a courageous man for writing about what he writes about, but one very minor annoyance is that Mr. Kersey's post titles are just long as all get-out.

** Hell, you win this "Separation Lottery" and you don't even need to work as a roofer or drywaller. You break into a country, get lucky with the logistics, and you move in as a millionaire! As they say, "what a country!"

*** I'm not claiming that this alone will be a significant part of the national budget. However, these reparations style pay-outs, like the Charleston, SC Church shooting $80 million, are precedent-setting. The applications can be widely expanded.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 5:07PM MST
PS: Greetings everyone...

“As you say (and I have before), sure they will be GOOD for the money...”

“We can guarantee cash benefits as far out and at whatever size you like, but we cannot guarantee their purchasing power...”

“However, these reparations style pay-outs, like the Charleston, SC Church shooting $88 million, are precedent-setting...”

Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 3:43PM MST
PS: Yes, that's exactly my point, Mr. Blanc. This is meant to be publicized as an exercise in humiliation of tax-paying law-abiding Americans.

I also hope Robert here is right, as that would be great. It'd mean that not only do we have an ally or two behind enemy lines, but that would be a hell of a trolling job, as people are pissed!

Thanks for the comments, all.
Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 3:41PM MST
PS: Alarmist, neither by parents nor me or my wife or immediate family members have ever counted on that money.

As you say (and I have before), sure they will be GOOD for the money. It's the US Gov't with all the full faith and credit in them we can muster, so sure, I'll get that $1,400 a month*. Only thing is, at that point, a Big Mac meal will be $39.95, rent for a 2 bedroom in the sticks will be $2800/month, and so on, and so on ...

* Just making up the figure, because, again, I'm not counting on SS for jack squat.
Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 3:38PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, Tthere's the ghetto lottery thing, but it's usually not a Federal thing, made by government Edict, errr, Executive Order or whatever kind of BS. It's usually from the civil courts, often with juries full of black people or others for "Social Justice".

However, I was going to mention the Charleston, SC church shooting $80,000,000! payout. Ridiculous... almost makes you want one of the less popular family members to ... never mind.

This thing is a direct plan of the US Government Department of Justice, Mr. Hail.
Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 9:45AM MST
PS: I have not read anything on this, so I know nothing. But, I assumed that it was some right-winger trolling the others in his department. I hope I am not wrong.
Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 9:15AM MST
PS The Left enjoy rubbing the noses of Heritage Americans in it. This is just the beginning.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 8:01AM MST

Whenever people told me I’d never see my Social Security payments, I assured them I would, but in Dollars inflated away to the point where one month of “benefits” might buy me a loaf of bread.

Of course they can “compensate” the invading waves for their inconvenience ... Money-printer go brrrrrrrrr !

Tuesday - November 2nd 2021 7:21AM MST

This feels like a natural progression of Coalition of the Fringes-ism.

Or a new twist on the Ghetto Lottery concept.

Didn't George Floyd's relatives each get millions of dollars over his death, awarded before any final medical investigation or hyper-politicized criminal trial? And so on. It happens all the time.

People are, of course, right to be outraged at huge payouts to Hispanic illegals in this case. I cannot dispute that. I would suggest there is a double-standard of outrage, though, because roughly comparable Ghetto Lottery payouts elicit far tamer criticism than this has.
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