Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! - II

Posted On: Tuesday - October 26th 2021 6:56PM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

Wait, didn't this place used to be a swimsuit store?

That's what I read, many years ago, back when Cosmo magazine used to come by accident to my apartment years ago. Women should not just plan on dressing up in a skirt, blouse, some shoes, and whatever may or may not go under all those items. No, you must accessorize with the right belt, scarf, hair scrunchies, pocket protector (no wait, that was me), handbag, etc. That etc. includes the right face mask, I guess, now. They really ARE trying to make this the new normal.

This sign was on the window:

OK, then. Are we supposed to wash them first, or do we just flip them over after we have filled up the first side with COVID-19 virus particles? If we do that, are we not blowing said material right out at everyone else? Is that OK in the name of fashion? If we wash them, do we put them in with the colors or perhaps with the whites and some bleach? I know for 8 big ones, I'm not about to throw mine in one of those beautiful yellow steel BIO-HAZARD trash cans every month. I need that money for more important things, like belts, scarves, hair scrunchies, and pocket protectors. Oh, and some of those handbags and gladrags that my poor old GrandDad had to sweat to buy me ...

At least sometimes now, we're given more options:

What, either take the jab or wear a mask all around the hotel? Nah, there's always a way out, if you think like a lawyer. Nowhere on the sign does it give the definition of "fully unvaccinated" as in WHICH vaccination(s) it is that you must have gotten to be freed from the face diapering. It can't be all vaccines in the world, so ...

"Hey, have you been vaccinated?"
"OK, good, then ... heyyyy, wait a minute. Maybe you're one of those smart asses. Vaccinated for what?"
"I've been vaccinated for Hysteria. How about you?"

Really, nobody in these hotels seems to really give a dang about it anyway. (I've not been in the most Panicky of States though - neither a state of mind nor a State of the Union, that is.)

There are posters about the masking policy in the university buildings near us. The ones on the front door say that they are mandatory inside. However, inside there are ones that say (didn't remember to snap a picture):

Please choose to wear a mask.

OK, then! I don't wear face masks in there. It's pretty obvious from the sign that I have a choice. I appreciate their concern for my health, but I CHOOSE not to wear one.

I'd left this comment elsewhere, but let me state this here:

No matter what the arguments to-and-fro about the vaccine are, can we all just agree that the face diapers have been a stupid, worthless idea since Day 1? I mean, no matter who is out there virtue-signaling, being a typical compliant sheep like most Americans, or pushing the masks on people as a show of power, NOBODY, but NOBODY really believes these things are good for anything.

PS: Some of the next Kung Flu posts will be about the vaccine. I realize the attempt to make a vaccine mandatory is a bigger increase in Totalitarianism than this face mask business. However, the masking bit is a real indignity and a program built on pure stupidity.

Mr. Anon
Thursday - October 28th 2021 8:07PM MST

"That etc. includes the right face mask, I guess, now. They really ARE trying to make this the new normal."

Yes, exactly. Masks aren't intended to go away. Ever.

Double-sided masks? Best idea since double-sided condoms.
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 28th 2021 2:36PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator,

Tourists, eh? Sounds like you may have gone to Gold Rush.
5% does sound about right.

Thursday - October 28th 2021 12:06PM MST
PS: Alarmist, I read that yesterday - cracked me up. I guess you would then have an iAss.
Thursday - October 28th 2021 12:02PM MST
PS: I was in Mr. Smith's neck-o-the-woods recently, and there were only masks on about 5% of the much older tourists. For the young people, most times, nary a face diaper was in sight.

Mr. G, I forgot- "goal posts on wheels" is a good one. We were just talking about chicken coups on wheels.
Thursday - October 28th 2021 11:55AM MST
PS: I've been hearing let's go Brandon in all kinds of places, many times on certain radio frequencies for which the cuss word version WILL get one in. trouble. I've always believed in fair play, so I'll add in a quick "Go, go, creepy Joe!"

Mr. G, I guess you have reasons to be there rather than your "ancestral" (?) home up in Minnesota, but I am also sorry to hear of all the trouble, especially because you like your hockey. I spent a year in that place that makes New Yorkers (the city) look like downright hospitable folks.
Thursday - October 28th 2021 11:36AM MST
PS “FU Biden” was always limited because of its vulgarity. I might have let loose a “Go bugger yourself, Biden”, but not the F word. However, as “Let’s Go Brandon” has now, to those who count, the same meaning as “FU Biden”, I can heartily endorse it. And, as it appears that here in Illinois, at any rate, face masks are now a permanent feature of life, I can see acquiring a “Let’s Go Brandon” face mask.
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 28th 2021 9:51AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

“The goalposts must be on wheels.” Indeed they are.

Hang in there Mr. Ganderson, the first 592 days of 14 days to flatten the curve are the hardest.
Surely sanity will soon prevail.(?)

Let’s Go Brandon!

Wednesday - October 27th 2021 5:47AM MST

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education just extended the mask mandate for all schools in the Commonwealth to mid January. The goalposts must be on wheels.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 27th 2021 4:04AM MST

If you absolutely must mask-up, look for a “Let’s Go Brandon” mask.

Watch out for those butt-plugs, because they’re the right size to fully function as 5G antennae and large enough to pack a whole lot of nasty stuff. You can bet it is not sunshine that Cabal are going to blow up your bottom-side.
Wednesday - October 27th 2021 3:52AM MST
PS: I suppose butt plugs could be considered accessories, TAaB. I don't remember anything in Cosmo about that, but we were still an actually normal country back then. I like that "the Mystery Babylon Be".
To Absurdity And Beyond
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 11:37PM MST
PS One day you will see a butt plugs are now mandatory as part of the new "normal" collective equality of results for all egalitarian unity, and you will say is this the Mystery Babylon Be?

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