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Posted On: Monday - October 25th 2021 6:41PM MST
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I'll admit it. These many posts about exercise machines* are like the blogger Steve Sailer's fixation with golf course architecture. Of course the Peak Stupidity reader may do well to skip these, but this one does tie into the Kung Flu stupidity just a tad.

I ended up in the same hotel fitness center in which the story in out post Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic - Part 11 too place. (There were 13 of these posts, written during Season 2 of the Kung Flu PanicFest.) The gyms are pretty dead now as compared to before Kung Flu times. I guess that is mostly due to the still low occupancy rates of many hotels - see Collapse of the Service Economy - Part 4, but also some people may STILL be scared to catch those unhealthy germs while strengthening their muscles, running up the old ticker and that sort of healthy thing.

In that summer '20 post about the hysterical masker telling me to put on a mask while exercising, I wrote that she was 12' away from me, facing the same direction. Since nobody else was in there to interfere with this time, I paced it off. The machines** are just where they've always been, and the center-to-center distance is 14 ft. Now that's twice the AFE (Anthony Fauci Edict) specified SSD (Standard Social Distance), so what the heck was her problem again?

Next, this bike machine has one of the quality Precor consoles. The numbers make sense, and the display is great. I did long ago have to learn how to turn off the TV that appears in the background even when you want to look at nothing but numbers. I got that.

With that done, as the workout progressed, my heart rate was jumping around +/- 5 or 10 beats/min within seconds. Now, that COULD be real, because the numbers hung around in the right range for my workout. Hmmmm... well, I even took my hands off for 10 seconds. It normally quits displaying a number after 2 seconds, but it didn't. Then, upon winding down, the heart rate stayed way up. OK, that's not me, it's you, and a good thing at that!

Maxing it out at the gym:

These guys might want to put in an algorithm for that. It's probably difficult. I'm amazed at those sensors to begin with. You want to give a smoothed-out value of heart rate, but not over too much time. Then again, you don't want the thing to be spotty. Then, it's also important to not scare the living out of any exercisers, many who already have so much to worry about, what, with the girl on the treadmill 14 feet away with no mask on ... but with a cute enough butt, that can be forgiven.

Lastly, and with the other tie-in to the Kung Flu stupidity, I see that one tiny silver lining has come out of it at the gym.. Being not one who is paranoid about germs, I have never bothered to clean any of the machines BEFORE using them. What I would do is grab a towel and wipe off the sweat, if any left, on the equipment AFTER I'd used it. That's what other people want, and I saw no reason to annoy them in this respect.

Well, the towels went away during the PanicFest, if one could even get in the gym to begin with, to be replaced by these alcohol-soaked wipes. (Dammit, I sold all of my holdings in the wipes sector around January of '20! Why do I keep listening to E.F. Hutton? Was it the commercials?) Therefore, I've been used to pulling two or three of these things from the dispenser/trash bin combination, if they even have them.

C'mon guys! Whaddya need, a towel? It's ALL wipes nowadays!

This place has them, and they were in good shape too, neither too soaked nor, worse, all dried out. (There's probably an optimum schedule for this, based on how many people use the gym on average. You unseal too many, and you waste them when the bottom ones dry out, you waste them by replacing them too often, or the gym just plain runs out.)

I like these things. If you're going to really clean the machines, these beat towels by a long shot. Those dry towels might wipe off visible sweat, but they don't clean anything. Not only that, but, though I am no sucker for the Global Climate Stupidity, I really don't like waste. I go through the 30 second effort, max.***, and there goes a towel into the hamper and the laundry. (Fold 'em up nicely and put 'em back, and you might really hear about that!) This extra barely-used laundry is not good for the hotels, now that green is the new cheap-ass.

I'm guessing the gyms will keep these wipes around over the towels, for cost savings alone. Then too, they can advertise it as an anti-Kung Flu, green win/win policy.

What next? Will Peak Stupidity fall in love with the wearing of face masks, the standing on stickers, and the jab? Not bloody likely!

* Most most of them are here with the Artificial Stupidity topic key due to the discussion about the electronics/software).

** They are quality machines in good shape, I should add. This hotel is run by White People, and any problems with the machines DO get taken care of. The bike machine had quit putting any resistance torque on the crank, and then someone had a problem with one of the treadmills too. They were both fixed within a day!

*** I suppose other gym users use the towels to wipe the sweat off themselves too, but a shower is in order anyway.

The Alarmist
Thursday - October 28th 2021 1:12PM MST

For some reason, whenever I saw George Reeves as Superman standing proudly in his tights and cape with his arms akimbo, I figured the dude had to be gay. The blanks kind of filled in the rest after Superman came out.

As for iAss (nice naming, Mr. M.), 5G is all about controlling the proles through transhuman insertions of various types ... butt plugs seem like a natch.

I hope you all have a good start into your evenings.
Thursday - October 28th 2021 12:11PM MST
PS: Thank you for that information about the completely Bizzaro-world ACLU. They were always left-wing, IMO, but they would stand on principle when it was clear. Nowadays, like a lot of people and organizations, well, per your quote, they will just come out with self-contained very obviously contradictory statements.

I suppose that's the way of the Totalitarians everywhere. (I'll still call them Commies.) The statements aren't designed to convince, really, but just to humiliate, as in "we're going to screw you, and give you a completely stupid reason why we are doing it, but there's nothing you can do about it." I know this has been put more succinctly.

Alarmist, are you coming up with these, Superman's new motto, for example? Haha!
The Alarmist
Thursday - October 28th 2021 1:25AM MST

Its true, we’re living in Bizzaro World, complete with a Superman who stands for “truth”, social justice, and the American gay.
Wednesday - October 27th 2021 4:58PM MST

If the ACLU demands governments "reject requests for harmful [sic] religious exemptions," I see two options for them.

(1) Disband, for lack of purpose, or

(2) Rename group temporarily to "American Covidian Lackey Union" for the sake of intellectual and moral honesty.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - October 27th 2021 10:31AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Hail,

“Is the ACLU still also radio-silent on onerous mandates and the most flagrant examples of civil-liberties violations in generations?”

Nope, not silent at all...

“Far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actually further them. They protect the most vulnerable among us, including people with disabilities and fragile immune systems, children too young to be vaccinated, and communities of color hit hard by the disease.”

“Vaccines are a justifiable intrusion on autonomy and bodily integrity. That may sound ominous, because we all have the fundamental right to bodily integrity and to make our own health care decisions. But these rights are not absolute. They do not include the right to inflict harm on others.”*


And, from October 22, 2021...

“Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Maine and nine religious and interfaith organizations today urged the U.S. Supreme Court to protect public health and religious freedom by rejecting a request for harmful religious exemptions from a Maine requirement that health care workers be vaccinated against COVID-19.”


*This idea that nonvaxxed people are somehow “inflicting harm on others” is one of the talking points I keep hearing repeated from the authoritarian side of the divide.

How on earth are the nonvaxxed “inflicting harm on others”?

Apparently the so called ACLU has been co-opted by the enemies of humanity and liberty, to further their nefarious scheme.

I look forward to reading your investigation into Pro-Panic fanatic Daniel Uhlfelder.

I hope you have a great afternoon Mr. Hail.

Wednesday - October 27th 2021 7:44AM MST

The Alarmist wrote: "I’m surprised the lawyers haven’t already picked up on suing coercive employers"

There are a lot of puzzles like this in the great Corona-Panic saga which demand explanation. Something greater than the sum of its parts began in March 2020, and most people along for the ride don't realize what they're involved in.

Is the ACLU still also radio-silent on onerous mandates and the most flagrant examples of civil-liberties violations in generations?
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 27th 2021 4:18AM MST

@Mr. Moderator wrote, “I would think there'd be a lot of money to be made by lawyers on the OTHER side of the panic/anti-panic divide, but I guess a lot on both sides.”

The whole reason for the PREP Act is to shut down any serious investigation and challenge of dangerous products and services by the liability bar. There is no money to be had on the other side, at least not until people start suing unshielded employers who coerced now injured employees into taking what I am now going to start calling The Satanic Stab.

From what I see when I’m in Florida, lawyers are the second biggest source of ad revenue, but are dwarfed by Big Pharma. I’m surprised the lawyers haven’t already picked up on suing coercive employers, but being midwits themselves, most are probably vaxxed and masked up.

Wednesday - October 27th 2021 3:58AM MST
PS: Ahaaa! I see it's up on your site right now, Mr. Hail. If I don't have a chance to comment, it's because I am going out of town in a few hours. Thanks in advance for your work in thoroughly researching these people.
Wednesday - October 27th 2021 3:46AM MST
PS: I am looking forward to that next one, Mr. Hail. I'd really like to know whether this piece of work Uhlfelder is just grandstanding, trying to drum up lots of publicity for his law office and, also likely, his running for some political office in Florida.

I would think there'd be a lot of money to be made by lawyers on the OTHER side of the panic/anti-panic divide, but I guess a lot on both sides.
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 10:05PM MST

GAnderson wrote: "What scares me is that the Panic is being driven by ostensibly smart people"

Adam Smith wrote: "Where one falls on the ProPanic/AntiPanic spectrum doesn't seem to be influenced by intelligence, but rather some other traits. It's like a real world Milgram/Asch experiment."

I've been interested in this from the start.

The Corona-Panic as a phenomenon can be traced to January 2020 already, meaning we're fast approaching the two-year mark. But it's been a set of shifting coalitions along the way, especially in the first months, but even since then to some extent.

What motivates a specific individual in a specific time and place to embrace the Corona-Panic? Not passively but actively. The frustrating thing is, we don't know. There is no easy answer. We can talk about general types, or general influences based on personality or age or media-consumption or something. But there always seem to be too many pesky exceptions.

On which: I am about to publish a long investigation into Pro-Panic fanatic and highly successful Pro-Panic agitator Daniel Uhlfelder.

The idea is to look closely at one specific case of a person behind the curtain of the Panic.

People probably don't know his name, but Daniel Uhlfelder is the main figure behind the fairly successful demonization campaign against Ron DeSantis.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 8:22PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Ganderson,

It is disappointing that the Dead and CO seem to be bowing to the panic.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 8:20PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator,

Burning season just started here. We have lots of leaves in the fall. I just burned off my first two piles the other night. I blow them into piles, then I mulch some and I burn the rest. (So many leaves.)(We get plenty of rain here so we don't have to worry about it being too dry. Too windy sometimes, but never too dry. Also, fire travels uphill, not so much downhill.)

I agree with your wife. I too think your neighbor lady who got the vax with a baby in her womb is crazy. Why take a chance like that?

I also agree with you about the paper v. plastic bags. Cellulose (and glue?) must be less harmful to the environment than petroleum based plastic bags. (I throw those in the landfill because they stink when burned and I use the wood ash from the fire pit in the garden. Wood ash is good for the soil.)

Tuesday - October 26th 2021 7:57PM MST

You guys are right, the Branch Covidian thing is unfair, but it does roll off the tongue !

I dunno if anything specific was said about Dead and CO, De Santis and FL vax stuff, but reading between the lines it looks like they’re bowing to panic.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 7:38PM MST
PS: Good evening Robert,

I agree whole heartedly about David Koresh. As far as I can tell the “Gummint” killed him and his friends for no good reason at all. He wasn't a threat to anyone and he just wanted to be left alone. April 19, 1993 is a dark day in history.

Tuesday - October 26th 2021 5:54PM MST
PS: Tony, I agree with your policy. I mean, if the idea is to wipe the machines AFTER use, I'll take part. I wonder why it couldn't be BEFORE use, though, subject to one's own amount of concern. Of course, I wouldn't bother, as, after all, it's not like I'm licking any parts of the machines.

Mr. Smith, yes we do the same with the paper. Lots of it is used up for fire-starting anyway, along with corrugate, which must be laced with retardant now, as it used to burn like crazy, a lot better than now. In the summer, our paper wastebaskets are so loaded up that I have to have at least one good controlled burn in the back yard. I try to wait until it's been wet and a certain neighbor is off at work. I use gasoline to start it, because ... FIREBUG!

Also, Adam, the one about Wal-Mart covers a lot of bases in one funny sentence! Thanks for that one.

Tuesday - October 26th 2021 5:07PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, that's too bad about Dead & Company taking that stance. I know the old Dead were all hippie-dippy, but do you think they would have run their mouths about it? There were pretty apolitical when it came to solid issues, i.e. of course they were anti-establishment by nature, but I don't think they'd chime in on too much regarding elections, etc.

One of the bad things about some of the well-educated (and I consider myself one) is that they think they know about everything before lacking the wisdom to see the big picture. We have a neighbor lady (about 30-35) who got the vax with a baby in her womb. My wife things she's nuts. The lady and her husband were serious Panickers - not going by discussion but by the mask wearing outside in the yard! (The husband may not have been really on-board, as he finally took it off after a month or two when I talked to him, as I didn't make any effort to give a damn about their panic status.)

I have a post coming up that touches on your 2 points a bit.
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 4:58PM MST
PS: Regarding the plastic bags: I'm no organic chemist, nor inorganic chemist for that matter, but I'd guess what comes from broken-down paper (the cellulose, etc) is better for the soil (?) than tiny tidbits of polymer. However, that's what the landfills are for, and there's plenty of really nasty stuff that goes there, with no place else to go.

I have a friend, a good guy, but he doesn't tend to think in terms of principle sometimes. There went some plastic bags blowing outside in the wind due to an extra windy day and some dufus who did not do a good job packing or securing his trash can. "Man, they ought to outlaw those plastic bags!" "REDACTED, they have laws against littering, you know?"

Robert, we have a two post about what you wrote above. One is about the fact that all with all the bitching we hear* about the bags going down the rivers to the ocean and to that plastic zone. Well, in our post


"Trash in the rivers - get off our case, zookeepers!"

we noted that only 30% of that ocean trash comes down the rivers, and of the 10 worst rivers, per an article (and we copied the nice map), the Yangtze River traversing the center of China brings down more of this trash than the other 10 combined!

* the story about the bitching is in the other post, called


"Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo..."

(Spoiler alert for the post:) The lady didn't shut up about all this for the whole time, so we couldn't watch the seals and sea lions getting fed in peace. Were my wife not there, I'm pretty sure I would have stood up to say something that may have gotten the zookeepers to urge the monkeys to fling poo at me later on ...
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 3:42PM MST
PS: Mr. Alarmist, the arguments I heard in favour of eliminating plastic bags (except for take-out food, which might soil our betters designer cloth bags) is the famous 'plastic island' in the ocean (you can see it from space!), and the poor sea turtles who starve to death because their stomachs are full of indigestable plastic (and they can't just poop it out, because science!).
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 3:33PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, although I also have used the term 'Branch Covidian' I think this is unfair to David Koresh. He was a fairly rational man (with some admittedly odd ideas) who just wanted to be left alone, and the Gummint killed him and his friends.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 2:27PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Alarmist,

Lol, the greenie meanies heads would explode if they knew how much carbon I regularly release into the atmosphere.
Fortunately, most of them wouldn't want to be caught dead here in southern Appalachia.

Yes. The vaxx-poop story is from the bee...
I plagiarized this sentence...

“There is now talk of requiring proof of vaccination before someone is allowed to shoplift from a Walgreens, though many city officials worry that would be racist.”

from here...


The London Breed “quote” is something I thought up while kicking around ideas for the next Daily Stupid.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 1:35PM MST

OMG, Mr. Smith, I’m surprized your local greenie-meanies haven’t burned you at the stake for releasing carbon into the atmosphere.

BTW, wasn’t that vaxx-poop story from the Bee?
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 12:53PM MST
PS: Hello again...

There is now talk of San Francisco requiring proof of vaccination before someone is allowed to shoplift from a Walgreens, though many city officials worry that would be racist.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 12:49PM MST
PS: Greetings all...

Mr. Alarmist, I prefer paper or cardboard because I burn all my paper trash in my fire pit so it doesn't end up in the landfill. Advantage Paper.

Mr. Ganderson, I agree. The Branch Covidians are not going to stop any of this madness. They love it. Where one falls on the ProPanic/AntiPanic spectrum doesn't seem to be influenced by intelligence, but rather some other traits. It's like a real world Milgram/Asch experiment.

In other news...

“Vaccination is particularly important in a public setting where people are pooping on the sidewalk and removing their face diapers, factors that make it easier for the most sinister of viruses to kill us all. That is why San Francisco now requires proof of vaccination for pooping on the sidewalk or the street.” ~London Breed

Tony J
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 10:35AM MST
PS My gym has big rolls of the cheapest brown paper towels and squirt bottles of water mixed with peroxide --squirt a little on a folded towel-wipe down the sweaty part of machine used and move on--just fold up towel and stick in your pocket and use it again--easy peasy---sometimes I even wipe up the big puddle of sweat I leave on the floor under the recumbent bike--sometimes I don't bother
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 8:21AM MST

In addition, while Mr. Hail’s theory about Covid Panic-as-religion is sound (actually I don’t really think it’s a theory, it’s a fact) I’d add a couple points:

1. A not insubstantial number of people think that getting the ‘Rona is a death sentence, thus any measure to combat it is justified.

2. Many of the same believe that if just one kid gets the ‘Vid, it justifies vaccinating all children. It’s part of what Kevin Roche calls “Coronamonomania”. We, as I’m sure anyone reading here is aware allow kids to do many dangerous things- riding in a car, playing football, etc.
Briggs covers this territory pretty well, too.

What scares me is that the Panic is being driven by ostensibly smart people- one of my golf buddies is a PhD in kinesiology, and he’s a big time panicker who wants vaccinate all the kids. He was stunned when I told him I’d probably not take the third jab.
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 8:01AM MST

Mr. Moderator- Kreutzman seemed to have non covid cold symptoms; dunno how they know that; exacerbated by high altitude, as the shows were at Red Rocks.

In really disappointing news, the band has joined the Anti-DeSantis cult, cancelling their Florida shows, ostensibly because you can’t require proof of vaccination in Florida. Sad.

I believe tHe Branch Covidians are not planning on stopping any of this madness.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - October 26th 2021 5:21AM MST

I would imagine the wipes are actually “greener” than wasning towels if you work through the two life-cycles end to end.

Many years ago some wag compared paper shopping bags and plastic shopping bags; while many greenies think paper is better, it turns out both have roughly the same lifetime in the landfill where they both end up, but plastic takes up far less space, so advantage plastic.
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