Are we there yet (Peak Stupidity)?

Posted On: Saturday - February 25th 2017 8:08PM MST
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I can't see how things could get more stupid than this, but I want to be careful, as once we reach the peak, this blog may have to shut down, and what'll I do then, huh?

It used to be these kinds of thoughts could exist in people's heads, even responsible, half-way intelligent adults, but it's just that these thoughts would dissipate once the acid wore off about 6 hours later. I guess someone should check on this guy and see if he's come down OK.

UPDATE: [ 4/18/17:] Replaced youtube video that was taken down.

UPDATE: [ 4/25/17:] Replaced youtube video that was taken down, again, by this only one left in which a the guy took video directly off the TV! Sorry about the quality now.

Monday - February 27th 2017 4:48PM MST
I didn't mean 1/5 year-olds, but then again ...
Monday - February 27th 2017 4:47PM MST
Yeah, Buck, what gives away the mental defectiveness of this guy is that, even were he to get the stupidity that he wants (when Carlson asks him the questions to the effect of "what if things were your way, what would you say about a man playing on the women's xxxx team?"), he doesn't even want to think of any consequences. It just doesn't matter; he wants his way, and doesn't want to think about the rest. It's the mind of a 1.5 year-old child in this respect. Hell, some 1/5 year-olds understand the world better than this guy, and they don't even talk yet - you wish this guy never learned to talk - less stressful for the family, I'm sure.
Buck Turgidson
Monday - February 27th 2017 4:50AM MST
I saw this clip with this stuttering mentally ill moron that Tucker had on his show. So in la-la liberal world, I can be a 6'4" Vietnamese tranny this morning, then later today switch I.D. to a Argentine gaucho on the pampas. Liberalism is a mental disorder. These people need treatment and nuclear weapon-grade medication.
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