Covid in the Colon - Pow! Well?

Posted On: Tuesday - October 19th 2021 7:13PM MST
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Peak Stupidity prides ourselves in our clever titles, thanks to the praise, hence motivation, from commenter MBlanc46 long ago. Does this one take the cake or what? Pretty stupid? Hey, that's the title, and we're sticking to it, and sticking it to this deceased Neocon with this post in reference to a quick VDare obituary post.

We have had no problem with speaking ill of the dead* or dead of the ill for that matter. However, our reasoning was only about those who were really harmful to the country with their politics and still in office. Because it took their dying to get them out of office, then, yes, I was glad they were dead.

For the recently deceased Colin Powell, that is not a valid reason. He may have been still politically active in terms of running his anti-Trump Neocon mouth, but he wasn't directly hurting the country with action as of late. Well, both our latest favorite VDare writer, Jack Dalton** and Donald Trump had some ill words to say about Colin Powell in the post Trump Calls Out Fake News Media Over Colin Powell Glorification.

Trump's words:
“Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famously, so-called weapons of mass destruction, be treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media,” Trump wrote. “Hope that happens to me someday.”
Jack Dalton's words:
How many American lives were lost and ruined because of the lies Colin Powell told about “weapons of mass destruction"?

How many children grew up without a father because of the policies Powell pushed as the first black Secretary of State?

Powell was nothing more an affirmative action member of the Global America Empire (GAE) elite, a black individual of modest ability promoted simply because he was sufficiently black.
That's most of the post, but Mr. Dalton noted (I haven't kept up) that Mr. Powell was 84 years old and supposedly died of COVID. Mr. Dalton made a typo and wrote "death at COVID" which could be a novel way to put it, but we wonder if it that death could be truly attributed to be FROM COVID vs. OF COVID. The man was getting pretty big too, from the pictures I saw on the results page of a bing search. Oh yeah, and Colin Powell had gotten vaccinated for the Kung Flu, twice. Ooops. Was it COVID, the vax, or other conditions? To log or not to log, that is the question.

This may seem a bit uncivil of Donald Trump and Jack Dalton, but I have no problem with their words. The ctrl-left has been uncivil for a few decades now. We are not going to win against them playing Mr. Nice Guy. Colin Powell may have been a decent man, although still an AA hire who lied (along with plenty others, such as the US President) us into another totally unnecessary war.

After all, probably over a Billion people were very glad to hear of the death of China's Chairman Mao, and would have spoke ill of that dead man in private in front of people they could trust. Adolph Hitler is almost always spoken of with ill words. Only the biggest of the dead Communists are spoken of with ill words, and by Conservatives only, as the left covers for their murder and destruction. We'd be better off getting comfortable with speaking ill of the dead of the ctrl-left going forward. "The only good Communist is a dead Communist", they said back during the Cold War. There's no reason for that axiom not to remain true in our near future.

Jack Dalton's final words of this newest great VDare post of his:
No one responsible for the state of our country or the world deserves praise or admiration. Only scorn.
Peak Stupidity agrees wholeheartedly.

* Peak Stupidity has never had a reason to speak ill of THE Dead, however, and probably never will.

** Peak Stupidity mentioned this writer in two posts, None dare call them Commies and Peak Stupidity, Pundits, and Governors, OH MY!

Thursday - October 21st 2021 2:54PM MST
PS: Left Out a Very Important Part:

“This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon,Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” Gen W. Clark

They Are All Following the 'Same Plan' - Make Israel Great Again. - By Removing All The 'So Called' Hostile Countries

PLUS Taking Control Of The Middle East Oil Supply & Pipeline Network.

Which Is the Reason Why Russia Now Backs Syria & China Now Backs Iran To Counter That Move.
Thursday - October 21st 2021 2:48PM MST
PS: Left Out a Very Important Part:

PLUS Taking Control Of The Middle East Oil Supply & Pipeline Network.
Thursday - October 21st 2021 8:21AM MST
PS: "Regarding 2019, I don't know about Ron Unz's theory on that."

Makes Perfect sense, considering all the Economic Sanctions on China Too.

They Are All Following the 'Same Plan' - Make Israel Great Again. - By Removing All The 'So Called' Hostile Countries.

“This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon,Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” Gen W. Clark
Wednesday - October 20th 2021 8:47PM MST

RE: Covid vaccine-linked early deaths

One study I've seen now implies a possible "one in ten thousand" risk of a "vaccine-linked" early death within within four (?) months of getting the first dose, based on a large database and statistical modeling.

Unknown further effects thereafter, and not counting possible vaccine-linked non-fatal serious injuries or debilitations which are some low percentage of the total 1%-2.5% all inclusive adverse-reaction rate.

Powell's death date was around the "Vaccine + 9 months" point.
Wednesday - October 20th 2021 7:04PM MST
PS: Don't feel bad about that one, Mr. Ganderson. I fell partly for it, just thinking "well these people MUST know something we don't about Iraq". However, before that time, during most of the 1990s I really wondered what the whole no-fly zone crap was about. We defended Kuwait, so enough, leave the people alone. It seemed like nothing but muscle-flexing by the sole superpower at the time.

Is Billy doing OK, though?
Wednesday - October 20th 2021 7:01PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, regarding your 2nd comment, could you give us some hint of not necessarily who exactly, but what kind of person this Mr. 2019 is.

That is, besides the handle of the next commenter, or is that you, Adam? (Gotta be!)

Dollars were worth a LOT more 18 years ago.

John F., that's a whole lot of damage by these Neocons over 2 decades. Regarding 2019, I don't know about Ron Unz's theory on that. I lean toward the escape from the labs in Wuhan that were working on the very thing. I have seen Chinese Q/A - quality is NOT JOB #1 over there. Every destructive cabal and their brothers are using the Kung Flu as an excuse though. I suppose the Neocons are using it to demonize China, when it's nothing but another every-decade (or more) occurrence of a nasty virus out of the Orient.
Wednesday - October 20th 2021 6:55PM MST
PS: Thank you for all that, Mr. Hail. I tend to agree with Alarmist that these vaxxes may have put him over the edge. Of course, anything could have. As I explained to Steve Sailer and friends long ago, when you get that age with lots of serious conditions, it's almost a puzzle for doctors to figure out how to treat you.

"Well, we could give you drug ABC. That would help a lot, but we can't until your XYZ levels go down, and that means we have to first treat your other condition, which will require drug DEF. However, it will bring up your UVW levels, which is bad, so we'll try to get you on an IV of GHI to help that out, and then ..."

It's all sad, of course. Yeah, that last paragraph of your first post is a good point.

I didn't know the COVID aspect was so big in this story, but what should I expect? I see some flags at half-mast. Is that for this guy? I've said it a number of times, and I'll say it again: we may as well just use shorter flagpoles.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 20th 2021 2:47PM MST

I take your points, Mr. Hail, but the first thing I thought was, “Yeah, the Death Stab got Hank Aaron too. Black man don’t stand a chance with Whitey’s medicine.”

I would take Powell’s rise as attributable in part to political skill emblematic of the ticket-punching culture that permeated the senior ranks then at the same time where diversity points were starting to carry a bit more weight and tipped the scales in his favor.

To be honest, given his condition, the vaxxes were pointless, as they probably conferred no immunity, and may have even sped along the course of the cancer. I saw a blurb today that was even more Alarmist than I, suggesting the vaxxes are leading everyone over 30 to a form of AIDS by early sping next year. The science presented was weak, but it is fascinating conjecture to read ... if you are not one of the vaxxed:

Wednesday - October 20th 2021 9:24AM MST

I’m one who fell for the whole neocon con, something I deeply regret and am ashamed of.

And, I say this not to be a dick, but were the neos lying, or did they believe it? They were wrong but is there a chance that some of them believed the WMD stuff- Powell? Dunno. I do know that unlike many (most?) of our senior officers, Powell actually commanded troops in combat.

And Mr. Moderator, Billy Kreutzmann did not make the Red Rocks shows
Wednesday - October 20th 2021 8:10AM MST
PS: Colin Powell Joins Rumsfeld & Poppy Bush in the 'Furnace Room' For Destroying the World With Their 'NWO' 9/11 Event.!!!!

2000 – Y2K Scam Nasdaq Tech Bubble Collapses.
2001 – SkullNBones Bush’s “New Pearl Harbor’ Staged 911 Event - Everything Hidden Under National Security.
2002 - Gen Wesley Clark Memo - 7 Countries in 5 Years.
2003 - Invasion & Destruction of Iraq
2008 – Bankster Mortgage Scam Collapses.
2009 – MIC Complex of Too Big Too Fail/Jail Corporations & Banksters Bailed Out - 29 Trillion Bailout - Ron Paul Audit.
2011 - Libya destroyed - Gaddafi Assassinated.
2014 – Ukraine Coup to Topple Russian Economy For Backing Syria – Putin Threatens Nuclear War.
2015 – Same Sex Marriage (Sodom & Egypt).
2016 - Vile Billionaires Take Over - Epstein/Weinstein Sex Scandals Ongoing. Social Media Censorship.
2019 - China Attacked with CoronaVirus Bioweapon During War Games For Backing Iran - Everything Bubble Collapses.
2020 - MIC Complex of Too Big Too Fail/Jail Corporations & Banksters Bailed Out Again - 6+ Trillion - No Audits.
2021 - Plandemic Continues - Waiting For WW3/Armageddon.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 19th 2021 10:05PM MST
PS: I like the title Mr. Moderator...

On February 5th 2003:

Silver $4.93
Gold $385.00
Platinum $693.00
Palladium $268.00
Copper $0.77/lb
Gasoline $1.65
Diesel $1.54

U.S. Debt ~6.5T

Powell lied to the U.N. about Iraq's weapons...

No Tears For Dead War Criminals.

Mr 2019
Tuesday - October 19th 2021 9:40PM MST
PS: Hey Everyone...

I just returned from my vision quest in Tibet!
Anything interesting happen while I was gone?
(Look at this cool Buddhist symbol I brought back!)...

Tuesday - October 19th 2021 8:28PM MST

Any Corona-skeptic or CoronaPanic-critic could have predicted how this all went. A narrative I'll toss out in 7 parts.

(And bracketed commentary explaining it to a person I'll call "Mr 2019," who has today woken up from a long nap begun just before Christmas 2019):

(1) Headlines in Oct 2021 screamed that Colin Powell died "of Covid!!" (This "Covid," Mr 2019, is a name which somebody made up for a kind of flu virus).

(2) Powell, it turns out, had an advanced cancer called multiple myeloma. (But see, Mr 2019, few mentioned this and it rarely fit in "tweets" and other bite-size info-pieces or headlines, so most will not know it, but that's okay in the name of Fighting Flu-Virus Disinfo by a band of Krazy Flu Denialists).

(3) Powell not only had cancer, he was undergoing treatment for it.

(4) Powell was in his mid-eighties.

(5) In other words, his chance of dying sometime in the first half of the 2020s were EXTREMELY high even under several seasons of unusually mild flu activity. (Understand, Mr 2019, that the early 2020s are dominated by the "worst flu pandemic in a century" according to a widely held but data-weak belief; and people need victims to feed the narrative so they have to take what they can get).

(6) Knowing all the above, they still screamed that he died "OF Covid!!" and enough people believe it or don't get full info that the scam is successful. (They tend to call anyone supposedly testing positive for a certain flu virus at death a "died of Covid"; yes, it's true, they do.)

(7) It’s all tiresome. Every week we see many examples of these people stuck in a repeat-loop of endless BS and misleading info. A kind of giant, global-scale, lavishly funded, war-propaganda-scale marketing apparatus on behalf of one flu virus.

(I know, Mr 2019, that you're asking "What the heck?" But so are many of us. There are several good theories of a socio-political-cultural origin of the 'Covid' Panic, but it's a long story. Examine the world you knew closely, Mr 2019, to see if you can find any other foreshadowings).
Tuesday - October 19th 2021 8:16PM MST

"Mr. Powell was 84 years old and supposedly died of COVID...we wonder if it that death could be truly attributed to be FROM COVID vs. OF COVID."

Colin Powell was being treated for an advanced form of cancer, in addition to being in his mid-eighties. (I checked the headlines and brief synposes of about ten reports on the death and maybe one or two made his cancer a central point. All mentioned "Covid.")

Strangely I again feel we have to remind our misguided friends of the Pro-Panic side again of something. It is this: "Human beings die." These days most usually when they get old, and often brought down by a late-life disease. Corona-Culters often seem unware of this, so it's worth stating again.

From descriptions of his cancer, we can surmise that Powell was probably in great pain, and nearing the end. We can further conclude that if this one, SUPER-IMPORTANT, STOP-EVERTYHING, GLOBAL-CATARSOPHIC flu virus played *any* role in his death, it is probably as that of "the old man's friend," as some of these viruses were once called, guiding the old, enfeebled, weak, and terminal to graceful deaths rather than hard(er) and lingering deaths.
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