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Posted On: Wednesday - October 13th 2021 7:00PM MST
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Those of us who see what's coming and don't want to have any part of what America is turning into have thoughts about prepping and living "off the grid". "Off the grid" can mean a lot of things. When used here on Peak Stupidity, it does not usually mean literally off the electric grid, off any water and sewer service, or even dropping out completely from participating in the American economy. It's a nice thought though, right?

However, often we just mean not participating in the standard American Bread & Circuses, not being a paycheck-to-paycheck indebted worker drone, and, as you can read here, doing what one can to put NOTHING of value into this farce of an economy and Feral Government that does nothing but screw us left and right.

I'd meant to post this a couple of months back. It is a comment by a guy going by the handle (maybe his name) of John Grusko, from a Steve Sailer thread under an odd short post of his entitled Skills. I do not know too much of this John Grusko's other comments on The Unz Review, but they can be found here. (i.e., I don't claim to either agree or disagree with the rest). This one is about participating in the American "system" as little as possible, as one way to non-violently, and I would say even non-aggressively, fight back. Here is John Grusko's full comment:

Let me interrupt, in his week-later revision:I didn't just MEAN to post this a couple of months back, but I DID post this a couple of months back! Geeze, Louise. I did not remember as I looked through some Unz Review comments last week. I though "hey, time to put this guy's one up." OK, well, I do have different commentary this time, so if YOU don't remember either, feel free to go read that other one - the commenter John Grusko's comment is there too in its entirety.

That is why I advocate an entirely different paradigm.

Instead of “help your friends”, I say “hurt your enemy”.

Instead of “give till it hurts”, I say “force your enemy to give till he hurts”.

If your method of “fighting back” is to give money to “the cause”, you just make yourself a piggy bank for grifters – impoverishing yourself while enriching cynical frauds.

On the other hand, there are no downsides if you STOP giving our money to known and open enemies.

Wall Street:
Don’t give them interest. Instead of borrowing, save and buy with cash.
Don’t give them insurance premiums. Don’t carry any form of insurance, just live a careful and healthy lifestyle.
Don’t give them rent. Blackrock is on its way to becoming the only landlord. Don’t make your adult children pay rent to Blackrock. Let them live at home while they save to buy their own house with cash.

Cancel your cable subscription, cancel your Netflix subscription, don’t go to the movie theaters, don’t rent from Redbox etc.
Sell any and all Hollywood related merchandise currently in your possession.

Federal government:
Eliminate (alcohol, tobacco) or minimize (gasoline, guns & ammo) your purchase of goods subject to Federal excise tax.
Never visit DC – don’t give the DC local economy a penny.

State and local government (if you live in a blue state):
Eliminate or minimize purchases of goods subject to sales tax (junk food, fast food, “durable goods”)
Refrain from any home improvement which would increase your property tax.
Don’t visit NYC or any other ultra-liberal area as a tourist. Never give the bastards a penny!

Tell your daughters to get married instead of going to college, and tell your sons to use higher education strictly as vocational training, with the explicit goal of paying as little as possible. Emphasize that an Ivy League degree now carries negative prestige in your eyes.

Mainstream media:
Cancel subscriptions, and don’t click on their websites (eliminate their click-count based advertising revenue)

Big tech:
Use a $5/month “kid phone”, delete your facebook account, cancel your internet access, use the library for free internet access.

Big Pharma:
Eat healthy, stay hydrated, exercise, get a good night sleep, and when you are very old and its time to die, just lie down and die gracefully. There is no need to ever give a penny to the so-called “Health Care” industry, staffed with murderers who perform abortions, perverts who perform sex change operations, and drug dealers who sell Oxycontin.

Basically stop paying for things which not only give you no benefit, but do actual harm to you. Save your time, save your money, avoid the mental strain of being subjected to enemy propaganda, all while depriving your enemies of revenue streams.

This is a very nice summary of good practices for Americans who want to live like conservative Americans should. There's at least one of his prescriptions that I don't agree with, but it's not any kind of stumbling block. I will probably write another post soon with my take, or at least my compliance matches, with the prescription of this Semi Off Grid lifestyle from Mr. Grusko.

Thank you, John Grusko, for this very helpful comment!

[UPDATED 10/19:]
There's a first , actually second, time for everything. I had already posted this comment by Mr. Grusko, with different commentary of mine. I just noted that in the bold paragraph above. So, nevermind!

Adam Smith
Friday - October 15th 2021 6:46AM MST
PS: Let's Go Brandon!

Thursday - October 14th 2021 7:32AM MST
PS: Yeah, Alarmist, I guess that's been seen and said so much that it's not worth a post here.

"Fuck Joe Biden."
"Let's go Brandon."

I really tried to listen as from the lady interviewers point of "view", but no way can the one sound like the other. (The meter is right, but you can't make the first words sound the same.)
The Alarmist
Thursday - October 14th 2021 5:00AM MST

Oh ... and

Let’s go, Brandon!
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