Russia Today on the Ayatollah Fauci: The Anarcho-Tyranny

Posted On: Monday - October 11th 2021 3:42PM MST
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In the comments under the previous post, Drinking the KOVID Kool-Aid, commenter Hail, of the Hail To You blog, used the term "Ayatollah" to describe the position or status of Kung Flu Panicker-in-Chief Anthony Fauci.* The main point of his comment is here:
An ayatollah is someone above the politicians and the nominally elected figures, someone guaranteed to be in there for life or as long as he wants to hang around (Fauci has been in his high-ranking spot 40+ years and is now eighty but will not retire), someone VERY well treated and honored by the regime and regime-system loyalists (Fauci the most highly paid government official; a pop-culture celebrity recently voted Sexiest Man by some magazine), someone who guides policy and culture on behalf of the One True Religion.

That's how the Grand Ayatollah functions in Iran. This is exactly Fauci's position, starting in some time in February or March 2020, and with no counter-revolution by the Anti-Panic enemies of the coroga-god, he was locked in by April or May. Grand Ayatollah Fauci of America.
Yes, Anthony Fauci has been in the US Feral Gov't a very long time. Unlike the old Ayatollah Khomeini who took over Iran in a coup back in 1979**, President Trump could have flat out fired the guy at any time. However, as per Mr. Hail's description, this guy was an institution, this respected medical EXPERT. Again, President Trump, even with all his bluster, had TOO much respect for the US Feral Government Establishment.

I wrote recently that I'd hardly heard a word out of this Ayatollah Fauci's mouth, thanks to the magic of a digital TV coax cable that's been broken and swinging in the breeze for half a decade and a short, well, 22 year, hiatus from cable, TV, likely to be extended indefinitely. I've watched a few clips lately on youtube and embedded tweets, and I know have an even greater distaste for the guy than before. Hell, my distaste for Ayahotllah Fauci is greater than I think I had even for that other Ayatollah way back. (Sure, he made people cover their faces, stay indoors at times specified by edict, and stick their asses in the air to face True East a few times a day, but he did not approve of genderbending and forced injections of foreign substances into humans***.)

The website Russia Today, a kind of Bizarro World 1960s >Washington Post to counter the Bizarro World American Pravda, is a great source for a little balance. Last week, they published an article titled ‘Not driven by immigrants’: ‘Grinch’ Fauci mulls canceling Christmas due to Covid, rejects accusations of migrants spreading virus.

The caption says:"Migrants are lined up and processed by US Border Patrol in Roma, Texas". "Processed" means "hey, you're supposed to come back for a hearing in a couple of months. We'll send a certified letter to your new address." Man, it's got to be frustrating to see this if you are a truly legal immigrant, as opposed to an anchor baby.****

Just the title alone show it, but then the article starts off with the following, which simply shows that Anthony Fauci is a blatant liar:
fWhite House health adviser Anthony Fauci has insisted that Covid-19 is not being spread by untested immigrants. [I will leave out one sentence that came and put it a later post to discuss it, as with the 2nd part of this RT article title.]
OK, Fauci, if that's the case, then NONE of us are spreading it. After all, Americans have a majority of compliant citizens under Anarcho-Tyranny (for now!) that are still wearing face diapers (oh, the "refugees" have them on for the pictures, but did they wear them all the way from Guatamala, Haiti via Chile or anywhere else?), using hand sanitizer and wipes as if they have their entire 401(k)'s invested in the sector, and still don't conduct business as normal. Americans are getting tested, inspected, and injected or else rejected. These people at the southern border are spreading and BEING SPREAD by the Refugee Resettlement Racket all over the country. Yet, "Covid-19 is not being spread by untested immigrants". I don't care whether you're an Ayatollah, you're a lying sack of shit, Anthony Fauci. Most of us know this now.
During a Sunday interview on CNN, Fauci was asked about a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll that found 55% of Republicans partially blame the spread of Covid-19 on immigrants and tourism.
Really, how about with the Blue-squad? Even today, some of them might also have the common sense that says "OF COURSE, immigration and tourism is partly to blame!" How do diseases spread from one country to another after all? Well, OK, you're the doctor? (How long since this guy took his last boards? That's what I want to know.)
The survey follows scrutiny of the Biden administration over tactics at the US-Mexico border, where White House officials have admitted many migrants are not required to be tested for coronavirus and are subsequently released into the US with a notice to attend court at a later date.
I really don't know how many Americans are still too ignorant or stupid enough to not see the blatant lying out of Anthony Fauci. This is just one subject, but we've seen a year and a half of, if not flat-out lying, pure rectal-extraction-based prescriptions from the Ayatollah of the Corona Cult, now a variant sect, having split off from the Covid-Classic, or sheee- it sect recently. More from this liar:
Fauci said he did not see any connection between the spread of the virus and immigration. “This is not driven by immigrants. This is a problem within our country, the same way it’s a problem within other countries throughout the world,” the infectious-diseases expert said.
I'm pretty sure the RT writer was being facetious in adding that that "the infectious-diseases expert" part! Hey, the poll you spouted said "partially", Fauci. You can't say immigration (or tourism) is not a factor. If nobody came into this country from mainland China for a half year before March '20, would the virus have spread the same way, as in New York with a vengeance?***** "No connection"? GTF out of here!

More will come on Peak Stupidity regarding the rest of the stupidity and arrogance of Anthony Fauci seen in just this Russia Today article, but also on the subject of some much needed hard pushback. Right now we seem to have let ourselves be shamed by this Ayatollah, just as America did 42 years ago, with those 52 hostages held for 444 days. There was the humiliation of the failed President Carter-directed Operation Eagle Claw. At some point Americans elected a leader to stop the humiliation. This time, it's not going to help to simply elect another President. We tried that in '16. Many leaders will have to step up this time and depose not just this Ayatollah, but all the would-be Ayatollahs of America that belong to this evil cult running the country more quickly into the ground.

* Per Mr. Hail's comment, this was the best term he's heard, not of his own coining.

** Shah Pahlavi was on "vacation" in the US for medical treatment for a myriad of problems, including leukemia, and the Ayatollah, soon to be a big thorn in America's foreign policy side, had been amassing power for a few years already. He arrived from exile in France to take over Iran.

*** Sure, human substances into goats maybe, but that doesn't cause blood clots in either party, ya' gotta admit.

**** Peak Stupidity is against the legal version of the immigration invasion too, but it's just a point to be made.

***** Any regular PS reader would know that we don't take this bad virus season as the Black Death 2.0. However, we don't make the stupidity - we just report on it.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - October 13th 2021 12:11PM MST
PS: Good afternoon again...

Adam Smith
Wednesday - October 13th 2021 9:29AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator,

I prefer to believe that the primary stupidity superspreader is the TeeVee, but perhaps the times are a changin'.(?)

Wednesday - October 13th 2021 9:12AM MST
PS: @PeterIke

The FED Used the CoronaVirus Plandemic Where the Filthy Rich Politicians & Billionaires Shut Down the Economy to
Crush the Small Business’s, Mom & Pop Stores & Churches as Non-Essential – But they Saved the MIC Complex of Too Big Too Fail/Jail Corporations & Banksters where they have all their Investments with Trillions in Taxpayer Bailouts (Again)....... No Audits Once Again.!!!!!

Took out the Very Elderly on Social Security in the Nursing Homes; 70 -80 Percent of Plandemic Deaths, to Prolong Social Security a Little Longer.

They Are Trying to Save Their Side of the Balance Sheet by Getting Rid of the People They Call – ‘Useless Eaters’…!!!!!

The Billionaires & Their Social Media Platforms are GateKeepers for the MIC Complex of Too Big Too Fail/Jail Corporations & Banksters - Who the Public Has too Keep Bailing Out with Trillions of Taxpayer Dollars.
Wednesday - October 13th 2021 9:08AM MST
PS: Adam, I just didn't know that the stupidity was so widespread, I mean, to the Baltics? (Come to think of it, now that they are not in the East Bloc, they probably get a lot of it from Scandinavia.) Unlike the Wu Flu, stupidity CAN spread via computer, in fact, I'd say that's it's main method of transmission.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - October 13th 2021 8:02AM MST
PS: Good morning...

“after reading that article about Lithuania, how can I have a nice day? ;-}”...

Well, you could be happy that you don't live or work in Lithuania. ;-}

Or, you could be relieved that they haven't yet been able to enact such stupidity here. ;-}

Tuesday - October 12th 2021 7:19PM MST
PS: Thanks for the Berenson link, Peter. That is our policy here too, not linking to the NY Times.

Alarmist - "The problem with Mr. Trump is that he never fully appreciated the real levers of power at his disposal." Agreed.

Adam, after reading that article about Lithuanian, how can I have a nice day? ;-}

Thanks, Mr. Hail. I'm looking forward to reading your post on Ron DeSantis tomorrow. It's like an antidote to your Robin DiAngelo articles (both of Italian ancestry?)

John F., I agree with all your statement, but that one thing done by elites is a distraction for another. I think they believe they are just beyond our being able to do anything about all their evil antics. They are probably right. They don't need to distract us anymore.

LGB, as Mr. Alarmist said, President Trump didn't know how to use the power he had. I saw him in part of a video from that Cullman, Alabama rally, ragging on the Generals about things they did during HIS administration. Hey, Trump, you could have fired them anytime. I don't need to hear your criticisms of them now - it's too late!

DWTVAL, how much power could you have, and how much money could you make, if you have material that could blackmail half the high-up elites of the Western World? You'd think the dumbass Epstein would have at least been at least smart enough to have a file somewhere in other hands, and that he would have let them all know it exists.
Down Where The Valleys Are Low
Tuesday - October 12th 2021 3:26PM MST
PS @ John F,

In an interview from 20 years ago Trumpstein said Epstein likes them young and that is not for everybody, maybe an early clue regarding his degeneracy?
Let's Go Brandon
Tuesday - October 12th 2021 3:23PM MST
PS Emmanuel Trumpstein of the 2 minutes hate fame said that comrade kommissar Fraudci (CCP/CPUSA) was an "unfireable" nomenklatura apparatchik of the anointed class in a recent interview.
Tuesday - October 12th 2021 12:44PM MST

Easy to See Why People Are Products of the 'Dumbed Down Educational System' - 'Fallin Away Church' - The 'Boob Tube TV Programming'.

The Vile Billionaires Need To Be Locked Up.!!!!!

The Vile Billionaire Trump Was Party Buddies With the Vile Billionaire Epstein.

Another Vile Billionaire - Bill Gates

Had Major Dealings With Epstein

All of Them Involved With the Plandemic & Jab To Cover Up the 'Epstein Sex Scandal' - The Vile Billionaire Trump & the Vile Billionaire Gates Brought the Plandemic & Jabs to the Whole World.!!!!!

The Perverts Rule Over You!!!!!
Tuesday - October 12th 2021 12:06PM MST

I think I heard the "Fauci as ayatollah" idea from Seth Barron (editor of the journal The American Mind).
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 12th 2021 9:31AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

“China claims that the Corona virus came from an old bat, but Pelosi denies having been involved.”

Thanks for the link Mr. Ike.

Mr. Moderator, I too try to stay away from wonky government stuff. “How about picking some new appointees for the Merit Systems Protection Board, if possible?” I had never heard of the Merit Systems Protection Board before last night. It does seem like the President can nominate board members...

“President Biden nominated Cathy Harris as Chair of the MSPB, Raymond Limon as a Board Member with the designation of Vice Chair, and Tristan Leavitt as a Board Member.”

Off topic “Opportunity Pass” stupidity from Lithuania...

• “People who do not get vaccinated are a threat to our health, to the country's economy, to business, and to human life.”

• “I urge you to avoid associating with the unvaccinated, because associating with the deliberately unvaccinated is the same as getting into a car with a drunk driver.”

• “If you don't get vaccinated, then go prepare your grave.”

I hope you have a great day.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - October 12th 2021 9:09AM MST

Sure, товарищ Fauci can’t be fired by the President, but Presidents have a number of ways to make problem-people go away.

The problem with Mr. Trump is that he never fully appreciated the real levers of power at his disposal. A serious purge was in desperate need in 2017, long before Fauci was a glimmer in the Globalists’ eyes for these puposes, but it never happened, thus the Trump Administration never had a chance to stop the crisis before it could be triggered.
Tuesday - October 12th 2021 8:44AM MST
Peaky Without Blinders, maybe the wall is starting to crack. Even the New York Times has just admitted that (1) the vax don't protect the olds and (2) kids don't need the friggin' vax. A hopeful sign?

Via Berenson cuz I no link to Times.
Monday - October 11th 2021 6:58PM MST
PS: Thanks for the interesting comment, Adam. I have thought about this sort of thing many times during the Trump Presidency, as he kept running into different incidents of subterfuge and insubordination from the bureaucrats.

That executive order is one way to try it, but it is sets a bad precedent, IMO. Fauci is pretty high on his food chain, but still, it seems like the way to get the bureaucrats in line is thusly: You hire a guy that you can really trust (doesn't even have to know the field very much, just how to read an org. chart). Unlike what Trump did, you don't pick someone from the government Establishment - he's going to naturally feel for the government workers and be on their side. You get this guy, YOUR guy, to figuratively kick ass. If the biggest boss reporting to him does not get his department doing your bidding very quickly, he gets fired and replaced by another guy you can trust. That guy lays the same policy down on the lower bosses. You let it be known that insubordination will result in big reorganizations "just for efficiency's sake" where one department gets absorbed by one of the departments that is doing your bidding, and "hey, there is going to be a little downsizing too.".

That doesn't seem to have addressed your point about the Civil Service protections, Adam, but, to go along with being tough like this, you need your own lawyers and your own judges to gum up all the appeals to the boards and so on. How about picking some new appointees for the Merit Systems Protection Board, if possible? Keep it all tied up, while you get your own guys and your trustworthy organizations to keep on going, lawsuits or no lawsuits pending.

As a friend of mine was saying today, the Conservatives just don't know how to operate like the ctrl-left does.

To take care of Fauci, you just create a new office of the "Health Czar" or something. (I wrote a post long ago about all those Czars the Feral Gov't used to have.) You give that Health Czar the same power and responsibilities as Fauci, and he becomes the new advisor for all things COVID. You make Fauci obsolete. Or, per my 2nd paragraph, you make sure the Director of the NIH (or HHS) knows that he will be replaced if he doesn't put your man in, if that's possible.

I know, the US Congress has SOME power left, but that's why it takes a guy like a Reagan, or his strategists, to use the power of the office wisely, putting pressure where need be, offering carrots or sticks ... There's probably a whole lot too it, but you hire guys you can trust to think this all out for you.

You may be right that Trump couldn't have done anything to get rid of him. I try to stay away from wonky government stuff.

BTW, "by tweet" was a funny one!
Adam Smith
Monday - October 11th 2021 5:30PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...

Mr. Moderator, I read some time ago that Trump said something to the effect that Fauci is unfireable. While I couldn't find that article (or whatever it was) I did find this in the Washington Post...

“Technically, the president of the United States cannot directly fire Fauci, let’s say by a tweet, mainly because he is not a political appointee. As a career federal employee and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, Fauci is protected by federal civil service regulations that shield him from being fired or demoted for political reasons.

Fauci could be removed, but it would imply a complicated process layered with civil service protections that require the government agency to provide evidence that there is a just cause for dismissal, including failure to follow orders or misconduct.

The process to remove him would need to be initiated by someone in Fauci’s chain of command, such as the director of the National Institutes of Health or the health and human services secretary, which is unlikely considering he is an esteemed figure in the scientific and medical community.

However, should that be the case, Fauci would need to be notified about what the allegation was, and he would then have the opportunity to respond and present evidence to the Merit Systems Protection Board that such action was not warranted. He could also appeal the board’s decision in court.”

The post then goes on to say...

“While these rules are still in place, a controversial executive order issued by Trump about two weeks ago could remove these long-held service protections from tens of thousands of civil servants, making it easier to dismiss them with little cause or recourse.”

I don't know how true any of this is, but it might just be that Ayatollah Fauci cannot be fired by a sitting President.(?)

Crazy how some of the unelected bureaucrats in Washington FS just keep hanging around, causing trouble, often for decades.

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