Drinking the KOVID Kool-Aid

Posted On: Saturday - October 9th 2021 7:43PM MST
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Peak Stupidity thanks commenter The Alarmist from the idea for this post and the two images.

"Drink the Kool-Aid!"* / "Take the Vax!"

That's quite a resemblance there, not necessarily in facial structure but in the crazy preacher sense. The guy on the left is the late Reverend Jim Jones of the Jonestown, Guyana branch office of the People's Temple, and the woman on the left is the Acting Reverend of the New York State Governors office of the People of the Jab. The former was quite the fanatic, as the latter is now.

At least Jim Jones, the fanatic on the left, and his 900-odd followers who drank the Kool-Aid and died down there in the jungle of Guyana had an excuse for their stupidity. They were Communists**. Yes, that's one aspect of the story of that cult from 43 years back that seems to have been forgotten. In case you don't know anything or just don't remember very much about that event of no-longer-so-recent American history, Peak Stupidity conveniently wrote a 4-part series about Jim Jones, the People's Temple and the Jonestown suicide/massacre of November 1978. As usual, we missed the anniversary date by THIS much (about 5 months).

See "Drinking the Kommie Kool-Aid - 40 years back":

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

We also had a follow up post about the shooting down in Jonestown of California Congressman Leo Ryan - They (still) shoot congressmen, don't they?

If you watched the 2 minute video of Kathy Hochul, the fanatic on the right, in our post High Priestess of the Branch Covidian Social Justice Climate Cult., I ask you, is Kathy Hochul's behavior of wearing a "Vaccine" gold necklace not one of the best examples of what E.H. Hail noticed *** long ago, the Kung Flu panickers being nothing less than members of a religious cult?

Per Mrs. Hochul, we have all been blessed by God with THE SCIENCE, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the experimental vaccine. Dogma can be a little contradictory at times, what with the "don't wear masks", "wear masks", then "double down on the masks", the mandatory business shutdowns but permissible BLM riots, and the wiping all hell out of all surfaces, followed by not bothering to do so. It's a lot of ritual, so one needs a leader like Anthony Fauci or Kathy Hochul for guidance.

At this point, the cult members worship the idol of the experimental vaccine. The reader may be aware, BTW, that Peak Stupidity has been railing for a long time about the other pieces of the PanicFest stupidity, but we haven't done much writing about the vax. There is data out there on the dangers of it, but I will let others write about it. We write about it here in order to point to the big attempt to make taking this vaccine mandatory as being one of new Totalitarian measures to be used to not let this crisis go to waste.

This fanatical acting Governor of New York could be the leader of this cult, just as the fanatical Jim Jones was leader of his over 4 decades back. Kathy Hochul would have to oust current cult leader Anthony Fauci first, of course. Maybe a convenient jab in the shoulder would do it.

Yes, there is a big resemblance between these two fanatics. If only the Kung Flu Cultists could find a place down in the S. American jungle to create their own COVID-free Utopia. I mean, there are plenty of places that could use the business. There are two other Guiana's even, just to the east, for crying out loud. Pick a spot and leave the rest of us the hell alone!

"What, wrong dosage?"

Good night, loyal readers. There will be more Kung Flu PanicFest-Season 3 stupidity coming next week now that it's gotten to the top of the charts again.

* It was actually Flavor Aid a cheap substitute for low-budget Utopians.

** Seriously, they were, and not just in the sense that I call these young antifa thugs and the whole ctrl-left Communists. I mean that these guys tried to live the Communist lifestyle there in the S. American jungle.

Just as an example, Reverend Jone's wife Marceline Jones, wrote the following in a note just before she drank that Kool Aid: "Leave all bank assets in my name to the Communist Party of the USSR.". As I recall from reading about it 2 1/2 years back, this amount was $800,000 or something like that, the last of the savings built up by cashing in the many older Utopian ladies Social Security checks. That almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS. I didn't write that with an image of Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, in my head either. It WAS a lot of money back then, probably enough to keep the whole city of Moscow in borscht for a week or two.

*** This article of his was part 12 of his 13-part series: Against the Corona Panic.

Tuesday - October 12th 2021 7:26PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, no I had not heard of John Michael Greer. Thanks for the info. That anal probe business was in China at some airports of entry as I recall. Perhaps the optics were bad, or the Chinese authorities decided they'd rather steal the intellectual property the old fashioned way, so they'd better not discourage these Westerners from entering the country.

Mr. Yarbles, so it wasn't "21" for 21st Century, but for this year. That gives me a bad feeling.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 12th 2021 9:08AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Mr. Hail, I agree that the Corona-Panic is a sign of profound decadence. I look forward to the pendulum swinging in a more positive direction.

Out of an abundance of caution the use of the Covid Anal Swab has been discontinued.

Bolshoi Yarbles
Sunday - October 10th 2021 7:38PM MST
PS Marburg and SPARS are already in the LARP rotation for the Great Reset Leap Forward and this Jonestown society of peace and safety sheeple will run over the cliff while taking a selfie.
Thankfully not all are that stupid but buckle up because normal is gone with the wind.
Welcome to the flaming burn it all down twenties, now you know why it's called Agenda 21.
Sunday - October 10th 2021 7:36PM MST

"We're gonna feel you up on or about the genitals out of an abundance of caution"

What ever happened to the Covid Anal Probe scandal?

Did they decide the optics were too bad to continue with the highly efficient Covid anal probing plan?
Sunday - October 10th 2021 7:27PM MST

RE: Adam Smith

"I do agree that this [Corona] is a social phenomenon but I doubt that the history books will record it as such."

The whole Corona-Panic is also a sign of profound decadence, IMO. (And New Religions do tend to make strong bids for entry and power in such circumstances.)

The kind of nuclear-war-style reaction they pulled over a modestly bad flu virus is so irrational that only a decadent society could do it.

As such, I suspect that whenever the civilizational smoke clears and something better returns, those of our people emerging and regrouping out of the dissipating haze will start to write the history of the Past Time, with a meta-narrative of a decadent age with all sorts of problems. The Corona-Panic will take its place in that context. Not as a centerpiece.

The pendulum is bound to swing. The question is only when, and how.
Sunday - October 10th 2021 7:19PM MST

RE: Moderator

"Guys like Anthony Fauci, well, I think he's just so power-hungry to be just evil"

How many average people in a hundred had heard of him and could recognize the name and place him, as of New Year's Eve 2019-20? 1 or 2? 3 seems highly a stretch.

Whatever he became, it happened fast.

the best description I've heard of Dr Fauci is that he is like an "ayatollah."

An ayatollah is someone above the politicians and the nominally elected figures, someone guaranteed to be in there for life or as long as he wants to hang around (Fauci has been in his high-ranking spot 40+ years and is now eighty but will not retire), someone VERY well treated and honored by the regime and regime-system loyalists (Fauci the most highly paid government official; a pop-culture celebrity recently voted Sexiest Man by some magazine), someone who guides policy and culture on behalf of the One True Religion.

That's how the Grand Ayatollah functions in Iran. This is exactly Fauci's position, starting in some time in February or March 2020, and with no counter-revolution by the Anti-Panic enemies of the coroga-god, he was locked in by April or May. Grand Ayatollah Fauci of America.
Sunday - October 10th 2021 7:12PM MST

RE: Moderator
"I've known a few people ages 45-60 that got it"

I am curious if you or others here have heard of John Michael Greer. He is a dissident commentator, prolific book author, and loosely of the Green Left -- but much more of the Green than the Left as now understood (and basically became a Trump sympathizer) (IOW, try to imagine a Green politics radically divorced from the Left, Green for Green's sake, not as a piggybacker on the Left; it's hard to imagine, but JMG is it, as I see it). He spoke earlier this year on "getting it" and how mild it was for him. He was age 58 at the time.

JMG said: "I had it last year [2020]. I got over it. I've had colds that were worse. This is true of many people under the age of seventy. It's not that big a deal! Most other infectious diseases have a higher chance of killing you. But it became this immense focus of panic. [This panic] itself, you have to look at it as a 'magical' phenomenon. ..."

JMG echoes the Corona-Religion thesis there at the end, that there is a quasi-supernatural explanation there. He is not really being ironic with that "magic" quip, either, or not fully. I should add that this was in response to a series of questions about magic, questions he often gets because he has been leading spokesmen for a religious group of "Druids" in America for years. JMG is a talented writer and blogs regularly at Ecosophia.net.
Sunday - October 10th 2021 6:21PM MST
PS: Bill, I forgot to answer your last questions, though I guess they were rhetorical. I've known a few people ages 45-60 that got it. None is the worse for the bout with it. None that I know has been vaxxed, just, as you wrote, if you ALREADY GOT the chicken pox, why would you take that shot?

Mr. Hail, regarding your 2nd comment, I still don't think the PanicFest was planned out, but it built on itself nicely. It helped matters (or didn't if you're sane about this) that TV talking heads are getting dumber by the year and made the panic much more realistic-sounding by being stupid enough to fall for it all themselves. They are mostly too stupid to have to lie about it. Guys like Anthony Fauci, well, I think he's just so power-hungry to be just evil. I've only seen him talk recently, on youtube clips. It's sickening.

Alarmist, thanks for the 2nd pic. I don't know Sheepshead Meadow exactly (though I've probably been in that part of Central Park), but is it behind the Walgreens? That might be where they all will lay down to die after their '22 booster shots. Or, maybe they will all drink the poison Kool-Aid, or perhaps Gator Aid this time, once they find out that the world is just too full of sinners who go around naked about the nose and mouth, right out in the sunshine on the Sabbath, I mean LOCKDOWN days, and refuse to be vaccinated into the faith. Too many sinners, so fuck it, we're going to COVID heaven now, a little early. Pour me a 12 oz. solo cup, Most Reverend Fauci.

Adam, that's quite a collection of "abundances of caution". Does this not remind anyone of the formation of Motherland Security and the TSA directives? We're gonna feel you up on or about the genitals out of an abundance of caution. Freedom and the US Constitution can wait, because of those few people that ruined if for the rest of us. It's Kindergarten Country now.
Sunday - October 10th 2021 6:05PM MST
PS: Thanks for that great summary of the lies, Bill. That might may a good quick post.

Mr. Hail, I should have written that these Corona Cultists see the vaccine as a burnt offering, as in the Old Testament. Yes, they are more like "Sinners in the hands of any angry God". They know that the COVID-one-niner god is pissed and that they must placate him with masking (kind like tearing one's clothes or wearing a hair shirt), and with isolation as penitence.

The vax is their way of offering up a sacrifice, with just a few thousand people getting sacrificed, OK, maybe a few tens of thousand, maybe more, but it should please the COVID-one-niner god.

Or, your New Testament version sound pretty analogous. I would say that the golden necklace ornament that Mrs. Hochul is worn like a crucifix, Getting vaxxed is like being baptized into the faith, and, as believers, they all want to show their commitment.
Adam Smith
Sunday - October 10th 2021 10:50AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Mr. Hail, The most commonly used treatment for haemochromatosis is bloodletting.
I do agree that this is a social phenomenon but I doubt that the history books will record it as such.

The problem with natural immunity is that there is no profit in it and the creatures masquerading as “government” can't bludgeon people with it.

“out of an abundance of caution...”



The Alarmist
Sunday - October 10th 2021 9:00AM MST

@MrModerator, shortly after I sent those links, I saw an even creepier likeness with hand in air ...


@BillH, they were saying natural immunity was only good for three months when they had less than three months of actual experience with it, and they’ve been reluctant to change their story despite a year and a half of actual experience.

@MrModerator, is that last picture from Jonestown 1978, or an artist’s depiction of Sheep Meadow in Central Park, NYC in Spring 2022?
Sunday - October 10th 2021 7:58AM MST

Bill P wrote: "articles are coming out that say that, yes, natural immunity does occur"

What's funny about a lot of the Corona Coverage is they treat everything as something unknown, following the basic line of "a virus we've never seen before; we've never seen ANY-thing like this!" --- which was a lie, or mega-misunderstanding at least, from the start. The core vision of Wuhan-Corona as something that stumps scientists, never-before-seen, highly unusual, etc., is core to the entire belief system around it.

In fact, we see so-called new flu viruses like this every year without exception. And we've known for many decades that one strain of flu-virus provides full protection from the same virus in basically all cases.

At most a few people in a million who get infected (a problematic word here, too, because we are constantly being 'infected' by such viruses, but seldom ever knocked-down sick) may NOT become immune, but basing policy on such exceptions is crazy.
Sunday - October 10th 2021 7:51AM MST

"At this point, the cult members worship the idol of the experimental vaccine."

What they "worship" is the idea of the idea of an angry virus-god who seeks to smite us unless we follow the ways of the Corona-Religion, which offers salvation. I see the vaccine talk as less than central to the religion.

The core group in favor of maintaining the Corona-Panic, preaching its word, servicing its needs, and demanding compliance to all the above --- the Pro-Panic side, as I like to say --- is the same group pushing the Vaccine requirements today. It's a direct straight line from March 2020. Not the exact same group, though many people have been loyal to the thing from the start, their religious-like devotion to the line unwavering. It's a somewhat shifting set of people.

I know very little about Kathy Hochul, but I have a feeling I can guess exactly what she thought about the Corona Question all along at different stages.

As I write this I just realized:

When's the last time you've heard that early-CoronaPanic-era ubiquitous phrase, "out of an abundance of caution..."? It was one of the slogans or watchwords of the ascendant cult, but the phrase curiously disappeared entirely. Has anyone seen it in 2021 at all? I am not so sure I have.
Sunday - October 10th 2021 7:43AM MST

I've never been more convinced that history will remember this entire thing, the thing I like to call the Corona-Panic, as primarily a social phenomenon.

I fail to come with any easy analogies. Maybe something like how we modern (or postmodern) people feel about bloodletting or use of leeches in medicine captures part of it, but there is a lot more to it.
Bill H
Sunday - October 10th 2021 7:20AM MST
PS First they just ignored to concept of natural immunity, the kind you get by having survived infection by the virus, just said that anyone not getting the vaccine would infect and kill hundreds of other people, including vaccinated people, before they died.

Then reports emerged that natural immunity is real and is even better than the vaccine, and the government panicked. They were sure that would result in people deliberately getting infected instead of getting the vaccine, so they said that the disease is much deadlier than the vaccine.

None of the articles was saying we should get infected, you understand, they were just contradicting the government assertion that if we were one of the millions who had been infected that we still needed the vaccine. They were saying maybe we didn't need the vaccine because we were already immune.

Now articles are coming out that say that, yes, natural immunity does occur, but it wears off after a few months. Just like natural immunity for chicken pox wears off. And yellow fever. And measles. And all those other natural immunities that... Oh wait a minute, they all last a lifetime. But this one is unique. It only lasts a few months. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

Covid is now :a disease of the unvaccinated." Except in every nation other than the US, where 60% of the Covid patients in hospitals have been vaccinated. The US is the only nation in the world where vaccinated people do not get sick.

It's also the only nation in the world where people who had Covid once are getting it a second time. Reality check. How many people do you know who have been sick with Covid? Okay, a few. How many do you know who have been sick with Covid twice? Right.
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