The evil side of Greta at the Trekkie Convo.

Posted On: Wednesday - October 6th 2021 4:15PM MST
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I was hoping that another of the few silver linings* of this Kung Flu PanicFest would be that the Global Climate Disruption™ scam would be left behind, for need to focus on the PanicFest. I was hoping the purported young leader of the movement to SAVE! THE! PLANET! would also be left behind, perhaps via getting a life, getting married, having a baby or two, etc.

The last post on Peak Stupidity featuring the stupidity of Greta Thunberg was a music video spoof. This post, Death Metal Greta, has a song that did not turn me on to Greta Thunberg**, but maybe a little bit to Death Metal music. That was from February of '20, and whaddya know, the only thing related since has been an introduction to Black Greta, given name Greteisha Thunberg-Jefferson.

Well, she's baaaaack! The 1st video below is of Greta Thunberg speaking to an audience of Star Trekkies, at a convention. At first viewing, unless you are a hard core original Star Trek series fan, you may very well think little White Greta has completely lost her last couple of carbon-free marbles. Nah, well she is doing an imitation for the real fans of a scene from the scene with Captain Kirk v the kids in the episode Miri.***

Greta Thunberg answers the question of whether there is intelligent life on this planet:

"Build back Greta Betta, blah, blah, blah..."

"What do we want?!"
"Climb muffle muffle stice."
"When do we want it?!"

(It took me a number of times before I could make out what they were saying through those idiotic first generation face diapers. I had first thought it was Klingon.)

I suppose, as long as your audience is hip to it, Greta's talk was kind of clever. We adults, who understand the severe limitations of mathematical modeling, especially untested models of the entire Earth's climate, well some of us do, are like the landing party from the Enterprise, I suppose. We are always saying this, that ... blah, blah, blah, but not coming through to save THE PLANET, as in the show to save the kids from their predicament. Still, the kids, like Greta, need their Captain Kirk to save them.

OK, but Greta, aren't you an adult by now? Perhaps you should stop blah, blah, blah-ing and get in a position to DO SOMETHING. (I really shouldn't suggest this, but) Run for high office in Sweden. Have an electoral campaign by sail, that's the ticket! Then, shut down the power plants other than the nukes to ... whoa, wait, the nukes? Yeah, all we need is Earth-friendly DiLithium. Boldly go to where no politician has gone before, past the Moronic Cluster, beyond even the Imbecile Nebula, to the farthest reaches of stupidity in the known universe. And hurry up about it, we're running out of time, or People Will Die!

One thing I've been surprised about is that I have not seen too much of the use of the Kung Flu PanicFest to support the Climate Crisis narrative. You'd think there'd by some synergy of crises here. What, the deadly Black Death 2.0 spread more quickly because it's hotter out? The increasingly horrible godless hurricanes are spreading the virus all over the place at 155 mph? C'mon, people, you're letting one crisis go to waste, a little bit ...

Greta has missed an opportunity to be a double hysteric by tying together these 2 crises. Maybe by next Star Trek convention, she could ... well, you know, I think Greta has grown up to be quite pretty. She could even look like Marcia Brady if she would smile a little bit more. She's got the hairstyle down. She should maybe not try to save or even think about the planet while on dates too. Maybe by the next Star Trek convo, or the next, or the next one, Greta Thunberg could be Greta Gustafson or Greta Larsson, yeah, with two "s"'s and dots over the "o", barefoot, you know, to keep a small carbon footprint**** and all, and knocked up for the 2nd time with a little baby Greta coming along in 3 months. Man, the female lieutenant Uhura convention goers will be SO jealous - "Why it is always Greta, Greta, Greta?!"

Right now, I think we are just seeing the evil side of Greta Thunberg, as with Captain Kirk at a Trekkie convention long ago. Dammit, Jim, I'm just a country blogger, but youtube only has clips ABOUT the Saturday Night Live skit, but not the full thing itself! Anyway, this is basically what evil Captain Kirk would say to Greta Thunberg:

PS: Something I've learned recently is that Global Climate Disruption™ is possibly obsolete terminology. What was Global Climate Disruption™, and before that, Climate Change, and before that, Global Warming, and before that, Global Cooling, is now The Climate Crisis. If you're gonna get people motivated to elect you, give you their hard-earned money, and yell stuff out in the street, you're really going to want to have a crisis, not just some half-assed scientific stuff.

* The biggest is the increase in homeschooling. This will increase even faster with the mandatory child Kung Flu vaxxing coming.

** Here's a different music video that may turn you on to a different Swedish woman, or two...

*** I'd thought I'd seen all of them over the years, but I obviously hadn't seen this episode. Greta's speech didn't ring a bell. Then, I'm no real Trekkie.

**** Hell, wanna' go all out on this, get your feet bound. Talk aboutcher small carbon footprints, I mean ...

Adam Smith
Saturday - October 9th 2021 2:35PM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Mr. Moderator, I'm glad that link worked and happy that vimeo didn't send it down the memoryhole for copyright infringement. Looks like I'll be using vimeo to post videos in the future.

Mr. Hail...

“This is a highly charitable thing to say. An individual taking the 'Covid' Pro-Panic position (including Unz's "variant" on it) could be forgiven up to something like May 2020, at latest. We are now eighteen months past that point.”

While I agree with you that Mr. Unz and the panickers are doing everyone a horrible disservice, they do have a right to their opinions (no matter how wrong they are). An exception to this would be when their opinions are helping to shape policies that are actually harming people, which is kinda the case in this situation. Unfortunately, the people masquerading as “government” harm people all the time and are rarely held accountable.

However, I don't think Mr. Unz's Pro-Panic advocacy is merely a divulgence of his own well reasoned opinion. I think the current situation is complicated by the immense media/government/business campaign (hypnosis?) that has created so much social pressure to conform. Like masking and vaxxing, the panic itself seems like a sort of public loyalty ritual. All goodthinking conformist types will go with the herd for fear of being ostracized. (No upright citizen wants to be labeled a coof denier!) (Even a non-conformist would have trouble resisting such pressure in certain settings.) If being Pro-Panic wasn't so fashionable I don't think Mr. Unz would be voicing so many Pro-Panic opinions and he wouldn't be denigrating non-believers. I think we are also seeing that many of those who fell in line with the panic early on will continue to be Pro-Panic, whatever their rationale. (There are many reasons why people are reluctant to change their minds when they have been fooled and even less likely to do so publicly and apologize.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though the Panickers are wrong in so many ways (even to the point of being harmful to society) they are not really acting of their own free accord. It takes a fortitude that many people simply do not have to withstand the enormous social pressure we have witnessed over the course of this event. It would be a misplaced expectation if I were to expect Ron Unz and the Panickers to have the ability to do stand up against this pressure when it's so unpopular to do so.

I hope you guys have a great weekend.

Thursday - October 7th 2021 8:00PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, oops, yeah, that should have been obvious.

Mr. Smith, YES! That one worked. I will enjoy it in a couple of minutes. Thank you for the lesson about wetiko. Yes, I should be more charitable, as I think The Unz Review is one of the best websites around. It is one of my very few daily go-to (a lot!) sites. I only got on that thread to TRY, about 6 times, I think, all told, to convince Mr. Unz that this Totalitarian response from the induced PanicFest is the big story. Of all his replies, he never really wrote anything about that.

Therefore I do agree with Mr. Hail right in his 7:22 PM* comment that his take on the Kung Flu is a dis-service... then again, he leaves all the anti-panic writers to do as they please, and even ME, if I don't rile him up too bad.

Mr. Hail, yeah, he pulls that "right-wing" thing out like it's the biggest insult in the world. Foxnews?? Really, for a guy who hasn't watched TV in 22 years, I'm not sure how he exactly got to that. At least he didn't say "Rachael Madcow". I replied to this too, along with another with some apologetic words for implying something in his stance that is not correct. Time for both of us to lay off.

* Mr. Hail, I assume that is you. I'll put your name in, in a bit.
Thursday - October 7th 2021 7:22PM MST

RE: Adam Smith (in reply to Dieter Kief) "Mr. Unz, like all the rest of us, is free to make mistakes"

This is a highly charitable thing to say. An individual taking the 'Covid' Pro-Panic position (including Unz's "variant" on it) could be forgiven up to something like May 2020, at latest. We are now eighteen months past that point.
Thursday - October 7th 2021 7:15PM MST

Ron Unz to Achmed E. Newman today:

"You’re just some sort of FoxNews-type rightwinger, ranting about masks and that sort of thing."
The Alarmist
Thursday - October 7th 2021 6:29PM MST

You might think it is an old joke, but my younger sister, who came of age in the ‘80s, actually thought The Beatles were McCartney’s first backup band.
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 7th 2021 6:07PM MST
PS: Greetings everyone...

Cheers Mr. Alarmist, Mr. Ganderson, Mr. Hail, Mr. Plissken...

Mr. Kief, I agree. Mr. Unz, like all the rest of us, is free to make mistakes. We're only human. I'm just surprised after reading his American Pravda series that he still has so much faith in the main stream media and the “government”. I do love his site though. Lots of interesting things to read and a great comment section. Also, I watched the video of the kids from the other day without the sound. The kids are definitely not into it and that's encouraging. Thanks for pointing that out.

Freedom and errors are the closest of relatives...,+The+-+Jonathan+Franzen.epub
(Hybrid jpg/zip file)

Mr. Moderator, “I just looked it up, and did you know that Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?!” Lol...

I never saw mediafire do that to a link before. It's like they checked it for copyright infringement or something. Anyway, here's a different link... (Hopefully this one sticks around awhile.)

Native American mythologies describe wetiko as a cannibalistic spirit who embodies greed and violence and can possess human beings. The term wetiko is a Cree term (windigo in Ojibway, wintiko in Powhatan) which refers to an evil person or spirit who terrorizes other creatures by means of terrible evil acts. Wetikos are the human instruments for the transpersonal ‘spirit of evil’ to terrorize the world.

I think of it more like a form of spiritual evil that has invaded the collective consciousness. It is a mind/soul virus that can spread from one person to another. I blame things like war, excess greed, hard core psychopathy and the like on wetiko.

I hope you all have a great evening.

Thursday - October 7th 2021 4:02PM MST

“Bonk bonk, on the head…”

Mr. Moderator- Michael J Pollard got the kids chanting that in the “Miri” episode. Also “nah nah nah naaaah nah….” Miri was played by Kim Darby of “True Grit” fame.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - October 7th 2021 11:14AM MST

"Strange Duck Ron" (Mr. Smith et. al.)

One more about the ongoing Ron Unz exegesis.

May I say this again: Mr. Ron writes interesting things every now and then. And he has The License to Err - like just about everybody else. That he makes regular use of this license is true, but not that big of a surprise - if you take the lack of real-world experience into account that his "monkish life-form" (Arno Borst) brings with it - to mention just one reason.

The moderator here has mentioned the lack of real-world experience now and then - and I agree by saying: Rightfully so.

The Unz Review as such is just great, in that it is a perfect - well: the best! - tool for internet communication (Mr. Moderator here again) - and because of the free spirit, it brings to life, which is the greatest achievement of the Unz Review.

If I may repeat this thought of mine: The free spirit encompasses that mistakes are being made. Freedom and errors are the closest of relatives (see Jonathan Franzen's excellent novels Freedom and - - - The Corrections.
Thursday - October 7th 2021 10:53AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, you are quite correct. The 1973 James bond movie title and Wings song from said movie is more appropriate. Paul McCartney was great at putting 2 or even 3 separate melodies together into great songs. "Uncle Albert/Admirable Halsey" was another. I just looked it up, and did you know that he was in a band before Wings?! Yes, and that's another joke that doesn't get old for me.

I also could see neither the Alarmist-linked video ("Unavailable", I suppose same reason) nor the Media Fire copy (I mashed the Download button, but it wanted info. or something ...) Thank you both for the efforts - the Enterprise Restaurant clip was great - I don't think I'd ever seen that.

Adam, what is "Wetiko"?

Mr. Ganderson, who are we referring to with that "bang, bang, bang" (banging head on the wall)? Is that about Ron Unz or little Greta?

Alarmist, yes, that would make a good post. Thanks for the pics. I don't know how long you've been reading, but I'd written a 4-part post about the Jonestown Masacree just after 40 years later. That series is "Drinking the Commie Kool-Aid 40 years back". Parts 1 through 4 respectively:


"They (still) shoot congressmen, don't they?":
The Alarmist
Thursday - October 7th 2021 8:41AM MST

Sorry ... pasted same link twice
The Alarmis
Thursday - October 7th 2021 8:40AM MST

Thanks, Mr. Smith. The hazards of living abroad in a copyright-limited world.

@Mr Moderator, topic idea ... get a pic of NY Gov Hochul wearing sunglasses and holding mic and juxtpose that with Jim Jones of Jonestown fame ... I don’t know if these will work, but here you go.

You can paste another one with Jonestown bodies and suggest this is where COVID Vaxx demagoguery is likely to lead.
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 7th 2021 7:39AM MST
PS: Good morning again,

Mr. Alarmist, when I click this link...

YouTube tells me that... The uploader has not made this video available in my country.

If anyone would like to watch it, I uploaded a copy here...

The Alarmist
Thursday - October 7th 2021 6:59AM MST

Although not as funny, or true to life forthat matter, there was also the Enterprise Restaurant skit, where Khan appears with a health inspector in tow ...
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 7th 2021 6:51AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Ron is a strange duck. I do not understand his continued belief in the MSM and other so called official sources. I'd think a guy with an IQ of 214 would have figured out that these people lie about everything. It is also bewildering to me that a guy who believes the coof is a "government" sponsored bioweapon would be so pro-government and so pro-vaxx. A real strange case of doublethink, in my opinion.

“Dammit, I’m a doctor ... not a politician! It’s the jabs, Jim!” lol... It's the jabs!

Mr. Moderator, “If these anti-vaxxers are so adamant, let them get sick and die more.”
Wouldn't that be a live and let die attitude?

I know I'm a Covid Denying Monster, but I just don't understand why the herd animals are still in such a panic.

I still blame mass hypnosis and possibly Wetiko.
I truly have no better explanation.

I hope you all have a great day.

The Alarmist
Thursday - October 7th 2021 6:46AM MST

Hopefully, this will work on your end ...
Thursday - October 7th 2021 6:24AM MST
PS: "5% like you and I, disgusted with the whole PanicFest from very early on." I did not at all mean to exclude from this category our The Alarmist, Adam Smith Mr. Anon, Mr. Kief, Robert, Mr. Blanc, Mr. Ganderson, Peter Ike, Cloudbuster, Rex Little, and and a number of less frequently seen commenters.

There is that 0.2% "Je Suis Omar Marteen" types, that make it a real hoot! Actually, maybe there is just one "Je Suis Omar Marteen", and that's if I'm even spelling it right.

Mr. Hail, Ron Unz has absolutely no idea of what really goes on in China. There's no actual "stamping this out." What can I say? I told him in '19 to visit the place. He's got the money. His cats would have been OK for a few weeks, unless he lives close to a Chinese buffet restaurant, so why not? I tried.
Thursday - October 7th 2021 6:24AM MST
…bonk bonk, on the head… bonk bonk, on the head…
Thursday - October 7th 2021 5:23AM MST
PS: Sorry, guys, I'm just about spamming the comment section now!

Mr. Plissken, if this would self-select out the idiots, that'd be fine, but unfortunately many of the idiots are in positions of power over us.

Mr. Hail, regarding my attempt at that one comment: First, thank you for the explanation about too many links. I first thought it was "damn", then maybe even "HATE" that did me in but didn't know I was guessing at the end about the link count, but if I'd known, I'd have worked around it. Secondly, of course, it's just about Wordpress - not mad at you about it, obviously. I did get frustrated late last night, after the 3rd attempt.

What I meant to write before to you here also was that if Mr. Unz, since he mentioned my site (of course, while being nasty about it), had at least given me criticism of the format and usability here, I'd have had to give him a big [AGREE!]. This site is based on some really simple software that is not the best for a number of reasons. I've been putting off re-writing a bunch of it for a long, long time - originally it was to be on a trip in the summer of '17!! There was even a post about that.

There's good and bad here and with the wordpress commenting, but I'll keep saying that has the best system I've ever seen. Just my opinion there, but if were to emulate some functionality, it would be based on The Unz Review.
Thursday - October 7th 2021 5:10AM MST

Moderator wrote: "Ron Unz was indeed a panicker about the virus, giving ridiculously high numbers (he still does)"

I see he's back again saying the death rate is "0.5% to 1.0%," which is much higher than ANY randomized all-population study has ever found.

He is using the Panicker equation of (deaths marked as 'covid') / (confirmed test-positives). This is a serious data-analysis error, one which he should recognize.

He concedes "it’s very sharply skewed by age, and also to some extent by weight" and says "worldwide, the average death rate might be more like 0.4%" because Americans are too fat they push up the total.

He then credits the PRC with Corona-heroism: "China stamped out it [sic] and obviously not everyone in the world has gotten Covid," saving tens of millions of lives. Meanwhile Covid Denier Monsters have cost 15 million lives and counting. That after the US Deep State released the virus to kill Chinese in a random Chinese city in 2019 with unclear motive. Ron Unz, ladies and gentlemen!
Thursday - October 7th 2021 5:09AM MST
PS: Alarmist, I REALLY wanted to get that whole clip. I take it you know the one. The best part is when William Shatner's handlers (in the skit, that is) go up to him and tell him he'd better straighten up - of course, pissing off the whole crowd of Trekkies would not get him many more gigs in the future.) So, Shatner turns to the audience and tells them that "that was the evil side of Captain Kirk, from episode [whatever]". Man, funny, funny stuff!!

I guess going by the numbers is not working out very well anymore. The confusion that has been sowed... is maybe helpful to our cause. Do many Americans really worry about this disease anymore? Sure they are compliant sheep, but do they worry about getting wicked sick more that the constant enforcement of emergency regulations back and forth and the vaccine (another story)?
Thursday - October 7th 2021 5:05AM MST
PS: Lastly, Mr. Hail, I did see that comment of Ron Unz early this morning. Well, you'd know I have a reply coming. submitted, but not yet moderated. The latter is just normal. I doubt he reads them all (read, as in not SKIM), so it's probably on some normal every-hour schedule or so, as with guys like Ron Paul.* Like I've written on his own site many times, the guy is very stalwart, a stand-up guy for all kinds of opinions, whether from the writers or the commenters.

However, he gets to skimming a lot and can't take the littlest criticism of his pet ideas very well, so there was his next vitriolic reply.

I didn't have the guts to tell him straight out "yeah, that's why I started commenting here in the first place, to get traffic to my site!" (I think that would be just pitching him a big high softball to slam me off the commenting, with that excuse.) The 2nd part of this, BTW, is that I really enjoy the commenting and commenters on the iSteve threads. They are the best, IMO. Even the panickers (and it was only a 25% minority, by my estimation**) are sane enough and practical.

* MIchelle Malkin used to write reply comments early on, but the syndicated writers in general, such as Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, etc, are I doubt even very aware that their stuff is appearing on, much less reading through comment threads. Were they aware, they probably don't have time, and there could be hundreds of other websites WITH commenting that publish their articles.

** ... perhaps with 50% not that concerned at all besides just discussing medicines and treatment and the political aspects, and 20% strongly anti-panic, and 5% like you and I, disgusted with the whole PanicFest from very early on. Yes, I pulled these %'s out of my rear.
Thursday - October 7th 2021 4:51AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I spelled "disease" wrong, but anyway, my reply should have ended with "No, there were absolutely no Flu-Panickers at all in '09-'10, not anywhere that I ever went, anyway.

Yeah, "gadfly" sounds about right. OK, so we are not to trust other sources but Ron and this supposedly "supporting" sources (Nick Wade - not so much, the one Australian virologist who worked in the Wuhan lab, for a while, not in the same exact lab, mind you - yes, she's the smoking gun!) and then his whole buttload of speculation. However, when he wrote to me earlier, he called me lazy for not using the MSM - his term - for a source. OK, Ron, whatever you say ...

Yeah, that's the funny thing. I believe Ron Unz has only been an apparent heavy panicker SOLELY due to his wanting to make his "Americans did it!" story more important. That sounds just fucked up, but I really think so. On the vaccine, he surprisingly wrote a VERY common-sensible comment that I noted in the post called "Ron Unz comments with some comment-sense"

His was a live-and-let-live attitude as in: If these anti-vaxxers are so adamant, let them get sick and die more. There's no reason to make it mandatory. The vaxxed, since they have so little chance of getting seriously sick now from the Kung Flu, will be better off getting exposed to it everywhere anyway. They should even try to catch the COVID to get more immunity. I have no problem with all of that. Yes, check out that post, Mr. Hail, if you haven't. I gave it something resembling a bit AMEN, Brother!

So, Ron Unz was indeed a panicker about the virus, giving ridiculously high numbers (he still does - won't even try to understand some numbers we've had in correction of the "excess death" supposed half million Americans), but he's very reasonable on the vax, IMO.
Thursday - October 7th 2021 4:38AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, re your 1st comment. I was plenty politically aware during whatever the virus was in '09 - another Swine Flu? I can remember that NOBODY in big politics said a thing about any laws, regs, whatever, based on that disearse that would affect Americans (maybe some stuff was said about travel and imports, but nothing I could discern).

I did some traveling then, and pretty much the only thing that I saw noticeably different about life was that of the Japanese, and maybe some Chinese thrown in there, tourists and business people that were getting off the 747s into the McNamara terminal at Detroit Metro (NW Airlines), about 1/2 or 2/3 had the medical style face masks on. I thought that was weirder than hell, and also remember thinking "geeze, what a bunch of pussies! You wouldn't see Americans wearing those things!. Yeah, that was then...
Thursday - October 7th 2021 1:08AM MST

Oh, and shortly after that, Gadfly-in-Chief Unz returned again to attacking you directly in another comment:

And I quote.

“You’re just a rightwing dimwit.”
Thursday - October 7th 2021 1:07AM MST

RE: Moderator “I see only speculation, no evidence”

Ron Unz writing today:

“have you ever asked yourself why not a single Western public figure or journalist anywhere has ever even raised the possibility of Covid being an American biowarfare attack?”

This may be key to understanding his motivation.

He views his role, in part, as the Gadfly.

I think there are larger lessons here, in that it was with t his type of person (the gadfly, the instigator, the rabble-rouser, the agitator) who formed the early Pro-Panic coalition in its critical phase of life, early 2020.

(originally posted here:)
Thursday - October 7th 2021 12:53AM MST

"One thing I've been surprised about is that I have not seen too much of the use of the Kung Flu PanicFest to support the Climate Crisis narrative. You'd think there'd by some synergy of crises here."

A good point.

There has been some good commentary out there on specifically *predecessors* to the CoronaPanic-as-social-phenomenon.

The brief 2009 Swine Flu panic is an obvious contender there, on thematic similarity, but of course the problem is it never broke through. Do you remember any Hardliner Flu-Panickers in 2009-10? The breakout strain (H1N1-09) infected most of us, whether you got sick or not. That's the way flu viruses work. And its descendant viruses are still out there today. But no one cared, or noticed.

The thing is, the Climate Crisis talk is probably a better contender for direct ancestor of CoronaPanic-as-social-phenomenon, along with a few others. More should be explored on this.
Thursday - October 7th 2021 12:47AM MST

"wordpress software has pissed me off royally, as I can't figure out what's wrong with this comment"

Very sorry! The culprit was definitely the four links in one comment. Wordpress auto-moderation-folders it to prevent the crude mass-link-spam.
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 9:39PM MST
PS: Alarmist and Plissken, thanks for the comments. I'd write more, but I want to paste this in for Mr. Hail. His wordpress software has pissed me off royally, as I can't figure out what's wrong with this comment. Now, the links will be gone here, but anyway:

Wordpress really can s__k sometimes, Mr. Hail. This is my 3rd try, as I don't know which particular words are making the software swoon with hysteria. I'll put asterisks in. Maybe 4 links is too many?

I decided to be a little “less lazy” and read Mr. Unz’s recent source to supposedly bolster his case, the Bloomberg article about the Australian virologist Danielle Anderson, who worked for spell, and last time only up through “late ’19” at the Wuhan Labs (NOT, BTW, with the people, such as Shi ZhengLi, who were doing this actual research on the Corona viruses!)

Let me tell you what. The d**n article didn’t bolster Mr. Unz case very well. I compared it to the Nicholas Wade article that Ron Unz himself touted last summer or so as supporting his case that “the Americans did it! ( Here‘s my rebuttal – let me tell you, Ron was civil in ( his reply. He didn’t have much argument after that other than, to paraphrase, yeah, no proof it wasn’t a lab leak, but I’ve got evidence it was the American Deep State. I’ve read SOME of his stuff. I see only speculation, no evidence.

Not only that, but the proposed motive is worthless. Someone wanted to kill the Chinese, but not very hard, I guess, and they didn’t care if it would spread back here. Oh, and then, Americans would H*TE H*TE H*TE the Chinese people for spreading the Flu Manchu too us. Really, I don’t think about it much, because this thing has become a joke, but as to that last aspect of his theory, I replied more ( here and ( here.

That’s a long run-down of what one can read on that thread. Feels good, man!
Places that read funny are where I put () instead of the HTML tags for the links.
Plissken Snake Plissken
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 9:30PM MST
PS Greta? It's a Hansel baby!
Advice on anything from teenage trannies?
Naw, I'll have to pass on that.

"The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population...Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps.
We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good...We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn't matter, the weak and fearful will succumb to it.
The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated.
We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.
The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone."

Jacques Attali, 1981.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 9:09PM MST

I thought it was one of Greta’s better speeches ... particularlt the Blah, blah, blah refrain.

I loved the Get a Life vid.

As for people dying, I looked at UK ONS Weekly Death registrations, and all-cause deaths in the last three months are significantly higher than last year or the 2015-19 average ...

“Dammit, I’m a doctor ... not a politician! It’s the jabs, Jim!”
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