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Posted On: Tuesday - October 5th 2021 7:50PM MST
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So said Bob Seger, in an introduction to his version of Trying to Live My Life Without You, but that's not really a top notch song, IMO - the melody isn't much.

The Memphis song I like even more than the more recent (ONLY 30 y/o) Marc Cohn song is usually called Memphis, Tennessee or Memphis Marie, depending on which version. Chuck Berry wrote and recorded this one in 1958. It was played by Elvis, a guy named Lonnie Mack, Johnny Rivers, whose version got to #2 on the pop music charts in 1964, the Beatles, but best of all by George Thorogood and his Delaware Destroyers. That was on their 1985 album Maverick, titled Memphis/Little Marie.

Hank Carter's saxophone is great, but it's still George Thorogood's slide guitar playing that makes this a great version. In case you've somehow never heard this song, or didn't listen closely, the lyrics have a twist near the end.

Hey, I'm surprised that I couldn't find a Dead version of this one. They liked Chuck Berry songs, and they could do a good version of anything. Maybe they did play it sometime, somewhere ...

Back to the stupidity first thing next bidness day. Top priority!

Wednesday - October 6th 2021 8:05AM MST
PS That is a respectable cover. The slide guitar is sweet. But the vocal is rather weak. So I’ll still take the Chuck Berry version. Let’s face it, it’s hard to beat Chuck Berry on a Chuck Berry song. According to Leonard Chess, Berry was the real King of Rock and Roll.
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 7:37AM MST

Mr. Moderator- listen to the 1977 Promised Lands- Jerry usually goes wild at the end; I particularly recommend 3/20/77, Winterland, and 5/11/77, St. Paul Civic Center.

Big River’s always been a fave, me having grown up 5 blocks from the Big River itself ; and of course not many songs mention St. Paul…
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 6:22AM MST
PS: I just noticed my "Top Priority" (Seinfeld reference) at the bottom of this post. Actually, my top priority, internet-wise, today was rebutting Ron Unz on the now near 400-comment thread under his latest "It's the Americans! People are starting to believe me now!" post. Yeah, not me, buddy. The guy is chasing down a blind rabbit hole (well I guess they all are blind holes), with this one.

He could be writing about the biggest story of the century, only possibly tied with 9/11, going on right around us. Geeze, he needs to get out more!
Wednesday - October 6th 2021 6:19AM MST
PS: I am familiar with all these, Mr.G. The Dead's version of "Promised Land" is one of my favorites of all their songs, though it didn't give Jerry a chance for any long solos. It's not Chuck Berry, but Johnny Cash, whose cover I like even more than that - "Big River". Bobby does a great job singing that one!
Tuesday - October 5th 2021 8:58PM MST

AFAIK, the Dead never did “Memphis”- they did do “Promised Land”, “Around and Around”, “Johnny B Goode”, and the Garcia Band did “Let it Rock.”

Speaking of Memphis the lads also did Dylan’s “Stuck Inside of Mobile (with the Memphis Blues Again)”

I have to say I was never much of a Berry fan, but what do I know?

My favorite song about Memphis is John Hiatt’s “Memphis in the Meantime”
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