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Posted On: Saturday - October 2nd 2021 6:24AM MST
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This rant is somewhat in reply to our commenter Mr. E.H. Hail, of the Hail To You, as promised, or threatened, however you want to take it, in a comment of mine under this post on the Arizona* '20 Pres. election recount**.

There was discussion about the whole point of even doing all this hard work to prove by the detailed numbers that there was more than enough fraud and "error" to overwhelm the vote margin for Zhou Bai Dien. Yeah, this will set the record straight. It will help in an effort to push election reform in Arizona and maybe other States. Those are worthy goals, I suppose. However, overturning election results won't happen, as we seemed to have agreed, and even further, I really have doubts about the success toward that 2nd goal.

Maybe I am more cynical that the rest, which is due to having my hopes dashed over and over. (Yes, I have worked to help too, to a small degree.) All I expect is for the race card to be pulled out from the bottom of the deck at the appropriate time. I mean, I don't care if your State is 5% black. First of all, they can always import MORE, but in the meantime, whatever your plans are, they are RACISS! No, I can't explain, they just are, and you are a bad person, and this whole bill must be tabled due to RACISS!

Maybe I am too cynical, and this won't happen, at least in some States.*** If it doesn't, it'll have to be due to American Conservatives and patriots learning to use what I'll call the "Father Knows Best" strategy.

I've probably only watched one rerun of that 1950s**** TV show. I do get the idea though, from others, that this show presented actual "Family Values", with the Father actually knowing best and as the head of the family, rather than some bamboozling lame-o as he would be depicted today. Feminism really cranked up in the mid 1960s, along with the rest of the rot, so this show missed out on all that.

My post was originally going to be about "playing hardball" with the ctrl-left (even had an image saved), but that analogy doesn't fit that well. The left does not play by the rules, period, whether we play seriously with a hardball or not. They are not even playing politics anymore, such as one would play it on TV, CNBC for example. The ctrl-left are pretty sure that have this whole Communistic***** society-destroying project down.

The left is not concerned with detailed election numbers. They are not concerned with the arguments about how the next ones can be run more fairly. One can see this in all areas of politics. The left aren't concerned with the spread of the Flu Manchu from Haitians pouring across the border, along with the usual Mexicans and Guatemalans either. (They never were REALLY concerned about the Flu Manchu.) They aren't concerned the the loss of jobs by the American working class. They aren't concerned about the social costs. They want the country flooded with aliens. That's the goal.

I could bring up many other major examples here, but let me get toward a conclusion. It does not do any good for patriotic Conservative Americans to argue with logic and bring up legal precedents and even make legal rulings based on the US Constitution.

"Hey, hey, this is Constitution."

That guy got lucky at the library that some black mob didn't kick his ass. That's the way the left operates. They figure they whole Establishment is on their side (well, it IS!), so they can get violent with impunity. Any defense will be met with Tyranny by The State. The problem the right has is that we still think The State will give us justice. If not to us personally, the egregious injustices will get fixed due to rule of law and that stuff. Tell that to the Russian people in 1917. Tell that to the Cubans in 1960. Tell it to the poor Chinese peasants in 1947.

These people want revolution. They want to take your stuff and kill you. We need to deal with them as male adults should with unruly kids. (Well, I hope your kids are not THIS unruly.) Using logic is a masculine trait. Don't get me wrong on this. However, we are not dealing as with normal other adults. We are dealing with adults, los Reseentidos, who are behaving like violent out-of-control children. They must be treated as such.

Here's what we need out of the next crop of real Conservatives in State governments - if there are any with guts anymore: "No, I'm not going to explain anything to you. Stop crying, or we'll give you something to complain about! This is our policy. Don't like it? You can take your stuff and move out of state."

"Oh, Judge Judy of the 9th Circuit says no? She can kiss our asses. Nothing changes. Now, go back to your rooms, in your Mamas' basements!"

Again, I haven't watched that old TV show but once. I'm guessing that TV Dad didn't have bad children like our unruly ctrl-left, so he probably didn't have to use that language.

PS: I know what the regular Peak Stupidity reader may be thinking right now. "Hey, hey, this is library big Constitutionalist site, with even the Morning Constitutional topic key." Yes indeed, are we hypocrites here, telling the rest of you to not bother trying to fix things. Nah, we know very well that the Constitution will not alone save this country, though Amendment II will still prove pretty damned important when the history is written. We are doing this to, yes, set the record straight, as it'd be nice if enough people could understand how nation's turning its collective back to this document was instrumental in our downfall. Perhaps a few people could keep this stuff straight in their heads for later.

* The post was more specifically focused on Maricopa County, containing Phoenix and the most important, and **the post consisted mostly of Mr. Hail's writing.

*** Whether it is all too late, reforming the voting, that is, is another story, and yeah, it IS, IMO.

**** It ran from October 1954 to May 1960, first on CBS, then on NBC, then on CBS again, in a different country.

***** How 'bout that? Can I say "Communistic", at least? ;-}

Monday - October 4th 2021 9:40PM MST
PS: I'll tell you one thing that I'm can predict pretty well for the year 2030 that the "wayfoward machine" pointed at by The Alarmist didn't see. I seriously doubt this site will still be on GoDaddy. Their prices have gone up quickly, and they don't make things as easy as they did before.
Adam Smith
Monday - October 4th 2021 2:13PM MST
PS: Lol, Mr. Alarmist,

Error 451: Site temporarily unavailable for my own good...

This site contains information that is currently classified as Thought Crime in my region.

The Alarmist
Monday - October 4th 2021 9:41AM MST

Mostly south-central,FL, but I drove past the panhandle for a few days farther north. Nice to see the Redneck Riviera again.

Have a look at PS on the WayForward machine ...

Monday - October 4th 2021 5:44AM MST
PS: Alarmist, thanks for the report. I'll report on the scene in another part of Florida, along with some other tidbits, in a post later today. You weren't in the panhandle, right?
The Alarmist
Monday - October 4th 2021 5:00AM MST

I just flew in from Florida, and boy are my arms tired! Yes, it is a tired, old joke.

Why did The Alarmist cross the ocean in the first place? To get to some place where COVID clown world was less in evidence. Unfortunately, by my return in early September (versus the last trip in June), masking had really ramped up, which was disappointing, especially seeing those outdoors. Still, I went about daily life without a mask for three weeks, and nobody gave me any grief. Thank goodness for DeSantis creating an environment where those who grew up in the land of the free could still pretend they were free born Americans.

I created a bit of a scene by paraphrasing “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” when the young guy asked for our vaxx cards: “Vaxxes? We ain’t got no vaxxes. We don’t need no vaxxes. I don’t have to show you any stinking vaxxes!” OK, since I didn’t have my gun with me (they tend to frown on people who bring those toairports nowadays), I wasn’t quite that forceful, but it turns out my European wife and I are exceptions to vaxx mandates on both sides of the pond ... at least for now.

I think I watched more “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” than FKB ... I’m not sure why. Maybe ‘cos Oz was such a hep cat.
Salvage What You can
Sunday - October 3rd 2021 7:02PM MST
PS The perfect Plan-demic to reset to totalitarian egalitarianism or West South Africa.
It is probably too late for the former republic and the average boobus Americanus doesn't even care as they are controlled by appetites and distractions.
Thinking is too hard for some which is way they let the Bolshevik enemedia do it for them.
Will the Long March comrades move too quickly to burn it all down by any means necessary and make even the dullest frogs feel the boil? I doubt it.
Maybe a few Red State governors will discover their tenth amendment spines or it could be Igor Panarin, Thomas W. Chittum worst case scenario ethnic civil wars.
Sunday - October 3rd 2021 4:14AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, not this rant wasn't to be about the writings of Mr. Sailer. I think we did come up with plenty of explanations for lack of material on the election fraud. I still thing the most likely is simply that it's not one of his interests. The most important one to him is that the obvious HBD ideas get spread around to where people can discuss them again. He has written extensively on one Miss Harden, with some new book out.

Thank you for the correction. I didn't get confused with Rick Scott, but simply Rick vs. Ron. Yes, RON DeSantis. I got his last name's spelling in my head at least, because I do think he's a great guy.

Besides seeing your latest ad "against"* Governor DeSantis, I have written about him a few times already. I would like to find out if what's in the following post is really true, but I think it'd be difficult to find out:

* I saw your reply on your site, and I'll take your evidence that this was no spoof or troll job. I think that someone could make that ad in hopes of making Ron DeSantis look bad says a lot about our sick society.
Saturday - October 2nd 2021 7:52PM MST

"The left is not concerned with detailed election numbers."

I thought this rant was going to be about, or at least partially about, Sailer and people like Sailer not being concerned about the election dispute.

Detailed golf course architectural history
Detailed election numbers

OTOH, this topic was well covered in the other thread with plenty of good ideas.


There is a time for bold action and confrontation, as by state government actions which you suggest, but not everyone is in place to do that. Sailer has never been any kind of street activist. The people who can do bold action need an intellectual foundation, which people like Sailer provide. I agree that it is not enough to have that "intellectual foundation" without action.

Again the heroic Ron DeSantis comes to mind. He did not just pull his Anti-Panic position and strategy out of a hat at random. According to staff, he was reading furiously on the problem and formed a coherent and firm Anti-Panic view already by late spring or early summer 2020, and maneuvered state government to turn Anti-Panic fully by late summer / early fall. I doubt he would have done this if (far) fewer Anti-Panic voices had been on the scene, far less data available.

The Corona-Panic controversy and the presidential election controversy are not the same, of course.
Saturday - October 2nd 2021 7:14PM MST

"Florida's Rick DeSantis sure does set the best example of defense of States' rights that I've seen in a while."

It's Ron DeSantis!

You may be confusing the name with Florida political figure Rick Scott, now a Senator.
Saturday - October 2nd 2021 3:41PM MST
PS: I don't disagree with you guys' opinions. I probably took the analogy too far, for lack of a better one. They ARE dangerous people.

As far as voting goes, the only slight hope is with the States. I don't know if any one of them (including Texas, which would have been the first before the demographic changes of the last 30 years) is up for seriously resisting the Feds. The people might be, but than they'd have to fire a lot of State pols first.

Florida's Rick DeSantis sure does set the best example of defense of States' rights that I've seen in a while.
Adam Smith
Saturday - October 2nd 2021 9:10AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Blanc, Mr. Moderator and friends...

Mr. Blanc, I agree. Voting gives the system it's much needed veneer of legitimacy. Once people lose faith in “government” legitimacy there is no amount of force than can change that. We are not going to vote our way out of this mess, so the sooner we abandon voting the better.

I also fear you are right about the violence that is likely headed our way. The criminals masquerading as “government” and their minions are not content to live and let live. They will smash skulls to try to force obedience. They are sweaty toothed madmen who cannot be reasoned with. It will be up to us younger guys to do whatever must be done. As you say, it won't be easy, but there's no other way. Submission is not an option.

Mr. Moderator, though they act like children they are not children. They are more dangerous than children. We, unfortunately, cannot simply put them on time out, send them to their room or sit them in the corner wearing a dunce cap. I agree, we are not going to change their minds with reason and logic, principled constitutionalism, legal precedent or any other such niceties. They want us dead. If they continue their relentless push toward further insanity we will, at some point, have to deal with them accordingly. To paraphrase your sentence...

They want to take our stuff and kill us. We need to deal with them as male adults should.

I hope they change course before it's too late.

Saturday - October 2nd 2021 8:11AM MST
PS I listened to FKB on the radio when I was quite young, then watched it on television, when we got one (my family were a bit late to that party). My family was nothing like that. No one that I knew worked in an office. But they did present an ideal, if a distinctly middle-class one. Jim Anderson never had to raise his voice to Betty, Bud, or Kitten. The simple fact that he was disappointed in whatever they had done or planned to do was enough to bring them back to the straight and narrow. Patriarchy done right. Those days are gone. Never coming back. At least not in the same form. Forget about real conservatives, in state legislatures or anywhere else. if they're Repubs, they're part of the Uniparty and will do as ordered or be ejected. If they're not Repubs they won't be elected in the first place. Forget about voting. The Left now own voting, at least at the Federal level, and increasingly at the state level. Abandon voting. That's the only thing that we can do to cast doubts on its legitimacy. Conservatism is now simply the Right of the Left. It's been so since at least the early 1950s. Reaction is the only path open to us. Somewhere along that path lies serious v**lence. That, or submission. I almost certainly won't still be around when that stage is reached. It will be up to you younger guys to do whatever gets done. It won't be easy, but there's no other way.
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