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No, this is not a music post. You may be thinking of these guys, Los Lobos, meaning "The Wolves", a decent band who unfortunately are mostly known for their good cover of RichieValen's La Bamba. (I guess only Hispanics can do this - others would be accused of cultural appropriation. Yeah, and take off those silly sombreros, frat boys, andele, muchachos!)

"Los Resentidos" is Spanish for "the resentful ones"*. I learned it recently as I listened to a whole hour interview (by Stefan Molyneaux) of a dude named Humberto Fontova that was discussed on Peak Stupidity exactly 2 months back in our post A Cuban's personal history from start of La Revolución. Peak Stupidity mentioned "Los Resentidos" in a post 3 days later called None dare call them Commies. In case you don't recall, Mr. Fontova is an assimilated-to-Cajun (at least he sounds like it) former Cuban who got out of that country in October of 1961 with his Mom, brother, and sister as Castro and his Communists took the country over. His Dad had been detained but was able to get out and rejoin the family. (That story is in beginning of the interview.)

Humberto Fontova was a 7 year-old, as I recall, when the Communists took over, but I'm sure he got a lot of the story from his Dad too. I have this video starting at 56:09, but nothing is stopping you from watching the whole interview here.

Interviewer Stefan Molyneux: "... and left behind are these baleful, gollum-like resentful people, as you point out, Che, a failed doctor, Castro, a failed lawyer and people who just can't get it together ..."

Humberto Fontova (57:40): ".[in the early years] .. nobody ... well, yeah, they called them [Castro and his radicals] Communistas, but mostly they called them Los Resentidos, the Resentful Ones."

HF (58:04): "I'm here to tell you, probably 80% of the people who joined Casto's and Che's movement in early years had never heard of Marx or Lenin."

I've written the same many times about the modern culturally destructive ctrl-left: It doesn't matter that they don't have a clue about the theories of Marx or Lenin. This concept of "The Resentful Ones" is something I'd only mentioned in the 2nd of the posts linked-to above. I wanted to write a little more about this.

Let me first repeat something from the 2nd of those 2 posts linked-to above, about the timeline here. This Cuban revolution, in the history of Communist revolutions, is not recent history:
Let's think about the timeline. It's been 62 years since Castro's Communist takeover, while Castro's takeover was 42 years after the big one, Lenin's Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917. It's hard to believe, but Castro's revolution occurred just 40% of the way in time from Lenin's heyday to today.
If you go back to century-and-4-years ago Russia, well, there were likely a hell of a lot of people who had a lot to gripe about. It was a stratified society with whatever middle class it had being pretty dirt-poor compared to the worst of the American ghetto today. Most of society had a good reason to be resentful if they didn't believe the people up in the Monarchy deserved their status. The Communists trying to work their "magic" in 1920s-'30s Germany had lots of people who could have harbored very deep resentments (I know of one particular guy, at least, but then he went in a different direction ...).

When you have a huge middle class like America had up through 25 years ago, it's pretty hard to stir up resentment. Sure, there are the many outcasts in the high school halls and bathroom stalls - be cool or be cast out** - but at some point, one graduates. If you've got your own opportunities, you get that "TECH" job or become an engineer, while the high school jocks become used car salesmen or, worse, marketing executives, and you don't look back. OK, you can go to the reunions with ... well, maybe an escort at the 5 year mark, until you learn something ...

I digress yet again. This is one of the reasons why the Globalist and Communist scum have wanted to wipe out, and HAVE BEEN wiping out, the American White middle class. There are other reasons, of course. Greed and lack of any "noblesse oblige" (see this review of Tucker Carlson's Ship of Fools.***) come to mind. Hatred of competition in business and political power is another. However, if they can make Americans poorer, after all the years of "those boomers" (especially) living large and having a real time, there will be some real mass production of Los Resentidos. There has been, in fact. They are the modern ctrl-left.

In case the reader is just sick and tired of all this "Commie pinko!" talk, well, I'm trying to get a handle on the modern ctrl-left. It would be wise not to let this country go down the same path as Cuba. There are lots of distractions - the genderbending, "pride", black worship, and immigrant promotion are all grave ills of society, of course. They are just all part of the traditional-culture-destroying, society-destroying, work of the modern Resentidos. If you haven't watched, go to at least 58:45 or so, and let Stan Molyneux and Humberto Fontova explain how the situation in modern America is very much like that of the left in Castro's and Che's revolutionary time and place.

PS: I can't roll my "r"s like Humberto Fontova, so bear with me, or keep his voice in mind, next time you read about "Los Resentidos" on Peak Stupidity.

* Yeah, it's probably the easiest language for we English speakers to figure out.

** Sigh ... Rush from Subdivisions if you really had to ask!

*** Also, Part 2 and Part 3

Saturday - October 2nd 2021 4:06PM MST
PS: I'm going through these one by one, Mr. Ganderson. Thanks for the tip, as I'd never heard of this album.
Friday - October 1st 2021 8:56AM MST

Mr. Moderator, I don't know if you know about this, but in the late 80's a Dead tribute album was released- there's a bunch of good stuff on it, I particularly like the Hornsby version of Jack Straw, Susie Vega's numbers, and Lyle Lovett's haunting take on "Friend of the Devil". Dwight Yoakum sometimes used to close his shows with "Truckin". IMHO the only tunes that fall flat on this are the "Estimated Prophet", "US Blues", "To Lay Me Down", and "Ripple".

The Harshed Mellows? Who dey?

1. Los Lobos; Bertha
2. Bruce Hornsby and The Range; Jack Straw
3. The Harshed Mellows; US Blues
4. Elvis Costello; Ship of Fools
5. Suzanne Vega; China Doll
6 Suzanne Vega; Cassidy
7. Dwight Yoakam; Truckin'
8.Warren Zevon/David Lindley; Casey Jones
9. Indigo Girls; Uncle John's Band
10. Lyle Lovett; Friend of the Devil
11. Cowboy Junkies; To Lay Me Down
12. Midnight Oil; Wharf Rat
13. Burning Spear; Estimated Prophet
14. Dr. John; Deal
15. Jane's Addiction; Ripple

Adam Smith
Friday - October 1st 2021 6:58AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

"Motorcycle Diaries" is another story? Is it worth reading?

I don't know. I haven't read it yet. I saw the movie some years back. The book has been described as Das Kapital meets Easy Rider. It seemed appropriate to post here just in case anyone would like to read it.

Friday - October 1st 2021 6:05AM MST
PS: Thank you again, Mr. Smith, for giving the readers quick access to the books. I read "Ship of Fools" as soon as I could get my hands on it from the 'brary. Yep, and that's the Rush song - hopefully it'll fit in with another post.

"Motorcycle Diaries" is another story? Is it worth reading, in anyone's opinion here?

Mr. Ganderson, got that one playing right now. You know though, those 2 songs are so good and danceable that lots of bands could do good versions of them. I'm sure the Dead wouldn't mind one bit either.
Friday - October 1st 2021 5:57AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, thank you very much for that piece of history regarding the earlier years of Castro an Che. I had assumed from Mr. Fontova's statement (speculation) there that he didn't mean the higher ups. OTOH, there weren't much BUT future higher-ups or future dead or deserted Commies in the early years, as you wrote, of this Granma group.

Though they may have been read the "Book on Marx" (sorry, song lyric in my head), those rural peasants and other poor Cubans would likely be more on the side of Castro due to the prospect of "taking some of their stuff". By "their", I mean the capable but corrupt well off capitalists and those American gringo exploiters of the United Fruit Company and so forth. (It's not that they didn't have some very legitimate beefs, I'm sure.)
Thursday - September 30th 2021 3:38PM MST

I figure this is tiresomely predictable from me, but Los Lobos does (did?) a nice version of “Bertha”; in fact the current arrangement played by Dead and Co incorporates the Los Lobos arrangement.

Adam Smith
Thursday - September 30th 2021 11:21AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...





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Thursday - September 30th 2021 9:22AM MST

Humberto Fontova said:

"I'm here to tell you, probably 80% of the people who joined Casto's and Che's movement in early years had never heard of Marx or Lenin."

I don't think this is plausible. Although he may be able to flexibly define terms to make it work.

I recall reading Ernesto Guevara's own account of the 1956-59 insurgency (title something like "Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War"). It was mostly in the eastern mountains --- and not particularly glamorous at all for most of its run, until they successfully toppled the corrupt Bautista regime and paraded through Havana in full mountain-man beards and cigars and got their pictures taken. Then it looked pretty alluring for its time.

But the point is this: the original group of disgruntled hotheads around Castro had crammed themselves onto a small sea vessel called the 'Granma' in a Mexican port in 1956 or so (communist state media in Cuba is still today called GRANMA), filling the boat to 200% or 300% capacity and all out for adventure, kind of like a mix of old-school pirates and 20th-century national-liberation marxist insurgents.

The little 'Granma' landed in Cuba, but local police knew of Castro (who had been jailed earlier for being a hothead and agitator). At least half the 'Granma' men were killed or captured immediately by local police. Others soon fled the cause, which looked like a hopeless farce at first. Those who stayed and became the core of the Castro insurgency were political loyalists, much like Guevara himself, who definitely was a Marxist Believer. They were definitely politically aware enough to know who Marx and Lenin were.

The group of survivors and loyalists after the early reverses was also small enough that even if none of the others except Guevara and head-hothead Castro had "never heard of Marx or Lenin," Guevara would have told them all about it in the long lazy days in the life of the mountain guerrilla.

When the survivors of the 'Granma' successfully got into the hills and evaded the local police and military, they were able to live off local support, the key to any insurgency. Guevara talks of some old farmers who was delighted to see them and showed them a secret copy of some kind of Marxist documents, like the Communist Manifesto or the like, which he kept buried in a secret spot in the barn---as if sacred texts in a banned religion. I recall this anecdote. Maybe a self-serving anecdote from Mr. Guevara, writing later once Cuba had gone fully into the Soviet sphere, but it had the ring of authenticity to it, and suggests the Castro insurgents were identified with far-left politics from the start.

BTW, the original group of radicals and would-be revolutionaries around Castro was iirc almost entirely White, men fully passable as regular Spaniards. (Look up a pic of Camilo Cienfuegos, a top Castro lieutenant from the guerrilla days; Guevara makes clear he would have been a leading government figure had he lived). There was one single exception, a man named Juan Almeida, who was Black. All the other original lieutenants, from the wilderness years --- in eastern Cuba skirmishing with police, staging ambushes on military trucks, and running their vast propaganda campaign --- it was all a White-run affair.
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