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Posted On: Tuesday - September 28th 2021 4:17PM MST
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Don't it always seem to go ... don't know what you've got till it's gone...

(No, Joni Mitchell wasn't singing about the rule of law, but I am.)

We've got plenty of other stupidity to post about. The work being done by Trump supporters and Conservatives to prove out the myriad types of fraud and error in many States' in the '20 Presidential election error and fraud is a subject that Peak Stupidity has not been following at all due to reasons I'll put at the end. However, for those who don't read all the comments (hey, what's wrong with you?!) here is a wrap of of this subject, with lots of numbers, for Arizona. Mr. Hail brought up the many problems that stem from in the lax new voting method that allowed mass mail-in balloting. It's in the comments below this post.


** Results of Arizona Maricopa County forensic audit of Election 2020 **

In summary:

57,000+ problematic votes were cast and counted, (2.75% of votes cast).

Some of these were definitely illegally cast under law. Most would be rejected under a strict-scrutiny system. The rules were all relaxed, citing --- prepare yourself, this may come as a shock --- citing the ongoing Corona Flu Apocalypse and health catastrophe. Election authorities did their part to Slow The Spread (or whatever) by loosening the rules.

This in addition to whatever effect there was of the mandated mass mail-in voting without spillover into legal grey area on individual ballots, though of course some argue the entire mail-voting system mandate was of questionably legality.

All 57,000+ of these flagged votes are at least clearly in a grey area of legality and some even into a black area of "should have been rejected" --- absent the Corona-Panic's awesome power.

57,000+ illegal or legal-grey-area votes

2.07 million: Total votes counted in the county of Maricopa, including said 57,000 flagged votes.

That is a 2.75% problematic (arguably mostly or all illegal/rejectable) ballot rate.

The margin for the official results for this county--as certified by the governor under a cloud of suspicion, and over objections by the Arizona State Senate--in early December 2020:

Biden:Trump 50:48. The exact gap was 2.17% for the county itself.

Arizona statewide margin, certified result: 49.4% Biden to 49.1% Trump; absolute margin of 10,457 votes. The Maricopa County questionable-ballot rate exceeds the official victory margin by over 5x.

Exit polls suggest two-thirds of all votes counted in Arizona in 2020 were sent in by mail; all polls agree that mail-in voters broke for Biden by large margins. The official turnout in Arizona, as certified by the governor under a cloud of suspicion, was several points higher than normal, reaching 80% in 2020 vs. the mid-70s in other recent presidential elections; only 74% in 2016.

We can speculate on three sources of the +6 point voter-turnout rate, 2016 vs. 2020: (1) mail-in voting encouraging the marginal, lowest-info, laziest layer of potential voters to vote; (2) higher enthusiasm in 2020 than 2016; (3) one form or another of increased level of illegal voting.

If the 57,000 problematic ballots broke 60:40 for Biden, and if every single one of the problematic ballots were rejected rather than counted, and if all other counties' vote-totals were held constant, Trump would have won Arizona by a narrow margin. Trump won in in 2016 by 3.5 points.

US regime media headlines began reporting, early Friday, that the Arizona Audit had "confirmed that Biden won," when in fact what was meant, afaict, is there is no way to tell with certainty that the questionable-ballot margin would be really be 60:40 or not, or even which kind of problematic ballots should or should not be rejected.

The audit firm is not the government. It only worked in an advisory capacity. It is up to state law, in principle, to decide which ballots are to be counted and which rejected. But there are always grey areas requiring judgement calls. And then there are emergencies, for which laws can be suspended --- i.e., here the Corona Flu-Virus Catastrophe, which definitely threatened millions of deaths, they all sang in unison, and voting laws must be relaxed immediately to prevent more piles of flu deaths.

What is sovereignty? As a famous political theorist once put it, the sovereign is he who (or they who) have the power not to make "laws" but to make "exceptions," to decide when to make exceptions (declare emergencies) and when to go by the book. Grey areas on ballots seem a clear case of that, as does much else about the political effects of the Corona-Panic.

Back to the 2.75% questionable-ballot / potentially-illegal-ballot rate found for Maricopa County. Assuming it is correct --- and given the audit firm's triple-checking system and close scrutiny of every single ballot cast and counted, we should trust it --- we still would want to know:

(1) How much higher is it than normal for the same place? For example, is the base rate for this county 0.8-1.0% and then in Corona-Panic Year One it reached 2.75%, a 3x rise in 2020 over the elections of the previous few decades?

(2) Are other places higher or lower in absolute/relative terms? This is much harder to know. Arizona was not even one of the states with the late-night mystery-ballot dumps appearing from big metropolitan-area machines, conveniently appearing just in time to save Biden and make him president.

(3) European elections seem to publish full results including invalid/rejected ballots (sometimes called "spoiled ballots"). Why do I find no comparable data for the Arizona election? Surely they rejected SOME, somewhere. Did they reject ballots


Well, I will comment on one aspect, after all. Twice Mr. Hail brought up the use of the Kung Flu PanicFest to change procedures toward the even laxer side This is something we may have all noticed as a general thing. The type of people who understand "never letting a crisis go to waste" (I'll just call them Communists) are very good at this now. Think of some major changes to society based on this ginned-up PanicFest, and you'll see that they were almost all of benefit to the ctrl-left*: The trial period of what was basically a Universal Basic Income, paid for by borrowed or newly generated tax dollars, was one. That has proven to be an intense failure, as Peak Stupidity has attested to regarding the service industry in To the 3rd World - Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu!.

Of course, the newest push for Totalitarianism, with the LOCKDOWNS on demand, was the most egregious and important overall. Yes, this loosening of voting standards even more by most of the States was another way of not letting a (made-up) crisis go to waste.

Finally, the reasons I have not written a thing about the voting audits and investigations is, and I will just paste my comment from that same thread here:
... the reason I'm not following the story is not just that I've been reading on other political issues, or (some days) staying away from it all. It's also that I think the whole effort is hopeless. It's fine to set the record straight, but there is no way the political class will let even a bullet-proof explanation of a Trump victory in Arizona mean anything. They will just ignore the issue. The election results will not be changed, unless it's in the context of a coup (a real one this time).
Now Mr. Hail had a lot of more important points to make in reply on that thread**. He and commenter Alarmist also noted that the point of all this is to not just set the record straight but give reports with solid data to be used to reform the election process in those States. I'm probably just too cynical, but where I live, all I would expect out of all that is that the race card would be played by the ctrl-left, who want the window for fraud to stay open, maybe even wider, every single time any legislator came up with a bill to remedy anything. No, we may all know that the reform will have not a thing to do with race. That won't matter. Said legislator will fold his hand against that magic race card.

Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I would be glad to call State politicians in support of any bill. I am the one who said that some hope lies with the States. Perhaps I need to be in another one that makes me more hopeful.

No matter how I feel about it just writing here on the blog, I'm sure I'd feel better getting out and doing something about it. I'd have felt the most at home with the January 6th crowd***. Contrary to Mr. Hail's point about wanting to have good data to back up your actions, I think we are beyond that now. You either get enough people on your side and change things, whether through politics or otherwise, or you get rolled yet again by the ctrl-left. They don't care about no steeenking data! We've got to start thinking the same way. Don't try to explain things logically to the other side, or even your side. We know when we are right.

* I'll mention one exception that I can think of. That one is the homeschooling. I don't particularly mean the "remote schooling" that was implemented after schools got a plan, but just that this was a nice start for a change in mentality of many parents that "hey, maybe public schooling is not all it's cracked up to be" and "maybe homeschooling is for us after all" and "you don't have to be a crackpot fundamentalist..." (their wording) "... to homeschool".

** Mr. Hail also has a tie-in with the use of the January 6th protest/riot as "insurrection" and the curtailment of moves that were being made at the time to question the electoral vote result.

*** As I told our readers that afternoon, I almost went to it.

Adam Smith
Sunday - October 3rd 2021 9:09AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Kief,

Curious indeed. The other day your link didn't work for me. Today it does. (I tried it in 3 different browsers)

It's interesting how different operating systems/web browsers in different locations read the internet differently.

Deter Kief
Friday - October 1st 2021 2:41PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith - I tried your link and mine in the post below. Mine worked, yours didnt. Curious, isn't it?
Adam Smith
Friday - October 1st 2021 7:07AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Mr. Kief, is this the video you were trying to link to?

Mr. Ike, I agree! With everything you're saying. I agree that vaccines are making things worse (spreading the coof) and with your take on the election fraud. (Just enough fraud in enough of the right places) Interesting times. Thanks for the gigaohm link.

Dieter Kief
Thursday - September 30th 2021 2:08PM MST

Jeffferey A. Tucker looks at the CO-19 frenzy: "Where is the human conscience in all of this? Does it even exist among the ruling class machine? What happened to the old and settled concern for civil liberties, scientific inquiry and truth, minority rights, and bodily integrity?

The political purge of institutions is part of a larger drive for purity in our society. Some have called it the new Puritanism. The moniker fits. It’s all about separating the clean from the unclean, defined by whatever the priority of the moment happens to be (biological, moral, political). What began as a push for a pathogen-free nation moved to become the stigmatization of the sick and then a push for universal vaccination, even though none of it makes sense: the jab does not protect well against either infection or spread."

*****Postmodern reasoning killed modern rationality
Dieter Kief
Thursday - September 30th 2021 1:28PM MST
PS: PS: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough    basically says (out loud) that yes: 1) The USA should welcome more immigrants and: 2)Those who doubt the result of the 22020 Presidential elections are morally inferior to the immigrants:

So: The voter fraud debate is a debate about open borders and open borders are the antidote to the domestic ignorants (=the MAGA rednecks) - and will definitely help to beat them.

These are hard times for conspiracy theorists - they look a bit stupid in the light of the above video - like people who are trying hard to invent the wheel.
Thursday - September 30th 2021 12:09PM MST

Has Ron Unz ever written on the Arizona Audit specifically?

Even in a comment to mock someone who mentions it (as he is wont to do)?
Thursday - September 30th 2021 10:13AM MST

PeterIke wrote:

"As for Arizona, it was extremely disappointing that the audit results stopped where they did. Oh, 57K "suspicious" ballots? Well what was the vote tally on them? If it was 56K Biden votes, then things are a LOT more suspicious."

The 57,000 suspicious votes is an aggregate of all votes/voters wide range of technical problems, some of which are no doubt innocent mistakes by the voter (like many of the wrong address cases) and some majorly problematic (dead voters, non-citizens voting, double-voting)

Here is one example:

The county only rejected 0.03% of votes for signature non-matching ("Bad Signatures"). The Audit found this number should have been 0.22%+, by even a relatively relaxed threshold under industry-standard signature verification software. Also analyzed manually with pairs of eyes. A total of 0.19%+ of the certified vote should have been tossed for signature problems but instead were tossed in.

Remember the final, certified vote was Biden 49.4%, Orangeman 49.1%. A 0.3% margin.

-- 0.22% votes cast with "bad signatures" per industry-leading software (Audit Finding).

-- 0.03% ballots tossed by county for "bad signatures" or missing signatures (Certified Results by governor)

-- 0.19% ballots were allowed in and counted despite having definite signature problems for which they SHOULD NOT have been rejected.

If the margin of "bad signature" votes that slipped into the vote-count ran 3:1 for Biden, that alone is one-third of the state's margin for Biden right there, would reduce his state margin from 0.3% to 0.2%. If the bad-signature margin were 10:1 for Biden and all these votes were tossed, that's half the state margin (0.30%-->0.15%). And that's just one form of the problematic vote aggregate.

Having written all that out, I understand why some just want to avoid the whole thing. It can get really down in the weeds, nitpicking, minutiae.

More salacious that disputes over signature matching, which some may find tedious, was the finding that 17,322 mail-in votes were determined to be "2-Copy, 3-Copy, or 4-Copy duplicates." Supposedly cast by specific individuals acting alone. But they were exact duplicates. That raises some big red flags, I'd think, and these are highly suspicious votes and surely should be tossed in any comprehensive recount on suspicion of fraud. The county caught none of these 17,126 duplicate mail-in votes in their vote verification process. Zero. The duplicates amounted to 0.83% of all votes counted in the county.

Another mystery is the total absence of some 6,500 votes. Totally missing. The county reported a number 6,500 larger than the total number of votes found in the Audit. What is the explanation? That again adds another 0.3% of the total county vote to the "suspicious votes" pile... and so it goes on.
Thursday - September 30th 2021 7:48AM MST

The longtime Sailer commenter prime_noticer once wrote:

"Steve blocks any 'what to do about it' posts. he sees his blog as a guy on the deck of the Titanic, snark commenting minute by minute as the ship goes down. and that’s it. he’s not interested in doing anything about it or offering a platform for anybody who wants to save the ship to talk about it.’s his blog, he can do what he wants..."

This is thematically closely related to some of the points here, but also makes me wonder if (how much) he blocked comments on the Arizona Audit or generally on "V*ter Fr*ud" (as people had to write it on Twitter for a long while to circumvent the AI censors and shadowbanners).
Thursday - September 30th 2021 7:19AM MST

Hail said:

"Incidentally, I would be curious how much the Sailer commentariat dismisses the audit outright vs. how many are open to it."

As a member of that commentariat, I am 100% convinced there was fraud in the election. Not "widespread" fraud, just "wide enough" fraud, i.e. in six cities in six swing states. That's all you needed. Anyone who can look at the evidence and NOT be deeply suspicious is either a dolt or just fooling themselves.

As for Arizona, it was extremely disappointing that the audit results stopped where they did. Oh, 57K "suspicious" ballots? Well what was the vote tally on them? If it was 56K Biden votes, then things are a LOT more suspicious. And so on. It's like they were afraid to take anything to the next level.
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 7:52PM MST
PS: Thanks, Peter Ike. I am 18 minutes into Gigaohm's talk now. I will have to finish it later on. I had seen the clip of that NY Governor's talk already on iSteve. Sickening.
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 7:37PM MST

Re: Mr Kief and Mr Moderator and Mr Smith

...on the mystery(?) of why Steve Sailer has declined to ever mention the Arizona Audit between its start-date (late April?) and the announcement of results (last Friday).

These are all good thoughts on his motivations. I don't know that I have any better ideas.

I'd add this thought:

Given how Sailer effectively runs a "group blog" via the comment sections (which he regularly participates in, and from which he also draws material for main posts), he sometimes will make a post with minimal or no content just to elicit "Sailer commentariat" responses. Sometimes these are even just a single word of main content --- as in: "[Title]; Thoughts?"

He did nothing even like this for the Arizona Audit, even now five days past the results announcement, which suggests he actively wants to avoid the topic.

Incidentally, I would be curious how much the Sailer commentariat dismisses the audit outright vs. how many are open to it.
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 7:28PM MST

Adam Smith wrote:
"Off topic, but this video illustrates Mr. Hail's theory of the Covidian cult as a religion... Pretty creepy stuff..."

That video features here:


See link for video (8m30s), transcript by me, some commentary mainly as tie-in back to the original Corona Religion hypothesis I argued for as early as April 2020 (at iSteve comment sections and elsewhere) and then in a full-form way in mid-May 2020.

The rant from interim-governor Kathy Hochul about "God DEMANDS you get the vaccine!" "Be my apostles and spread the Vaccine!" --- some might dismiss it as just awkward talk by a less-than-refined, unelected politician. Even so it is a prefect frame, or tee-off point, for a revisiting of the Corona/Covid as Breakthrough New Religion hypothesis.

I believe my essay "Is Corona a Literal Religious Cult?" (May 18, 2020) was among the first to propose this in a comprehensive way. I'd like to think I influenced C.J. Hopkins, who I believe saw the outline of the theory at least. Hopkins wrote a highly influential series called "The Covidian Cult," widely republished.
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 7:19PM MST

PeterIke wrote:
"the whole thing has been a fraud and a tsunami of lies denying basic biology."

I am inclined to agree.

PeterIke wrote (paraphrasing Gigaohm): "Vaccines are almost surely making things worse"

Serious Corona-dissidents began saying this in August, I think, based on best calls on available early data from early-vaccine-adopter countries.

Right now it DOES seem like the best theory to fit the facts. But *saying* it makes a person sound crazy, like a street-corner ranter. (Within the giant frame that is the Corona-Panic, though, this has been the problem from the start...)

I also recommend this blog for good analysis, usually of the kind you'll start seeing elsewhere in a few months or a year: (Karl Denninger Blog)
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 11:02AM MST

Ain't been around much lately! Anyway, this is OT. Peaky, you have got to watch these videos on the Rona.

Especially the most recent. It's absolutely terrifying.

Short version: the whole thing has been a fraud and a tsunami of lies denying basic biology. Vaccines are almost surely making things worse, and may well make things MUCH worse in the near future. Fauci and many others should be in prison.

They guy is a biologist and there's lots of hard core science covered, but he blows apart the Science! arguments. And he presents things in a very easy to grasp way, even as he plows through multiple published research papers. One of the best things I've seen yet on the Rona and needs more attention.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 9:39AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Mr. Hail, thank you for your summary of the Maricopa County forensic audit results. I agree that these results will surprise no one and change nothing. Electoral fraud is nothing new, but this last selection was stolen with all the finesse of an angry 300-lb DMV negress. It was so obvious that even many mainstream Americans noticed. (How could they not?) Also, thanks for the Kunstler article. Interesting times...

I think Mr. Sailer still believes in democracy or “government” or something so strongly that he cannot entertain the idea that blatant fraud happened for all the world to see. To notice would create too much cognitive dissonance and cause him some discomfort. He probably still believes we can vote our way out of this mess and he doesn't want to diminish belief in the sanctity of the electoral process. (or something)

Off topic, but this video illustrates Mr. Hail's theory of the Covidian cult as a religion... Pretty creepy stuff...

And from Mr. Kunstler's article...

“Leana Wen of George Washington University, declared startlingly that vaccinated people are now a threat to the unvaccinated because the vaxed carry high viral loads, making them efficient Covid-19 spreaders.”

Which isn't exactly what she said, though pretty close...

I finally agree with this Wen about something...
Vaxxers are spreading the coof to their unneedled children.

Mr. Moderator, I too would feel at home with the Jan 6th crowd, even though I'm not much for crowds anymore...

I'm glad you didn't go as you might be sitting in solitary as a political prisoner. That would be most uncomfortable.

I hope everyone has a great day.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 9:02AM MST

The thing is, Mr. Moderator, that the clueless majority are being weaponized not to drag the rest of us down, rather to beat us down in a series of “two-minutes-hate” sessions drummed up by the M5M every day.
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 4:57AM MST
PS: MY point (2), Mr. Hail, did not address the election fraud at all, BTW, so my post will be the general rant about the ctrl-left, but let me add this to answer your question.

I think Mr. Sailer is sure there was cheating going on in the election. He even wrote a few quick historical posts about Nixon v Kennedy in 1960. However, I don't think that Mr. Sailer really understands deep down that widespread cheating and encouragement of even more of the same is simply what the left DOES now. It's not a few bad apples that need to be prosecuted to clean it up here and there... got to take one for the rule-of-law team this time and live with the results... it can be fixed ... no need to raise Holy Hell about it at the Capitol like some crazy BLM people or crazy 1960s radicals... get a broad-based across-the-aisle coalition together ... yes, that's the ticket...

I don't think there has to be any conspiracy by the D's written out or discussed in meeting. Steve would deride that speculation, but he wouldn't understand that the ctrl-left doesn't need that. Everyone on their side now is on the the same page in his thinking, "whatever it takes to win." PERIOD. Fidel Castro and his crowd didn't get a damn about rule of law any more than A.O.C. does.

So, Steve Sailer is not extremely concerned about Americans learning exactly how they were screwed in '20, by the numbers. He sees that just as a little bit of history that America will get past as it did in 1960. (See, Nixon came back... then he went again ...)
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 4:45AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I'm glad you asked that, as I forgot to address that in that previous comment thread. I think there are 2 answers that go together:

1) Steve has his certain interests. One is HBD/genetics/racial politics in America/etc. He does a good service in continually writing details and stats that back up the alt-right's feelings on this and even gets perused by some of the more well-known pundits and writers and even referred to by the less cowardly among them. Then, he likes sports, especially golf and, I give him grief about it just for fun, but the architecture of golf courses- he, it'd be good for him to get out of the house into the sunshine on the fairway, even smoke a little weed with the high school kids down in the sand traps... Mr. Sailer may have gotten a clue that most alt-right readers are pretty much disgusted by the black thugs in the NBA and NFL by now and don't support that anymore, but he just can't help it when the sports related to his HBD or when there are cool stats he is interested in.

Anyway, he has enough to write about that he can't get to it all. Also, without really looking into the numerical details (which you WOULD think is his thing), he may not feel qualified to chime in. However, here's (2)...

2) Steve Sailer may not think the "doubters" (a term Ron Unz would probably use if he didn't agree with us) are anything like the "hoaxers" on the Kung Flu PanicFest, but he is still a real believer in civil politics. See, if we can just get everyone to read his and his HBD forefathers' explanations with statistics and color glossy photos with circles and arrows (h/t Arlo Guthrie), we can show them that, YES, we are right about this. White people SHOULD be running the country, and we CAN all just get along if everyone understands what we've been trying to explain, most logically, I might add.

As much as many commenters have tried to explain to Mr. Sailer, this is not the America of 1980, much less 1950. The ctrl-left has not gotten tired of #Winning! You know what? I'll put some of this in another post that will be pretty much a rant. There will be no math.
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 4:31AM MST
PS: AWW, I think you're right that the majority of the people are too clueless to care and will be until it's too late. Will we let them drag the rest of us down?
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - September 29th 2021 1:43AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail - Since Steve Sailer more than once mused about the leading German 18th century physicist - and aphorist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, I go with the flow here and quote an aphorism that, I think, sums up what might have motivated him, to stay away from voter-fraud analyses - which would otherwise be right in the middle of what he writes about, since there are a lot of quantitaive and statistical questions connected with this subject of voter fraud...

So - here is Lichtenberg:

"He who paints a target on his front door must not be astonished, if somebody shoots into it."

No. 2: He was deeply disappointed about the performance of Donald Trump and - especially with regard to CO-19, which scared him quite a bit in the beginnig - found, that this President did a terrible disservice to the US (and the world, even). - But not only that: Trump was a disaster in his eyes and that carried him very far out: To the point even, that he made his Trump-posts he wrote before the election, and which were full of hope, in retrospect almost appear as if they had not been this way. - He looked ashamed (he is a sensible person - much more so, than many a reader might think).
So - a mixed but definitely a very well filled bag of motives for Mr. Sailer, to change gears and go on more in the retirement/ not too confrontative mood. - There's still plenty of (controversial too) stuff for him to werite about...

Thanks for the Howard Kunstler link too, Mr. Hail. Kunstler is quite right in hinting at the postmodern side of the way, this voter-fraud story is handled (=ridiculed) by the maintream.


Postmodernism has gone mainstream now - here, Curtis Yarvin with his remarks about the intellectual downfall of the New York Times is absolutely right and did hit the bull's eye of the matter! - To the great delight of Tucker Carlson!
Tuesday - September 28th 2021 8:13PM MST

Here is James Howard Kunstler, yesterday, writing on the Arizona Audit results:

"The Arizona election audit climaxed Friday [Sept 24] in the new mode of history-in-the-making: direct deposit in the memory hole‚ proving only (and conclusively) that this is the age of Anything Goes and Nothing Matters. The corporate media played the story as a fart in a windstorm for its audience of the avidly credulous. Nothing to see, folks, move along….

A closer review of the audit results reveals at least 57,000 ballots out-of-order in one way or another and evidence of county officials tampering with digital election records prior to the audit. These matters are now referred by the AZ Senate to the AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich [.....]"
Tuesday - September 28th 2021 8:12PM MST

Thank you, Mr. Moderator, for publishing this.

Why do you think Steve Sailer has never posted on the Arizona Audit at all? The same reasons as you cite or maybe (also) different ones?

I don't know, and am curious. Sailer is such a prolific commentator that it sometimes stands out when he *doesn't* mention something. (and, as for it "not really a current events site," that doesn't apply to Sailer.)
A Woke Wasteland
Tuesday - September 28th 2021 8:02PM MST
PS Big false flags and a new scariant or will it just be memory holed?
Boobus Normie doesn't care anyway and will be quite happy under the new CCP/Globalist management until rickshaw cart duty time rolls around.
The Chicago Jesus Hussein Hopenchange deleted the rule of law with the "historic" pen and phone.
We have to pass the kulak internment bill to find out what's in it, hee hee, giggle, updates to TwitFaceGram.
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