6 foot social distancing with 5 foot wide pianos

Posted On: Wednesday - September 22nd 2021 10:54AM MST
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From yesterday's foreboding post about it, we move on to the lighter side of the Kung Flu PanicFest. Don't get me wrong, this is still stupid, but it's on the lighter side.

They've got a room at the music school near us for kids to have group piano lessons. We wanted our boy to try that after a couple of years of private instruction. I can remember from his having a private lesson in one of those rooms that the pianos were packed in there, one next to each other, and another row back to back with these. I couldn't remember if it were 5 pianos wide or 6 (hence, 10 or 12 pianos).

Parents don't stay during the lessons, but I saw only a few other students come in and then, an hour later, come out.

"There weren't very many kids there today. How many usually come?".


"Yeah, but I thought for sure there were more pianos than that, 10 or 12 of them, right?"

"Yeah, but there are not kids at every other one due to the social distancing [crap]*."

"Yeah, OK, 6 ft, right, aren't these pianos wide enough?"

"I guess not."

We were about the measure our piano, but pulling out the tablet was quicker than grabbing the tape measure. Also, I wanted to find out if they varied a good bit.** I gathered from a quick search that that they are all around 58 to 60 inches, so around 5 ft.

"Wait, one kid could sit on one end of his, and the next kid ..." Besides the major technique problem I could foresee, I explained quickly why this wouldn't work. "What about the next kid? Think center to center." He understood his mistake right then, but the stupidity remains with the piano school.

This means they need twice the room time and twice the teacher time, all for a measly 1 ft! Not only that, but there is plexiglass between the pianos! Who do you gotta know at the CDC to get a waiver?

* He probably didn't say "crap", but he has gotten the negative attitude about the PanicFest pretty well internalized.

** Not the keyboard portion, of course, but whatever material on the ends.

Dieter Kief
Saturday - September 25th 2021 1:41AM MST
PS - Oooops one of them Norsemen did it again:

Anders Tegnell: Sweden Won The Argument On Covid – Unherd -Interview


Btw. - no covid vaccine-passport in Sweden, Denmark, Norway - and GB.
Friday - September 24th 2021 4:08AM MST
PS: Dieter, that's a pretty good article by Mr. Weingarten, much better than I would have expected and especially for Newsweek of all publications. His analogy with the Afghanistan war breaks down a a few places, when he writes about the elites wanting money and power*, for instance, but, yes, it's a decent analogy in general.

He brought up the point that both 9/11 and this Kung Flu were used to increase power and the Police State. Thanks for this one, Dieter.

* It's not like they don't, but the whole "mechanisms" were different.
Dieter Kief
Friday - September 24th 2021 2:13AM MST

Ben Weingarten in Newsweek: Let's Live With CO-19 - Not Submit To It - Give Ratio And Reason A Chance!

Wednesday - September 22nd 2021 12:33PM MST
PS: Haha, good one. The album has also got a number of good songs on it - we've featured one or two.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - September 22nd 2021 12:05PM MST

I suppose he could have simply said, “Don’t shoot me; I’m only the piano teacher.”
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