"Claiming to fight for freedom" in Australia

Posted On: Monday - September 20th 2021 12:52PM MST
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This will probably be better TV than you've watched in a while, the 2 youtube videos below. A recent Peak Stupidity post compared the tyranny going on downunder to the much more reasonable situation in Denmark. I wrote something in that post to the effect that the northern Europeans (and Scandinavians, I'd say, more so) are more respecting of authority than the genetically English-speaking, maybe too respecting.

The current Danish response to the Kung Flu seems to be one of the best in the world, however. What I worry about is that the authorities there have relaxed their hold on the people via this PanicFest simply due to the numbers. Don't get me wrong - the numbers in most of the world SHOULD tell us, and SHOULD HAVE told us, that we have been undergoing nothing more than a worse-than-normal virus season and there's no reason to change society around for the worse ... I mean, unless you're a tyrant.

What if the Danish have another wave of cases, deaths with the COVID, or whatever they can come up with. If their authorities say they must go back to wearing masks, this or that city must undergo LOCKDOWN, or "Social Distancing!", the people may shrug and go "oh well, that's too bad. Gotta do what you gotta do.". A precedent has been set. Things must be discussed calmly, the officials will hear you out, take a little advice and then make a decision you should be happy with.

This is why I like better what is happening in Australia. The authorities want to close down this road to keep people from exiting the city? Rather than argue the merits and constitutionality of this, Australians are finding great power in numbers and crashing the police lines. Once they'd had quite enough, they get to fighting back. There's great power in numbers, and the governments WILL lose this thing if they keep pushing like this. This latest has been very enjoyable to see. In Australia too, a precedent has been set. "Back way the hell off, or we will raise holy Hell and bring your governments down."

Let me comment more after the two videos. There are plenty more, some a lot longer on youtube (but I hope you will try bitchute too).

The title up top relates to a video I couldn't easily find* today after watching it yesterday. It's from one of the reporters in the studio at the beginning. He or she said "These people are claiming to fight for freedom." How biased or stupid are these people?! Or, do they not even know the definition of freedom? It ought to be obvious to any adult anywhere that being told you can't go down this street is an encroachment on freedom. I mean, even if it is somehow legal per whatever government decided that, it obviously takes away freedom. So no matter if you buy into this whole PanicFest, hook, line, and sinker, even if you think the LOCKDOWNs there are a great idea, there's no "claiming" about it, these people are fighting for freedom. You've got to be a stooge or an idiot not to understand that!

Another one, I think in one of these two videos, called the protests "So-called freedom rallies." "So-called"? Let me tell you why I used the word "stupid" above versus just "biased" or "stooge". Commenters may disagree (Mr. Anon), but I really don't think people like these news anchors are giving talking points or following a directive. They have been brainwashed their whole lives. They are part of the Establishment. I truly believe many of them have no idea what freedom means. This is their mindset, and it is pretty scary Americans can be like this.

* That's not necessarily because this one has been cancelled, but more that I lost the tab and didn't remember the exact title and the initial picture to find the clip.

Sunday - September 26th 2021 9:54PM MST

Dieter Kief wrote:

"Mod. - these nordic people are stubborn; you may not like them and you might be right in the end that their panic-fest resistance is not worthwhile."

There is something else going on than government-obedience vs. independent-spiritedness, or stubbornness.

To enter into discussion of the "something else" is to enter into the discussion of sovereignty.

To ask it directly: Is Denmark a sovereign state? In theory, yes, with an asterisk (EU membership). In practice, no. It is subject to major influence by large neighbors and by supranational institutions and by its senior security guarantor since 1945, the USA.

To take a crazy example: Say Denmark got the idea to send a few thousand troops to Burundi to topple a bad regime and occupy it while they help form a better government. Suspend your disbelief and just assume this is Copenhagen's policy, and it is unilateral. What would come of the plan? Would they really be able to do it? Clearly the key would be what the USA would say. In fact, the whole thing, if it happened at all, would end up being US/NATO responsibility. If Denmark did some adventure like this, it would be acting as a rogue ally and suck the US/NATO into the Burundi intervention. Washington would likely veto the whole crazy plan before it ever happened. The EU and NATO superstructures, too, would discourage the Burundi adventure and probably veto it long before it got to Washington. This all means Denmark is not a fully sovereign state. This also applies to domestic policy.

When the "rubber hits the road" on something as major as the Corona-Panic of 2020-21, small countries in the US orbit will end up beholden to the policy line taken by the agenda-setters in Washington, New York, etc. It works in both directions; Washington could both block Denmark from pursuing a policy course and influence Denmark towards its own direction, reactive and proactive.

In other words, it's not that "the Danish government made the wrong call and then the right call, and that people kind of went along with it in both cases, even if quietly rejecting a hardline Pro-Panic stance after the first month or two" (I understand the original post here to frame it this way). It's more like both government and people got stuck early on, not fully able to set their own policy line **as long as the central-power, under whose security-social-cultural-political umbrella Denmark acts as a semi-satellite-state, signaled that it wanted to Keep Up the Panic.**

The Danish government and people followed the arc of early Panic relatively similarly to others, even if they were among those guilty of embracing the Panic early. They closed their border already on March 13, 2020, days before similar extreme measures started going through in other countries, and almost two weeks I think before Germany finally caved in fully and totally to the Panic. (We forget that Germany itself held out against extremism and lockdownism, even if it later embraced the Pro-Panic position.) Denmark was an early pin to fall but was also was early on able to slip out of it, now basically fully.

The Denmark border closure to non-citizens, said to be to prevent flu viruses from entering the country, was for a one-month period. This itself was a major mistake because it immediately (as was written in the original post here) set precedent that the government could pull the trigger on draconian authoritarian measures in the name of a flu virus. But the same mistake was going on all over the world. It was such a mistake because once begun it is so hard to reverse.

I remember late spring of 2020. A lot of signals were coming out of a lot of US-orbit regimes in Europe and elsewhere that they believed the whole thing a giant mistake. A German government report got leaked calling the entire Corona-Panic a "global-scale false alarm" or something close to that, which was disavowed officially but probably meant elements of the Federal Republic regime wanted to dismantle the Panic apparatus. Why were they unable to do it? One reason is they needed the "OK" from the USA, which was absolutely not interested in the Trump Election run-up, to dismantling the Corona-Panic, and so it dragged on.

With Australia something else is going on, something that seems much darker to us now in 2021 but really is just an anachronistic slice of Peak Panic from our time in spring 2020 or so. At least at its start, Australia was also under implied pressure from the USA to keep ranks and hold fast to the Corona-Panic's battle standard.
Tuesday - September 21st 2021 2:48PM MST
PS: SutB, Denmark has a much better immigration policy than we do and I believe better than Australia too.

That's job #1!
Schwabville Under the Bridge
Tuesday - September 21st 2021 11:23AM MST
PS The Plandemic and the Jonestown Kool-Aid vax were made for the Great Reset Leap Forward.
The bat meat stew flu was also made to get rid of the populist Emmanuel Trumpstein and now the deplorables will be the two minutes hate scapegoats as the glorious Benetton Babel rainbow utopia is not on the menu.
Does Denmark have muh lowest common denominator egalitarian democracy, a free milk and honey welfare state or open borders? (rhetorical)
Tuesday - September 21st 2021 3:50AM MST
PS: Dieter, I'm not saying at all that I don't like them. The example of the snowflake types in the upper midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin) being so nice and compliant that they let a white city turn into another Chicago in 3 decades is an example. I shouldn't say "let", as plenty of Americans LET a lot of bad things happen. However, they downright invite strange foreigners into their midst.

Perhaps the problem is that these types are made for places with governments filled with non-Globalists that aren't out to destroy their lands. When they are under the thumb of Globalists, they are too nice to question or resist. What happened to the descendants of the Vikings is another question.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - September 21st 2021 12:13AM MST
PS Mod. - these nordic people are stubborn; you may not like them and you might be right in the end that their panic-fest resistance is not worthwhile.
But you might be simply impatient as well - to use no other, a tad darker words.
So -let's wait and see. I still find the US anti-panickers in South-Dakto etc. encouraging too. Even if their results are a bit of a mixed bag here and there.

I find all this stuff very interesting, I have to admit. Not least this article from The Atlantic by David Zweig - which got lots of thumbs-ups by CO-19 experts too.

And this one, not least, about the Ivermectin-Miracle in India - is it true - or too good to be true?
Listen to these two experts john Campbell and Pierre Kory and you might get the impression, that chances are, that the Indian Ivermectin story is somehow based in a medical (therapeutic) reality:

And this one is good too:

The Alarmist
Monday - September 20th 2021 11:06PM MST

Given the enthusiasm with which the Aussie cops (and French cops for that matter) turn on the people who pay their salaries, the people who pay their salaries are quickly running out of options for how to deal with them. Simply submitting is no longer a viable long-term option.

Consent of the governed and what not.
Monday - September 20th 2021 9:26PM MST
PS: Adam, I just read that Atlantic article, then Olga Khazan's book page on amazon, and then ever what I could stomach of her twitter page. This deserves a post of itself - mostly the Atlantic article. What a piece of work! Thanks for the heads up.

As for the Aussie cops, you do wonder if any of them could just take a minute and think about what they are enforcing. I think it's the same indoctrination and brainwashing. I understand they want to keep their jobs, but really, if they decide to do a half-assed job instead, taking it kind of easy and backing off, especially as a group, that "just doing my job" is not even any kind of excuse, much less a good one.

No, I guess they don't do any deep thinking about what they are actually doing to their fellow Aussies and whether this is the way a decent person should act. As for the "just doing my job" excuse again, somehow we were made to think that that's only the Germans who are like that. I'm guessing more of the Germans during the Nazi era were "just doing their jobs" under the threat of a lot worse things than getting fired, compared to NONE of the Australian cops. Yeah, where do they get so many of them?

Remember the hippie flower chicks sticking flowers in the National Guard soldiers gun barrels? I get a feeling those American authorities of the 1960s had more sympathy with the average protesting hippie (maybe not the violent Commie types) than these modern cops down there. The hippies were protesting in an era of great freedom still in this country. These Aussie cops - do they realize they are supporting a regime that restricts some of the last freedoms left?
Adam Smith
Monday - September 20th 2021 7:17PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator,

“So-called freedom rallies.”
“Claiming to fight for freedom.”

While it is entirely possible that these people are just reading words off a prompter, like Lester Holt, or that they were given “talking points” or they they're following a directive, they have been properly indoctrinated. These people would never get or keep these news anchor jobs if they were not the sort of people who had internalized the right values and beliefs about society. (People incapable of wrongthink.)

The TV newsman doesn't need to be reminded to not ask the wrong questions because he would never even think the wrong questions in the first place. They are much like these ThinBlueIsis Aussie Thugs who can go out and beat up and pepper spray old ladies and arrest people for violating “lockdown” or whatever excuse they use, albeit cut from a slightly different cloth.

The other day I read this article at the Atlantic...


and the tone of the article really kinda pissed me off.
So I looked up the author, Olga Khazan...


and I found out that she wrote this book...


and I couldn't help but wonder if she really considers herself an outsider? Heck, she probably does but she's an example of someone who is not only a member of the dominant culture but a writer for the regime's agenda setting media. This makes her very much not an outsider, but she is likely so brainwashed/indoctrinated that she doesn't realize this fact.


I'm glad to see the Aussies finally starting to fight back against this totalitarian statism. It is disheartening to see so many cops (where did Australia get so many cops?) willingly abuse the people of Australia. It's horrible what the people masquerading as “government” and their authoritarian minded followers have done to what seemed to be a nice place not that long ago.

I hope the people of Australia can get this under control soon. Too bad they don't have guns and ammo.

I wish I could send them some.

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