To the 3rd World - Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu!

Posted On: Monday - September 13th 2021 7:11PM MST
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Will America become a 3rd World country? Peak Stupidity maintains that it will be the Global Financial Stupidity, with much of it happening here, that will cause a crash that induces such economic pain and deprivation that there will no longer be time for the rest of the stupidity we describe in these pages. A big change could happen quickly. Others say there will just be a slow slide into Brazil-like demographics and a 3rd World way of living for most of us.

From what I've seen lately, I'm starting to think that this slide may be quicker than most of us had ever thought. The service industry was purposefully damaged by the Kung Flu PanicFest. From a few months in some places to a year of more in others of downright shut-down via edict, to rules on "social distancing", to hysteria of former customers, the direct effects were devastating. However, a long-term effect seems to have been that experimental-UBI-like deal in which people were paid better to stay home than they were paid for working hard. I write of the US Feral Gov't supported special unemployment benefits here.

It's hard to come back from this when service businesses are ALLOWED to open back up. Employees are just not showing back up so much. This has had the effect of turning what used to be 1st World businesses into closer to 3rd World ones. We have taken for granted that "this place is open from 8 AM to 7 PM" and "you go in and get your fast food in 5 minutes. 10 minutes would be ridiculous" and "the employees may not like you, but other than certain rude types (see I'm not 'loving it') , they will treat you professionally". All this we have taken for granted in our 1st World society doesn't seen to be the case anymore.

Even at the big hub airport, food places are closed during the middle of the day because "we're closed". It's lack of employees or at least employees showing up on time, that's the reason. A couple of the places that used to be extremely efficient aren't anymore. Sometimes it's lack of one more employee to make it run like it should, but other times, the people are there, but they just do not have their act together. Obviously the managers don't either. I've seen lines so long that some passengers have to decide whether to take a chance on missing their flights or maybe get their money back - it's a gamble.

Recently I was staying in a nice place, but the area was very dark, to put it that way. I sent to the Wendy's nearby in the middle of the day. The doors were locked, with no signs explaining why. I guessed it was more Kung Flu related hysteria creeping back in, but I'm not so sure the people inside just didn't want to open up the dining area.

I therefore walked through the drive-through line. I was there for 15 minutes first, as each car took about 5 minutes, not your normal pace. Then, there was lots of confusion about where I should actually order from. I tried the menu/speaker/microphone station, but after 5 minutes (with cars behind me) I heard "go to the next window". I went there, looked in, and some huge black lady told me to go to the pick-up window. There was 2 1/2 ft. between the window and a van right there, so it was a bit tricky to order.

While I waited my 5 minutes or so for the food, there was an older black guy also walking through the line. Yeah, he needed to borrow 50 cents for his favorite baked potato with cheese, but we'd already been on a friendly basis, so why not? We both noted the stupidity of it all, but I'm not sure the guy really cared about the "why" of it.

The "why" of it had first been my thinking that there must have only been 2 people in this Wendy's for it to operated so badly. No, but when I looked inside it from the window, I saw there were 6 or 7 employees. I saw the "why" of it anyway. There was not a White person in sight... nor a Hispanic, and Oriental, well, I could go on.

The 1st World just can't be run by these people. Without a few other-than-solid-black supervisors or at least half of the staff, it just quickly goes to an unorganized mess. There are two reasons: Firstly, no one will have the brainpower to keep thing organized by thinking ahead a bit. That includes making sure enough people show up. Secondly, there is just a real lack of caring about the customers.* Simply, nobody gives a damn how long the customers have to wait, how surly the employees may want to be, and how well the business runs, AT ALL. It just doesn't matter - worse cases, the business closes or you get fired - you just go back on welfare.

Due to the Socialist programs implemented since the 1960s and the demographic changes implemented in that same time period, the slow slide into incompetence and 3rd Worldliness has been in progress a long time. However, intentionally or not (I doubt it, as they aren't that smart), our elites have accelerated us along this course. They have a solution of course: More immigration! From 3rd-World countries!

* Peak Stupidity covered that in Hotel Haiti - on Caring. (The other 3 parts of that series were Hotel Haiti - Introduction, Hotel Haiti - on Competence, and Hotel Haiti - Conclusion.)

Friday - September 17th 2021 5:07AM MST
PS: Adam, regarding depopulation. I was just about to write what you have in your asterisked and following paragraph. I too would like to see. a world with fewer people. There's nothing at all wrong with that. The Japanese may have a temporarily tough time with so many elders, but they are inventive, and they'll get through it. When people bemoan that Japan is depopulating they are really not looking at the numbers.

The Japanese population went down from something like 140 million to 138 million over the last few years. Boo hoo! The place is still smaller than California (yeah, I lost a $20 bet on this, so I remember), which itself is overpopulated like hell now with 40 million from 20 million in the 1970s-80s.

Indeed, if this vax is some big plan, then yes it's an evil one. I was just thinking the same thing you wrote after that, Adam: There are better ways. If it were possible to end the Socialist Welfare State, and I don't know if it is without a full reset/revolution, then the dysgenics would end.

A world full of Africans will not work out for anybody, even the Africans. However, if the US, looked at separately, had not implemented the Welfare State in the 1930s and then on a much bigger scale in the 1960s, AND the immigration invasion hadn't happened, yet Americans tailed off their own birth rates from the baby boom as they did, we'd have had a stable population of 250 million or so, and of decent, hardworking people who could keep it a great place.

It sure does look like intentional destruction from 1964 on.
Friday - September 17th 2021 4:54AM MST
PS: I agree that there are powerful people who like control and want more control of the population. I lean a little more toward Steve Sailer's view, but not all the way, that these people just don't know WTF they are doing, and they bumble on from one stupid move (usually involving more Totalitarianism) to the next. However, unlike Mr. Sailer, I don't believe they have good intentions. If anything, I think they just don't give a damn about anyone but themselves, and about their assets and power. Maybe that's putting it generously.

Regarding ivermectin and other Kung Flu preventions and remedies, one thing I liked about the old China (just now sure nowadays, but say 10 years ago) was that you didn't need a prescription to buy anything from drug store. Want to take xyloproxyline with benzahystame? (Just making these up.). Have at it! Oops, they should not be taken together, and you died? Tough shit. Doctors here have a lot of control. Part of this is just their business model. You can't get a simple treatment often without going in for a visit, whatever that might cost.

Is the disregard and downright discouragement of the simple remedies nothing but the medical establishment protecting its turf? I don't know if it's more than that, and the elites want to stop all that home treatment to keep the PanicFest going, keep cases up, and COVID deaths up.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 15th 2021 1:53PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Alarmist,

I, unfortunately*, concur with your assessment.

If this were about health care we would not be witnessing the brutal repression of drugs like Ivermectin. There are so many different drugs and supplements that have proven very safe and very effective against the most sinister of viruses, no poison needles are necessary.

When PanicFest first started I noticed that IV Ascorbic Acid safely and thoroughly kills the coof. DanHessinMD was relentless last year as he pushed humidification as a cure for not only the coof, but for any respiratory disease. Lysine, Bromelain, Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Aceytlcystine have all proven safe and highly effective.

I've never before witnessed the people masquerading as “government” pushing any product, let alone a medical intervention, so hard. I do not think greed alone can explain what's going on. I think the people masquerading as “government” would love to strip us of our right to bodily integrity/sovereignty and our right to informed consent. I think they would love to claim the right of the state to inject the tax cattle with any poisons they deem appropriate at anytime.

* I say unfortunately because of all the death and misery that will result if this truly is part of the depopulation agenda. I'm not against living in a world with fewer people, (I'd actually prefer it). I would prefer a world with more room for wildlife and nature. I just don't like the way they are trying to achieve their goal.

Some people seem to get their panties in a wad when a society fails to reach replacement level. I see a decline in the fertility rate as a perfect opportunity to let the population decline in a natural way. I would, if it were in my power, stop subsidizing dysgenic fertility. I would probably subsidize sterilization, especially among certain parts of the population. I would somehow encourage smaller families and even childlessness as a way to achieve a smaller population long before I poisoned the whole of the earth with what appears to be a bioweapon.

There are plenty of ways to let the population of the developed world contract naturally. (Africa, not so much.)

I guess time will tell if this is really part of the depopulation agenda or if it is some other form of stupidity.

I hope you have a great evening Mr. Alarmist.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - September 15th 2021 11:09AM MST

@Dieter Kief, the fact that Western governments and medical systems are brutally repressing use of Ivermectin can only be another indicator that a larger agenda is at play. Most people think it is the enrichment of Big Pharma and the COVID Criminal Elite, but increasingly my money is on this being a mass depopulation effort.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - September 15th 2021 8:55AM MST

Too good to be true? Covid almost eradicated in Uttar Pradesh with the help of Ivermectin. - This would turn Brett Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory into prophets, because they predicted somehting like that - - -

If it would be - 50% true say, it would still be a stupidity to ignore it...
Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 15th 2021 8:44AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

I agree with Robert.
A properly seasoned griddle should not be cleaned too often or too aggressively. Bring back the Lard!

Mr. Moderator, I would have served you a yummy chocolate frosty at the drive thru. When I was a kid I used to work the drive thru at an Arby's. While it didn't happen often, I did, on more than a few occasions, serve a bicyclist at the drive thru. They had to ride up and knock on the window because the inductive loop in the pad by the menuboard/speaker would not detect someone on a bicycle. Perhaps there was a company policy about not serving bicyclists at the drive thru, but, I'm not an arbitrary rules guy. I figured that Arby's is in the business of selling stuff, so I never turned away a customer.

Mr. Hail, “The Corona-Panic as mega-scale example of anarcho-tyranny” is an interesting idea. I'm not so sure that “the Pro-Panic side will get tired of it all”, at least not anytime soon. It seems too many of the panickers love all the authoritarianism and drama that PanicFest has to offer. I think “the bulk of the Anti-Panic side seemed content to wait it out” because we are on the “live and let live but please leave us alone” side of this divide. For some reason the panickers are not willing to extend the same courtesy to us. I think “the whole thing got so repetitive” because the panickers are being so irrational and so fearful. As you say, “they have their arguments and those arguments seem to stick for many panickers and it's all backed up by the might of social consensus”, a consensus that has been carefully manufactured using the media's giant megaphone.

My definition of anarchy is absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal. It seems most people define it as a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. Maybe it's a little like libertarianism in the sense that most people are not responsible enough and therefore cannot handle the kind of freedom libertarians and anarchists advocate. Too many people want mommygov to coddle them from cradle to grave. Too many people are scared of freedom.

I don't eat fast food often but I think when it is fresh off the grill and assembled properly my favorite fast food burger is a Burger King Whopper. I do eat the occasional Chick-Fil-A (4 piece chicken strips with creamy salsa for dipping and lots of pickles on the side) and the filet-o-fish at Mcdonalds will do in a pinch. I went through a Wendy's phase years ago but haven't eaten there in years, even though it is one of the few fast food joints in town. I've never eaten at a White Castle. I would try Skyline Chili if there was one nearby. I've eaten at Whataburger one time and I've never been to an In-N-Out. Sometimes the quality is dependent on the franchise one visits and how well it is run.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Wednesday - September 15th 2021 2:07AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, it is too bad about Norm McDonald. There was a celebrity who was on our side. You don't get many. Steve Sailer wrote an R.I.P. post, one of the few I have cared about enough to read and comment on.
Wednesday - September 15th 2021 2:05AM MST
PS: Corrupt, you've got a good point. I am lucky to have a strong stomach, in this respect. I'm still here writing you back, haha, but yeah, I shouldn't support this stupidity to begin with. It's like with the places that don't take cash right now. I've done it some of the time, but I should always just leave "OK, see ya."

I've come close to getting the food before anyone told me cash only - that's when it's time to say, "sorry, you have to take US currency by law. Don't want it? See ya'" (with food in hand) I didn't want to cause a scene in that particular case.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 7:59PM MST

@Mr Ganderson, if you’re in Cincinnati, skip Whitey Cassel’s and go straight to Skyline Chili.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 7:55PM MST
PS: Mr. Anderson, Re: White Castles. I do still like me a sackful of sliders, (I had thought that a slider was a White Castle Burger, but I see that is some kind of generic term now --- a growing imprecision of language.) but they keep things too clean now.

There is no need to scrape a proper griddle that is kept hot eighteen hours a day. There is no need to change the oil so often (and bring back the lard). And only the first batch of fries after cooking fish taste funny.

Potatoes have so many uses.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 4:18PM MST
I find Wendy’s to be the best of my available ff choices- no White Castles in New England, although I was pleased to discover there’s one around the corner from my son’s new place in Cincinnati

Also OT- sad news that the great Norm Macdonald will not be down for breakfast.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 3:38PM MST

The author has a death wish (or at least a disease wish) going to a fast food place staffed as he described. I’ve seen too many videos of food being given “special treatment” to eat at such a place unless I can directly observe the preparation.
What Interesting Times
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 3:14PM MST
PS Off Topic Alert-Are you keeping up on what is unfolding in the imperial swamp?
Comrade kommissar Milley (CPUSA) contacted his Chinese counterpart after January 6 and revealed military information.
Deep State nomenklatura apparatchik Vindman is the one who revealed all of this in a tweet.
He of the muh Russia and Zelensky fame.
There is also talk that the leader of Das Heimat Schutze (DHS) has suddenly resigned.
Still looking into it as events unfold quickly.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 1:49PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, it may well go that way. I just wish a small remnant of patriotic normal Americans could have a place of our own, to be left alone by those at the top and the demographic bottom.

Mr. Ganderson, I don't know how you could ditch that stuff - as non-healthful as it is, isn't it delicious? Maybe they wanted cloth tablecloths.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 1:46PM MST
PS: Alarmist, first, thanks for the report from Florida. I really thought I was done wearing the masks other than where/when required at work (a pretty small bit of it, luckily). I have a story about a relative, the workplace, and the vaccine too, which I can relate in a post. I thought what you told them in the office was very good, too!

Way back I used to ride my bike everywhere, and I ate the fast food too much. I'd go through the drive-through (I think it was just faster than inside) and Wendy's would tell me no. I understood it was a liability thing, but I'd just tell them there through the microphone that "well, I'm not going anywhere. Call the cops if you want.". Mmmm, chocolate frosty!

The walking through was a little dicey, and the way it went - with the total time of nearly 1/2 hour wasted - should teach me that someone doesn't want me eating this crap, very tasty crap, but crap nonetheless. Once that guy was next to me chatting next to the wall of the restaurant, we were at least doubly visible. This gets to what I've written before - black people are in a few ways easier to deal with, as their uncaring attitude means they also aren't going to enforce that no-walk-thorough policy, while a White person may well have.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 12:08PM MST
There’s a story that when John Forbes “Live Shot” Kerry was running for president his campaign bus stopped at a Wendy’s to press the flesh. They annoyed the mostly indifferent lunch crowd, bought food and took off. Down the road they dumped the Wendy’s food and ate their boxed lunches from a French Laundry type place.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 11:25AM MST
PS For starters, Those Who Rule Us don’t give a flying fig about the sort of folks who eat at Wendy’s. For seconds, Who knows if or when the bottom will fall out? It’s possible that the collapse will be so total that everywhere will become the Third World. My guess is that, although things are likely to get very rough for us ordinary folks, there will still be folks at the top that will be running things. The service at the French Laundry will remain impeccable. In the US, it will be amusing to watch the .Indians and the Chinese and the Jews fighting for the top spots. Perhaps a few WASPS will still be competing. I sure wouldn’t want to be a Negro when Whitey has finally been seen off.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 11:15AM MST
PS: I surely don't mind a long comment like that, Mr. Hail. I look forward to seeing your edited/cleaned-up/reviese or whatever take on that on your site. (I was wondering when you were going to post next.). Now, on the microscale, the stuff like the non-vaxxed and non-test illegals going everywhere while people are chewed out for not putting their face masks on* is both hypocritical AND Anarcho-Tyrannic IMO. I mean, they would sure test the living daylights of a White immigrant from Eurpoe who managed to get through the proper channels to even get to the shores here with an immigrant visa.

The people at the top value the population replacement, and they will not let the minor issue of looking like they aren't really panicking set them back any.

Gotta go for a bit. Thanks for all the comments, everyone. I'll write more later.

*. BTW, Alarmist, the local libary is now requireing them yet again! That wasn't the case last week. They are not yet holding court outside and (somehow) cleaing up all the materials. So, who knows how many germs we spread during those "lost months".
The Alarmist
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 10:05AM MST

I popped across the Pond over the weekend to breathe some free air sans mask, but I was surprised to see more than half the folks around me now wearing masks, mostly indoors but some outdoors. Back in June it was less than half. They must have cranked up the Doom Porn for Delta.

Oddly enough, most of the residents in my condo complex are in their ‘70s and up, but I haven’t seen any of them wearing masks around the complex. Must be faith in the beach air. It’s the river-rats who live on the other side of this barrier isle and over on the mainland who appear to be the ones living in bio-terror.

Some of my fave mom and pop restaurants have given up the ghost, but my fave diner is still there. Back in June, one of our frequent servers had expressed frustration for the work at pay that was increasingly uncompetitive; this time around, she is nowhere to be seen, but there are a couple new servers, so some people are still showing up for work. In any case, the diner is hopping on most days. Oddly, the national chains aren’t as busy as one might expect, but locals who are still open, like the diners and a couple ribs joints (which are local chains) are doing quite well.

I tried walking through a drive-through once and they wouldn’t give me the time of day. I wonder if that will change when they ban our vehicles. Lulz... who am I kidding? If the vaxxes don’t kill us all, they’ll finish the rest of us in the camps. No need for vehicles or drive-throughs.

I will say that nobody has been rude to me in this corner of the Sunshine State about going maskless in their establishment. Makes it hard to want to go back to Europe, where I was told last week that my unvaxxed posterior might not be allowed to physically come to the office in the coming weeks. I told the board member who confided this to me that this was under consideration that “It is 1936, and I’m the Jew,” which made him turn as white as a sheet when he realized the reality of what they are thinking.

When I get back to the office, I have to put up a sign that says “Vaxxes Macht Frei.”

Tuesday - September 14th 2021 9:39AM MST

Moderator wrote: "Things are just not being taken care of as they used to be. Yet we just borrowed, what $6 Trillion? Or was it "only" $3 Trillion?"

An interesting use of the word 'we'!

I think there is a clear-cut argument for a post-USA future somewhere in there, as long as 'we' find a word other than "secession."
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 9:32AM MST

Wow. That comment (one below) was much longer than I thought it would be. Thank you for the space and the indulgence.

Take solace ye who are wary of or annoyed by long OT comments for it is not OT, it basically is a response to this post, building on points in the original entry here on Wendy's.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 9:28AM MST

I want to add a little more of a direct response to the content of this original entry, with preliminary apologies again for length (I may later make this into a post of its own, so call this a working draft, inspired by this Peak Stupidity post.

The Czech dissident Havel used the imagery of a cardboard sign in a Prague greengrocer's shop window as the frame for his famous late-1970s-era effort to understand the social problem of regime support, or non-opposition, under the East European communist regimes. This Wendy's example could be a similar concrete analytical anchor for an attempt to understand the Corona-Panic and specifically its turbocharging of the pre-existing implicit policy of "anarcho-tyranny."

(My apologies for tangential-seeming earlier comment, which could/should be a post of its own on the intellectual history of "anarcho-tyranny" as a term/concept.)


The Corona Pro-Panic vs. Anti-Panic divide remains fascinating to think about in cultural and political context (less fun to actually live with, given the many disruptions, including those described at PEAK STUPIDITY over the past 18 months). But it became tiring because the two positions seemed to dig in and not change.

It was disappointing and disorienting in early-mid 2020 seeing some of those I respected most fall into the Pro-Panic clutches and serving up the same warmed-over talking points or blandly endorsing them or implying they were sacred text.

To be undiplomatic about it, the Pro-Panic side is simply wrong, and wrong from the start, but as a rhetorical matter they have their arguments and those arguments seem to stick for many people, backed up by the might of social consensus.

Almost all the good data analysis and cultural-political commentary seemed to be coming out of the Anti-Panic side since at least mid-spring 2020. But the Pro-Panic side seemed uninterested in engaging with the ideas. And so it all became so repetitive.

Observing this reality, the bulk of the Anti-Panic side seemed content to wait it out, let the Pro-Panic side finally get tired of its own destructive and crazy power-grab and allow the whole evil clown-balloon to deflate. This was widely expected to happen after Trump was successfully removed, clearly a motivation by many of the loudest Pro-Panic voices in the USA itself, spilling over worldwide given that the USA remains an agenda-setter in such things.

This "the Pro-Panic side will get tired of it all" seemed to have been the path we were on, the Anti-Panic side's wait-it-out strategy seemed to work, and for three+ months in the USA in spring and into summer 2021 it seemed to be either over or in its denouement phase. Timelines differ elsewhere, but broadly are similar elsewhere---excluding the Permanent Terror-Virus Fanatic State, f.k.a. Australia.

One reason the Anti-Panic side adopted this dubious strategy was that the whole thing got so repetitive. I still today hear the exact same arguments, things we knew with certainty from near the start occasionally pop up as fresh takes or shocking new findings. There was one today in The Atlantic. It's tiring to see these because if they had asked the leading people of the Anti-Panic side in April or May 2020, they could have told you the same thing. Much same with the vaccine debate, though on some of the finer points it was more like months back. So most Corona-Panic talk in the media now must be subject to a Kremlinology-like analysis, not what they say but who's saying it, when, and why. I often see good commentary on it all but I rarely see genuinely new 'takes.'

BUT --- "The Corona-Panic as mega-scale example of anarcho-tyranny" is a genuinely fresh 'take.' I know there are people who have made this point on micro-scale, with one-off examples here and there. But I don't know that I've seen it framed explicitly as anarcho-tyranny before ("it" meaning the whole thing, the social-cultural-political phenomenon of a sustained Flu Virus Panic dominating discourse and majorly disrupting life, for little apparent reason). It fits.

But it's much easier to see the 'tyranny' part of the whole thing than the 'anarchy' part.

Even people who were never on the Anti-Panic side, and somewhat ambivalent about the whole Pro-Panic vs. Anti-Panic debate, now clearly see the 'tyranny' element. How can they not? Here is one case:

What in the 2010s was the Alex Jones-fringe "CCP digital social credit score system is imminent for the USA" scaremongering is now very near the mainstream. Not that Banned Hipster is mainstream, mind you, but I am pretty sure you would have found him mocking such things in the 2000s and 2010s, even most of the terrible year 2020. But now it's just obvious to him.

So the 'tyranny' part is easy.

The 'anarchy' part is I think less intuitive. The easier cases are to take non-CoronaPanic-related examples and hold them up to Corona rules, the vaccine-optional Afghan evacuees triggering measles outbreaks in Virginia vs. not being able to socially interact normally without a "vaccine app" in NYC works, but it is to some extent apples and oranges, in other words an appeal to hypocrisy by the Pro-Panic side.

Let me try to expand on what the 'anarchy' part of Corona-Panic Anarcho-Tyranny may be, specifically using the closed (drive thru only) Wendy's as an example.

From the original entry here:

"Even at the big hub airport, food places are closed during the middle of the day because "we're closed". It's lack of employees or at least employees showing up on time, that's the reason. A couple of the places that used to be extremely efficient aren't anymore."

"I guessed it [Wendy's closure] was more Kung Flu related hysteria creeping back in, but I'm not so sure the people inside just didn't want to open up the dining area."

Why did these things happen?

To go a different way with the question: How do we understand 'anarchy'? One way might be: things not working in the way they're supposed to, *specifically* because people do what they want rather than what they are supposed to do.

Anarchic conditions can be a manifestation of simple laziness, at root. (This fits the bill at the micro scale, with one archetypal type of Western anarchist also being personally lazy and slovenly.)

It would be one thing if all fast food restaurants were closed to dining as a matter of course and worked instead like hot dog stands---by which you buy what they're selling and you find somewhere to eat it, a park bench, while walking away to another destination, or sitting inside your car (many do this one anyway, even in normal times). The fast food model is supposed to offer dining, the patron allowed to or even encouraged to sit for fifty or twenty-five minutes, sometimes maybe even more than that, being out of the elements, able to wash your hands, use the toilet, and nowadays use the wifi or power outlets in some cases, and more. But if customers come in and hang around for any duration of time, that requires more work for staff, like taking out trash, wiping tables, cleaning up spills, restocking the bathroom with paper towels, and a hundred other little things. The lazy fast-food staff would prefer to shut it down. So some of them do it.

This element of the Corona Pro-Panic coalition has existed from the start and is found both at low-end (fast food, among others) and high-end (high-salaried office people).

In other words, most aspects of life were allowed to get worse, with those finding themselves on the side favoring break-down in established order for personal benefit. The closed-indoor-dining Wendy's and its lazy staff is a tangible if trivial-seeming example.

The market would EASILY solve this "anarchic slide" problem, if allowed to, and lazy fast food places would fail and better ones would take over the market.

So it's specifically the tag-team of anarcho+tyranny. The Corona-Panic's long wake of social disruptions allowed for people to indulge anarchic tendencies (to "get mine and screw the social order"), which has part of the backbone of the Pro-Panic coalition from the start. This in addition, on individual level, to indulge in anti-social tendencies and "stay home" much more than is healthy, what would have been diagnosed some kind of mental disorder in 2019.

The public-health panic became a cover for forces of anarchy, for cultural-political centrifugal forces. If our reality is a giant card game, the Corona card was a giant trump card and beat the normal winning hands and disrupt the normal flow of the game. Anarchy is normally not encouraged, and the market mechanism can easily sweep it out when it creeps into many aspects of life, but this broke down entirely and even now, past the +18month mark, many parts of life show signs of anarchic decay. But this was part of the package all along.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 7:52AM MST

I’ve made this point many times- the people who run our big cities are completely uninterested in the mundane tasks of city governance- paving, traffic control (except for bike lanes, of course) plowing, sewers, etc. The old machine guys were corrupt as hell, but they made sure the garbage got picked up.

Howie Carr on his radio show the other day was talking about an article in the NYT (not read by me) that was about the hackerama that is the Mass Airport Authority (MASSPORT ) and the extent to which the hackerama contributed to 9/11. Howie was extensively quoted.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 5:51AM MST
PS: Back to the Primitive: You reminded me of stoplights. At one intersection one out of the two red lights for each of two of the four directions was burned out. If I'd seen someone from the city, I'd have let them know like I've done before, but they were like this for 2 months or so.

It's one thing for a green or yellow to be burned out. If the other red one goes, then anyone not familiar with the intersection would go straight through. There'd be a wreck in no time.

Things are just not being taken care of as they used to be. Yet we just borrowed, what $6 Trillion? Or was it "only" $3 Trillion?
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 5:47AM MST
PS: Also, Mr. Hail, as for your last paragraph of your first comment - Anarcho-Tyranny and the Kung Flu - another point is that illegal aliens and Afghan "translators" are let in with no control whatsoever of their state of infection. Yet, you try to buy a bag of oat bran without a face diaper on, and they freak out.
Tuesday - September 14th 2021 5:44AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, there are a quite a few posts with the "Anarcho-Tyranny" topic key, but the way these keys are, some of the posts are only slightly related to the term. Yes, I am familiar with Sam Francis (for me, it's from VDare), and I also gave him credit for having coined this term.

This particular post doesn't have that topic key, as I was just commenting on the way the country will run if certain demographics are really let to completely run things. However, if you try to fire these employees or state what the real problem is, yeah, the Anarcho-Tyranny's 2nd part will come after you.

BTW, I really don't know why the dBase has the numbers of the topic keys in the order it does. It should be based on the order of their creation, but it seems like I have more numbers than actual keys, 75 keys but the last ones I started are up to over 100. I haven't been deleting any. (This may have been from the early experimental phase of the site?)
The Great Leap Back to the Primitive
Monday - September 13th 2021 9:41PM MST
PS It already is a third world turd.
Look at the infrastructure in your locality.
Here we have downed stop signs, yes some want the sign for their garage but don't have the tool for the thread less screws, and downed street lights which are made of metal even if it isn't a high grade.
Import the third world and you get the third world.
This is a feature and not a bug to the Jonestown Kool-Aid burn it all down by any means necessary true believers.
When we are all roasting rat kebabs over a 55 gallon drum and trying to ignore the stench from the slit trench latrine and the rolling shootout nearby, the precious indispensable egalitarian utopia will finally commence with equality of results for all comrades.
Monday - September 13th 2021 8:39PM MST

PEAK STUPIDITY topic-Key No.80: "Anarcho-tyranny."

Right behind topic-key No.79, "Science."


Science (n.b., THE Science) is a now full-on part of anarcho-tyranny, something I don't know that even the most cynical expected even in the late 2010s.
Monday - September 13th 2021 8:16PM MST

"A big change could happen quickly. Others say there will just be a slow slide into Brazil-like demographics and a 3rd World way of living for most of us.

From what I've seen lately, I'm starting to think that this slide may be quicker than most of us had ever thought. The service industry was purposefully damaged by the Kung Flu PanicFest. [...]"

It may be cliche around here, but I think what you are describing is basically a variant of Anarcho-Tyranny, that beautiful concept which in six-syllables, one-and-a-half words, seems so perfect that no wonder it has found fertile rhetorical ground and has taken root.

"Anarcho-tyranny" is lately a fairly oft-heard term now. I am pretty sure it is often heard on Tucker Carlson. But it was coined and developed as a concept and descriptive term by the Right-wing intellectual Dr Sam Francis in the 1990s.

I am sure in the 1980s already he had the *concept* in mind, but written record of the term itself first appears in 1992 in his syndicated columns, which, given how much he wrote, suggests to me either heard or personally coined the term in 1991 or early 1992, in time for the LA Riots.

(Francis was an opinion columnist on the side and was published widely in newspapers in the 1990s, generally first in the Washington Times, but syndicated in dozens of papers; he was finally unpersoned about late 2003, cut from his last paper newspaper, although VDare kept him until the end; died Jan 2005.)

Here is one of Francis' first columns on anarcho-tyranny I've just dug up from the archives:

I think his very first column to ever appear in print on the subject "anarcho-tyranny" (which I cannot find) appeared soon after the LA Riots of April 1992, and referenced the LAPD and the riots specifically as an example of the concept. The imagery he used was that the LAPD had failed to intervene to stop the widest-scale lootings and arsons in a generation but promptly arrested the Korean shop owners for organizing armed defense squads, on grounds of illegal guns or other such violations, and at time of writing some of them were in the court system for said violations. That's anarcho-tyranny!

These early-1990s columns are surprisingly relevant today given that thirty years have passed under the bridge since.

"I'm starting to think that this slide may be quicker than most of us had ever thought" --- The Corona-Panic and associated events have all the features anarcho-tyranny, turned up a few notches the slightly surreal. Making life seemingly deliberately, harder/worse for the good people or just regular people (would-be burger customers) is one of the key planks of the entire thing.

Remember when Blue State governors and mayors started letting convicted criminals out of jails and prisons early to Fight Covid? Lots of people started seeing it in stark relief: "Let the criminals out; Keep the law-abiding people locked in." But many other parts of the whole Corona-Panic social phenomenon have anarcho-tyrannistic features, including things as small as closing public bathrooms, public drinking fountains, seating at restaurants, or even the entire interior of the restaurant minus the "drive-thru" (walk-thru).
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