Easy for you to say.

Posted On: Tuesday - September 7th 2021 6:28PM MST
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First, get your English* straight** and then your handwriting!***.

This is a new flavor of Political Correctness stupidity, but it's part of a larger class. The deal is now that everyone is to cater to the whims of everyone who wants to be different. The common-sensical iSteve commenter "Another Dad" dubs this Minoritarianism.

The picture above is from a website run by the county government. I suppose the roads are all smooth as can be, so they have this money and time to spend on a program telling people to learn how to pronounce odd-ass names. Somewhat coincidentally, I was recently working with a Oriental lady with a name that I had to keep looking up (probably 10 times) to keep straight. This one was not a very hard one to pronounce. I just kept mixing it up in my head, and she was a nice enough woman that I'd have felt bad getting it wrong, at least by the 3rd time. (She actually had a name tag on, but it had only her last name, which was too easy.)

Well, I'm just sorry as all get-out for wasting the time of those government employees running this important program, but I simply don't feel like it's my responsibility to learn how to pronounce foreign and other weird-ass names. Two main groups have the problem. (Well, according to these nut cases, I'm supposed to be the problem.) That would be the usually single-Mom-run black "families" and the many foreigners.

The black people have the ridiculous fancy French-sounding first names. Hey, most White Americans have always had a problem pronouncing French words. How, about y'all, black folk? I didn't see many of you in French class, actually none of you, come to think back. Did y'alls Mamas teach dat? It's even harder for me when the spelling is jacked up.

As for the foreigners, yeah, with languages that don't resemble anything in the Romance, Germanic, and often even the Expectoration-based languages, it doesn't come easy for us. Not all of us regular Americans are cunning liguists.

Might the answer to this stressful "hard to pronounce" problem for the black Americans be as simple as "Don't pick stupid idiotic-sounding names out of your ass in the delivery room! There are books." It's really about ditching all culture of White America, though. OK, you want to do that? I'm not gonna make ANY effort to pronounce Shitavious' and Shaniqua's right!

What new immigrants to America used to do was either shorten up, or simplify in some way, their family names to fit in with Americans' ability to pronounce them. For their first names, and occasionally their last names, they might even pick new ones entirely, often regular Christian names. (Occasionally, that would work out pretty nicely, as when the Vietnamese Ahn became Anne, for example.)

As a quick aside, with so many Indians being imported and importing their kin, - - caste members, and slaves, we are supposed to, per the scolds of programs like that mentioned above, learn how to pronounce their names too. Indian syllables are not hard for us to pronounce at all, it turns out. The problem is the great number of syllables. Get up to 2, maybe 3, and freaking STOP. Just end it already!

As an immigrant, you could teach everyone how to pronounce your name over and over again, and bich about it your whole life, maybe even in The New Yorker. Or, now here's an idea... you could just assimilate, as was greatly encouraged before multiculturalism emerged as a new form of stupidity. Your name might be easy for you to say, but could you try to fit into our culture in which it isn't easy for us?

Per the blurb above, my mispronouncing of your name could "lead you to shy away from your own culture and family". Do they mean that as in "assimilate"? What's wrong with that? Is it that it might not lead to multiculturalism? Man, the people that made that graphic have a lot of damn gall. If you want people to pronounce your name right, you can stay where you came from - they know how to say it - or you can make it pronounceable. Either way, NOT! MY! PROBLEM!

* Yeah, using "theirs" twice is the mistake. I read this and go "pronounce whose names and whose cultures?" I've seen this gender PC writing get downright dangerous, as it's written in manuals with safety information in them. It hurts communication, but not as much as the face diapers. BTW, to simply avoid having to write the default male gendered "his", the writer could have just put "children", plural, at the beginning of the "statement".

** OK, second. First, kill all the lawyers.

*** "Pronovnce"? I'm pretty sure the people involved in this program are not un-spelling-reformed Early American Colonist types.

Thursday - September 9th 2021 6:16PM MST

A lot of US-Americans and Northern Europeans active in Latin America in the 19th and 20th centuries took on latinized versions of their birth names. Francis became Francisco. Peter became Pedro. And so on.

Why did they do it?

Who gets blamed for that kind of name-switch, who is the aggressor and who the victim?
Thursday - September 9th 2021 11:21AM MST
PS: Robert, I remember having 30 before for a post, and maybe a little over. It should be an easy-enough SQL statement for me, but I do have to think about it a bit.

Anyway, not only thanks for trying to help, Robert, but thanks to all of you for the great discussion!
Thursday - September 9th 2021 10:38AM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, Is this Peak Comment? I seem to remember seeing comment threads twentie-something long; but, what was the record? Guinnes World Records was no help here.

What do we have to do to achieve immortal fame and glory?
Thursday - September 9th 2021 5:22AM MST

Mr. Hail- Good to know you are still around. As for pronouncing a name correctly, according to the native way - that would be cultural appropriation!

Many years ago there was an amusing SNL sketch with Jimmy Smits called “Morning at NPR”, where all the jagoff announcers (that choice Chicago-ism is for you, Mr. Blanc) pronounced words like ‘Broncos’ and ‘Los Angeles’ in an exaggerated Latino manner.

I used to teach at an international school in NYC, I gave all the foreign kids American nicknames. They seemed to enjoy it, but it’d get me fired today.
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 9:14PM MST
PS I have a very unusual name and while it's not hard to pronounce, there are a few obvious different options available from the spelling (and a couple not-so-obvious, but plausible options if you assume the pronunciations of one of the various different potential countries/languages of origin. Spoiler: It's all a trap!).

I have never, ever, in my entire life, taken offense at mispronunciations or had it affect my self-image. I don't even bother to correct people, in general, unless they ask me if they pronounced it correctly or ask for help in advance.

If suppose if it was someone who was going to be in the position of routinely having to pronounce my name and they had it way off, I'd correct them, more to spare them the embarrassment of finding out they'd been doing it repeatedly wrong than for the sake of my ego. (Most of those people ask themselves anyway).

Peoples' over-sensitivity about this sort of stuff sickens me.
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 7:45PM MST


"Yeah, it's only the few lawyers. It's the other 99% that give the good ones, your Ann Coulters and Robert Kennedy, Jrs. a bad name ;-}"

Yes, Ann Coulter is another notable exception. Larry Elder too. Actually I don't have much problem with your garden variety civil or criminal attorney. They do serve a function.

Although along the lines of what you said, I'm reminded of something that Henry Kissinger said once (he may be an evil little gnome, but nobody said he isn't a wit): "It's a shame that 90% of politicians give the other 10% a bad name."
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 6:51PM MST
PS: Haha, Cyrep, thanks for the comment. (I'll delete your dupe - I noticed the site hung up a while back.)

BTW, delivery room nurses and Ob/Gyn docs can tell you a lot of stories about how babies get named last minute.

Listen, there's nothing wrong with giving yourself some more time and naming the baby TBD ("To Be Determined") and coming up with something a few weeks later.
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 5:39PM MST
PS It comes from lack of education… Tyrone in the hospital when his son is born… what you gonna name him Tyrone. Duh… Marcus…Damarkus it is.
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 5:35PM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, Mr. Moderator,

I believe that 'Lawyer' as used by The Bard, refers to Legislators, not barristers, advocates, solicitors, and the like. So my father said.

Either way, "The Law is a ass" (donkey, not posterior).
Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 3:35PM MST
PS: I hate it when I misspell spelling...


The Alarmist
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 2:08PM MST

DeShawn sounds more like a mash-up of Irish and Dutch than anything French. Don’t get me started on Shaniqua ... if God was truly gracious, we would not be blessed with names like that.

My mother occasionally misspells my name, but I seemed to turn out OK despite her occasional faux pas. Anyway, my French is better than hers now that I’ve had the Québécois accent she taught me beaten out of me by the European French.
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 11:48AM MST
PS: Yep, Mr. Smith, the old Testament has names that are fairly pronounceable, but too numerous to remember for me. (And some are very close together in spelling and pronunciation

Not to worry, RiaHM, I had a spelling error in the word spelling in one of the footnotes for this post! It has since been corrected. (Well, it was a typo.) Thank you for commenting. I couldn't agree more.

Wednesday - September 8th 2021 11:43AM MST
PS: Ha, Mr. Anon, you got that "Cheers" joke in first.

Yeah, it's only the few lawyers. It's the other 99% that give the good ones, your Ann Coulters and Robert Kennedy, Jrs. a bad name ;-}
Reality Is A Harsh Mistress
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 11:28AM MST
PS Grammar is a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy and English be wayciss!
The glorious Great Reset Leap Forward future will feature emojis for communication on road signs, menus, school text screens. (books are printed on white pages and are wayciss!)
When it all goes up in a Wagnerian orgy of blood, fire and death we can always blame YT even if he is a minority stranger in a strange land at that point in time.

PS-Sorry for any grammar errors, I get excited sometimes!
Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 9:48AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

And good afternoon Mr. Blanc. Zebediah is indeed an old testament name, though the internet bibles I quickly checked spell it Zebadiah. Maybe some bibles spell it your way.(?) Both spellings appear to be correct.


The name Zebediah is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "gift of Jehovah". Zebediah, (or Zebadiah,) is the New Testament father of apostles John and James. There are also a number of other Zebadiahs in the Old Testament.

As for the rest of your comment, I agree. Life is much easier when we can all get along. The ruling class and the invaders are creating much unnecessary tension. Multiculturalism is a failed experiment. Hart-Celler has been a total disaster.

Perhaps it is the minoritarianism, (as AnotherDad might say,) or the victimhood culture so many Americans are steeped in, but why are these africans and other foreigners so uppity about people mispronouncing their names? No one can properly pronounce every name in America. (Some of the exotic/foreign names are more difficult yet.) If someone mispronounces my name, I do not get offended. If they really butcher it I can politely tell them how to pronounce it. Why the lack of civility? Why the hostility?

I agree with you that the africans in America have a strong argument for belonging here. It would be great if they could get their house in order and find solutions to their rampant criminality and inability to assimilate. I too don't mind if they self segregate but I also think there are strong arguments for their removal/repatriation. This is especially true if white Americans would like to enjoy living in a prosperous, high trust society again. Removing the heavy black millstone from our collective neck would be most auspicious. I’m all for separate continents.

I hope you have a great day Mr. Blanc.

Mr. Anon
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 9:46AM MST

"** OK, second. First, kill all the lawyers."

Surely not all of them? Shouldn't some be kept around for experimentation.

Of course, I jest. Some lawyers are okay. When you need one, you need one.

Robert Kennedy Jr., to name one example, has been doing the lord's work recently
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 9:43AM MST


"You don’t belong here. Go back to where you came from, where everyone knows how to pronounce your name."

America is becoming the anti-Cheers.

Sometimes you want to go
Where nobody knows your name...........
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 7:27AM MST
PS I’m in Mr Anon’s camp. If I don’t know how to pronounce your name, it’s on you. The former USA was founded by North and West Europeans, and I figure that it’s on me to know how to pronounce traditional North and West European names. Even Old Testament ones, such as Zebediah. Zebediah is an OT name, isn’t it? If you don’t have one of those, go bugger yourself. You don’t belong here. Go back to where you came from, where everyone knows how to pronounce your name. I’m not really a bad guy. I like to get along with people. Life’s a lot easier that way. But the time for being nice is over. We’re being invaded. We must start treating the invaders like invaders. As far as the blacks go, they have a strong argument for belonging here. But, if they choose to segregate themselves by naming practices and other behaviors, fine. I’m all for segregation.
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 2:05AM MST
PS: It's been great reading your comments under the other 3 posts, Mr. Hail. People can respond there. I am as slack as anyone in missing comments on older posts. (It's not like I can't write a quick "tool" to email me - of course, I'd have to read my email regularly - OK, better some place we all could check for new comments.
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 1:42AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, don't let my old (National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics, haha) graph at the top fool you. I have to update that. (It was made well before I put the site up, and I was optimistic, I guess.) It's nice to see a little common sense out of Ron Unz, but, in general, stupidity is still rising very nicely, thank you.

Mr. Anon, sorry, I see where you mentioned that exact example, and thanks for phoeneticizing (?) the version they are so proud to pronounce, as best as one can, for a non-Spanish-speaking actual American.

By the way, because I was disgusted to see this "program" advertised, I did not click for details, but I wonder if this was more about stupid black names than un-assimilable alien names. I could find out by clicking, but ... not agonna happen. I have my blood pressure to think of.
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 1:34AM MST
PS: I would also like to say that I am so glad to see Mr. Hail writing back in. I've been checking your site and wondering if you were doing OK, for one thing. Mr. Kief had written the most recent comment on your site, if I recall correctly.

Mr. Hail, your observations about the TV news readers hits one of my pet peeves on the head. Yeah, you would not expect Guadalajara TV news to pronounce "New York" anything else but "Nueva York". I mean, they even translate it. A Chinese news reader would make no special effort to pronounce "Seattle", so long as she's reading it for Chinese viewers. The best they can do is "See-ahhh-too".

It's not just the foreign-affiliated news readers in the US. Even the pure Americans have a thing, and they really have a fixation on "Nicaragua". It pisses me greatly off to hear it, but I don't, of course. It's been 23 years since I've had a cable hook-up.

(Adam, I'll delete your dupe in a while.)
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 12:19AM MST


"Ironically, the opposite is also (can also be) true. Pronouncing the name punctiliously "right" can also be a process of Othering."

So all those priggish NPR newsreaders on "All Things Considered" with their ridiculous rolled R's when reading place names in over-enunciated Spanish (Neekarag^wah!) were actually practicing a form of cultural imperialism?

Mr. Anon
Wednesday - September 8th 2021 12:14AM MST

This is one of my pet peeves. Because America is a "Nation of Imigrants" or some such bullshit which I don't even agree with in the first place, I am expected to know how to pronounce names from every f**king language on Earth. If your name is in Nahuatl, or Igbo, or Adamanese, I'm expected to be able to pronounce it perfectly, and failure to do so is considered to be some kind of micro-agression hate-crime on my part.

If you want your name pronounced correctly, stay in your own damned country where everyone else knows how to pronounce it.
Tuesday - September 7th 2021 10:36PM MST

Greetings to you, Adam Smith, and others; and of course to you, Mr Moderator, the gracious host and star of the show here. Stupidity may well have peaked and we may be past-Peak Stupidity, but are still near enough to the peak for this website's message's implicit claim about our times to be powerful.

I made a few comments lately here which may be of interest but pushed far down the main screen now:


On Bin Laden, Afghanistan, and Big Zbig Brzezinski's Mistake(?) of 1978-81 (to intervene in Afghanistan), which may trace a direct line to all the squawking and crowing of the present. IOW, our Afghanistan problem predates even Sept 2001 by a long while, and first traces to the late 1970s and specifically to Mr Zbig.



On Ron Unz's excellent comment on latest COVID PANIC skirmishes, on the road to redeeming himself:



On Ann Coulter vs. Steve Sailer vs. COVID PANIC 2020-'22:


Adam Smith
Tuesday - September 7th 2021 8:59PM MST
PS: Good to see you Mr. Hail. ☮
Tuesday - September 7th 2021 8:35PM MST

"my mispronouncing of your name could 'lead you to shy away from your own culture and family'."

So name-pronunciation can lead to an Othering, to use some of the academic cool kids' lingo. Mispronouncing a name can lead to Othering for all involved including non-participant observers.

Ironically, the opposite is also (can also be) true. Pronouncing the name punctiliously "right" can also be a process of Othering.

Think of the much-commented-upon phenomenon of a Hispanic news reporter reading the news in a bland and accentless "US English news voice" and then when any Spanish name comes up, or the reporter's own name comes up, really hamming it up with an almost-overemphasized flawless-seeming Spanish pronunciation instead of staying the "US English news voice" style.

This also applies to international-English-news broadcasters, who pitch in either a simple British-esque or US-esque accent and do well with it (for that's what they're hired to do) generally except when pronouncing names.

This makes the named person seem like they are running a double game, reserving their real selves for a sealed-off world in which you, the listener, are not quite invited, unless you're part of the ethnolinguistic team implied.
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