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Posted On: Saturday - September 4th 2021 4:44PM MST
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Earlier: Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado

Let's continue on counter-clockwise to the 4th of the 4 States that meet at the unique quadripoint Four Corners monument in Navajo country. That would be Utah. Now, I'm not positive that the plaque above is in Utah, but I have only one State left here, and dammit, I remember it probably MIGHT BE in Utah.*

The sun made it hard to get a good picture, so I'll repeat the first paragraph of the two here:
Prior to surveyors setting the Four Corners Monument, this boundless land was inhabited by the Ancestral Puebloans, followed by the Dine, Ute, and other indigenous people. Over time this land was colonized by Spain, taken in war by Mexico, ceded to the US by treaty [ ]** and organized into territories.
Really, so the land was inhabited by one set of indigenous people after another, well, till those White people came? It even says that "other indigenous people" followed, as in moved in. Was it just for sale for cheap, with some peaceful deals being made under influence of many peace pipe?

Who exactly are indigenous people? Merriam Webster, hopefully not edited regularly by the woke, says:
Full Definition of indigenous:

1 a : produced, growing, living, or occurring natively or naturally in a particular region or environment

indigenous plants
the indigenous culture

b Indigenous or less commonly indigenous : of or relating to the earliest known inhabitants of a place and especially of a place that was colonized by a now-dominant group.

Indigenous peoples
What follows is pretty much Steve Sailer material. How do certain "peoples" happen exist in one area of the world? Did they really originate there from the get go, like Adam and Eve? (For the indigenous peoples of San Francisco, I suppose that'd be Adam and Steve.) The anthropologists say we all came outta Compton, errr, Africa... sorry, easy to make that error. There are lots of tribes still in Africa. I don't believe that the tribe that is the precursor to all humans, if it still exists, would have special claim to Jack Squat.

No, it's power and violence that has determined who lives where throughout history. The Old Testament has thousands of anecdotes for you. Then there's European history. In North America, what the plaque described nicely as "followed by" would have been savage tribe-on-tribe war. The powerful Comanche tribe that rode amok around Texas and Oklahoma in the 17-1800s started out as a tribe of miserable Wyoming mountain people before they got horses (brought to the continent by the Spanish).*** They beat all hell out of most (the Kiowa were number 2) of the other "indigenous" peoples in the area, with lots of torture and kidnapping.

Then, thanks to Sam Colt, the Texas Rangers, and the US Army, the White Man became what ought to then be called "indigenous" in all of Texas, Oklahoma, and then points west. Yet somehow White people have never been called indigenous. Their usurpation of these lands wasn't pretty but was not any worse than the same when tribes or nations throughout history took over from other peoples. Often it was more humane, more so in North America as accomplished by the northern Europeans than as with the job done by the Spanish in Mexico and points south. Try to think of another big territorial usurpation, other than in Europe, that was done more nicely.

The White Man spent over 400 years building up North America. It started slowly, but by the mid-1770s or so, some brave settlers found the east coast to be already too crowded. ("We gotta get outta Charlestown", or Boston ..) They headed to what was "The West" then, across the Appalachians to Tennessee. A century later, and "The West" was more like Oklahoma or Minnesota. Within half a century, the White Man had taken control of all the land from sea to shining sea. Compared to the Utes taking over from the Dines, this was a hell of an accomplishment and many thousands of times the effort.

What does a people have to do to be indigenous around here anyway?

PS: Does anyone even term White People as indigenous to Europe, or does the word only apply to the other-colored?

* If not, then it'd have been Colorado - it was definitely on the north side, but, let's see, the sun was almost straight on the other side, and I think it was already afternoon, but just barely. Fun geographic/astronomical activity - if I had gotten something else in the picture with a good shadow, I could look on the map for the place we had lunch down the road, which was around 2-3P, then backtrack. True north/south are easy to determine - that's for sure! We know the longitude very accurately for determining when the sun was due south.

** Hey, no Oxford, or "serial" comma. Was that the American style when this plaque/monument was made?

*** A great book about the Comanche tribe is Empire of the Summer Moon by Sam Gwynne, reviewed here on Peak Stupidity in 3 parts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 .

Always Uncivil Always
Sunday - September 5th 2021 7:34PM MST
PS Derp State carpetbagger Mittens Romney will be there and only Mormons would fall for that Uniparty WWE/WWF wrestling chair Kabuki!
The meth is primo in Salt Lake City as well.
Bwahaha! Always uncivil.
Sunday - September 5th 2021 4:25PM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, it has been many years since I read the book, so my memory may be a little off.

'Who Will Remember the People' doesn't really have a plot. It follows the tribe over (many?) generations, but the same two people are always there (or perhaps they just have the same name?). The reason for this was not apparent to me.

The People are ignorant savages; the White men are also, but in a different way.

There was no one that I really cared about.

Still, a very interesting book; especially when contrasted with 'Camp of the Saints'.
Sunday - September 5th 2021 12:37PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, your Lakota woman article (the one who doesn't want to pass for white) looks good for a post. Thanks. Also, I'm glad to read my memory served me pretty well re: this post and Utah.

I'll check out the rest of your links shortly.
Sunday - September 5th 2021 8:34AM MST
PS It’s only bad when whitey does it. Noble savages are noble, so they get a pass. Plus, they’re People of Color! They get a pass, plus reparations. But whitey is purely and simply evil. No pass for whitey. He gets replaced.
Adam Smith
Sunday - September 5th 2021 8:13AM MST
PS: Almost forgot...

Adam Smith
Sunday - September 5th 2021 7:52AM MST
PS: Good morning Robert, Mr. Moderator,

That plaque is definitely in Utah...

David Cole says the mexicans have enjoyed much success pushing the blaques out of Compton.

This census page seemingly agrees...

“Does anyone even term White People as indigenous to Europe?”

Everyone knows that Europe has always been a multicultural paradise full of melanated people.

I know there are a bunch of White Aussies who identify as Indigenous (or less commonly indigenous) (or in the land down under, Aboriginal). I think they do it for the freebies and the pokemon points. Here's one example...

There are also some White people who are Indigenous (or in this case Aboriginal) to Canada.

Not to be confused with white-passing Native Americans...

Much like iSteve, Justina Bruns accepts donations...

Miss Bruns would probably raise more money if she wasn't white-passing.

Unfortunately I do not have a copy of “Who Will Remember the People” to share, but I'll keep an eye out for one.

And, “Busy, but good weekend here. I hope you’ve got some cool air up there.”

Thanks Achmed. We're just starting to get a hint of fall in the air here on the mountain. The leaves are just starting to change. Everything is good and otherwise uneventful. I'm going to do a little yard work today and replace the fuel filters on a neighbor's ATV. I might even build a fire in the pit to enjoy this evening.

I hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend.

Saturday - September 4th 2021 8:46PM MST
PS: I have read "Camp of the Saints", Robert. It is a very prophetic book. Peak Stupidity didn't review it but reviewed a review by a writer named Chris Roberts, as published on VDare.

I may want to read his "We Will Remember the People" then. What would you say is mediocre about it, to help me decide whether to read it?

Saturday - September 4th 2021 5:54PM MST

In North America, what the plaque described nicely as "followed by" would have been savage tribe-on-tribe war.

An interesting (but mediocre) book about this is:

Who Will Remember the People... (French: Qui se souvient des hommes...) is a 1986 novel by the French writer Jean Raspail. It tells the history of the Alacalufe people, a largely extinct South American tribe, throughout the centuries.

Jean Raspail saw them in the '50s in Tiero del Fueggo, where they had been pushed by successive waves of more aggressive new-comers to the Americas. It (the book, not Toero del Fueggo) forms a nice backdrop to the concerns expressed in his more famous book. (Which I assume everyone here has read.)
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