The Four Corners - Colorado

Posted On: Thursday - September 2nd 2021 4:50PM MST
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We walked over to Colorado. It's an easy hike, I'm telling you. Surprisingly, we didn't see any 14,000 ft snowy mountain peaks. We didn't feel Rocky Mountain High* either. We were up at 1,480, if that helps, feeling like high plains drifters, but with better transportation, no face masks, but still, yeah, no cell service. Out there, in the bright semi-high-desert sunshine stood this hand sanitizer dispenser in the Colorado sector of the monument property.

Really, I don't have much more to say this time. The stupidity sort of speaks for itself. Oh, and the dispenser was clean out. Whaddya' do? Were I the panicky type, I guess we could have waited a day for the resupply from the stagecoach out of Tuba City.

* Long ago, I went west on a train, out of Chicago. On the 2nd morning I woke up in the club car and asked someone where we were. "Colorado? It looks just like Kansas!" Yeah, there's over a hundred miles of plains still from the Kansas border. By lunchtime we could see the front range, and that afternoon we had great viewing as we wound around and through the Rocky Mountains, Salt Lake City bound.

Friday - September 3rd 2021 8:07PM MST
PS: I've done a lot of driving across this great land, GOML. I'm glad I got to do that when the country was decent. The beauty may not go away, but who will really appreciate it, and how crowded will all this previous wild land be?
Get Off My Lawn
Friday - September 3rd 2021 8:44AM MST
PS Go to Cripple Creek and view the overlook, I cannot lie as there was something in my eye the first time.
Family calls the drive up Pikes Peak God's Driveway and I tipped my hat.
You feel closer to God and the sun looks like it is 200 yards away at 14,000+ feet.
Red Rocks is beautiful and they let people climb up on the formation while up and coming artists paint the view for whatever you wish to offer or free if they like you.
The I-70 drive from Denverstan to Idaho Springs is one of the best in America before Highway 1 crumbles into the ocean in California.
Denverstan? Yea not so much, it reeks of chronic (weed) and is CPUSA occupied territory. You can see the replacement free milk and honey services center across from the dispensary, you put your weed in it, comrade.
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