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Posted On: Saturday - August 28th 2021 6:33PM MST
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In yesterday's post Showdown in Tuba City, we included an Eagles song from their country-western-rock days. As I mentioned, that album, the 2nd of theirs, Desparado was a concept album. Though not all the songs fit some Western story, one can imagine they do, as I had, when listening to the album through.

Peak Stupidity readers may have more suggestions, but the other two in that concept album post, the Moody Blues' Days of Future Past and ELO's Time stuck even more to their themes. Days of Future Past tells the story of a lifetime as if it were a day, with each song being a part of it. Time is the story of man who traveled forward in time ("wish I was back in the 1980s..." - which was almost all in the future still!) with each song on the theme but (arguably) two - The Lights go Down and Hold on Tight, the latter being a hit song. Both of these are superb albums.

Back to Desperado, the Eagles liked the Western theme started with Doolin Dalton so much, that they had both an under 1 minute bluegrassy instrumental and a reprise. This reprise is followed, with no pause, by a reprise of the much more well-known song Desperado - the title song.

I've got to include these two now:

Doolin Dalton instrumental:

(That's the appropriate album cover.)

It then leads into Bitter Creek.

Doolin Dalton reprise:

(Note: I made the Doolin Dalton reprise end before the Desperado reprise starts, but you can keep that playing. It's just as good.)

"Then Jill Biden,
met Joe Biden.
He was workin' cheap,
just biden time....

If they're fast,
and if they're lucky,
they may never
see that hangin' tree ...

It was band member Bernie Leadon who was the big country/western influence on the Eagles. He played banjo, mandolin, and dobro and wrote and sang lead vocals on two tracks, Twenty-one and Bitter Creek. His influence extended through the band's next album On the Border on which he wrote and sang My Man and parts of On the Border, but surprisingly not Midnight Flyer, one of my favorites. He has partial writing credit for Hollywood Waltz on the band's 4th album, One Of These Nights and wrote and sang the final track, the slow ballad I Wish You Peace.

The Eagles had already become more hard-rocking with the guitar of Dan Felder who joined the band for a little bit of On the Border and played on One Of These Nights. By the time of Hotel California Bernie Leadon had left the group, and the country/western sound was long gone.

PS: I had two suggestions for other Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) songs that could have better gone with the previous post. Alarmist suggested Laredo Tornado and Al Corrupt suggested Wild West Hero. Check those out. I did, but I still like the Eagles for the post. I thank you both for the musical suggestions.

Splitting the Gold With Tuco
Monday - August 30th 2021 6:50PM MST
PS Bob Welch was the other choice for 8-Track listening with the Sentimental Gentlemen song!
Hypnotized is one of the best Fleetwood Mac tracks written by BW.
Pink Floyd-The Wall one of the best concept albums ever and still relevant after 40 years, a game changer and the hidden message on Empty Spaces is...“Congratulations. You’ve just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the funny farm, Chalfont, Roger! Carolyne is on the phone!”
Sunday - August 29th 2021 7:45PM MST
PS: Yes, 8-tracks. - gotta love it when that loud click happens during the track change in the middle of the song, Outlaw Wales!

Thanks for the comment.

Alarmist, I had that episode in mind when I was writing the post, but it was getting long enough already. Then, I also like "whichay woman", haha.
The Alarmist
Sunday - August 29th 2021 1:04PM MST

Interesting, your obsession with Desperado

Sincerely yours,

Drolling Dalton

Josey Wales
Sunday - August 29th 2021 9:53AM MST
PS As a youth took the ultimate road trip out west in a Winnebago with fam when I was too young to drive and the soundtrack was all Eagles 8-Tracks!
It is must play music when travelling to the Left Coast which is now CPUSA/CCP occupied territory.
Your freedom has been a lie, we are here to liberate you, comrade.
Report to the Sino-American Friendship Center for rickshaw cart duty and rations, remember to report any deplorable kulak untermenschen scum enemies of the state for an increase in cargo cult redistribution.
Forward to Wokekanda, yes we can!
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