Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?

Posted On: Wednesday - August 25th 2021 9:49AM MST
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Carmen SanDiego, my old typing instructor...

... well, as I imagined her anyway.

I think it was 30 years ago when "Carmen SanDiego" was the imaginary character who taught classes that were on the new CDs!, and maybe still on 3 1/2 inch floppy disks. Well it's not her of whom I'm worried about the whereabouts today. As an afterthought to yesterday's post Has "Customer Care" just been fully outsourced?, I really do wonder where these outsource workers are "working" from. ("Working" is in quotes simply because it has been a real shitshow dealing with these people lately - that ain't workin' ....)

As I wrote yesterday, the accents of a couple of them were very similar and Eastern European sounding. Perhaps that E. Euro. is something I got in my head that is just wrong. However, the accents definitely were neither the normal Indian one nor the normal Filipina/o* one. Where in the world are "our" customer care associates? They are trained not to divulge that information now - it probably brings on even more vitriol from American customers who are rightfully sick of the misunderstanding, confusion, and waste of time. "Why you... you foreigner!" Who knows now? I have talked to foreign-sounding shady-sounding "representatives" who told me they are right in Georgia - the one on the North American continent too.**

Are the normal Indians and Filipinae that speak English very clearly with occasionally a very good understanding too, getting just too costly for Big Biz now.? "Continual cost savings", CCS, has got to keep moving, to keep the company stock and the GDP rising. Maybe the equivalent of 3 bucks an hour, with 1/2 hour lunch breaks and free electricity for curry and rice cookers, is just a big piece of low-hanging cost-saving fruit that has had to be picked. Are these new customer care people inner Indians, from the interior jungles, or outer island Filipinae, from the islands under Moslem and Communist threat? With the lower cost of living and lower building costs, a high-speed wifi-enabled row of huts could be feasibly built, as part of the Global support network. These people don't demand air conditioning either.

You could be talking to any one of 6 continents in the world, Antarctica being just too pricey, what with having to heat the cubicles and all. It's so global and small-world-after-all-ey that it gives you a nice warm feeling when you are on the call for an hour and a half to find out what you need to know from this nice probably hot, probably skimpy-business-attire-wearing young lady who could indeed be named Carmen SanDiego.

Is she Bangladeshi? How about Malian? Burkina Fasolian? Let's try some other continents here. Maybe the young hottie on the other end is a Yucatan Peninsularian. She's probably not a 38th Parallel Asian (see same link), as costs are high there, at least on the south side. She could be French Guianian, working out of the newly renovated old solitary confinement cells in Saint Laurent de Maroni (still no air conditioning though...). How about Micronesian? I kinda doubt it - from the size of those hooters in the picture, I'd guess more likely Macronesian or a Bolivian working from the shores of Lake Titicaca, her English having been taught to her by the ancestors of Los Bandidos Yanquis. Was I speaking to a Bikini Atollian? That'd be nice to think about. It's been quite a few 1/2 lives already of most of the material, and she didn't mention anything about having extra eyes or a 3rd mammary gland or anything. (Of course, they are trained rigorously not to divulge location, so she may have been just being coy.)

She could be Romanian, ... she could be Bulgarian, she could be Albanian, she could be Hungarian, she might be Ukranian, she could be Australian, she could be an alien, send her to me!

* Here's a situation in which maybe the woke Filipinax term may be actually easier. Or, should it be Filipinox, though?

** Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure that one WAS a scam. I forgot to look into it further, and I forgot to report on it here.

Adam Smith
Thursday - August 26th 2021 8:41PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc,

The first time I heard of Miss SanDiego, she was a video game character.

Thursday - August 26th 2021 9:39AM MST
PS So that’s who Carmen San Diego is/was. I’d heard the name, but didn’t know the referent. I thought maybe it was some computer game character. Just another piece of popular culture from the 1990s, 2000s that passed me by.
Thursday - August 26th 2021 8:53AM MST
PS: Adam, I've been wondering if we could bring a few of them here, Swedish, Estonian, you name it, on some kind of visa for which we could apply ourselves. A new SA-1B Visa (Secret Admirer) Visa should be implemented for which, I don't know, Carmen SanDiego there, would not even have to know about, pretty much until she has been taken to the airport.

Some ridiculous ultra-Conservative feminist harpies may deride this as "one pussy-hair away from Sex Trafficking", but you know how they can be.
Adam Smith
Thursday - August 26th 2021 8:08AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Off topic, but, maybe Miss SanDiego should apply for a Diversity Visa?



Can white people can apply?
We could use a few more Swedish and Estonian girls, you know, for more diversity.

Thursday - August 26th 2021 6:06AM MST
I think the Indians and Philippines' who can speak good English are either over here already, or are attempting to teach English to the rest.
Thursday - August 26th 2021 4:44AM MST
PS: "Academic Hari Kari"? Hey, I think that was the lady I talked to on the phone when our piano books didn't arrive! What's she wearin? (Along with not divulging location, apparently they are even trained not to answer questions like "say, what kind of blouse are you wearing?" .. accurately)
The Alarmist
Thursday - August 26th 2021 3:07AM MST

There’s plenty of research on various aspects of sex-workers’ lives and health and even social desirability of the trade, but I’m not aware of any crass enough to go into the physical desirability of sex-workers by race and nationality... doing that would be academic Hari Kari.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 25th 2021 9:07PM MST
PS: I agree! That's a very nice Miss SanDiego. 🙂 ☮
Wednesday - August 25th 2021 6:26PM MST
PS: At least "no contest", your Honor.

I think the old Carmen was Hispanic, back when it was still a little bit new and edgy. I just lean toward this look... if I can.

Speaking of outsourcing, prostitution was one of the first occupations to be outsourced, I guess. Someone should write an economics Dissertation on that.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 25th 2021 12:57PM MST
PS: I don’t recall Carmen looking so Chinese. Why do they have to outsource and offshore everything?
Wednesday - August 25th 2021 12:39PM MST
Is it possible to be prettier than the girl in that picture? To quote the great Howard Lewis Carr, “not guilty”!
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