Mission Creep by the Sierra Club

Posted On: Tuesday - February 21st 2017 11:51AM MST
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If you are a longterm reader of PeakStupidity you will indubitably know that this writer doesn't watch any TV. The following Fox News clip is a coupla' weeks old, but that doesn't change the point, and this is no Drudge Report with the latest breaking stories. We've got one story to tell - the peak of Stupidity is nigh!

Let me calm down.... OK, I'm calm for now, but that won't last if I were to watch this video again. Listening to the Sierra Club president defend their political stands that have nothing to do with the wilderness or environment will bring the blood pressure up, but, wait, that's not all! Then, he as the gall to say that open-borders policies won't hurt the environment of the country at all.

The Sierra Club had been in the past one of the most respectable organizations for tree huggers, as the name goes back to the time of the first environmentalists, like John Muir who wanted to preserve first the beauty of California and the Sierra Nevada mountains. If I were a member, I'd have quit quite a while back, probably around the mid-oughts, per my thoughts in this post a few months back. More on that after this video.

This organization has got "mission creep". They want to do politics that is way outside of the mission of the organization - dues-paying members who care about the environment may not want their money supporting the crap that the guy talks about here.

This Michael Brune guy has no problem delivering blatant lies right into the cameras and my face! I can't write here what I think about him.

Here is part of the post about why the Sierra Club won't mention the biggest factor in any environmental problem - too many damn people!

I do know why the Sierra Club big-wigs won’t mention the terrible effects of illegal immigrants on the huge, beautiful, preserved wildlands of America. I learned this from VDARE.com long ago. It’s because donor David Gelbaum gave them $100 million on the condition that “if they ever came out anti-immigration” they would never get another dollar from him. [The Man Behind the Land, by Kenneth R. Weiss, October 27, 2004] As to the rank and file dues-paying members, why do they never speak up and try to change the direction of the Sierra Club and speak some truth—as opposed to just letting their environment slowly go to ruin after 100 years of arguably the best environmental stewardship any country has accomplished? Let me throw this opinion out there: the chicks are there just for the warm and fuzzy feelings they get, and the guys are in the organization for the chicks. Maybe most of them have never even been hiking in the high Sierras, as there is no 4G cell service! They’d better go soon, as whatever’s not burned down may be owned by the Chinese soon and made into chopsticks.

As the man says, "Indeed!"

UPDATE: [ ~ 1 hr. later:] I almost forgot. This LSOS says that the Sierra Club has illegal immigrant members! Yeah, that's the ticket - they are big, big treehuggers, those guys. LSOS=Lyin Sack O Something-or-other

UPDATE: [ 4/18/17:] Replaced video that was lost by youtube personnel.

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