Does Donald Trump read Peak Stupidity?

Posted On: Monday - August 23rd 2021 6:10AM MST
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You wouldn't think so, right? Otherwise, he would have gotten his shit together at the end of '16, before he'd even taken office, and at the time this blog started up, hired the right people, gotten together a strategy, and gotten shit done for us!

George C. Scott as General George Patton, from the 1970 movie*:

Well, Donald Trump is still out there speaking at rallies. That's all well and good, and I'm glad to hear he's bringing out 30-40,000 people in a town like Cullman, Alabama, with a population of 20,000. (Cullman, BTW, is way up in very white northern Alabama - the other part of the State is derided as "LA" - Lower Alabama.) All the stuff he rails about? Well, he could have done tangible things via the law to undo and prevent all the woke "that turns to shit" - his own wording from the rally.

OK, well why would Trump read Peak Stupidity? I only put that title in due to a real coincidence that I noticed only last night. Here is a quick footnote from our post of this past Saturday afternoon Possible Afghanistan pull-out Chinese connection? (just a post with some speculation, mind you.):
Boy, that General MIlley sure gives me the willies, with his woke nonsense. Were he around in George Patton's time, I would think Patton would have not only slapped the shit out of him, but likely took him out on the battlefield with his pearl-handled pistol... accidentally, of course.

[Typo with big "I" in MIlley still included for authenticity.]
Now, note the timestamp on the post. It's 2:28 PM Mountain Standard Time. OK, you know Peak Stupidity doesn't make it easy for the reader to glean our location, but let's put that in Alabama (Central) Daylight Time - 4:28 in the afternoon. You'll just have to take my word here, as no doubt, I could have changed the time stamp, but also, more legitimately, that footnote could have been an addition - I only write in update notes myself, with no timestamp from the server or anything. However, I didn't. I don't think I added anything but last minute typo fixes, as I checked the links.

Sometime Saturday night, my wife had that Trump speech at his Cullman, Alabama rally playing on her phone. I don't know if that was after the fact or live, but I only listened for a minute or two. As much as he is heartening to listen to, that round-in-circles pep talks style of Trump gives me no confidence any of this means anything, so I didn't pay that close attention. I do remember distinctly the part in which he said "everything woke turns to shit" and thought "hey, not so nice, as 2 younger kids are right here listening." (True, though, everything woke turns to shit.)

Here's the coincidental, if not eerie part: I did not hear ANYTHING about General Patton in those couple of minutes. I read something in the Sailer comments yesterday evening about General Patton and General Milley being compared. Then, I just found out that Trump had had the whole huge American flag / Patton speech opening scene from the move up on a screen. I have not seen any more of the speech, but this WBHM page** has a quick amazingly fair report. The whole rally is linked-to at the bottom of this post.

It's not always so easy to find the details one needs on-line, I noticed again as I tried to look up the time of this already-past rally. Everything I read does say "evening", a term that is used differently in different locales, but, to clinch it, I see that the speech was made during darkness. The :17 second clip of the very start of the speech on the WBHM page has a time of 8:59 PM. It's dark outside from the beginning, and even at the eastern side of Central Time there, sunset is still not till 7:25 P, with the end of civil twilight being near 7:50 PM or so. Trump's comparison of generals had to be 3 hours or more after I published that post with the footnote.

That's really something. I'm sure the Trump speech, at least the Generals Patton v Milley comparison, was worked out well ahead, but Peak Stupidity was first to "print". Now, I've to sift through this speech and find out exactly what was said regarding the two. I've been listening to 10 minutes or so while typing this, and, man, this guy has not changed! It's really hard to see where's he's going with it all, he's ridiculously egotistical and it's plain exasperating to listen to sometimes. Here's another thing: I scanned through the introductions by a few of the Alabama politicians in the beginning. How difference is the Southern White culture and accent from that of NY City boy Donald Trump!

How strange that Peak Stupidity used the same comparison of General George Patton v General Milley (Cyrus?) on the same day as Donald Trump did, independently? Perhaps we should think about applying for speechwriter jobs with their operation***. We can get long winded too. WE can disrespect government officials and politicians with the best of them. Only thing, we just can't write in complete circles though - never had the talent on board. I know they have the spiral-lined paper for that ... we got a great bunch of writers here at Peak Stupidity.. the best ... let me tell you ... I mean, look a dees guys... we have done some AMAZING things ... you wouldn't believe ...

That over 2 hour video is not meant to be embedded, I guess. OK, here.

PS: Note one of the Topic Keys, that I am not really specific enough with. It is General stupidity. Ha, that fits this post to a T!

* One of my favorites - I watch it every 5 years or so, like The Bridge on the River Kwai - and older one, from 1957.

** Site of a Birmingham TV station.

*** BTW, I noted in a picture that Mr. Trump was next to a business jet that I assume he came in on. What happened to the big, beautiful 757? Without the 757, I'm not doin' it. No, I was told there'd be a 757... and I want my red stapler back.

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