Swimming Pool Blues

Posted On: Saturday - August 14th 2021 11:23AM MST
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On our family road trip recently, we made an effort to stay in hotel or motels with swimming pools. The reason is that at home this summer we've noticed a problem with the nearby community pool. Yeah, you guessed it. It's too dark, meaning it's just too stressful being in there, for the decent kids anyway.

It's a big damn pool, and most people have some courtesy, stay in one place if they are just playing and not swimming across, and just aren't so damn loud. Most black people just can't seem to be this way. There would otherwise be enough room, and it would otherwise be enjoyable.

It's just a shame because this one is very convenient, very inexpensive, and one can pay per visit. (We were only going to be there 2 or 3 times a week.) Upon checking out some other pools, well, you have to join up with a goodly fee* and it's about 4 times farther away.

You know, there's really nothing that awfully wrong with different groups staying apart for most activities. People had this stuff down 60 years ago, but busybodies thought they knew better. They didn't know better, but that'd have been OK if they had just stayed out of the business of the people who did. It's miserable our being in the pool with unruly black kids that are mostly a lot bigger than ours. Late in July or so, we'd had enough.

Peak Stupidity pulls up these "file photos" off the web, such as the one up top. They often come with headline/links to the stories they came with. This is from the image above:

Let me guess. It's our fault, and you want more of our money.

* I know. There's a reason for that, and that KEEPS it a good pool. We just would be paying for a lot of things we wouldn't use, and it's definitely too late for this summer.

Sunday - August 15th 2021 12:32PM MST
PS: I know Florida pretty well, Alarmist. Can you tell us roughly what area that was?

Robert, people at least got along that way, though it was perhaps an uneasy arrangement. Just as with the Indians and the White man with totally different cultures, one can conquer the other or one can try to integrate the other, but trying to live together without actual efforts of assimilation for years (centuries?) makes it stressful for everyone. That leads me to Mr. Blanc's comment. I couldn't have said it that well. Thank you for that one!
Sunday - August 15th 2021 9:39AM MST
PS It’s been clear to most whites since the beginning that blacks and whites simply have different ways of life (without even getting to the crime and violence). It wasn’t just in the South. My mother remembered a “N_____ Don’t Let the Sun Set on You Here” sign at the limits of the neighboring low-rent Chicago suburb in the 1930s. But our betters thought that they had a better idea. There were objective reasons for change. The invention of the mechanical cotton harvester made large numbers of blacks in the Cotton Belt redundant. Something had to be done with them. It was going to a tough job at best. But idealists and troublemakers decided to use the problem to remake society according to their plans. The result has been disastrous. The response of whites has been to run. To a further-out suburb with “better schools”. To the swimming pool with the membership fee high enough to keep the “riffraff” out. Now the idealists and the troublemakers have to power to prevent whites from having a place to run. What will whites do now?
Saturday - August 14th 2021 3:55PM MST
PS: When I was a yung'un, the local beach was White in the mornings, and colored in the afternoons. Not exclusively, and nobody said or did anything if you were there at the wrong time. I didn't even notice until it started to change.
The Alarmist
Saturday - August 14th 2021 12:42PM MST

On my last trip to Florida, I noticed the stretch of beach that is part of a county park was considerably darker than in past years. Even Mrs. Alarmist, who is normally Euro-blind to these things, noticed.

When I was growing up on that beach, the only dark people one saw were there to work.

The times they are a’ changin.

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