OK, Some (V)Dare Call it Communism

Posted On: Friday - August 13th 2021 8:14PM MST
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It's whom we will be fighting with in near future, and I don't foresee it being a cold war this time. Peak Stupidity posted None Dare Call them Commies just recently. Most on the right still disparage this type of appellation for the scum that have infested all the Institutions as old Boomer Cold War mentality talk.

We may have been beating this point to death here lately at Peak Stupidity. Well, I'll say that "beating to death" thing has been "misplaced" so as not to put myself in trouble here... The use of the term was argued against to some degree by our frequent commenter MBlanc46 in the thread under the previous post. I do get the argument. Again, these new anti-societal, anti-traditional scum that we are increasingly dealing with don't read Marx. They wouldn't know the meaning of, nor even know how to spell proletariat or bourgeoise*. They don't have the same reason behind their destructive actions as a true Communist would - building this fair utopia, where we all give according to our abilities and take according to our needs and all that crap.

Your great grandfather's Communist:

The thing is, how many of the old Communists were really true Communists at heart? After hearing Mr. Humberto Fontova speak for an hour about the Cuban revolutionaries, one can learn that the commonality among all these destructive types may be a resentment of their place in society.** There does not seem to be any true Communist like a Lenin, Mao, or Pol Pot for these modern idiots to follow, so perhaps that's the difference ... for now. (Just wait for the next beret-wearing*** loudmouth who tells us how bad Capitalism is, pointing it out in a land with nothing but Crony Capitalism bordering on economic fascism at this point, with his "reform" plan.)

I can also see the argument that the economic conditions are different now, with the "TECH Totalitarians", the super-rich elite of today who are Globalists more than Communists. There is definitely a difference in the economic state of things than in 1917 Russia.

Sorry, but I don't know what else to call these people. Maybe I'm just out of definitions and redefining "Communism". Their actions are looking closer and closer to those of the old fashioned Bolsheviks or Red Guards though.

Not your great grandfather's Communist:

Well, I've got more back-up now for my use of the term from a somewhat unlikely, but trustworthy source. That'd be the editor and chief (and editor-in-chief, I guess) of VDare.com, Mr. Peter Brimelow. This is from yesterday - a story the Lyin' Press and actions by the $500 million in assets Southern Poverty Law Center to stop donations to the VDare organization - Roll Over Taliban! Another Donor-Advised Fund Falls To Communists. Yep, that is Mr. Brimelow's title above Mr. Brimelow's writing. From part of his own response to one Tyler O'Neil of Fox News:
It’s just part of the slow-motion communist coup that’s going on in America. These people will put us in Gulags if they can.
I've respected Peter Brimelow for almost 20 years. I've met the guy. He's an erudite, civil individual. He's no crazy firebrand street preacher. (Just look at this old 1985 TV show with him and a Congressman on PBS TV, and remember that people usually mellow out a bit with age. Usually.)

If even Peter Brimelow calls these people Communists, then Peak Stupidity will call them no other. Are we just old Boomers looking for Commies under the bed? No, we don't have to look there anymore. They are in government, in the universities, in Big-Ed, in the Lyin' Press, and even in corporate boardrooms.

Richard Nixon, not one of Peak Stupidity's favorite individuals, was a famous anti-Communist, said to be one of those people looking for Commies under the bed. Most of them were still external enemies back then, with not so many having infested the Institutions so deeply yet. Then Nixon went to China. Well, if Peak Stupidity has any kind of "Nixon goes to China" moment, it would involve going to A.O.C.'s congressional district in New York, and it would not go nearly as smoothly as Nixon's China trip.

* Hell, I have such a hard time with the latter that spell check is usually stumped too, telling me "no replacement found"!

** Mr. Fontova had a Spanish word for this in his 1 hour interview for this, and I'll put that in an upcoming post.

*** If they're not cute girls or members of the Special Forces or Frenchmen, or members of the French Special Forces, then they've got no business wearing berets ... unless they're gay - that goes for you too, guy from the Mythbusters!

Adam Smith
Sunday - August 15th 2021 2:16PM MST
PS: Happy Sunday everyone 🙂...

Not as off topic as it might seem...

Mr. Alarmist, thanks for the ominous news. (I think.)

I’m a real John Bircher now! Look out you Commies!

Mr. Krug, thanks for the Zimmerman tune. (I hadn't heard that one in a while. Thanks!) In my experience most people, even many who are otherwise witty, demonstrate an innate inability to recognize satire. Also, thanks for the Rockwell quote. Seems Rockwell was quite perceptive and a bit ahead of his time.

Mr. Blanc, thank you for your wonderful, concise comment. I think your explanation pretty well nails it. Peasant rebellions are quite different than Communist revolutions. Is AOC a communist? I'm not really sure where she truly stands, ideologically. Seems like she might just be a brown person who really loves free handouts...


Now, this is completely off topic...

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.

Sunday - August 15th 2021 9:04AM MST
PS The word “communism” (lower-case) is pretty vaguely defined. “Common ownership of the means of production” That can cover a multitude of sins. But the common noun was turned into a proper noun in the 19th century by Marx and the Marxists, and really nailed down by Lenin and the Bolsheviks in the early 20th century. If you were a Communist in the first half of the 20th Century, you knew exactly what “Communism” meant. At least on any particular day. It meant what the Party said it meant. On that day. Note that the Party didn’t allow just anyone to join. There were a lot of fellow travelers, but to become a member, you had to be a hard-core professional revolutionary. I’m not sure that most Latin American revolutionary movements, although they used “Communist”, were actually Communist. They were more like medieval peasant rebellions. The big thing about actual, historical Communism was that it saw class as the fundamental factor in historical development. When actual workers declined to join in the revolution of the 1960s, younger revolutionaries sought other social divisions—mainly race and sex—in order to overthrow existing institutions. That is, they ceased to be Communists. Do they share family resemblances with the old Communists? Ja, you betcha. Are they Communists? No, they are the late 20th, early 21st descendants of the Communists. Because they’re so amorphous, it’s difficult to come up with a single name for them.
Saturday - August 14th 2021 8:06PM MST
PS You don't have to be able to put a label on someone to know what needs to be done with them.
Saturday - August 14th 2021 4:29PM MST
PS: About thirty or thirty-five years ago, I subscribed to

a) The Remnant, a hard-core Catholic Traditional paper, very anti vatican 2

b) The Final Call, the Nations of Islam paper.

c) Lyndon LaRouche's news letters, an American original. A one-time communist (perhaps always) whose political campaigns cited Plato (right) and Aristotle (wrong), and allied with the black panthers, and farmers. He hated the jews, and believed in almost every conspiracy theory out there.

Oddly enough, there was quite a bit they all agreed on.
Saturday - August 14th 2021 3:51PM MST
PS: George Lincoln Rockwell was a very interesting man. My father was, somewhat, sympathetic to his views. Here is one of my favorite quotes of his:

N.B. Elijah Muhammad was the founder of the Nation of Islam, that Farrakhan later took over.

In January 1962, Rockwell wrote to his followers that Elijah Muhammad "has gathered millions of the dirty, immoral, drunken, filthy-mouthed, lazy and repulsive people sneeringly called 'niggers' and inspired them to the point where they are clean, sober, honest, hard working, dignified, dedicated and admirable human beings in spite of their color ... Muhammad knows that mixing is a Jewish fraud and leads only to aggravation of the problems that it is supposed to solve ... I have talked to the Muslim leaders and am certain that a workable plan for separation of the races could be effected to the satisfaction of all concerned—except the communist-Jew agitators."
Saturday - August 14th 2021 9:49AM MST
PS: Oh, and Dylan might have just belatedly turned me on to George Lincoln Rockwell. It's over, and youtube auto-forwarded me to a 1972 version of "Bird Song" by the Dead, live from Veneta, Oregon.
Saturday - August 14th 2021 9:46AM MST
PS: Robert, underneath Bobby Zimmerman's old vinyl recording:

Comments locked because the listener sample thus far demonstrates an innate inability to recognize satire.

I'm not sure how to take that.

Saturday - August 14th 2021 9:16AM MST
PS: Although he was rather on the other side, I always liked this song by Robert Zimmerman (aka Blind Boy Grunt and Bob Dylan):

Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues
Adam Smith
Saturday - August 14th 2021 7:57AM MST
PS: Good morning...


The Alarmist
Saturday - August 14th 2021 5:36AM MST

BTW, they’ve already built the gulag ... now they are recruiting staff.

“Army National Guard Recruits For ‘Internment’ And ‘Resettlement’ Specialist, Military Documents Lay Out Procedure For ‘Civilian Internees’”

source: https://nationalfile.com/natl-guard-internment-resettlement-specialist/

This for further background...
Saturday - August 14th 2021 3:51AM MST
PS: Yeah, we're rolling with that here, Alarmist. I hope more catch on.
The Alarmist
Saturday - August 14th 2021 12:41AM MST

The problem is that saying “Kill a progressive for mommy” or “Kill a socialist for mommy” is not as pithy and catchy as “Kill a commie for mommy.”

Sometimes you just have to roll with what works.
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