The Divided State of America

Posted On: Thursday - August 12th 2021 4:53PM MST
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I wish I could write "Divided States", plural. If we were divided by State lines or anything close, then the country could try another 1860, hopefully without any President Lincoln thinking there is some good reason to keep this country together. Here is that poll result bar graph from Peak Stupidity's start-of-our-3rd-millennium post of a week back.

Do these responses look like those of a country that will remain in one piece through its 3rd century? You don't have to go back that far to get to a time, say the mid-1980s, when these poll results would have had* most of the same issues at least on both sides of the party divide. Sure, the GOP voters thought the marginal income tax rates are too high, and the D's thought too low. The GOP voters say the military budget must be increased, the D's SAID (before this was a complete warfare state) that is should be decreased. Stances on issues were a matter of degree.

Up above, from recent polls (most obviously, the Kung Flu being an issue), well, the problems that each side sees are completely different, other than one overlapping issue, the economic impact of the Kung Flu.

It's not really just party lines, exactly, as the leaders of the two squad of The Party seem to just amble along on the path to destruction together. I don't see the Red Squad leaders doing anything but mouthing off and then giving in. However, poll respondents who give the answer to "Which party do you support?" don't have a lot of choices, so those who think of the left side (of the bar graph) issues as important pick "Republican" and those on the right say "Democrat".

Besides that number 5, which surprised the hell out of me even being on the D-side, much less by matching the R-voter number within 2 1/2%**, those D-voter "issues" are not national issues at all. Those ludicrous concerns are nothing but Communist talking points. I really wonder whether the respondents pick these just to show their anger or really believe this. If the latter, these people are stupid enough to be truly dangerous. They are useful idiots of modern-day Communism. If the former, than they are just the actual modern-day Communists themselves, so still dangerous.

Americans are not even worried about the same issues now! The ctrl-left simply wants destruction of society, destruction of the Conservatives, especially the alt-right, and even destruction of certain individuals. The alt-right/Conservatives see the issues that have been caused by the ctrl-left Commies and want to nicely and logically explain to the ctrl-left how they are wrong. This is not the politics of a united country. It's not normal, civil politics at all.

It's the prelude for physical division. The only problem with that is, as always, the left is not content to leave the right alone. They want the right to agree with them and submit. Even if possible in this nation divided not along State lines, not county lines, but maybe at the voting precinct level, secession would not be acceptable to the left. Where does that leave us?

PS: It's not that Peak Stupidity puts so much faith in poll results. We have been polled, not even a year back, with a very bad experience and resulting view of the stupidity of the current process. I just figured that if these results come from straightforward questions with enough appropriate answers, a lot to ask, I know, the results above might be meaningful, at least.

* Hey, sorry, we go by memory here quite often here at Peak Stupidity. I did a little searching for back up data, but got nothing yet. Any commenters with some better results please paste in some links for us.

** Yes, within 2 "percentage points" is correct, but it would mean something different if it were 3% vs 5%. I mean here % difference in percentage points.

Saturday - August 14th 2021 3:50AM MST
PS: Thank you all for the updates on the origin of that quote, the good comments in general, and especially MOAR Weather Girls. That was refreshing!
Friday - August 13th 2021 5:54PM MST
PS It's incredible that we live in a world where we have the technology to pour a girl into this skirt:
Friday - August 13th 2021 5:52PM MST
PS: "Today’s moment of Zen...."

Mmm ... weather.
The Alarmist
Friday - August 13th 2021 4:24PM MST

Today’s moment of Zen....
magic soil
Friday - August 13th 2021 3:26PM MST
PS At least we aren't racists.
Friday - August 13th 2021 10:59AM MST
PS And government spending and debt don't make the top five for either side. Sigh.
Adam Smith
Friday - August 13th 2021 9:33AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

I don't know the “real” origin of the aphorism though it seems likely to have originated in the 60's as “an old anarchist slogan, frequently found as lamp-post graffiti in university cities”. But it's origin is so unknown it could be attributed to almost anyone...

Friday - August 13th 2021 8:01AM MST
PS Re “If voting made any difference…”. The first I heard it was from Ken Livingstone, Lefty Labourite and head of the Greater London Council until Mrs Thatcher abolished it. I don’t know where he got it.
Friday - August 13th 2021 7:57AM MST
PS Keeping in mind Yogi Berra’s cautionary counsel that making predictions is tough, especially about the future, here’s my prediction: As normie whites lack the awareness and the fortitude to make a stand, we’re in for several decades of Neo-Stalinist* (or Neo-Maoist, if you prefer) tyranny, followed by societal collapse brought about by the policies and actions of the Neo-Stalinists/Maoists.

* The reference to Stalin/Mao denote the intensity of the tyranny, not the idea that our revolutionaries are Communist in any meaningful sense; they are not, they are merely hate-filled destroyers.
The Alarmist
Friday - August 13th 2021 5:32AM MST

The US in its 2016 form is gone. I’m not sure the current form will make it to 2030. The current civil war will ultimately go kinetic, and when it does, it won’t look like American Civil War 1.0, it will look like a larger scale version of Lebanon. When the USSR went relatively into the dustbin of history, it was after 70 years of soul-crushing oppression that broke the spirit of the people. Our oppressors don’t realise it, but they are moving way too fast for their own good, and all they accomplishing is riling up tens of millions of people, who they think they can lock down with their medical-military-intelligence-corporatocracy panopticon state.

The Libtards are going to libtard, which means anything goes... the true disappointment are the soi-dissant “Conservatives” who have never really tried to conserve anything of value other than the paycheques they squeeze out of the diminishing gullible contributors to their “think-tanks” and flailing and failing publications. Sure, the lefties keep a few “conservatives” like David Frum around as “house negroes” to show the rabble out in the fields the benefits of compliance, but how many ever graduated from the fields to the house?
Rex Little
Thursday - August 12th 2021 8:01PM MST
PS I've always thought that quote came from Mark Twain, but according to Snopes, neither Twain nor Goldman said it. It seems the origin is unknown.
Thursday - August 12th 2021 7:47PM MST
PS: Robert, I didn't know it was that old of a saying, I guess because I've usually heard it from Libertarians and that sort. Yeah, a stopped Commie can be right twice a century, or once, if on military time.
Thursday - August 12th 2021 5:37PM MST

If voting could change anything, they would make it illegal.

I believe that this comes from Emma Goldman (among others?), one of the original Commies/Anarchists of over a century ago. In this case, the Commies were right.
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