The ins and outs of dining under Kung Flu Totalitarianism

Posted On: Wednesday - August 11th 2021 8:26PM MST
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Hey, it's complicated. Even under normal conditions, Totalitarianism requires a large set of rules. Then the Kung Flu sets in, and it's Komrade Katy bar the door. Luckily, the Singapore Ministry of Health and the various helpful media outfits have been answering subject's errr, reader's questions and coming out with helpful cards to greatly simplify things:

Commenter Adam Smith referred me to a site with "pbs" in the URL that had the above graphic. I spent some time going for the source of it. It turns out that that "ST" on the top right stands for the Straits Times, a big newspaper out of Singapore. The only site I have found that had the actual graphic had a very blurry version on a really dicked-up website out of, I assume, that region. In the meantime, I noted the news and advice out of the Straits Times (an example) and other outlets (another), and the ministry of health (per CNBC) and other gov't agencies (Enterprise Singapore, really??), respectively.

I'll tell you what. After reading a number of Kung Flu advisement web pages and seeing graphics like the one shown here (especially from that last link), I believe this is no fake stupidity, gentlemen. This is real, and these people are real.

I met a young lady from Singapore 15-odd years ago. Let me tell you, though she had a nice body (wish I had more details to tell you!), her mind had me somewhat disgusted. This was the mid-00's still, and I asked her about rumors, oops, rumours for her*, that people were being tracked everywhere. "Sure", she told me, "but what's wrong with that?" I wrote this anecdote in case the reader was wondering what I suddenly have against Singapore. I know, crime is low. I know, it's very clean, as you will get your ass caned for spitting. It's not the way a free man wants to live though.

These are smart people, so when the put numerical values to their Kung Flu hysteria, they do it right. They can figure this stuff out. If you have any confusion due to the above graphic as you enter a restaurant down there, I'm sure the Singaporean hostess could set you straight right away: "C'mon, guys! It's so simple. Whaddya leed a leaflesher course? It's all social distancing lowadays!"

* and yes, for Fleetwood Mac.

The Alarmist
Friday - August 13th 2021 7:46AM MST

I found this nice thought on the topic of functional society:

“Religion or social rules may seem to some to be a loss of freedom, but like traffic laws, if we all follow set rules (especially those tested over millennia) it leads to a stable society and lets us all have a little freedom to create in more useful ways. For example, if you drive in Rome (so I’ve heard) you have to drive creatively and you cannot think about anything else. In the UK everyone follows the driving rules, so it is possible to drive by habit and use the time thinking of useful things. Society is like that too.”


You might enjoy the discussion of math as a bulwark against wokism interesting.
Thursday - August 12th 2021 8:01PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I am all for Federalism, of course. However, the way Americans have moved around and gotten mixed together, the different regions - the South, the NE, Southern Cal, etc - don't each have their common cultures and unique characteristics they used to have anymore. You have division all over each of the regions. Nobody knows how you would divide this place up to let like people, with like like ideas on government, be among their own. As you say, the only thing all-encompassing is the stupidity pushed on everyone by the woke globalists.

Adam Smith, firstly, thank you for the link to another book (the one discussed on unz by iSteve). You are lucky to be living in a region like that. There are many to chose from - our plans are still vague. If they would just leave these regions alone, and we could be assured of that, the decision would be easier.

Thursday - August 12th 2021 7:51PM MST
PS: Alarrmist, thanks for the report. I would like to get back to a society in which people hold to their own standards, and yeah, if the neighbor chides your kid, you don't go suing him, but thank him instead. That takes a high trust environment, but also, I suppose, one with kids all over and Moms at home, as it was in this land not so, so long ago.

Upon reading those Singaporean websites, I got the impression that all of society was about intelligently making and wading thought complicated social rules (in this case social distancing rules). It's fine if you agree with it all. If you stand out, you'll get hammered down harder than you would here, I'd guess.
The Alarmist
Thursday - August 12th 2021 11:05AM MST

En eso tiene razón, Señor Smith.

Adam Smith
Thursday - August 12th 2021 9:33AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

Mr. Alarmist, so I should go to Singapore for the food but I should skip the hookers, blow, and donkey shows?

Mr. Blanc, I would prefer independent polities or maybe federalism. The globalizing bankers and capitalists can go spatchcock a chicken for all I care. It's long past time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of globalizing bankers and capitalists and other tyrants.

Some of us out here in the mountains of Appalachia (and out west) are not yet ready for the great reset, or to build back better. Black Lives do not Matter here. We will not simply wear our chains with pride and pay our victory taxes. Perhaps we are considered less civilized than the nations city folk, but we will not be so easily put in the camps or lead to our slaughter.

Mr. Moderator, look what I found in the library...

I got a kick out of this graphic from that Enterprize Singapore link you provided...

Who knew singing was allowed in Singapore?

Thursday - August 12th 2021 8:34AM MST
PS The balance between freedom and order, that’s the big problem of political philosophy. And, unfortunately, the answer is not one-size-fits-all. There are probably as many answers as there are people. And maybe a dozen or so compromises into one of which most people would feel at least moderately comfortable. Independent polities, anyone? Or maybe federalism? Alas, such solutions aren’t acceptable to globalizing bankers and capitalists. Therefore, put on your mask, hang the rainbow flag on your abode, and loudly proclaim your belief that “Black Lives Matter!” Otherwise, it’s the camps for you, citizen.
The Alarmist
Thursday - August 12th 2021 3:57AM MST

I did a year in Singapore back in the ‘90s, and it was a fine city (search images on Singapore fine city, and you’ll get the joke). Seriously, I loved it. Some dictatorships work well for common folks who don’t want to live like criminals or freaks. And the food was outstanding.

I went back there a while back (BC ... Before Coof), and while waiting at a crosswalk for the light to change (yes, they wait), a 30ish guy next to me threw a candy wrapper on the street, so I looked at him and said, “You wouldn’t do that if Lee Kuan Yew was still running things.” So he gives me a sheepish grin and picks it up. Public shaming still works to help keep public order.

It’s not all about government enforcing public order. I remember as a child that if I got seriously out of order in the neighborhood, any of the neighbourhood adults was free to whack me on the bottom and return me to my parents, who would continue the lesson until they were sure I had learned the point.
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