Update on little Landen and the Hoffman family's lawsuit

Posted On: Tuesday - August 10th 2021 6:38PM MST
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Peak Stupidity was truly broken up a bit about the sick and evil deed that was done to the (at the time) 5 y/o Landen Hoffman. The boy was purposefully thrown off a balcony to the floor 3 stories below by a black man named Emmanuel Deshawn Ananda in Minneapolis' Mall of America 2 1/3 years ago. We gave an update, with great relief about the miraculous recovery of the boy a year back.

The attempted murderer received 19 years prison time, though I'd read that it could go down to 12. There's no telling how low that could go were he to accumulate a following of Minnesota snowflakes with that tremendous compassion they've got there, you betcha'. We left the story still not sure about Ananda's background, other than that he was from Chicago, born in America, and a known crazy who should have been locked up long before. More on the background later ...

I came upon some news from late this July reporting Family Of Boy Thrown From Third-Floor Balcony Sues Mall Of America.

Let me skip the rest of that article for a bit and just get to the gist of the legal complaint:
The lawsuit states Landen’s medical bills have exceeded $1.75 million. In addition to seeking damages for those costs, the family seeks damages for future medical expenses, pain and suffering, future income loss and mental anguish and distress.
Let me say first that the Hoffman family was NOT going around forgiving the evil Emmanuel Deshawn Ananda, even though they are a Christian family and the guy had that Biblical first name. That's a big mark in their favor. Their boy will never be "made whole", pretty much literally here, Though the Hoffman parents got lots of crowd funding and that, I have a feeling that all those expensive medical procedures and likely continuing procedures and/or drugs are now busting their budget as people tail off their charity

However, if you want to collect for all of this from whomever's responsible, you've got to pin that down. That's easy, though, but then again, the one responsible is in jail, never had, and never will have, that kind of money. You, or the lawyers, that is, go up to another level, higher in assets, and lower in responsibility. That'd be the Mall of America, I suppose, according to the lawyers. It's the biggest mall in America, so, even in the year 2021, I guess they have deep enough pockets. Responsibility-wise, I don't agree.

You may want to read the details in the article linked-to above, as to how this responsibility is being claimed. It's true that Ananda was banned from the mall before for a year, then with an extension. How is this really controlled though? Do we want to live in a country in which our IDs are checked even entering a mall? That's what a lawsuit like this will encourage. That is, unless all the mall security people are to be trained to "keep your eyes on the black guys." That doesn't sound too Minnesota Snowflakey to me though.

I was surprised this guy was not an immigrant, from Somalia or some other godawful place. No, he's most assuredly from Chicago, Illinois, and Ameican, I am told. That was no typo by Peak Stupidity (for a change!). It seems that all the websites I've been reading blurbs from while trying to find Emmanuel Deshawn Ananda's actual ethnicity have the same typo. That's interesting. The main problem is that I've had no luck finding out whether this evil fuck is from an immigrant family. Are the search engines hiding that, or does nobody really care? People might want to care, in the future.

I can't suggest that the Hoffman family direct its lawsuit at a more suitable target, such as Lutheran Refugee Services, due to the attempted murderer not being an immigrant. If his family was, then it would be a hell of a cool thing, publicity-wise, if they would sue one of these groups. We as a country need to get to the root of our problems, and you must direct your anger and your lawsuits at the most deeply responsible people. It's really not the Mall of America's fault. With no collectable blame to be assigned to Ananda, I apportion 50% of the collectible blame to the Snowflakes of Minnesota and 50% to the rest of the woke, BLM-ard-sign-posting, integrationist Americans everywhere around this country for the last 50 years. Pay up, bitches! Oh, right, you already are.

PS: Our commenter Adam Smith may want to chime in here, but I am under the impression that most parts of governments are immune to lawsuits for their lawful practices. After all, they are supposedly just doing the taxpayers' bidding. However, this case also goes back to the elimination of the State Hospitals, aka "Funny Farms" a few decades back, as Peak Stupidity discussed in Outsourcing of the Funny Farms. It's too late to sue anyone for that, I suppose.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 11th 2021 11:26AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

⚫ Agree: Adam Smith

I used the big dot because I agree with everyone...

Mr. Alarmist, as far as I know Emmanuel whats-his-face was never institutionalized in Minnesota or Minneapolis. He was caught and released (probation) in Chicago in 2014. I'm pretty sure the lawsuit lottery is only open to black offenders, at least when it comes to the big George Floyd size payouts. Daniel Shaver's widow is still fighting for ($75 million) compensation. His parents recently settled with Mesa, AZ for $1.5 million.

Mr. Little, it does seems like most immigrant blacks tend to be better behaved than American blacks, most of the time.

Mr. Moderator, I thought about that after I posted my comment last night. Even if Mr. Hoffman was there at the mall, I'm not sure he could have stopped the assault. I'd imagine it happened quickly, with little time to react. But, Aranda does not look like a big guy, so maybe Mr. Hoffman could have been an effective deterrent? Or maybe even stopped him.(?)


If he was armed it may have increased his ability to stop this guy, or he may have shot some innocent bystander. Opening fire in a crowded building is fraught with peril. (And it's going to be loud.) Too bad this guy wasn't put down before this happened. It would be insane to release this guy in 12 years or less. I hope he dies in prison.

Mr. Blanc, I like your idea best of all. “No Negroes Allowed”! God put the Africans in Africa, on the other side of a large ocean, for some very good reasons.

Separate continents.

Wednesday - August 11th 2021 7:21AM MST
PS “Keep an eye on the black guys”. Now, there’s an idea. Better yet, “No Negroes Allowed”. Of course, it would save a lot of signage costs if Negroes had their own sovereign areas, where no whites were allowed. And whites had their own sovereign areas, where no Negroes were allowed.
Wednesday - August 11th 2021 6:35AM MST
PS: Rex, I have read VDare for years. They have a topic key, or whatever it'd be called, on "Immigrant Mass Murder". There have been very many such events, and then there is the small-time crime, both white and blue collar. I would guess that most immigrant black people - I meet many these days - are better behaved, but, man, they have no problem letting in the crazy ones too, along with those from the contingent who actually hate America/Americans. Some of the latter may have a good reason, but why let them in the country? Oh, because we bombed them over there to prevent fighting them over here, or however that goes, right.
Wednesday - August 11th 2021 6:31AM MST
PS: Thanks for the information, both Adam and Alarmist. Adam, 2 things: regarding the Dad being there, the guy just came up and did this, so I don't know if the Dad would have been anything more than a deterrent, which may not have worked on a crazy man like this.

Secondly, this was a case in which I'd say even the most alert gun-toting citizen may not have been able to change the outcome. However, were someone to have taken care of this sicko earlier in his criminal career (I also read some background on him, as you did) maybe he could have been taken out of the Minneapolis (and world) environment prior to this.

Yes, it'd be nice if it were 1970s Minneapolis, and the lady could walk everywhere, like a married Mary Richards (aka, Mary Tyler Moore) with her kid with no worries.
Rex Little
Wednesday - August 11th 2021 5:29AM MST
PS I'm not at all surprised that Aranda is native-born. Immigrant blacks tend to be better behaved than American ones, for a number of reasons.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 11th 2021 3:22AM MST

The State has sovereign immunity, as does the political sub-units it creates, e.g. counties and cities. You can sue them, but they need to consent to being sued. This is how the family of Saint George of the Floyd shook $27m out of Minneapolis. If Emmanuel whats-his-face was released by an institutution in Minnesota or Minneapolis, the family could conceivably bring the civil lawsuit against them. The question is whether or not they could be shamed into supporting a White child harmed in their community by someone they should have better controlled, or is the lawsuit lottery only open to black offenders?
Adam Smith
Tuesday - August 10th 2021 8:54PM MST
PS: Guy like this are why we need to be armed.

Aranda, a Chicago native who tossed a 5-year-old child from the mall’s third-floor balcony last Friday, stopped by a Golden Nugget restaurant for breakfast on Aug. 24, 2014.

After the meal, his credit card was declined so he was told to call his bank, longtime server Amanda Granlund told the Chicago Tribune.

The situation “quickly spiraled” when a customer sitting near the counter asked a server in Spanish to be moved to finish their meal because of Aranda’s body odor.

“That’s when Aranda got up and said, ‘I know what you said. You said that I smell like s---,’ ” Granlund told the Tribune.

The deranged Mall of America suspect quickly turned violent. He picked up a plate and hit the hapless customer in the head. He then reached into his backpack and pulled out a knife.

“And he went to stab the guy,” Granlund said. “And the guy was thankfully so thin that he was able to dodge (the blows.) He did it about four or five times.”

Aranda then ran around the restaurant yelling, “Someone’s gonna die,” causing other customers to run to the kitchen while others hid under tables.

A manager, who had called the cops, told Aranda they were on the way, causing him to flee. He was arrested shortly after.


The only sane solution is euthanasia, you betcha'.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - August 10th 2021 8:43PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

I too am under the impression that most parts of governments are immune to lawsuits for their lawful and (unfortunately in too many cases) unlawful practices. I fail to see how suing the State of Minnesota would benefit the Hoffman family as there is no mention of providing Funny Farms, insane asylums or poor houses in their state constitution, though if they did provide such amenities it might have saved little Landen from his horrible ordeal. I'd assume the people who wrote Minnesota's constitution figured it is up to charity to provide for the poor and insane and up to the people to defend them selves and their children from homicidal/feral negroes.*

Constitution of the State of Minnesota Bill of Rights...

Sec. 8. Redress of injuries or wrongs.
Every person is entitled to a certain remedy in the laws for all injuries or wrongs which he may receive to his person, property or character, and to obtain justice freely and without purchase, completely and without denial, promptly and without delay, conformable to the laws (whatever that means)

As you know the police (and by extension the state) have no duty to protect anyone, so I do not know how anyone could expect the Mall of America to have a “duty to protect” absent some sort of contract. Is mall security supposed to card everyone at the door and compare it to a list of known crazies? Should they provide customers an armed pinkerton to escort them around the place? I hear that hanging a “No Niggers Allowed” sign is out of vogue, so I don't know what the Mall of America could have done to protect little Landen. They'll probably reach a settlement.

It's a horribly sad situation for the Hoffman family. Little Landen can never “obtain justice freely and without purchase, completely and without denial, promptly and without delay”. He is fortunate that people were so charitable, but this never should have happened. Only a monster can do this to a child.

*As I understand it, Landen was at the mall with his mom when he was attacked. His father was not present. It's most unfortunate that we no longer live in a society where Mrs. Hoffman can go to the mall with her child safely. I don't know if she could have prevented her son's attack even if she were carrying. It probably happened really fast.

Aranda told investigators he went to the Bloomington, Minnesota, mall “looking for someone to kill” after women had rejected his advances.

People like Emmanuel Aranda are not compatible with nice, white Minnesota society.
The only sane solution is euthanasia, you betcha'.

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