I am not a xenophobe!

Posted On: Wednesday - November 30th 2016 12:21PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity

I wrote this up as a letter to VDare.com in response to this article about the growing use of this pejorative term for people who like to live among their own countrymen:

Regarding Mr. Fulford's column, Dictionary.com notwithstanding, I have also been aware of the more widespread use of the term Xenophobe. I will tell you right now that I greatly resent being called this nasty term, not because I am sick to death of foreigners (which I am, BTW), but just due to my knowledge of basic chemistry!

Have you people (NY Times, I guess?) no shame? At no point in my life have I lived in any kind of irrational fear of the element Xenon, or any other of the noble gases in column 8 of the periodic table! I will grant you that the EPA got me freaked out about the element Radon back in the '80's, but this was no irrational fear. It was quite rational, until I realized the EPA were full-of-it like all almost all other US Gov't agencies.

I am a great friend of Neon. I think it is one of the most vibrant of elements, and I welcome it to our cities and bars. I welcome to our society any element with a stable outer shell of electrons. We should all appreciate a diversity of molecular weights, and not be afraid of and bullying to any isotopes, even those that shed a few neutrons now and then. No, I don't personally have a filled outer shell, but I have close friends who have Argon in between their windowpanes and aquaintances who suck on Helium quite often in order to talk like the Donald (no, the duck, get with the program, people).

To be brutally honest with myself, yes, OK, I used to fear the Alkali metals. Yes, I said the A-word, OK. However, it was only due to my lingering post-traumatic disorder from my tossing of a hunk of sodium into the toilet in 10th grade. I am currently in a 12 step program for this and have made the appropriate apologies.

In conclusion, I am shocked, shocked, I tell you, to be slandered in such a fashion, by people who wouldn't know the Lanthanides from the Rare Earths in a hole in the ground.


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