Survey says: 35% face-diapering stupidity at the grocery store

Posted On: Monday - August 2nd 2021 11:53AM MST
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(Meme is again this page on the Off-Guardian site.)

That was easy. I wanted to teach my 10 y/o how to do this easily. We weren't staying in the store any longer than it took to get 6 potatoes for the barbecue, but I got him going with "just try not to count people twice, and do like this: 'mask on, so 1 out of 1, no mask, so 1 out of 2, etc.'". It's sometimes easy to forget to count up one on the total when you have a positive. ("Mask positive, that is. Kung Flu positivity was unknown, and we were not worried - we could have been at any time and maybe are now.)

We were counting customers only, not employees*, and we got 18 out of 52 with a margin of error that you may expect from a 10 y/o kid doing this survey for the first time**. That's a 35% F.D.C. (Oh, that's Face Diapering Compliance, as defined in Center for Disease Control spec. 19-124.34, paragraph (b). You all should be familiar, dammit. It's the LAW!) This 35% is up from an even-less-scientific 2-5% I would have told you from last week.

Season 3 is winding up, folks. Get ready to tell people to "bugger off" or at least "mind their own business" some more, on line, off line, wherever.

A friend got his 2nd vaccination shot that he's taking only because he needs to get into Canada. He was in bad shape for a day and a half from that one. His being a single guy, we were worried and thought we might need to go out there and check up on him. Should he or I have needed to report this problem with the vaccine***, who would we call, the Fauci hotline?
"Hello, CDC customer care? How may we better stab errr, serve you today?"

"Well, my friend just took the 2nd vaccine shot. He's been on the toilet and can't sleep. He says his kidneys are hurting, and this thing is making any little problem he has much worse right now."

"OK, thank you for your patience. We are not having a place on the script for that. I can put down TMI, but unless your friend has passed away, we can't help you, Sir, at this number."

"So you only want to call us if he's dead?"

"No, Sir, we can only take this information from the innoculee himself. Is there anything else we can help you with today?"

"Uhhh, nah...."

"Thank you for calling. Please be sure to wear your mask, as recommended, while you complete the survey we just spammed your phone with."
Do you all remember the clever bit of fact-checking by Mr. Sailer last summer about the use of pictures taken with telephoto lenses to make the beaches look packed. I was thinking of that while we were the beach recently. It was packed, I mean packed, to where it did look like those telephoto shots, but, no, I was standing right there among everyone.

There was nary a mask or freaked-out individual in sight. The air was hot, the water T was just right, and we had a blast.

* I heard later from a friend that in that half-ritzy neighborhood there are people already writing on the "neighborhood" app that they are upset that the employees at the store are not all diapering up. Someone's bound to send out a memo - easier than stocking vegetables, that's for sure, and pays more to boot.

** I did tell him that if we wanted to do this more accurately, we'd need to stay near the entrance for a half hour and check the people coming in or out, one.

*** Sure, I know you get slightly sick often from many vaccines, but this one is a different story.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - August 3rd 2021 9:40AM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

I can't find it anywhere else...

The Alarmist
Tuesday - August 3rd 2021 4:28AM MST

Oh, she took the opportunity. It was a nice chat with a pretty girl on a sunny day. Isn’t this what they used to call living?
Mr. Anon
Monday - August 2nd 2021 11:56PM MST

I shop exclusively at Publix. They have a better selection of food, the fruits and vegetables are always fresh, they are clean, and the staff there are (mostly) very polite and helpful. Far better than Kroger.

I wouldn't even set foot in a Walmart. F**k the Waltons, and all their out-sourcing flunkies. They helped destroy America.

I have also noticed that the Publix staff have returned to masking, as have a lot of the customers. On account of the dreaded "Delta Variant" presumably. Screw that - I'm not playing that game anymore.
Monday - August 2nd 2021 2:35PM MST
PS: Yes, Publix is upscale - you get service for those extra $$ you pay over Aldi or others. OTOH, as I try to convince my wife, the fruit is often not only better, but a melon will have so much more eating material inside that you come out ahead on quantity too.

I imagine in today's sensitive world, those check-out boys/girls, more often men/ladies have to be careful. They don't want to piss off guys who would not be happy having it assumed they are too frail to carry groceries. Too bad the young lady didn't take the opportunity to get outside - I wonder if she was worried about getting in trouble. Florida is Publix - central, as I recall, but, then again, they've got a great Governor. I just heard from a guy from Jacksonville that De Santis signed something that prohibits schools from giving any shots to kids without explicit permission. That should be the case everywhere, of course...

We are going on a vacation trip soon, and I will see the masking ratios in various places. For cryin' out loud, OUTDOORS is the place I think it's most ludicrous. We shall see.
The Alarmist
Monday - August 2nd 2021 1:48PM MST

Good to teach quant skills at a young age.

I stopped counting customer masks in Florida after the third day, because only a quarter or so were masked; but I kept mental notes on employees for most of the month. In “upscale” places like Publix (supermarket), most employees were masked, but not all. In my fave downmarket greasy spoons (diners and BBQ joints), none of the employees were masked.

The interesting thing about Publix is they still have baggers; in my particular outlet, they are all young twenties, boys and girls. The boys bag but never offer to help me to my car. The girls frequently offer to help me to my car. I don’t know if they keep track of my purchases and figure I have money to burn (they all look too nice to be golddiggers), or if I really look so old and frail. I usually politely decline. This time, when offered, I whispered, “You want to get out into the sun and out of that mask?” I still doubt she was a golddigger, but she assured me I don’t look too frail....

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