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Posted On: Saturday - July 31st 2021 2:47PM MST
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Early Adopter Commies:

People on the right may call the ctrl-left lots of names, but most won't use the C-word. Our post title comes from the 1964 book by John Stormer, None Dare Call it Treason, which is about the failings in the rooting out of Communists in high places in the US Feral government in the 1950s*.

Well, there is no point trying to root out these people from the current Feral government. They COMPRISE the current Feral government. You'd have to shut the whole shebang down ... wait, now, we may be onto something! This post is about the American/Western ctrl-left in general, though, not just people within the government.

I keep running into commenters or individuals in discussion who will refuse to use the C-word. "No, but they don't want a class struggle." "None of these people ever read or quote Karl Marx." "They don't support labor like the real Communists." Yes, I do know that most of our ctrl-left are too stupid to even understand the dumb ideas of Communist ideology. However, we need to look at what they say, what they do, and what they want to do next.

The wording may have pro-black racial motivation, but that's just a ploy to have something to complain about, black people in general having never gotten their shit together and not likely to have in the near future. The ctrl-left nowadays is pushing for “equity audits”, "economic access” , and the ending of "generational wealth", the latter meaning taking the value of all the labor you did for your family. Oh, the terms are new – they used to talk “land reform” and “income redistribution”. It's the same old same old with newer terminology.

In the prosperous modern world of the last 1/2 century, not very many Americans have lived on the land or owned their own producing land, as if this were the 1930s. "Land reform" sounded good, and still does, in Latin America, Africa, and poor areas around the world. Here, it means nothing, so the ctrl-left will start talking about "neighborhood reform" instead or something sounding like "equal access to leafy suburbs", stuff like that. This is not any different - the ctrl-left is resentful and simply wants our stuff.

Now, a decent argument here would be that I just can't be making up my own definitions of Communism and Communists on the fly, just because I'm a famous an infamous blogger. My retort would be "how many of the original Communists were really about the ideology?" Sure, those guys at the 1800s Viennese coffee hauses reading Marx and Engles were. Yeah, they were into it. They never had any power to take our stuff though. The followers of all the various big Commies in the last century were not necessarily really believers though. They were just resentful and wanted to destroy traditional society so as to have possibly a better deal.

Admittedly, a century ago these people often had real beefs. Society is not always fair and sometimes life IS a real screw job. When you go back to Czarist Russia, sure, it'd been better if things had changed, but not toward the direction they did, of course. The idea of communes, sharing, "to each according to his means, from each according to her fertility", etc. had not yet been physically disproven. (Though a thought experiment probably would have done the trick for me.) Well, not since the early 1970s has any American seriously gone for that crap, so they've come out with the new terminology regarding the takings of your shit.

That's what they are saying. What are they actually doing now? They are in the Cultural Revolution stage here in the West. Again, black people, or gay, genderbenders, etc. may be the purported reason for it all, but that's not really what it's all about. It works great for them to be able to shut the counter-revolutionaries - that's US - up, using this Cult-Rev 2.0** to harass, silence, and destroy careers of, their opposition.

What will they be doing soon, if we don't stop them, that is? We should all know. We have dozens of examples from the past and even this century*** to go by.

Since the almost 4 year-old Peak Stupidity post Commies crawling out of the woodwork... it's about that time, we haven't seen much other talk or writing with the warnings in our corner of the internet. Just in the last week, though, I've seen two items that have bolstered my spirits on this topic.

Communism mid-20th Century style:

In this post from this past Wednesday with the interview of ex-Cuban Humberto Fontova, I caught a very interesting point from the guy near the end of the hour video interview. Now, I know Mr. Fontova doesn't have the exact stats when he says this, but right at 58:04 he says "I'm here to tell you, probably 80% of the people, of the Cubans who joined Castro and Che's movement in the early years never heard of Marx or Lenin." Does Mr. Fontova know everything? Nah, but it's the same as the way we write about things here - he's got the idea from his common sense and years of learning from people who WERE THERE.

Let's think about the timeline. It's been 62 years since Castro's Communist takeover, while Castro's takeover was 42 years after the big one, Lenin's Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917. It's hard to believe, but Castro's revolution occurred just 40% of the way in time from Lenin's heyday to today. Yet, even then, it was not all about "the proletariat", "the bourgeoisie", and "the workers". The were the resentful ones, Los Resentidos****, and they wanted to make up for it by appropriating the successful Cuban's shit. It always come down to that. It ends up in destruction of the country, but they just never see that coming, or do they?

Then, there is VDare. One doesn't usually see what might be considered political inflammatory language on that site unless it's specifically about their mainstay topic, immigration.***** A fairly new writer, one Jack Dalton just posted this article - The Democrats’ RED DAWN: Yes, It’s A Communist Coup. But There Are Signs Of Hope. Yep, he used the C-word! Check out that column. I may have to get and watch Red Dawn again for kicks. Of course, we all SHOULD know that The Russians aren't out to invade anymore. They aren't Communists anymore. The Communists have infiltrated slowly this time, from the inside. No parachutes were necessary.

What’s it gonna take for people to understand who these people are?!

* Disclaimer: I haven't read this book yet. It was on my Dad's bookshelf for many years when I was a kid. I may be able to find that copy even.

** 6-decade ago China was 1.0.

*** Venezuela's communist revolution was a part late-20th and part 21st century disaster.

**** Mr. Fontova speaks about that term just before that point in the video ~ 57:40.

***** Although I was pleased to see Mr. Allan Wall get a tad inflammatory on the subject - in a good way, mind you - of the Kung Flu stupidity. I was "lovin' it."

Tuesday - August 3rd 2021 4:30PM MST
PS None Dare Call it Treason. That’s a walk down memory lane. It was on my teenage bookshelf along with The Conscience of a Conservative and A Texan Looks at Lyndon. Good times.
Tuesday - August 3rd 2021 4:26PM MST
PS As a pedant, I tend to not use “Communist”, or even “Cultural Marxist” for the contemporary Left. I’ve known real Communists, i.e., card-carrying members of the CPUSA, or various derivatives thereof, such as the Socialist Workers Party, Progressive Labor Party, or the Revolutionary Communist Party. Your typical Twitter SJW is a very different animal. In the first place, she’s more often than not female. Real Communists were overwhelmingly male. If they had a reasonably attractive female member, she was used to try to lure lonely males into the Party orbit. For real Communists, “identities” were thoroughly subordinated to class. Race and sex were certainly seen as real, but were important only because they were used by capitalists to divide “da workers”. When “da workers” declined to join “the Revolution” of the 1960s, younger radicals abandoned the actual working class and the Marxist theory constructed around it in favor of the identities that were secondary or tertiary in Marxism. They are definitely the descendants of the Communists, but they are not Communists, any more than we are Australopithecines, although we are the (distant) descendants of the Australopithecines.
Adam Smith
Monday - August 2nd 2021 7:18AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Mr. Untermenschen, thank you for the link. I grabbed a local copy of The Naked Communist, looks interesting.

Mr. Anon... “Hah! "Traitor - SC". That's good.
Does anybody like her? Does anybody think she is anything other than a cynical, opportunistic, power-hungry bitch?”

I dislike her almost as much as I dislike Kamala Harris. (That bitch really makes my skin crawl.) Cynical, opportunistic, power-hungry and bitch are all appropriate in describing either of those Hindu's. I'd like to add, “Don't belong here” to the list.

Also, thanks for the links. I'll check them out. “Humans vs. Anti-Humans” is apropos. I think the divide can also be described as “authoritarian vs. libertarian”. Something about mandates, lockdowns and vaccines brings out some people's inner totalitarian. It's wild to watch. I also agree that PS is “an oasis from the madness”. ☮

Mr. Moderator, I agree that the rise of the Tech oligarchs has really changed the political landscape. They're not the only big players though. The military industrial complex and the banking/insurance/finance/investment industry are still quite powerful in their own right, and have a very large seat at the table. The fictionalization of the ponzi scheme economy has left Wall St. and The City of London near (at?) the top of the pyramid of power. The mineral/oil extraction industries and the global shipping companies are still big players too, though they are currently dwarfed by the tech oligarchs.

As Mr. Ganderson once said, petroleum products make modern civilization possible.

Monday - August 2nd 2021 5:42AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, I really am hooked on the iSteve commenters' usually good discussion, and 50% of Steve's posts themselves. I have a lot in common with the commenters there, I guess. Now, I couldn't give a rat's ass about the Olympics, the NBA, and any other sports that Steve gets into, so I usually skip those posts. He can go overboard on the university admission stuff too.

The thing is, it's interesting when he relates, for example, the admissions processes to politics, especially the stuff about those NYers trying to get their kids into the $20,000/year kindergartens, etc., but I just get the feeling he thinks going to an Ivy League school is the most important thing and a good thing, for that matter, The Olympic "color" commentary, haha, is also something that I wonder why he cares about. It comes down to that Steve Sailer is still somewhat taken in by the mainstream media. It's his job to keep up with it, I understand, but he gets sucked in by some of the "Bread & Circuses" himself.

On the Kung Flu, no, I really differ with him. Not only that, but I'm getting sick of the way he seems derisive about those who question the Lyin' Press and government stories on this whole thing and now the vaccines especially. How wrong can you be, and still stay sucked in, while you aren't sucked in to all their D.I.E. stuff at all?

I am getting a little less polite on that subject, though not quite at Je Suis Omar Marteen level, haha!
Monday - August 2nd 2021 5:34AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, my feelings about Nikki Haley got solidified way back when she let good S. Carolinians down on the Rebel flag issue. The White people had already compromised once on it. Yeah, then she became one of the top Neocons.

Thank you for the compliment regarding the PS site. Yes, the GCF did divide Americans along strange lines. "Humans v Anti-Humans", that's about right. Thank your for the background on some of these pundits - C.J., Hopkins, in particular, has written great stuff about the PanicFest, but he's not on unz anymore, well, that shouldn't stop me, but I remember that I looked back on his earlier stuff and there wasn't so much I agreed with. He pushes that "GlobalCap" term like he's selling hair tonic. (There is something to it, but I dunno...)

The off-Guardian was just pointed out to me by commenter Alarmist here, the first time to a bunch of great Flu Manchu panic memes. Thanks for the other links too. That last one, from Sarah Corriher, is one I want to check out first.

Mr. Anon
Sunday - August 1st 2021 11:52PM MST


I have only been a relatively recent poster at this site, so I probably missed references and/or links you have made to James Corbett and JHK. Your fine site has been an oasis from the madness for me over the last 18 months: ever since the Great Corona Freakout started. I used to frequent iSteve quite a bit, but I don't much care for it anymore. Steve and a large fraction of his commentariat have drunk so deeply from the Koolaid that I barely recognize the place. I've noticed that I don't get many replies to my posts there anymore. Well, maybe people are sick of me. Maybe they're blocking me. I am not owed anything.

I turned on to Corbett's site about the same time as this one, and have found it very interesting and thought-provoking.

I started following JHK around 2006. I liked his critique of modern American architecture, but his hostility to middle-America (and the South in particular) was off-putting, so I stopped paying much attention to him. He was still essentially a North-Eastern liberal. But in the last few years, since Trump was first elected, he has practically morphed into a populist conservative in all but name.

I perceive that there is a political realignment taking place over this one great issue - "The Great Reset". Traditionalist conservatives like (I assume) most of us here, old-fashioned liberals like Kunstler and Brett Weinstein, left-wing playwrights like C.J. Hopkins, alt-right s**t-lords like Ramzpaul, populists like Steve Bannon, even liberal feminists like Naomi Wolf now seem to all be on the same side.

It's Humans vs. Anti-Humans.

By the way, as long as I'm touting some other voices out there, I also recommend the following:

Dave Cullen's site - Computing Forever. He's a conservative Irish blogger, who used to write about computer stuff, but now writes about current events:

"Off Guardian", written by some people in the UK who were all kicked off the Guardian's comment section (back when they had one):

And Sarah Corriher, "The Crusader Gal", a young conservative Christian English lady who has some very interesting analysis and commentary:

Mr. Anon
Sunday - August 1st 2021 11:26PM MST

"I am not sure if Nikki Haley (Traitor - SC) claimed he said this in public...."

Hah! "Traitor - SC". That's good.

Does anybody like her? Does anybody think she is anything other than a cynical, opportunistic, power-hungry bitch?
Sunday - August 1st 2021 8:19PM MST
PS: Mr. Anon - in the early years of Communism, and really up till about 20, 25 years back, there has been NO ONE as rich and powerful (both) as the "TECH" oligarchs. Electronic/software technology has definitely changed the political landscape.

The resentful masses who are trying to destroy traditional societies are the same as they ever were. Your comment is something to think about.

I have seen a few of James Corbett's videos before. Peak Stupidity had a post which referenced a post from "Clusterfuck Nation". I remember that particular CN post was funny, but the rest is just barely out of reach of my mind - I don't have my search feature open, but I can find this if anyone here wants to know.

Alarmist, are the wokesters using all those pro-black, pro-this, prop-that issues to hide that they are the same old Commies of yesteryear.

Mr. Kief, regarding Sweden, I had a post that noted that it was a really decent place before the idiots (hey, who's talking, right) let in a million Africans and Moslems, but still stated Socialism is in the long run dysgenic even without all that. I don't see them as Communist though. The way they've treated the Flu Manchu - at least last year - was admirable and made our Feral government and many of the State ones look much more Communistic (Totalitarian, at least).

Sunday - August 1st 2021 8:09PM MST
PS: Mr. Icepick and Doug. I just went 10 minutes down the rabbit hole on that one. The primary link coming up that disputes the claim that Mr. Khrushchev said that is "Politifact" who are an important member of the "International Fact Checking Network". It'd be going down the hole further to find out whether this IFCN is nothing but a censorship network.

I am not sure if Nikki Haley (Traitor - SC) claimed he said this in public, or whether Mr. Reagan did, but one Ezra Taft Benson said that the Soviet Premier said that to him in a private meeting in 1959.

So, who knows, or will ever know, at this point?

Untermenschen, thank you for that .pdf book. I have it open and have started on it. It looks very readable and interesting.
Sunday - August 1st 2021 10:22AM MST
PS That supposed Khruschev quote ("Your children's children..." ) is obviously made up out of whole cloth. Anyone who thinks he would have said that publically -- regardless of what he really believed -- is ... naive.

I challenge anyone who thinks it's true to give me a source for it -- and not something like "so-and-so overheard him".

Why is our side so gullible?
The Alarmist
Sunday - August 1st 2021 7:54AM MST

Good afternoon / morning all.

@Mr. Kief, the Swedes might have dodged the crippling COVID Conga, but they still took the fatal patent medicine of Third-World immigration, so their days are still numbered.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - August 1st 2021 6:54AM MST
PS Look what the society of old white men (AIER-society, hehe) has to say about "communist" Sweden: They still aren't dead there, CO-19-wise, neither from Covid, nor from the vaccinations - and: Their country is No. 10 worldwide ease-to start-a-business-wise.
The Alarmist
Sunday - August 1st 2021 3:15AM MST

“Communist” is just a technical term to dress up the Criminal Elite with what seems like being for a respectable cause, but as with so many things the Criminal Elite have done throughout millenia, they screwed it up, and they can in no way admit it. We’re beyond Communists and Progressives and on to the Wokesters. Will the next be the Intelligists?
Mr. Anon
Sunday - August 1st 2021 12:53AM MST

I guess I will be a dissenting voice here. Yes, a lot of the Democratic Party, and their supporters, are Commies. But Commies are just useful tools of the people who really run the World - the Wealthy. And I don't just mean your garden variety millionaire - I mean the Ultra-Wealthy - the real VIPs of the Davos-Set: Bill Gates, George Soros, Geoff Bezos, Paul Singer, Warren Buffet - dozens of billionaires you've heard of. And dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of billionaires you haven't.

The Rich have a long and storied history of using (and directing) communists to further their own ends.

Check out this, for example:

Or look up the works of Antony Sutton.

Communism for the masses. Capitalism for the Bosses. Communism is just Feudalism in a Mao Jacket.

BTW, If you haven't checked him out already, check out James Howard Kunstler, who runs a website called "Clusterfuck Nation". He's even been name-checked by Tucker, who once had him on his show. He's an old-fashioned liberal Democrat, who has a lot of interesting ideas on architecture and American society, and who has become increasingly red-pilled over the years. He's a good stick, and - broadly speaking - is on our side.
Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
Saturday - July 31st 2021 5:20PM MST

The Naked Communist, W. Cleon, Skousen, 1972.

12.2mb as PDF, available in other formats as well.

@ Adam Smith, Thank you!
Trotsky's Icepick
Saturday - July 31st 2021 5:17PM MST
PS The Naked Communist is another one that is way ahead of the herd.

Reminder of what Russian leader Khrushchev said at a United Nations meeting 61 years ago (Sept.29, 1959) ….”Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but, we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands. The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”
Saturday - July 31st 2021 5:03PM MST
PS: Thank you very much, Adam! I don't have to go look for my Dad's copy.
Adam Smith
Saturday - July 31st 2021 3:58PM MST
PS: Look what I found...

America has been practicing communism for years.
Now they're looking to turn up the volume.

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