South Park on the Kung Flu Stupidity

Posted On: Thursday - July 29th 2021 8:05PM MST
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How could I have possibly missed this one?! Well, I don't watch any TV shows for one thing, but, in general, I have enjoyed the Political Incorrectness and humor of South Park. This is from an episode from right at 10 months ago, per the South Park website, 9/30/20. (Season 24, Episode 1 - Here is the whole thing.)

This is commentary on the US Police State, the state of Big Ed, and the Kung Flu stupidity* rolled into one! Nice job, Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone.

* I never got to see the stupid plexiglass cubicles that they had (hopefully, HAD) at our local elementary school, cause, you know, COVID-one-niner, can't go in, germs! Perhaps that's just as well.

The Alarmist
Saturday - July 31st 2021 2:50AM MST

In the early days of the first lockdown, on a couple British shows they referred to it as “Stomping the Sombrero,” but the wokesters got to them, so we ended up with the lame “flatten the curve.”
Friday - July 30th 2021 5:29PM MST
PS: Off-topic, but I just saw a pickup truck go by with four flags, maybe three foot by five foot each--- two flagpoles attached to the back of the cab; highest flag, the Stars and Stripes; below that, a 'Fuck Bush' flag; a Rebel Cross flag; below that 'Trump'. It was going slowly, but the Dog did not bark. Good dog.
Friday - July 30th 2021 4:44PM MST
PS: Oh, just saw your "flatten the curve" meme. Man, I haven't heard that phrase in a while, or anything like it, like the pro-Trump/anti-Biden sign saying "Flatten the Perve". Thanks for that one too.
Friday - July 30th 2021 4:42PM MST
PS: Thanks for the Iceland links, Adam. I am going to write a blog post that mentions the original Fauci in a while here. I wish your blurb were true, but nobody comes to the press conferences we peons have.

I'd seen the number 29 on a link from someone on Oh 30, OMG! OK, so that's 1 in 11,000 people. (I like when people die in numbers that make the math easy, for one thing. Thank you Icelanders.) 1 in 11,000, but there would be 1 in a hundred dying naturally anyway. one hundred times as many! This is a drop off one of the geysers.

Are they really trying to underhandedly restrict immigration? I wish I could say that was the case (for anyone, including our country), but it's usually just the tourists that have to go through the ringer, oh, and the people who live there. The immigrants? They'll be fine. We are not worried about it down along our southern border, at least. The Kung Flu is a problem only when and where they SAY it's a problem.
Adam Smith
Friday - July 30th 2021 11:25AM MST
PS: Happy anniversary everyone,
(Just a couple days late)...

Adam Smith
Friday - July 30th 2021 9:16AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

Mr. Alarmist, I didn't hear about the crazy Icelandic epidemiologist before you mentioned it. Thanks.

“Despite the overwhelming majority of Iceland’s adult population having been vaccinated, chief epidemiologist Thorolfur Gudnason said he cannot rule out that reintroduced COVID-19 restrictions may become necessary for many years to come.”

“His comments come amid a rapid rise of the Delta strain, with the fully vaccinated making up a large proportion of the new infections.”

“Thorolfur Gudnason said that the COVID-19 epidemic will not end in Iceland until it is abolished all over the world.”

“A large majority of Iceland’s adult population has been vaccinated. For people aged over 50, the proportion is close to 100 percent. Yet, the country has since seen a rapid rise of the Delta strain, with a large proportion of the new infections among those fully vaccinated.”

Perhaps we can start calling it a “Pandemic of the Vaccinated”?

Gudnason looks a bit like that creepy Fauci...

Claiming that they just couldn’t stand this bullshit anymore, people across the world confirmed on Friday that someone, anyone needs to please, just make it stop. “Please, please, please, Dear God, we’re begging you here, just put an end to it already,” said sources, noting that it had all gone way, way too far.

At press time, sources confirmed that everyone knew deep down that the bullshit was never going to stop.

And thank you Mr. Moderator. I had not noticed this episode (or season) of South Park. I watched the whole episode. I thought it was pretty good...

“When you buy three pounds or more of the Pandemic Special you get a complimentary Pandemic 2020 bong!”

“You there. You are violating a mandated safer inside order. Put down the snowball and get back to quarantine.”

“Don't forget to get out and vote everybody. Big election coming up.”

The Alarmist
Friday - July 30th 2021 7:16AM MST

Thanks ... I have to wait til s24 comes to my corner of the world, but that pretty much sums it up.

Did you can the Icelandic doc who says we need restrictions for at least another 15 years. This is the world too many of us are letting them make for us.
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