A Cuban's personal history from start of La Revolución

Posted On: Wednesday - July 28th 2021 6:40PM MST
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I wrote "start" in the title, because, unlike the American Revolution, more of a revolt or rebellion, these Communist government-changing revolutions seem to keep going, and going, and going...* Former Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro, leading his over-half-century-lasting Revolución, was like that Energizer bunny, till he wasn't. (Oh, so maybe my batteries won't last forever either!**)

It's very easy to get sucked in by the left, as they dismiss the evils of Communism. They will tell us that the events in Cuba of the late 1950s/early 1960s were just about American imperialism and that Castro was just one those lovable bearded radicals. The lies about Castro's executioner Che Guevara are even more wicked, as the ctrl-left has gotten American radicals and even your standard university coffee shop crowd to wear T-shirt with him and sometimes berets***.

In the comments under a Fred Reed column about current events and Cuba (Spoiler Alert, NOT!: America is the bad guy) called A Sadistic Foreign Policy, I found some enlightening comments about that time in Cuban history. A commenter from India named Malla had a very nice one. I will put the whole thing here, but he made it clear to me that the information is taken from 2 individuals' stories, as per:
I copy a lot of stuff for others, sometimes I give credit, sometimes it is impossible to do so as well as my own analysis and opinions. So I have myself not been able to give credit to sources as I should have because of various reasons. As far as this post, please give credit to Humberto Fontova and John Suarez.
Humberto Fontova Official Site
John Suarez Blog
I have looked at neither site yet - more from the first guy at the end of this post. Here is Mr. Malla's entire comment, so you may want to read this one, watch the 1 hour video Stefan Molyneux interview of Mr. Fontova at the bottom, or both:
Thanks, also interesting is that Castro crushed the huge organised Labour that existed in Cuba. In Cuba Organised Labour formed the armed opposition to Castro and Che. Workers formed the bulk of the opposition to the idols of the International Left!!

Prior to Castro, Cuban workers were more Unionised as a percantage to the population than U.S. workers. Cuba had a strong labour movement affiliated AFLCIO. The head of the Confederation of Cuban Workers was a famous labour leader named Eusebio Mujal Barniol. He was a anti-Communist and he had to flee Cuba when Castro and Che took power. Eusebio Mujal himself was a hardcore Communist in his early days in the 1920s and 30s and he knew who was backing the Castro movement.

So when the New York Times and reporters (Herbert Matthews) and the State Dept and CIA were all singing in the Chorus that “Castro Was not a Communist” but a great democrat and land reformer and the “George Washington of Cuba” (LOL), Eusebio Mujal did not fall for all that bullshit propaganda for dumb eloi and knew exactly what was coming. When Castro and Che came to power, one of the first thing they called for “a general strike”, you know “Batista is exploiting the workers, have a general strike”, Castro and Che farted together. Big failure, most workers were not interested in going on their general strike!!! Embarrassed Castro and Che went after the Labour Unions leaders. Labour Union leader Eusebio Mujal had to flee to the Argentine embassy to save his life.

Basically you have these crackpot mental case intellectuals everywhere who fancy themselves as leaders of working class people just like their fartpig hero Marx who never worked as a worker his entire life and actually intellectually looked down upon working class people!!! Che said “Cuban workers cannot go on strike, they must learn to live in a collectivized society and anyone go on strike would be sent to prison or sent in front of a firing squad”. Mainstream Media and Academia say the opposite of the truth about Cuba. The Castro regime has being cultivating this. Since they were cultivating the Jew York Times, Che wrote in his diaries “much more important than guerrilla recruits for our army were US media recruits to spread our propaganda”.

Herbert Matthews BTW was for Castro to what Walter Durante was to Stalin or Edgar Parks Snow to Mao Zedong. In 1957, Herbert L.Matthews of the New York Times, met Fidel Castro in Cuba’s Sierra Maestra mountains and returned with what was considered the “scoop of the century”. His heroic puffed up portrayal of Castro, who was then believed dead, had a powerful effect on American perceptions of Cuba, both in and out of the government, and profoundly influenced the fall of the Batista regime. Fidel Castro later gave a medal to Herbert Matthews saying, “Without the help of our friend Herbert Matthews and without the help of the New York Times, the Cuban revolution would have never been”.

The NYT is not even embarrassed about it. Even after Castro came out as a Communist and killed and put many in his camps, The NYT still takes a pro-Castro stand. Even the dumb bitch Diane Sawyer who gushed at the evil ruthless psychopath Castro.The whore lost control in Fidel Castro’s presence while Castro’s regime had people detained in camps. Strangely Castro went to New York for his honeymoon.
I also told you guys how Castro screwed Huber Matos.

[Picture of Huber Matos in original comment]

Huber Matos, fought for Castro, Castro destroyed his life.

Fought for Castro, when Castro regime was turning Commie, Matos tried to resign, Castro called him a traitor for calling Castro a Commie, had him show trailed and Matos had to spend decades in prison. Later Castro came out of the closet and said, that he was Commie all along, but Matos remained in jail for decades!
I added paragraph breaks, as is our colonial way, Mr. Malla - ;-} - along with correcting 2 or 3 spelling errors. I didn't change the wacky British misspellings. Bolding is from Mr. Malla.

I realized after seeing the video this morning that most of this information is from the words of Humberto Fontova, in this hour and 2 minute video of him being interviewed by Conservative youtube (for now) guy Stefan Molyneux. This guy Fontova is great to listen to. Intense, but as American as apple pie, with a bit of a Cajun accent from living in New Orleans, Humberto Fontova left Cuba in a hurry during the Communist take-over with his Mom and siblings. He tells that story right at the beginning.

I enjoyed this whole extremely interesting interview. Though unz commenter Malla gave us important parts of the story, especially that regarding the New York Times support of Fidel Castro, there is one part near the middle that just struck me. It hits on one of our contentions about Communism here at Peak Stupidity, and I'll get to it in another post. Enjoy!:

* See Peak Stupidity's Long Marches, never-ending marches, and Revolutions.

** I got a few Energizers after my fiasco with that RayOVac crap and will keep a close eye on them.

*** OK, don't get me started on that one Myth Buster guy, but, by all means, have at it if you want to hear about him.

Friday - July 30th 2021 8:37AM MST
PS: I do remember some of that, Alarmist. When you bring that up, it reminds me of the multiple movies made that played along to people's fear (rightful, that is) that a nuclear war would start by accident.
The Alarmist
Thursday - July 29th 2021 7:49AM MST

Back in the days before Permissive Action Links and associated “voting” systems to restrict unauthorized launches became a thing, keeping underlyings from going rogue relied heavily on physical deterrents, like each of the two person controls in LCCs having a pistol to cap the other, and putting the two keys out of the reach of one person if he capped his colleague after deciding to go rogue. Having a hothead like Castro gain physical control over Soviet nukes was a real problem for the Sovs, who did indeed put them in Cuba to make a point about the Jupiters in Turkey. Pulling the nukes out of Cuba was a trivial thing for them once JFK relented on the Jupiters.
Thursday - July 29th 2021 6:40AM MST
PS: Dieter, I didn't hear anything that made me think he was a liar. I don't know if his talk about that reason for the nuclear missile removal (i.e. Castro was too high-strung a Commie for the Soviets even) is just speculation. That's one was a surprise to me too. My recollection from reading that it was a compromise with Kennedy about the nukes we had aimed at them from Turkey.

What I like is his personal stories, and I do believe him about all the characters involved, especially Che Guevara and (one of the most striking parts of the story) newspaper man Herbert Mathews of the NY Times. That stuff can be looked up.

I also read "Back to Blood" per Steve Sailer (or commenter) recommendation. It was pretty good.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - July 29th 2021 3:36AM MST
PS Stefan Molyneux is a rather serious guy, as far as I've seen so far (a few hours of his podcasts - the best one his conversation with IQ-researcher Linda Gottfredson - first rate science-journalism). So - is this a serious guy? Humberto Fontova? The numbers he presents? The Soviet's reason he gives for retracting their Atom-bombs from Cuba? I dunno. Anybody an idea?
Btw. - I never learned more about Cuba than while reading Tom Wolfe's widely underestimated great novel Back to Blood about Miami Cubans.
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