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Posted On: Wednesday - July 28th 2021 11:14AM MST
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(This is pretty much a continuation of this post from yesterday, with just another example that I hadn't gotten to.)

After discussing why one doesn't always need to use the turn signal, assuming his is what VW called a driver., we'll give an example of when not using one just results in traffic stupidity. There was no collision or even hazard, but this one is much like the story in our Instant Karma at the Intersection*. As opposed to that previous post, in which I didn't make a diagram, this one is easier to follow.

There is a half-mile long wide two-lane road that I use a lot. I mean W-I-D-E, as in it may have been originally intended for 4 lanes. Though they have put bike path lines on both sides, that room is still there, as there is no steady flow of bicyclists. People drive faster than the limit, probably 35-45 mph in the 30 mph zone, because that IS pretty safe, with no view obstructions of any sort.

Where I was ready to turn left into a parking lot, there is an entryway on the other side, to a park, that is less than 100 ft. past my turn. People will get confused when one guy is taking a left out from one side, and the other guy taking a left out of the other. It's pretty friendly. I put my left turn signal on to indicate my intention to go left into the parking lot. The opposing traffic was basically this one guy in his truck. He had no signal light on though. Maybe he was slowing down to answer the phone, make a LIKE, or order a pizza - I didn't freaking know. I wasn't yet ready to turn right in front of him, though, without that left turn signal from him.

Well, the guy could have turned left into the park if he wanted, as I had MY signal on. (Yeah, I checked afterwards to make sure it was working**) Nope, he was waiting for me, but why?. A few seconds of stand-off time later, and, OK, let's just go.

Again, all the driver did was hold himself up by not communicating what he wanted to do. It's another 1st World problem caused by a 3rd World mentality. "I don't care." "OK, well, I gotta know what your plan is buddy, or you'll lean on your horn and cuss me out, if I pull in front of you. Call it."

* There's also another "intersectional" (not in the iSteve sense) post, after that one called More Intersectional Stupidity. It was not about signal lights.

** There is usually an indication, whether digital or the old analog circuit in which the inside indicator light blinks twice as fast.

Saturday - July 31st 2021 10:01AM MST
PS I started driving (even before 16, with supervision) before electronic turn signals were ubiquitous. It was not pleasant having to roll down the window and stick your arm out when it was zero outside. But one did it, because, as you say, it communicated my intentions to other drivers. Driving is easier and safer for everyone when everyone knows what everyone else is planning to do. I signal all my turns, at an appropriate distance. It’s a reflex. Is that robotic? Probably. Much of what we do, even in complex tasks, is muscle memory rather than conscious decision-making. I don’t want to have to cogitate about whether to signal or not, every time I make a turn. I just do it. A bonus is that no one has to say about me, “Nice signal, A-hole*”, as I have to say so often about others.

In his book on emotions, Jack Katz says that “A-hole” is the most common term of endearment that drivers use for other drivers.
Thursday - July 29th 2021 1:33AM MST
PS: No, that's not my style, Alarmist. Even in the daytime, but obviously at night, I assume that drivers can't see me, until I can actually see their eyes. You're putting on the signal was more than enough effort to get along with the guy.

It's gotten more dangerous to ride since the smart phones have come out.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - July 28th 2021 12:34PM MST

I had a bicyclist try to pass me on the right as I was signalling and pulling in to the right to park. He was nowhere near me when I signalled and pulled in. He then comes around to shout at me before riding off into the night dressed in black with no tail light.
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