Fool for the City - Foghat

Posted On: Saturday - July 17th 2021 9:16PM MST
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Yeah, it was Aerosmith early in the blog-week and now Foghat to end it. Peak Stupidity is a fool for that classic rock. Slow Ride is more well known from Foghat's Live album from 1977. I could have sworn it was called Live - Bootleg, as I had an old 8-track that said this on the case. I wonder why that 8-track format lost out to the smaller cassette tapes - was it that really loud click made when the player changed tracks, most of the time in the middle of the song somewhere?


"Lonesome" Dave Peverett – Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals.
Rod Price – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals.
Craig MacGregor – Bass and Backing Vocals.
Roger Earl – Drums.

All of the posts this week but one (not counting this one) were of the "look at what he wrote" variety. We'll have more original "content", as they call it, next week. Yes, I did waste a lot of time writing under Steve Sailer, PC Roberts, and a John Derbyshire post. Thank you all for reading.

Tuesday - July 20th 2021 12:35PM MST
PS: Oh, 52 years! Yep, and now America cannot even keep a guy in orbit on our own "metal". OTOH, the private corps are taking the lead, and at least have gotten sub-orbital to 50 miles - not your quarter million by any means.

That's one of my favorites by The Police, and I just spent over 10 minutes making sure it wasn't already on here, as I thought I would have. Later today - thank you.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - July 20th 2021 10:07AM MST

Happy Moon Day ... time for “Walking on the Moon” by The Police?
Sunday - July 18th 2021 6:15PM MST
PS: Chicago Stadium (home of the Bears!). In '77, according to the interwebs.

They had some kind of huge sub-woofers that supposedly disturbed the fish in Shed Aquarium.
Sunday - July 18th 2021 2:23PM MST
PS: That must have been great, Robert. Where did you see them? (I realize that sometimes these live albums are compiled from a few different show.)
Sunday - July 18th 2021 10:23AM MST
PS: I was there. The songs on the album were greatly condensed from the original. A great show.

ELP was the headline act. 'Fanfare for the Common Man' with s full orchestra.

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