Paul Craig Roberts on the Kung Flu Stupidity

Posted On: Saturday - July 17th 2021 5:19PM MST
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Paul Craig Roberts is a well known pundit who has at least some experience in high level politics, what was it the Coolidge administration, no, Truman... possibly Reagan. I knew him a couple of decades ago as a real Conservative and Libertarian from the Lew Rockwell ("anti-state • anti-war • pro-market") site. He's still on there, as I just checked, something a bit surprising to me.

Peak Stupidity had written off this guy back about 3 years ago, maybe 4, due to his blow-up on The Unz Review over commenters who questioned his ridiculous panicky views on the Global Climate Disruption™. Mr. Roberts got so upset at being argued with that he turned off, or asked Mr. Unz to turn off, the commenting feature for his articles.*

I read his writing again only one more time, and learned that Paul Craig Roberts had left his Libertarian beliefs behind and was now a Socialist. That was it until I saw his column in large print on the unz site with an article I just had to check out - How the Covid “Pandemic” Was Orchestrated. Well, I gotta give this guy another chance now. This one is a really good summary of the PanicFest and possible nefarious motives behind it.

I wish I could just paste in the whole thing, or 90% of it in here. I will just urge the reader to go to his article as linked-to above. P.C. Roberts covers it all:

- The fact that this is a disease of the elderly and otherwise especially vulnerable due to other health problems.
- The pattern of all types of problems being chalked up to the Kung Flu.
- The mistakes made in treatment, including the heavy use of ventilators.
- The media/government suppression of information and treatment with "two highly successful, safe, and inexpensive treatments based on HCQ and Ivermectin."
- The problems with the use of the PCR (not Paul Craig Roberts) test.
- The dangers of the vaccines, and the suppression of information about that.
- The Totalitarianism being cranked up to force the vaccines on populations.
- The attempt at a PanicFest revival bases on the new Delta-variant.

It's a great summary. Then he had to end it with: "NOW WE COME TO THE CRUX OF THE MATTER." Nope, sorry, now we come to another who-done-it that is a distraction, IMO, from the issue of the PanicFest and hysteria. Mr. Roberts says this virus was invented in the US in '02-'04. It reads as though this politician/pundit tried to be an instant virologist, and talks about SARS in general as if it were the very same. I don't know - is this just in there to be a contrarian like Mr. Unz and be anti-all-things-American?

As Peak Stupidity has explained before, the knowledge is in plain site that both the Americans and Chinese operate labs, in COLLABORATION, that are for “Gain of function” research (see Gain a function, lose a function). Though the purported purpose is to enable the creation of vaccines for viruses that haven’t even formed yet naturally (and my never), the difference between this purpose and bioweapons research is nil other than the name of the lab. Knowing Chinese Q/C practices, my common sense tells me the virus came from the lab in Wuhan.

That last bit aside, I hope this Paul Craig Roberts article on the Kung Flu Stupidity gets widely read. Along with that, I hope Mr. Roberts can get born again as a Libertarian and Constitutionalist. Good luck and God Speed, Roberts!

* There was a little bit more to it than that. I happened to have been writing on this and one other thread under his Global Climate Disruption™ posts. One commenter had spoofed Mr. Roberts and threatened to shoot one of the commenters if he ran into him, or something like that. That just made things worse.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 20th 2021 10:30AM MST
PS: Mr. Alarmist,

While the chapel behind the chateau sounds very nice, I really don't think the Coof is going to get you anytime soon.

But just in case, here's a fun fact,

Lysine kills covid dead...

I hope you too have a great day.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 20th 2021 10:23AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

I'm not sure why Mr. Roberts closes the comments on most of his articles. Sounds like he got his panties in a wad over some comments in the past.(?) He has 260 articles posted on unz in the last year and only 12 of them have comments. Not sure why (or if) he allows them for some of the more interesting articles or if, like you say, Mr. Unz likes to see how many comments his articles get from time to time.(?) I would think Mr. Unz could check traffic to those pages in different ways, though I have no idea what sort of logs he keeps.

I too was hoping that the glorious, life saving vaccine would get people to calm down, but the way the propaganda has been pushed it is not enough for them alone to be vaxxed. It's like an occult ritual that we all must do for the safety of the tribe. Vaccines are like face diapers, they only work if we all do it. Your vaccine protects me and my vaccine protects you, so come on everyone, do it for the herd!*

PanicFest was great cover for the implosion of the ponzi scheme economy and I can understand why the overlords would like to use it as an excuse to transfer ever more real wealth up the chain to themselves. Maybe they'd like to resuscitate it because they're drunk on their new found authoritarian powers? As Mr. Ike said in a recent comment, “Nothing is so difficult to relinquish as ill-gotten power.”

I don't know why isteve is so weird about PanicFest and now the vaccine. (Maybe he's just a true believer because he had good luck with his cancer treatment?) Seems like he would have noticed that the pharmaceutical industry has sold many defective and dangerous products before or that more than 250000 people in the US die every year because of medical mistakes. Does Mr. Sailer not remember when Merck pulled Vioxx off the market in September 2004 after it was revealed that the drug increased the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Does he not believe that people have the right to informed consent and the right to decide what they put into their own body? Does he not care that these current vaccines do cause harm and sometimes death? How many vaccine deaths are acceptable to him?

Steve is an interesting guy, but he seems to be rather unconcerned about principals in some ways. As you've noted before, he certainly is not a principled constitutionalist or anything of the sort. The only principle I've noticed that he regularly adheres to is that he omits children's names from his articles because they are children, which is admirable in a way, but there are so many other, more important, principals that are also worth standing up for. For a guy who is supposedly an outsider or dissident of sorts, he's a very mainstream guy with mainstream interests.

But yeah, I'd give that chart a couple thumbs down too...
It is kinda funny though that someone would design something so seemingly useless and confusing.

Anyway, I hope you have a great day.

* Kinda reminds me of a joke I heard a while back...
Q: Why don't vaccines work on cats?
A: Because cats are not herd animals.

The Alarmist
Tuesday - July 20th 2021 9:57AM MST

Sailer is literally a sniveling boomer thinking he can avoid death because he lived past cancer if he just plays it safe.

My colleagues are a bit confused at my anti-mask, anti-vaxx stance, knowing I survived cancer ten years ago, but I’ve cheated death on at least seven occasions in a very well-lived life, so it is only a matter of time before it catches me, and I’m not going to stop living just to hang on to a sad, masked, locked-down existence for a couple more years. Anyway, the research shows that even if the vaxxes don’t kill me, they might not give me much benefit, and the masks are a joke.

The only time I felt any concern in the last four weeks was in a Florida diner, where the kid in the booth next to ours kept coughing like he had whooping cough and, worse still, his mother started loudly hacking and coughing without covering her mouth, so we moved booths. Oddly enough, we had stopped off for lunch after having our (negative) PCR tests to get us back into the EU, so if the Coof is going to take me, I guess it is best to get it where I have good medical coverage ;) ... they can bury me in the chapel behind the chateau.

It is really sad to have to don a face diaper just to shop, sadder still to see timid faces filled with panic if you get within a meter of them. I already miss shaking hands and hugging friends I had known for years, and it’s only been a day and a half back in the EU. It is sad to live in a world run by childless women (I include Macron in this) who confuse existence with living. I don’t know what Bojo’s problem is ... I guess Carrie has the testicles in a lockbox. Merkel, a former research scientist who should be able to read all of the relevant science, has no excuse for her anti-science stance, but she hasn’t taken Germany as far down the path of insanity as the rest of the EU ... yet.
Monday - July 19th 2021 9:33PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I just noticed today that Mr. Roberts' next article on unz has no comments allowed. "Comments are closed", it says, with no comments and after 1 day or so. I really wonder what that was about. Did a few of them (like mine in which I started out with an insult, but got a lot more favorable) set the guy off, or did Mr. Unz just ask him to allow comments to see about his readership?

Thank you for all the links. I was hoping that, if nothing else, the wide availability of these vaccines would get people to calm the fuck down. Now, they have to get on all of us who just have our own reasons for not getting vaccinated, and tell us we need to do it for, well whose safety?? If you're already vaccinated, just who are you worried about, society?

Maybe the elites want this PanicFest to revive because they haven't screwed up the economy as much as they intended.

Yeah, Steve Sailer is just weird about this. He makes a living showing us how screwed up the media is, yet he trusts them on this one particular thing.

Wow, that's some very informative information in that PBS chart there. I don't want to be the one to break it to them, but I'm pretty sure we'd have a few hundred thumbs down already.

Finally, I liked that last line! I think I did use the "Kung Flu Fighting" thing in a post, if not with the video itself.
Monday - July 19th 2021 9:17PM MST
PS: Dieter, Alex Jones sounds better than he used to. I don't mean his opinions, but his voice used to really sound like a frog, and as much as I like the guy, I couldn't listen. It is amazing the amount of blatant cheating that went on in AZ per this guy Conradson. Compared to a 10,000 vote difference (what I heard here), then have 70 thousand obvious discrepancies - ballots which had never been sent out, etc...

Thanks for this.
Adam Smith
Monday - July 19th 2021 3:30PM MST
PS: Good evening everyone...

Mr. Roberts recent article, “How the Flu Manchu Panicfest Was Orchestrated”, now has 516 comments. Pretty impressive for a guy who doesn't usually accept comments. Seems there are more than a few people reading his articles on unz. Here's another...

Meanwhile, 62% of vaccinated Americans are longing for their life affirming booster shot...

MIT researchers learn that “Vaccine Hesitancy Is 'Highly Informed, Scientifically Literate,' and 'Sophisticated'”...

About 85% of new COVID infections in Israel are among those who are fully vaccinated...

The Science™ tells us that “England’s lifting of Covid lockdowns is a danger to the entire world!”...

And isteve is pissing his pants because some of us knuckeheads are not afraid of the most sinister of viruses.

At least we have this super helpful chart to let us know who can eat in restaurants...

I'm glad I'm part of the control group while so many others are 🎶 Kung Flu Fighting 🎶.

Dieter Kief
Monday - July 19th 2021 1:14AM MST
PS Here is the young Gateway Pundit reporter Jordan Conradson in conversation with Alex Jones - I liked listening to them, this is a strange mix of people.

Key line of Conradson - who had been doing rel estate business up until a few weeks ago and then switches to journalism - this is interesting too, methinks: He is an absolute beginner, but a fine young reporter already, obviously: This is the Crime of the Century - I think he does know what öh - supertramp - he is referring to rock-music-wise.
Eight really interesting minutes - and he does touch the kung lfu,so , not absolutely OT, ok - - -
Sunday - July 18th 2021 2:21PM MST
PS: Alarmist, in that one column I read from him he flat-out said he was a Socialist. However, that doesn't prove he's not a weathervane, as you wrote. Yes, I think I just saw his headlines about his hysteria over the Kung Flu (was not up for clicking, that's for sure).

Yeah, he was freaking out about THE CLIMATE that time he stopped the commenting. Now, who knows? I guess he has no grounding in anything the least bit technical.
The Alarmist
Sunday - July 18th 2021 12:09PM MST

PCR is no socialist: He's more like a weathervane.

Remember last year when he was chicken little about COVID? I
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