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Posted On: Saturday - July 10th 2021 7:04PM MST
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Remember those SAT analogy questions? Does anyone use the above symbolic syntax anymore? Even math geeks?* Well, I stuck in a little C/C++ syntax there (the "!" for the NOT in a comparison), as they couldn't have asked SAT questions the other way around, could they?

No, Minneapolis city cop Derek Chauvin v George Floyd is anything but analogous to Capitol cop Michael Leroy Bird v Ashli Babbitt, as perhaps we are to think, per Lyin' Press narrative. Well, actually, even that is not ludicrous enough for them. We are to believe that jailed-for-22-years Derek Chauvin did something WORSE to the late George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis last summer than Scot-free did to the late Ashli Babbitt in the US Capitol building past January 6th! Can the narrative GET any stupider? Are we there yet?

Let's drop the SAT question talk, switch to TV shark-week-style mode, and consider Chauvin on Floyd v Byrd on Babbitt today.

"In this corner, known to ALL, with a Federal Holiday motivated by his passing, we have George Floyd ... loyd, oyd ... oyd...." Even those who avoid TV and try not to hear still heard a whole lot about this George Floyd and his death a year ago May in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

The criminal reprobate George Floyd, and the cop who was restraining him, perhaps excessively**, as he died with an overload of Fentanyl in his system:

Cops CAN get out of control. White people don't like it anymore than black people, but they don't have proportionally nearly as many dealings in bad circumstances with cops to begin with. They aren't stupid enough to let average wrongful detainments or arrests get violent, as they hope, sometimes futilely, but alive at the time, to get justice later. Some of us call it "calming the fuck down". At the same time, the total number of black people wrongfully shot by cops is said to be in the neighborhood of a dozen times a year, versus the shootings of black people, many innocent, by other black people which is in the many thousands annually.

This one guy, George Floyd, is not exactly the guy you'd want for the poster child for police brutality, as he was a criminal reprobate well before the incident in May '20. Could they have found a better poster child? Apparently, it's not so easy.

There was a cause to arrest Mr. Floyd. He had passed a counterfeit 20 dollar bill, and that's still illegal, at least for us White and Oriental folks. Maybe for the black guy, they were just doing the arrest for old time's sake, and, well, he was a violent criminal to begin with. As I wrote in the caption above, it's not even clear that Mr. Floyd's death was a result of how he was restrained by Mr. Chauvin. Not only that, but nobody can say that his death was intentional on Mr. Chauvin's part. He was on camera(s), for crying out loud. What a really corrupt cop out for murder would have done is, at some point inside the squad car: "Hey, quit resisting! Let go of my gun! Owww!" to get that part on tape, shot the guy straight out, and then later "Ooops my body came failed in all this melee! Whatddya know?"


"And, in this corner, a name remembered only by American patriots and others who respect the rule of law, the purposefully forgotten MAGA insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt ... abbitt, ectionist... ist, ... ist ..." I've had to pay attention for half a year to get the name of the cop who killed her.

The unarmed MAGA-lady and patriot Ashli Babbitt, and the cop who shot her at very close range for climbing through a window:

Nobody in Ashli Babbitt's close vicinity was being detained or arrested. They were perhaps too exuberant, as getting inside the Capitol was making a statement about the ridiculous 3rd-World-style '20 election, and patriots wanted to DO SOMETHING. (Nobody else was gonna, as has been proven out.) However, there were cops with rifles right along side many of these people, just in case it ACTUALLY got out of hand.

Mrs. Babbitt was carefully climbing through an interior window that the glass had been broken out of. She wasn't moving quickly. She wasn't armed. She wasn't threatening, as if there were that much of a way that a short, slender 35 y/o woman could be, to armed cops with freaking body armor on. There was no physical contact between Mrs. Babbitt and the Capitol cop Michael Byrd who was on the other side of that door/window divide. Any one of the cops could have grabbed her by the neck with one hand, in fact, not that it's the way to handle things. Yet, the cops behind her were not getting involved, and not trying to detain, much less arrest her, at this point.

Therefore, the stupid, viscous black Capitol cop Michael Byrd up and shot Ashli Babbitt in the head or throat from what now looks like closer to 5 ft. away to me and killed her. He was not under attack. He could have pushed her back through the window with one hand, if he really had something to worry about regarding her getting further into the building. He could have tazed her, though it wouldn't have been warranted either. Michael Leroy Byrd just plain murdered Ashli Babbitt right then and there with no cause.

George Floyd's death was in national and international headlines for months and even a year afterwards. The incident caused months of destructive rioting and looting all over the country in the inner cities. (That is, unless you're Portland, in which case it's now a continuously operating city attraction.)

Ashli Babbitt's death received attention only from patriotic Americans who made an effort to keep up with the murder. Her death was put behind that of Capitol cop Brian Sicknick, who was a decent man by all accounts, but died of much more natural causes the next day after the Capitol gang excitement rather than from the throwing of a fire extinguisher at him. There was talk of 3 total Capitol police officers who died later, but not so much about the near-point-blank murder of Mrs. Babbitt. Her name has not been brought up in the Lyin' Press daily. She's getting no statue of her paid by any taxpayers. There will be no Federal holiday.

There were investigations of the George Floyd death, with lots of taxpayer supported parties involved. The cop that possibly unintentionally killed him got a 22-year prison sentence. In the other corner, there has been NO investigation into the murder of Ashli Babbitt. The cop that can be, and has been, seen on video killing her has not only not been arrested, but his name has been kept from the public for 6 months by the Lyin' Press. We're supposed to just plain forget about it. Forget it, Americans, it's Chinatown The Nation's Capital.

Winner by a knock-out in round, I dunno, it just keeps on going: Michael Leroy Byrd! As a prize, Mr. Byrd will receive a "Keep out of jail for free" card, signed by the Capitol Police Internal Affairs Department and Attorney General Merrick B. Garland. His victim will remain dead and infamous as an insurrectionist.

The loser, Mr. Derek Chauvin, besides his 22 year jail time, will be hounded as a "Gasp, Racist!" for the rest of his life out after prison. His victim will be memorialized until our memories are gone due to dementia, or else!

Oh, I forgot to clarify the definition of winning and losing in this contest at the beginning. Winning means one is on the Anarcho side of the Anarcho-Tyranny. Losing means one takes it up the ass from the Tyranny side. Oh, and in these contests, due to the horrible legacy of slavery, it helps to be black. It's only fair.

* I'll try to get an answer from John Derbyshire in the comments section of one of his columns on the Unz Review, but he doesn't usually respond.

** I don't know. I've not been a cop, and I don't know many cops. Perhaps the Lyin' Press could have enlightened us on the police tactics in Minneapolis, had it fit in with any narrative of theirs.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 13th 2021 11:11AM MST
PS: Hello again...

“Where the WuFlu came from is a distraction: The real crime is in the way the governments of the world have used it to degrade the lives of a couple billion people. They view us as chattel, not people, and they willy-nilly plot to reduce us to misery as if we were GI Joes or Barbie Dolls they could subject to demented torment.”

Well said Mr. Alarmist. They view us as chattel and they are reasserting their ownership of and control over the masses. It's disheartening to see how many people have no objection to this. It seems like some people enjoy being abused by those in a perceived position of “authority”. Crazy.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 13th 2021 10:32AM MST
PS: Good afternoon...

“I wonder what they mean by "chasing people out".”

I wondered about that too.
I think it is just some sort of Kiwi vernacular thing.
(Unless they plan to denaturalize the unvaxxed?)

Tuesday - July 13th 2021 7:22AM MST
Another telling comparison is Chauvin vs. Mohamed Noor. To remind you, since it's gone down the media memory hole, Noor is the Somali cop in Minneapolis who shot and killed the unarmed white woman Justine Ruszczyk as she walked up to the squad car. Cold-blooded murder, in fact.

Yet Noor got 12 1/2 years. Chauvin got nearly double that.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - July 13th 2021 3:06AM MST
PS - A metaphor about the case and the role the police officers played in this the George Floyd case:

Imagine a magician on stage sawing a nice lady into two pieces and then getting arrested and thrown into jail for manslaughter because nobody is willing to explain to the public that all he did was perform a trick - even though the lady has indeed died of a stroke after the trick had been performed.
Three basic facts (facts) showing that my metaphor does indeed reflect what happened:

1) George Floyd was overdosed to death (there are 200+ reported and medically examined cases like his and the average Fentanyl amount found in those dead (!) bodies was lower (!) than that in the blood of George Floyd.

2) According to the police manual of Minneapolis - of all cities, - what police have to do in a case like that of George Floyd (opioid overdose) is to calm the (possibly aroused) man down and lay him on the ground and call an ambulance.
They did taht and called an ambulance - but the ambulance got lost...The public got its footage which showed the utterly deceptive cell-phone scenes, I have tried to characterize above. Rather deceptive scenes throughout - not least because George Floyd said, that he "could not breathe" (he could breathe - but his lungs had ceased to work because of the Fentanyl doing its destructive work, which was even more destructive, because George Floyd's lungs were soaked up with water already (as shown in the autopsy). (For all this - see James Forrestal's comment and Jared Taylor's article which James Forrestal commented on on

When the article shows up - activate the comments and then lokk at:

ctrl + f: pulmonary edema - - for Forrestal's and Veritas 63's comments, who explain that very well.

So -
Derek Chauvin is a political or: Even more precise: a societal prisoner. Western societies rather ignore the truth now. The price is low: Just a few years in prison for a man who does not count that much anyhow...and the gain is high: To calm down the racial tensions, which have grown (and grown...and are still growing anyhow into rather scary dimensions). This racial-tension-beast is driven by taboos and has thus an insatiable appetite though.

Mod - I understand your point about Ron Unz - and not only that: I agree with you. I'd just say you might well overestimate Ron Unz's influence.

The Alarmist
Monday - July 12th 2021 6:25PM MST

Where the WuFlu came from is a distraction: The real crime is in the way the governments of the world have used it to degrade the lives of a couple billion people. They view us as chattel, not people, and they willy-nilly plot to reduce us to misery as if we were GI Joes or Barbie Dolls they could subject to demented torment.
Monday - July 12th 2021 4:59PM MST
PS: Thanks for that link, Adam. I wonder what they mean by "chasing people out". Citizens? I know they wouldn't chase out new foreign immigrants, as that's not whom they are or whom anyone else is either apparently.
Monday - July 12th 2021 4:47PM MST
PS: Cloudbuster, I get your point. I also think that giving any ground to these people is futile. There is no reasonable thinking resulting in a compromise of any sort with these people.

I'm writing to the audience here, and I'm no cop, and never studied any techniques like this, so my hesitation is simply to say I don't personally know if Mr. Chauvin did any damage to George Floyd. Yeah, I did see videos of them trying to get the guy into the squad car first, with Floyd either resisting or too screwed up on that drug to do anything right. Nobody in the Lyin' Press wanted to get into any of those details. What happened could be at worst case involuntary manslaugher.

That brings up what Mr. Kief wrote to me yesterday. Yes, I did get your point about the ambulance. The cops figured they only needed to hold the guy for a very short while. That should have played a part in the defense in court, but I didn't follow it, and, more importantly, that was because I knew there was no real justice going to happen. I would have comfortably bet $1,000 with anyone that Chavin was going to get completely railroaded in court, as James Fields did in Charlottesville, Virginia in '17/'18.

Dieter, on Ron Unz, he can be reasonable on the small stuff, but when he gets on some sort of misguided crusade, he won't listen to anyone who doesn't agree. I refer to in particular to his "America did it!" on the Flu Manchu, one article after another on his site. Geeze! Enough already. They're all making bioweapons. The lab in Wuhan was part of a collaboration between the US and China. We may have our faults, but who has the worse quality control? That's not rhetorical if you buy toys, tools, clothing ... etc.
Adam Smith
Monday - July 12th 2021 2:50PM MST
PS: “Eerie to hear a state wants to put a needle in the arm of every citizen...”

I know, right. Eerie.

The Alarmist
Monday - July 12th 2021 1:06PM MST

Eerie to hear a state wants to put a needle in the arm of every citizen ... presumed guilty until proven innocent.
Adam Smith
Monday - July 12th 2021 12:42PM MST
PS: Good afternoon everyone...

O/T but creepy...
Seems Mr. Alarmist is right...

New Zealand will hunt down the unvaxxed...


“I think early next year we’ll be in the phase of chasing out people who haven’t come forward to get their vaccination, or missed their bookings and so on,” Hipkins told reporters following a COVID press update.

“So everyone will be able to get a vaccine between now and the end of the year. Of course, I want every New Zealander to come forward, but human behavior suggests that there will be some people that we actually have to really go out and look for” Hipkins said with a gleam in his otherwise soulless eyes.

“But, our commitment is everyone will have the opportunity to get the vaccine by the end of the year,” Hipkins continued, suggesting “everyone WILL” get the vaccine. “I can't say that there won't be some hesitant people or some people who just haven't come forward that we won't have to go out and find next year.”

I don't know why they're so hell bent on vaxxing everyone.
Elimination of the control group?

The Alarmist
Monday - July 12th 2021 10:45AM MST

I’m in your camp, Mr. Cloudbuster.

I was even more annoyed by cuckservative talk radio hosts that I livestreamed from the US saying from day one that Chauvin committed cold blooded murder. The guys who should have known better were braying for blood with the MSM- and BLM stirred multitudes, ostensibly in the hopes of buying cheap grace, while instead helping steer the verdict to a foregone conclusion and only serving to fan the flames upon which the wokesters hope to burn down all things White.

The Western world has for the most part either bought into a cult of suicide, or adopted a wait and see attitude in the hopes the coming apocalypse will pass them by if they lay low.

Silence is violence, but only for the current majority who are going quietly into a dark night rather than raging against the dying of the light.
Monday - July 12th 2021 10:32AM MST
PS "perhaps excessively**"

Why give ground, rhetorically. What has fair-mindedness gotten us? You're not in a courtroom. You have no legal requirement to present a nuanced viewpoint. Even if it's what you believe, it's bad tactics.

I'm firmly on the side of "Chauvin was a guy doing his job in a difficult situation and Floyd was a guy who died of a self-administered drug overdose exacerbated by his insistence on fighting with the police."

Our side doesn't earn any merit points from anyone by being wishy-washy about that.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - July 11th 2021 1:55PM MST
PS Mod - öh - just to make this clear: Whatever the reason for the ambulance being late - it was late, and that was no policemen's fault at all and should not be blamed on them. This last sentence means too, that the officers expected it to be a much shorter period of time until the ambulance would arrive - and rightfully so.
Mod, may I say one last time that I still think you overestimate Ron Unz. Most of the time, it does not matter much what he writes, I'd hold. But I agree, that in the George Floyd case, it was very good what he wrote. Still: James Forrestal's remarks were better. - As was Jared Taylor's article. But I appreciated his work in this context a lot. (I do think, that all these remarks work as a reasonable whole).
Sunday - July 11th 2021 11:07AM MST
PS Steve Sailer summed it up pretty well in a few words: Everything now is a matter of Who/Whom?
Sunday - July 11th 2021 9:13AM MST
The ambulance being late is puzzling. 38th and Chicago is the intersection of two major thoroughfares in south Minneapolis. GPS or no GPS an ambulance diver should know the way. Has anyone interviewed the ambulance people?
Sunday - July 11th 2021 5:46AM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, I just looked through the comments in question. For anyone else, there are 460 comments total, and one must click a link below to open the thread. (i.e. ctrl-f for Forrestal won't work on the article itself, because comments aren't on the page yet.)

Mr. Unz comes across very sanely and calmly on this one. I guess it's not "big picture" stuff to him, and I do note that he will agree that he's no expert on something or that he hasn't read very much yet.

Yeah, I've heard some of what Mr. Forrestal wrote before, but he does a good job explaining. Unfortunately, just as with James Fields in Charlottesville, Virginia, it doesn't read like Mr. Chauvin did got anything like a proper defense in court. The defense was too cowed, I guess, by political pressure.

I hadn't heard about the late ambulance until your comment just now. I am quite familiar with this sort of behavior, and now they've got GPS. Perhaps it was a matter of priorities, and likely rightly so, as this was just another taxpayer-supported case of a worthless reprobate. Why not get the old lady first whose husband called up about her chest pains, which are not her fault at all?
Sunday - July 11th 2021 5:17AM MST
PS: Alarmist, that's "Floyd is to Babbitt, as Chauvin is to Byrd". Shouldn't Chauvin be swapped for Byrd? (At least for the racial aspect of things and as to who's more in the right?) Hell, I haven't done analogies in many years, but I still should be able to think this way.

Your way does represent who has gotten all the publicity and who has been a Lyin' Press footnote, if anything.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - July 10th 2021 11:43PM MST
PS - As so often when this subject comes up, I hint at the comments James Forrestal has made on - öh the Unz Review, of course, nedwahr. No signs of asphyxiation on the body of George Floyd, but a lung filled with water (doubling this man's lung's natural wight) making it very dysfunctional and on top of that: 11 ng /ml fentanyl in the blood of George Floyd resulting in a 1) mostly opioid-induced pulmonary edema. Nothing a policeman could have done to prevent this. 

James Forrestal's very insightful comment can be  found here - it is an answer to Ron Unz:

Commenter Veritas 63 comes to the same conclusion ctrl + f pulmonary edema for Forrestal's and Veritas 63's comments, who sum it all up.

What Derek Chauvin did was mostly done in order to protect George Floyd, who, as the officers knew and talked about, visibly suffered from a drug overdose. Then the ambulance got lost and -  was a little late. Had it arrived as expected (= roundabout five minutes+ earlier), that alone could have changed the whole scenery (not the deadly outcome though).  
The Alarmist
Saturday - July 10th 2021 7:48PM MST

You could have gone with the antonymic

Floyd : Babbit :: Chauvin : Byrd

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