Football is Ghey.

Posted On: Monday - June 28th 2021 6:50PM MST
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We just report. You decide.

Pssst ... guy, spellcheck is your friend. I've always seen it spelled "ghey" when used in this manner.

Hey, Peak Stupidity didn't say it. It's on the internet, from a guy named TMZ*, I swear!

I see from the tweet in question that we are down to last 2 days left of Pride Month. Who knew? We have been remiss here at Peak Stupidity in having not professed our pride for our excellent web site. We are here, we're out of the server closet, we're PROUD, and we're not going to let anyone shame us for what we do here, which is anything and everything ... besides screwing a guy in the ass.

Now as to sportsball itself, the gridiron version, this new statement is hilarious to me for another reason. Used to be, arguably 10 years ago, that any football fan, not to mention a player, would slug you for saying what's in that meme. Now, what could he do about it? I'd have the full woke Establishment behind me ... uh oh... wait ...

PS: I see that Steve Sailer just put up a post on this. I did not get it from there though - been perusing Instapundit more lately.

* I don't know who he is and what that stands for. I'm not interested in finding out either.

Bill H
Wednesday - June 30th 2021 7:10AM MST
Indeed. Running backs now carry the ball for six yards and don't even think about returning to the huddle. They head straight to the sideline as their replacement enters the field.

Carry the ball two plays in a row? You have to be kidding. I just ran six yards and I'm exhausted, man! I need a drink of water, and I'm too tired to hold the sippy cup for myself. The water boy has to hold it up to my mouth and squeeze it for me.
Tuesday - June 29th 2021 3:19PM MST
PS: Mr. Alarmist: So, you're telling me a man named Dick Buttkiss was not a poofter? In my defense, I was four or five years old when I first heard the name, and thought it quite hilarious.

That, and IBM.

We all BM for IBM
The Alarmist
Tuesday - June 29th 2021 3:09PM MST

The ‘60s were super gay, what with Paul Lynde, Rock Hudson, Liberace, etc. all over the place. That’s also when Pro Football started padding up all its players with fibrecell and foam instead of leather and padding. Gone were the days of men clotheslining men. Football has steadily trended gayer since Butkus and the Fridge left the sport.
Tuesday - June 29th 2021 1:32PM MST
PS: Mr. Ike, that was intended as a rather coarse pun, not a serious comment; but you probably already know that.

More seriously:
The Systems Neatest Trick
Tuesday - June 29th 2021 11:13AM MST
@Robert. Well, perhaps it stems from there. But the 60s weren't super gay friendly. That started up more in the 70s. But either way, it's like with civil rights, it didn't stop at "equality." It's moved right along to massive hagiography. Gays are all wonderful, all magical creatures. So much better than boring straights! They have a media presence that's probably 50x their presence in real life (same as blacks). And as a group they are simply untouchable and can't be criticized. YET, at the same time we're all supposed to believe that there is massive, ongoing discrimination and oppression of gays, even when they are shoved in our faces 24x7 and given every possible advantage. We must do MORE AND MOAR for the LGBTTYOSY***OM09JSO people because they are so marginalized and have no voice!!!!
Tuesday - June 29th 2021 9:14AM MST
PS: Mr. Ike, The Sixties came to fruition.
Tuesday - June 29th 2021 8:47AM MST
On a more serious note, how the heck did Big Gay and Big Tranny gain so much cultural power in America and the rest of the West? Big Gay is about 1000x more powerful than any Christian church right now in terms of cultural power.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 29th 2021 8:38AM MST
PS: Football is so gay. And stupid. ☮
Tuesday - June 29th 2021 7:46AM MST
I can't even.
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